Julia Allison: Look It’s Her Lady Mound!

Absorbing UV rays at the @BPcleanse house in Southhampton w @MeganAlagna, @KrystalK, & @Meghan http://twitpic.com/e0jeoabout 1 hour ago from TwitterFon

Now I know what I’ll think of when I want to get rid of my boner.

We all know that Julia is a huge advocate for being as bald as possible. In fact, just yesterday. . .

@georgiegirlnyc – OMG, I can’t believe you still wax!? Eff that shizit. Try laser hair removal! I go here: AdvancedDermaLaser.comabout 23 hours ago from web in reply to georgiegirlnyc

You might want to visit them to touch up your hairy-ass stomach, Julia.


  1. Furry cupcake bloat 🙁

    If I were BPC, I’d be pissed. This is not exactly the kind of picture I’d like to promote what is essentially a weight loss/detox product.

  2. I love how Julia Allison gets all sciencey with the UV rays caption. Tell us again, Julesy, how do you feel about science?

  3. Also: imagine how hard Julia Allison is sucking in her stomach at the moment that shot was snapped. And it STILL didn’t have the desired effect.

  4. Chick in the pink and white bikini is probably in her mid twenties but looks like a forty year old thrice divorced West Palm Beach prune.

    We know what Julia looks like.

    Wow! That Blueprint Cleanse sure works wonders.

    • Chick in the pink is Megan, the producer. And she looks like she’s had two kids. And is not bouncing back, despite working at it REALLY HARD.

      • I am so serious. Maybe it’s just her bad posture? But it really does look, to me, like she’s got an awful lot of loose skin and weak stomach muscles (despite the appearance of definition).

        I am not saying I look any better, but if I looked like that, I wouldn’t be cavorting around in a bikini like that.

        It’s also a possibility that my monitor is somehow showing a different image, I guess, because I only see 2 hairs on Julia’s stomach.

      • Yeah but her breasts don’t look v real. Also, I don’t think I really like Megan Alagna. She seems fake and lam and like she’d totally date your ex without asking you first and undermine your position at work by talking smack about you while pretending to be your friend. All of this surmised from a few photos and her connection w Whoia?

      • I remember Mary blogging that Megan had recently had her heart badly broken. Heartbreak often causes us to hang with a bad crowd. I am willing to cut her some slack for this sorry association with Jackles and these anorexia promoters. She’ll wise up at some point.

      • Really, god. I’m not going to hang around here any longer if ana crazies like this are going to clog up the threads. Sorry, I know you’re a regular and I like you, normally, Melissa, but you really need to check yourself on this one.

        Don’t you have a daughter? what a fucking message to send.

      • I agree with Total Jing.
        Megan Lasagna looks great. her arms are slim and a bit toned and she has a normal stomach – neither a six pack nor rolls of fat. Those might not be the tits she was born with, but she looks absolutely terrific.

        She is not teen boy skinny like Mary or Meghan, but she also doesn’t look like she is battling the bulge that is 15-20 lbs gained in the last 5 months (umm, Julia).

      • I agree girlfriend looks good. And seems like we should be focusing scorn on those who really deserve it. If I showed up in a bikini around here some of you would eat me alive. One can be fatter than ja and still ne uber hot. it’s not just about weight, it’s about perspective. I’ve always thought if ja owned her figure she would be 10 times more attractive. It’s her consistent attempts to hide her 15 pound weigh gain behind poofy skirts and the lying abou healthy living that make her vile. Eat the fucking cupcake, have a drink, throw on tight jeans and stop fucking pretending. Own your fat ass you wanker!

      • Megan Alagna looks great and, having spent quite a bit of time with her, I can assure you she is a lovely person.

        Which brings me to another point about hounding people who are in pictures with JAB: Some of them are RBNS sources and commenters on this blog. I just say.

      • This is a snark blog. None of us have the moral high ground. We all write our comments knowing that Julia, at least, reads this. I believe that if other folks who’ve got themselves snagged in her orbit come here to dish, they should be able to take it.

