1. You know what’s weird? They edited this later to cut out a tense moment between Jackles and Rambo. I wonder if they’re doing that to other episodes in light of the taxi-cab deal.

    • Speaking of taxi cab deal, I’ve been in taxi cabs numerous times since this obviously lucrative deal was inked, and I haven’t seen the freakfest anywhere on that little demon of a tv screen.

      By the way, no New Yorkers, NONE, watch that fucking thing. I always automatically turn it the fuck off, as the content never changes and it’s loud and annoying. But I keep it on as of late to see if the Weakly comes on, and it never does.

    • “Style expert and bon vivant” is offending me way more than the kale. Kale salad is fucking gorgeous (Whole Foods often has a delicious one on their salad bar). It’s about the only pretty thing I see at the BPC house.

    • Yeah that’s so healthy. Everyone should totally do a liquid only diet so that they can then gorge on alcohol, fatty foods and cigarettes. Then do it again! And again! What a healthy lifestyle. A+++++++

    • OMG…The nutrionist at BPC suggested ADRIEN exchange Brie for STRING CHEESE. Listen, I’m on a diet and String Cheese is a way of getting low-fat, low-carb, but a HIGHlY PROCESSED cheese like substance. I do eat string cheese when I have a cheese craving…

      That being said, any Nutritionist who is worthy of the title would NEVER suggest string cheese to a skinny young lad. Too high in processed shit and salt. WTF?

      • Also, cleansing prior to gorging on fashion week excess as Adrien suggest? Um, no. That’s not healthy. That’s eating disorder behavior. What is wrong with these pod people?

    • The big takeaway for me is that Julia Allison finally got an invite to the Hamptons this summer. And of course it’s for Press Day for the bogus company that she depends on for free stuff. This isn’t a fun weekend in the Hamptons with some friends. It’s the shilldebeast stampede to do what she must to ensure the Green Juice tap keeps flowing.

      It’s worrisome.

    • Man, I’m sorry I missed that fucking party. I so would rather go there then like, eat fucking nachos and beer with people who don’t barf daily.

      These people are all demons.

  2. Can we have a potluck picnic at a secret location in NYC? I will totally bring the cranberry guacamole (not a euphemism for diarrhea or JAB’s bumpy green gash).

    • I actually think Kate Greer is far prettier and more likable than Julia. Would love to see her go on to a successful media career and leave Jankles pissed off and in the dust… hope it happens.

  3. I like how their commercials now are commercials for themselves. And what is with that robot voice saying TMIIIIII? I think I am deaf now.

  4. This latest tweet begs for snark.
    So the new boy is the exception to all her rules. Jabsy Jill has so
    many rules. If he’s the exception to all of them… Let’s see. This means

    They’ve fucked before date 11.0002
    She’s oversharing about him on her blog <– check!
    He's seen her wearing jeans
    She's not dating other men right now as an exception to her dating is like photography or potato chips, you can't just have one. I clearly have never understood what on earth she was talking about here.

    Bottom line is girl's got a lot of rules. If we've got an exception here I look forward to seeing Jaba paying for services and goods she's using and fully disclosing any freebies, while regularly exercising, keeping the visine and lip gloss off of her cheeks and the pelts boxed away somewhere. Paradigm shiftastic!

  5. Also, more delusional opinions: “nobody cooks in Manhattan.”

    Not true. Not even close to true. A tired tired tired tired cliche.

    Also, people don’t say “I live in Manhattan” unless they are insecure. They say “I live in New York,” and unless that is followed by “in Brookyln,” the assumption is Manhattan.

    If you were from there you would know that.

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