Thrilling RBNS Glossary


Hello dear friends and colleagues:

Have you ever sat alone in front of your computer and sobbed with laughter over the latest RBNS witticism? I know I have. Tonight, for example, I lost it at Dr. Sherry’s “Cankleshausen Syndrome by Proxy.” But before that gem there was faux-ga, wangs, bray-for-pay, Meghannaise and all sorts of other treasures. That’s what makes RBNS such a fun place to be.

So we have started up an RBNS glossary on Wikidot, and we’d love your contributions. It’s a work in progress. If you’re interested in taking part, e-mail me at, or e-mail the illustrious fuck camping! at, and, once we ascertain you’re not Princess Donkey herself, we’ll give you the information needed to come aboard.

Once the glossary starts to take shape, it will be added to our blogroll for fast reference for those of you who are just joining us and are not familiar with CakeGate, to name just one example (see photo above … **shudder**)

Thanks to fuck camping! for all the hard work and dedication to this noble cause.


  1. Worrisome – I am still laughing about “Let It Unravel”. That was truly hilarious. Well played.

    • Well, you know Jacy – I am just SO NICE! I mean, if you met me in person, you would just be overcome with HOW NICE I am! You would totally call everyone you know and beg them to put me on Alexa Chung’s show again and then me and you and Jordan and Randi would all go and have sexy drinks together!

      • I think it’s important right now, as we come together in love and appreciation of one another, that we remember the following: “The hairy times were familial.”

      • I would have sex with all of you if you’d tell me I’m pretty and then let me blog about it afterwards. So. Fucking. Blessed.

  2. This technology is utterly mind-boggling!

    Thanks to flatface for utilizing this mind boggling wiki technology.!

  3. I and my two other usernames fucking love this blog. Nothing else makes me laugh so hard multiple times a day. Thanks, y’all!

  4. It’s sad how proud I was to see my old user name (Smokey Cupcakes) credited with coining the term faux-ga. Can I add this to my resume?

  5. I was thinking about RBNS on my way home tonight, and no joke, was literally LOL’ing. This place is a comedy GOLDMINE. And Dr. Gary/Sherry is no cheap laugh.

    Thanks to Jacy, Fuck Camping! and everyone else for putting together the RBNS Glossary., indeed!

  6. I nominate “Wheels up!” which can be defined as “twittering from your iphone when the plane is already in the air, despite FAA regulations outlawing this behavior”.

    And “I Parked in a Legal Spot” which is defined as “rules don’t apply to Julia because she doesn’t understand them. The first rule of law school is ‘ignorance of the law does not make it legal’ but law school is for ugly people who can’t lifecast!”

    • Don’t forget that “wheels up” is stolen from West Wing, where it was used to describe the whereabouts of POTUS while on Air Force One. Julia Baugher is Just. That. Important.

  7. I’m too lazy to sign-up, but someone better put the tech-lull up:

    “I’ve needed this resurge of like minded blokes to recharge the tech-lull I’ve been in lately.” – Meghan

    Also, let’s not forget “Jill from LIU”, (see above), Krystal (part-time NS CEO and “Mary” in Danish), Kevin Rose, horizontal scrolling, the complimentary grapefruit, and Mary’s homelessness. Ah, memories…

  8. She’s literally LICKING THE CAKE. That is NOT HER CAKE at her NOT HER BIRTHDAY PARTY. Sorry but if I saw some skank with greasy skin licking a birthday cake, I would take a pass. And I fucking love cake. That bitch. Ruined it for everyone!

  9. It’s too bad we can’t hire an editor. It would be great for someone to put together a book. Each page could be 1 day out of NS’s year. It would have a little recap and then some of the best comments from this site (and the old google site). 365 pages of humor + pictures and a glossary. All the profits could go to charity so that something good could come out of the horror of NS’s existence. To start, all we need is a title…

  10. That photo will seriously give me nightmares tonight. She looks like she’s getting ready to eat souls, not just cupcakes.

  11. Podium pose: Posing for fake pictures in front of an Ivy League lecturn to make it appear as if you addressed a class of students.

    Stick insect: Contorting your body for a picture to maximize the amount of tendons that jut out for the illusion of thinness.

    Wonk eye: An unnatural squinting of one eye on the “wrong side” of your face.

  12. Massaging the truth: calling yourself a “founder” when in fact you have a tumlr blog and you rely on other people’s websites to provide shilling opportunities.
    Legalese: I have never had injections in my cheeks.

  13. Faillet instead of ballet….example, last night the highly regarded Morphoses Dance Company gave a free performance in Central Park and Julia I Love BALLET SO MUCH!!!! was nowhere to be found.

    • She is never around for the big dance events in the City, unless it’s the Gala! Opening! of the NYC Ballet!! and she can dress up in a dancer’s costume with a “dancer’s bun.”

    • Great! Finally, someone mentions Julia’s overwhelming failure to capitalize on her big moment. I don’t care if it’s called wuffie.

      Big props for the glossary. remember when RBNS was simply a place to vent when Charlsie began deleting comments from the NS “community” page? How far we have come! This site has evolved more in eight months than her blogging business — with investors and executives — has in its 16 months of existence. Thanks to all the “contributors” around here. 🙂 I comment rarely and only use one handle, but I am a staunchly loyal reader.

    • of COURSE they talked about ‘the neuroscience of dating’. Dopamine is her only schtick to sound smart.

    • this article is delicious, especially when you take into consideration that WE ARE HER COMMUNITY.

  14. Did anyone mention Rosie O’Donell-gate wherein Julia stupidly twatted that a certain celebrity neighbor and her girlfriend were having a loud brawl, and it later got written up in the Post I think? And Rosie O’Donnell, through her spokesperson, expressed her displeasure at such an invasion of privacy. Didn’t JA later bring them a fucking make-up cake or something? Asshole.

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