        Meanwhile, while we’re all fighting among ourselves, Mary is over there in CA, SINKING HER LIPS into bbq and claiming that some folks from a certain vodka company sent her bottles of vodka–for free!–because she invited them to her party but they couldn’t make it. Say what!?

      • I see two hairs, but that’s it. Maybe our monitors suck? I’m on an old Acer Aspire laptop.

  5. Or is this why she toasts with a glass of water and wants to figure out her lady cycle online? Preggers?

  6. The one in the red/white bikini looks like a famine surivor and the blonde looks like Farah Fawcett after she became very ill, may she rest in peace.
    Kudos to the lot of them for their so sexy leisure-class tans. They already look like desperate divorcees; crepey burnt sun-damaged skin is not their friend.

    • Poor Wholia… She waits all summer to get a Ho-tons invite, and it’s at the end of the season and at a place where all she can eat is cucumbers and celery. Hopefully she flasked in some vodka… BP’tinis anyone!?

  7. There is a photo of one of the BP chicks holding Lily. Woman is seriously underweight. These idiots are borderline anorexic.

    • I know! For someone as control freaky as she is about what images are made public I can’t believe she can’t see how bad this is.

      She is very very soft. The other side of 30 is going to very unkind to that untoned body.

  8. Dear Lord in heaven. You could not pay me enough money to take a picture of myself in a bikini and post it online, even on my skinniest of skinny days. One is just asking for nutsos to make lewd comments. But then again, a) I don’t have a narcissistic personality disorder; b) I have a real job that requires that I comport myself like a non-loon and c) I am not a desperate compliment-grubbing Star Search spokesmodel wannabe, so…Carry on.

    • What the hell happened to her boobs??!! She looks like an A cup in this photo.

      Are the boobs just all illusion? Padded bras, chicken cutlet inserts and tape? Damnnnnnnn.

      • I have never believed she had a tit job. She just wears those ridiculously padded push-up bras all the time. It’s false advertising. The odd time she goes braless, you can tell they’re not half the size — or firmness — as they appear to be while be-harnessed in those moulded, contoured Victoria’s Secret illusion-peddlers.

        Remember the shot of her recently trying on a taupe dress in Bergdorf’s, perhaps, without a bra? A saggy B-cup.

      • A really long time ago, she mentioned she was a big fan of the VS Very Sexy push up bras.

      • It was on her blog and it is gone now. Because everyone knows the worst thing in the world you can be is HAIRY. Even if the hairy times are familial.

        The thing that really irks me about her is that no one would body snark her if she didn’t make everything about her body and talk about her weight so much. I don’t think she needs to suck it in or wear a 1 piece. I saw a picture today of some friends at the beach and one of their friends was a 40 something woman wearing a 2 piece, she was thin but sitting down, and she had some rolls of skin as a 40 something mother might. She looked GORGEOUS and I would never ever think twice about her body looking bad because her confidence and light shined through. She looked like a woman should look. Womanly and confident.

        Julia on the other hand is constantly contorting herself to weird angle to hide what she perceives as flaws. And she will never get it. I feel bad for her. A lot of men don’t want hairless stick figures who are constantly concerned about if they look perfect.

      • I would never body snark her if she hadn’t been a Mean Girl to the less attractive when she was riding high. Even if she made a big deal about her body (when it was in good shape), I wouldn’t body snark now if she hadn’t dished out the same so heartily back when she was attractive.

      • Amen NewToLIfe! It’s so much about feeling confident and projecting a healthy sense of self from within, not whether you look perfect in a bikini, which almost no one does. And this was hilarious: “Because everyone knows the worst thing in the world you can be is HAIRY. Even if the hairy times are familial.”

      • She probably figures she can leave it up on Twitter because she’s blocked most of us from her twitter. Because….that’s….how twitter works……yeah. No way to see someone’s public twitter if they block you. She’s such a techie!

  9. Ah, healthy living. Sun tanning, drinking wine, drinking BPC, botox, restalyne, hair dye (better wear a hat, Jules, that mess is going to look beat up come Monday)….

