Meghan: Another Shilldebeest


Getting ready to shoot a commercial using this new lip palette by Laura Mercier.

Funny, just  a couple of days after Megs and Jackles were Tweeting/blogging fawningly over Alison Brod PR — neither one of them bright enough to get the Twitter handle correct, mind you — a never-been-touched Laura Mercier lip gloss set shows up on poor dumb Meaghan’s blog.

Remember these?

juliaallison: Spent the morning at Alison Brod PR (@APBR) checking out their new fall beauty products along w/ Lilly Pulitzer, Alice + Olivia & VS Pink.

meghan: @ABPR looking at the new fall beauty products. The office is a Pink Pucci-clad Palace!)
It’s actually AlisonBrodPR, you useless tools. Great work. And of course, Laura Mercier is one of Brod’s clients. Nice disclosure there, Megs.
Should be interesting to see how many other Brod clients mysteriously start getting plugged on the blogs of these two dim bulbs.


  1. Did you see the picture Julia added along with that tweet? What has been seen can never be unseen!!! My eyes!!!!

  2. Yipes, that is one bowed Julia Allison leg in that there picture. Um, Julesy, this shot setup looks better when Mary does it. ‘Member when? Memories!

  3. “Heaven here at Blueprint. I’m wearing a yellow Victoria’s Secret bikini here.”

    Double the shill, double the fun? Is she going to change into a Lilly dress afterwards? ;D

  4. Why can’t these girls take a not blurry picture? Isn’t that part of the job description?
    Oh never mind, I’m going back to bed.

  5. You know…it’s just sad at this point, folks. All she does now is shill shit on her blog. its nothing but sponsored post after sponsored post. Is this what she’s come to? If I were her I would just be so depressed to go from 100k a year talking head gig to…well, cents per mention product placement. sigh. This just proves she is truly sadly over.

    • What I’m wondering is… why do BPC/VS/whoever else continue to pay her? I mean, does anyone feel even remotely compelled to try something Julia has brayed for? Is she really a desirable brand ambassador? REALLY?

      I for one made a mental note to avoid the Ted Gibson salon like the plague…

      • I don’t think she got paid for the swimsuit plug. I just bought the same yellow suit last week for $9.99 each (top and bottom).

      • I just thought it was odd… JA visits ABPR’s office and next day two of their clients get a Nonsociety mention (Laura Mercier and VS)

      • Whenever I see the Ted Gibson products in Sephora, I automatically think of how they not only give her freebies, but have inferior products. The pelts look ridiculous, as does her dye job. And then what the “colorist” did to her eyebrows?

  6. Is that how you spell Meaghan? Meghan? MegWhosIdeaWasItToPutAnHInThere?

    Also, why can’t Mega, a supposed “tech geek,” take a picture that isn’t blurry? Isn’t at least a third of her job as co-founder of NonSociety to lifecast (by which I mean, post stories and photos from her life)?

    And at what point are we going to talk about the epic failure that is the Blueprint Cleanse House? I’m sure their parties are SO FUN!!

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