    Why would anyone not-ana take advice (any!) from these douches???

  10. That girl zoe looks like an anorexic skeleton. No thanks. Julia looks way healthier. That’s saying a lot.

  11. Sorry Jacy and RBNS but this thread has gone down hill fast.

    Melissa, IMHO, you should be pretty damn ashamed at yourself for snarking on someone’s body that looks damn good. That’s a six pack and shadows.

    I’m done here for now.

    • Ana crazies? That’s incredible coming from anyone in this group. We snark on bodies all day long and somehow I’m the one who needs to check herself and be ashamed? Not going to happen.

      I am sorry that I’ve seemed to touch a nerve and that you’re going off in a huff, but whatever has set you off here is your problem, not mine. You seem to be reacting overmuch for a simple disagreement about how someone looks in a bathing suit.

      • Nope. You calling that woman out of shape, like she just carried to babies, is absolutely crazy. And I NEVER body snark. EVER. Look back. I was actually one of the annoying people who would beg us not to snark in the beginning. Party Pants and Jacy made me see the light, in that Julia is always promoting herself a picture of health but is not…

        That girl is beautiful in the bikini.

        Sorry, but I am disturbed by what you said. And I will continue to be. I’m not going off in a huff. It’s easier to write things/people off, and move on.

      • I think that’s a silly reason to write someone off, but that’s your prerogative. I can hardly blame you for wanting to stick with your high horse when there are so many nasty, dirty, woman-haters down here in the mud.

      • I respect your retort.

        It hit a nerve with me. The body snarking here always makes my stomach churn and your first remark really hit that shit home.

        For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’re a woman hater and I normally enjoy your contributions. I do apologize for making a stink like it in public but I could not control my reaction.

        I’ve been doing a lot of seminars with young girls and body image etc. lately. So, it definitely something I spend a lot of time thinking about.

      • I am sorry that it bothered you so extremely. I have my own sore spots and hangups so I definitely understand. I will, in the future, remember this and think of you and your young girls before snarking on someone’s body here or anywhere.

        As far as arguing publicly, that doesn’t bother me (we sling so much shit, it’s not fair to expect that at least a bit won’t make it back). But it also wouldn’t bother me if Jacy or JA’s Publicist wanted to remove all of these comments and bring this conversation back where they intended.

      • BWAHHHH

        The Hairy times are so familial. And this is utterly mind boggling technology and sometimes I forget how powerful I can be in this universe of technology with my voice.


    • May I step in here and say something?

      [Backs into corner so as not to get stabbed in the back.]

      There is so much to loathe at the old BPC house this weekend. Those are not normal or healthy young women. I have always felt that Megan Lasagna is guilty by association. Based on these asshat’s work ethic, I’d say that ML probably does a lot of the heavy lifting keeping NS and TMI afloat.

      That said, she has got to be some kind of Grade A idiot for ever signing on with this whackadoodle freakshow. Can you imagine what her resume is going to look like in, say, May 2010 (“you’ve been doing WHAT for the past two years? WTF even is that?”)?

      So, she was in our crosshairs.

      I hate all the dim bulbs this crew swoops into their orbit – Shira L, Randi Z, Krystal K, Adrien Field, Ted Gibson, BPC girls, Illus dresses, Sklar and caroline McCarthy and Kevin Rose and Karp…..GAAAHHHH.

      Who knows, maybe Lasagna is just as unhealthy as the lot of them but just genetically predisposed to what is NOT a bad body for a gal her age.

      Also, are they mandated to do the hand on hip pose? Producer included?

      Everything Julia does or touches is maddening. Tempers flare here because of her. There was bound to be some collateral damage.

      • Oh yeah. I tots agree with you re: alagna. How could anyone who wanted a future in the “business” produce such a schlock show? I believe she rarely get a say. She’s megs best friend, so I assumed she might be as passive as Meghan in this freak show. This doesn’t excuse her, just as it doesn’t excuse Meghan.

        Julia refuses to work with a publicist. She refuses to behave in Bravo Meetings (or so I’m told) and refuses to take the advice of most of her “people.” I always come back to TMI WeAKly being Julia’s shit show…a creation of her own toxic mind.

  12. I actually don’t think she looks that bad? Except the red hair in the other pic is truly terrifying, and her weekday bras must be filled with a gallon of salt water. I would rather spend a summer day anywhere other than the BPC house. What a pile of crazy, desperate, annoyingness that pool must be.

    And re: pink bathing suit, my first thought before reading the comments was that she had a pretty banging body.

    • Yup, me too, I though Megan looked SMOKING. Jackles looks fine too if surprisingly less voluminous in the chesticle area. It’s the hair we were tittering at, from the chick who believes women must be completely bald, except on their heads, where stinky un-matchy pelts must be attached, eyebrows must be plucked and pencilled to look like the Joker’s and fake eyelashes must be painstakingly glued onto eyelids.


    • The hair I totally get. And, I’m so glad that Juliaspublicist found that tweet re: telling her friend to forget waxxing, and go lazer (b/c you know everyone wants to spend $500 on numerous waxing appointments, not to mention the time commitment).

      I never had a happy trail, that what we used to call it. If I did, I’d shave it or proudly wear it like a mane….

      And also let my bush flow out the sides of my bathing suit.

      However, let it be known, I fall somewhere in the middle of both extremes.

      • Yeah…Word is that Georgie and Jules had a MAJOR falling out over the dog sitting nonesense. Mary remains a friend of Georgie, though. Julia never joins Mary to visit Georgie.

        So, the one time she decides to speak to her, she shits on her for her hair removal choice?

        And, yeah, Julia must need a free bush lazer treatment. Why she gets freebies when no one follows any of her recommendations (do they? Am I wrong in saying that Julia has no ability to sway the masses?) is beyond me.

      • The. Visual. I’m dyin’ here!!! What you’re describing TJ my friends and I lovingly refer to as ‘mohair panties’. As in…”Ummmm, Suzie – look in the mirror, your mohair panties are showing” (As you can do with friends right before you hit the beach)

      • Totaljing, I thought it was weird that Georgie and Julia suddenly stopped blogging about each other a few months ago. Do you know the details on what happened?

    • Um no. I defended the Alagna and she’s not a contributor! Lolz. You think that ditz could pen a post like Jacy? Russian Girl? Comment Sheriff? Fashiongirl? Julias Publicist? I THINK NOT!

  13. Does anyone else think it’s odd that Asha always wears such baggy clothes?I thought it was her “style” but seems weird around the pool to me, no?

    • Horrible body image issues. But honestly, maybe she’s smart. She knows Jackles would post that shit as fast as possible and maybe she’d be getting told she looked like she had two kids right now. I wouldn’t be anywhere near Jackles with a camera in her hand. I’d also beat her with it if she ever posted a photo of me to her blog without asking me if I minded. You know she didn’t ask anyone here, in between their Brussels Sprouts shakes, if they minded.

  14. And jing don’t you dare leave. I think healthy debate over the body snark is a good thing. despite my user name I can see why it bothers you. Again, I think ja is a fair target because she’s so inauthentic and everything Is about her looks. She’s a vile hose beast who lives a lie. God forbid she take a full body shot, admit she’s gained a few and call it a day. But does girlfriend look awful body wise? No.

    My name is Julia’s Fat Ass, and I too have ample junk in the trunk. However I’ll throw on some skinny jeans because I don’t conform to some pink fairy tale notion of what it means to be beautiful. I can actually let my hair down and be photographed without makeup and still love myself unlike delusional Blogging Barbie. Rant over.

    • Me too! I took my wobbly belly out for a hike today, all clad in athletic spandex and I loved it. OWN THAT SHIT! Thanks, Fat ass. From one to another!

  15. I also wouldn’t post a fucking picture of myself to 7000 twatter “fans” in a dubious attempt to win flattering responses. That unnecessary and boring pic of her crotchetal region is just bonkers.

  16. “”She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!” Ok, so mine had no polka dots. But I wish it did!! http://twitpic.com/e0uwb

    Disturbing. I don’t care who you are or what your body looks like; the only people that should be posting itsy-bitsy bikini pics are porn stars, strippers, and swimsuit “models.” I don’t mean that no one should post pictures of themselves in bikinis…it’s her promotion of herself in said bikini.

    • Oh, the other people that I think can post pictures like, “LOOK AT ME IN MY BIKINI” are people who recently lost a significant amount of weight because I if I did, I’d fucking do that shit.

    • I honestly think anyone should be able to post a picture in a bikini and fucking OWN IT and love themselves and feel good. I have more respect for people who are slightly fat or not total work-out freaks and still put on a bathing suit and say “fuck you” to bullshit standards of beauty and enjoy food and life.

      I don’t work out. I don’t love the way I look right now. But is that going to stop me from going to the beach and wearing a two piece? Hell no.

      • And I always thought JA was 1000 times hotter body-wise than man-bodied Mary Rambin with the flat-ass, no hips and footballer shoulders. Girlfriend needs to eat a fucking piece of cake and take a few days off from spin class.

        Basically I hate all of these people.

    • I was thinking of going on your faux Blue Print Diet. You should post the details here.

      Party Pants figured out that you can buy 3.99 bottles of Odwella (sp?) and get the same effects as buying $30 BPC juices.

      • My aunt sharon in boca called it the jewprint diet. She said I should market it to Ross (dress for less!).

        (Please dont be offended, my mothahs jewish family make more jew jokes than anyone I know.)

      • I’m a half Jew and I love Jew jokes. I also live with, and love, a man that is often mistaken for a Rabbi. I kid not!

        And Melissa, you’re correct…YOu won’t get the pretty little aqua and white baggie with the odwella crap.

      • HA!

        Also, your bottle would be so ordinary. I mean, no one would walk up to you and inquire about what you were drinking. Even though, you’d be drinking the same 500 calorie (carb loaded—natural sugar or not) drink that Jules is. You would not be special. Not special on bit.

    • Or a really swell panini of gorgonzola, sopressata & red grapes! Plus a couple of glasses of Bandol! I swear this miserable Blue Print Pool Party made me go out and indulge just to throw off the existential shivers.


  17. Toolia’s slight belly fuzz might a result of malnutrition – many of my the folk i’ve known who have a had long-term eating disorders have developed this.
    I can’t think of a more ghastly and grotesque weekend – spending time with these cackling pretentious narcissistic, unhealthy twats. Blond chica looks skeletor. Imagine the binging and purging and Blueprint farts and runs – it must be stanky in Casa Body Dysmorphia.
    myself at the beach house for the next week or two, doing a “cleanse” – eating healthy, cycling everyday, in bed by 10, reading a book or two a day, and laying off the booze and cigs.

  18. I normally hate body snarking, but I think Julia opens herself up for that type of criticism when she treats every photo for her personal blog like a Self magazine cover shoot by twisting her body in unnatural poses and Photoshopping. Her looks have definitely diminished in the last year, but I think if she owned it, she would much more attractive! Kim Kardashian would not be nearly as sexy if she tried to hide her curves with the trickery Julia uses. I think it’s better to be 10 pounds overweight than 10 pounds underweight, and I think I prefer Julia’s body to the Blueprint Cleanse girls’ bodies.

  19. I’m glad we all are healthy and love ouselves. I think we all need to hug, have a bunch of beer, and eat half the taco bell value menu before passing out in our pbteen lawn chairs.


  20. Just asking what effect does BPC have on your digestive system? Because when I eat loads of raw vegetables lets just say the Ms Manta doesn’t like to be in the same room as me without the windows wide open.

  21. Look, body snarking is bad and wrong when it is done to innocent people or even to starlets on the covers of magazines to present a more illusory image and make young women hate their own bodies

    But this is not like that at all

  22. Yikes – Adrien. That makes the scenario all the more unappealing.
    Hey I’m not into body snark at all and certainly have my own body issues – but Tollia and gang seem to revel in their own dysmorphia and unhealthy lifestyle and have opened themselves up to criticism. Promoting this quick-fix, dubiously healthy Blue Print is highly irresponsible when one considers their demographic. I also have not thought Tolia was “fat;” she is, however, highly repulsive on the inside and is unrelenting in sharing it with the world.

  23. Much as I despise Julia and NS, it makes me sad to see the snarking about body shape or a few hairs on a stomach. Who among is totally hairless? And why should we be? We’re human! Hairy creatures with real skin and real flesh and real blemishes. This isn’t aimed at RBNS exclusively – but in my offline life, too, it makes me sad to see that everyone is gradually decrying all the things that make us…well, us.

    • It’s not that we think a few hairs on one’s stomach are a problem, it’s that Julia isn’t shy about telling women that they should only have hair on their heads. It’s probably because she’s braying for free laser hair removal touch-ups.

    • I agree with your comment. But I’ll opine that when people here body snark on the pink princess it has little to do with her actual body and is more of an emotional outlet, admittedly a low blow, commenting on her behavior. Take the above example where Julia tweets to an exfriend, someone she barely knew and no longer socializes with, that her bikini waxes are sooo passé and this girl should obviously be getting lasered like the fabulous, hairless Julia. It’s just obnoxious. And so when you see the hair on her own stomach it’s hard not to throw it back in her face.


      • Ya Know, I almost wanted to believe that Julia and Georgie were besties again when I read that tweet. I found it rude and offensive otherwise, along with shamefully shillfull. It’s like sending 100 of your friends spam to get an Iphone gift card.

  24. Okay. Overshare: I’m stoned. And I think those BPC pictures are hilarious. Like, what the fuck? Grown women act like this? They take raw food classes, lounge around, and drink green juice? Who wants to live like that?!

  25. So I’ve just got home and have had a few cocktails and am feeling merry. Hence the reason I was in the mood to check JA’s site for some random snorts. Holy jeebus. I suppose the highlight of her summer hobnobbing has been hanging with a bunch of tannorexic annorexic stick figures at a pool in the Hamptons?

    In a rare fit of Chris Crocker-esque sentimentality, my mind is all “LEAVE JULIA ALONE!” becayse I still don’t get the body snarking on ol Jules. So the bitch put on a few pounds in the past few years and is no longer the string bean she used to be. I’m shocked she even bothered slipping into a bikini and think she and her hairy tummy don’t deserve the body snarks. Even though she does deserve the snarks for taking those photos period. Igmo.
    Bitch is thicker but she’s a lardass either. But shit, I agree that she needs to own her thickness already and quit hiding behind goofy camera angles and lawn chairs to appear slimmer.

    Meghan needs to take the damned shirt off alreday. She still has major body issues and it shows. If you’re that damned skinny, why the fuck would you want to wear tents and bag lady clothes unless you’re an Olsen?

    Megan producer’s body looks damned good to me too! Ain’t any of you ever seen a six-packer tummy? She needs to lay off the self-bronzer though. Chick is as orange as KFC chicken thighs.
    And who’s the skeleton holding the dog? Is she going to suck the dog’s blood later?

    Ugh. A weekend with the juice-chugging stick chicks. Their plates are as empty as their souls!

    • I body snark on her solely because when she was hot (both physically and in the media), she was a total cunt to those she considered inferior. Bitch engaged in plenty of body snarking before her looks ran away, like so many men have done.

  26. It kills me to say this, but as long as she had a personality transplant and/or wore a gag, JAB is the one I’d do sexy times with out of all those girls. Her body is thick but hot. What’s TOTALLY FUCKING KILLING MY BONER is that she’s not owning it (as others have pointed out).

    If she apologized for being so harsh about others’ bodies when she was skinny, I’d say the body snark was mean. But she hasn’t, and she won’t, so snark away.

  27. Um, her tum and bloated legs are fug. Like Krystal (with a K — what’s THAT about?).

    She needs to move back to Chicago. We’re all done with you here.

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