Meghan: Suddenly Our Lady of Introspection

So much to read into here:

What a difference pink tutus make…

Julia stayed well after our meeting ended today and we just talked. We talked like old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years. For some reason tonight, all the stress, anticipation, pressure, and guilt I’ve felt this year on a constant basis subsided. I could feel that both Julia and I had stopped beating ourselves up for not achieving the lofty (perfectionist) goals we had originally set out to do with NonSociety.

Long ago my vision somehow got clouded and I lost sight of what actually matters. Besides the thrill of building and exploring, I lost sight of the people in front of me full of genuine love and friendship. The people close to me that can see things I sometimes can’t see myself.

With that, tonight I saw Julia. I finally saw my old friend again. My Julia. Stripped of all the stress we once felt, all the bossiness that means well, but often comes across overbearing. She stood in my kitchen with dyed crimson hair, no makeup, she was real….she was beautiful. All the name-dropping we once reveled in, gone. All the pressure we once felt- Gone. All the fear-  Gone. Yes, we felt free enough to have a reflective conversation about how much had changed over the last year.

With the perspective of age and a year that feels as fast as it feels long, I could tell that tonight we had arrived at peace. I knew in my heart that we would not only survive the hiccups, the bad decisions, and self-doubts of our initial venture. We’d more than just make it through another year; we’d thrive and find a happiness that can only be achieved with vision and hard work.

Yes, we spent a better part of this year doing zany stunts (often very out of character for me). Can you imagine being a grown woman fresh out of working with the staunch suits in finance, suddenly wearing neon spandex in Times Square lip dubbing to ‘Dancing in the Streets’?

We fought like sisters, three different perspectives. I, most of the time didn’t even bother to voice my opinion. It was too much effort to exert, while trying to navigate a site in the dark. The hairy times were familial.

Dysfunctional, but familial.

Yes, I admit I was a bad blogger. I put 10% of my effort into writing and the other 90% stressing out about what my readers would think of me. ‘Would they think my opinions are stupid? Would they call me a luddite?’ Sometimes all of my fears would be validated by reading a deprecating comment or a nasty email. Like a friend, I was fearful if my audience REALLY got to know me they wouldn’t like me.

I felt exposed in this new very public digital sphere. Where were the rules? I wanted to be everyone’s friend, but in the end, my content just became a snooze-fest. I became a self-proclaimed ‘Geekette’, but seriously, what the hell does that even mean anyways? I’m a fan of technology? Who really cares? These days, who isn’t in L-O-V-E with their iPhone?

Yes, our little online experiment was a bit of a struggle for me personally. Partially because I’m a very private person, I’m used to keeping a good game face on, no matter what I feel inside.

With that I was forced to either ignore, or try to figure out who was the real ‘Meghan Asha’. I choose the latter, all while feeling exposed in a public forum. Putting things out online felt like being examined under a microscope. Talk about seeing your imperfections, they were all over this digital space, not to mention viewed by others in real time.

Coming from corporate I had so many judgments on what I was doing.

Did I look like an idiot? Sometimes.

Was my writing shallow? Often.

And videos? Don’t even get me started on my amateur editing.

When I quit my job a year and a half ago I thought I had it all figured out. Just because I decided to follow my passion and ‘live differently’ didn’t mean I entirely knew who I was. So often, I took the easy way out this year, letting the business run me, rather than me run the business. I got scared, I tuned out, at points I even lost my passion, wondering how the heck I got myself involved in such an avant garde digital venture. My default is to follow rules, not take chances, and adhere to a plan. For anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur this is an awful way to be.

Throughout the year, I often wondered how the heck I signed up for this circus. We used ourselves as online guinea pigs in a pseudo version that sometimes felt like a bad version of the Truman Show, what could possibly come from this?

Actually a lot.

With all the craziness, all the financial pressure, the emotional questions that made me want to disassociate. Even with the judgmental emails from readers, friends, and family members. I still wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change the time in our business where we became in love with our own reflections and neglected to see the bigger picture. I wouldn’t change the dramatic dashes to the airport where we almost made our cabbie crash because of our own time constraints. I wouldn’t change dressing up in Three Musketeers costumes that took more than a thousand candy bars to make. I wouldn’t change blogging my life in sometimes the most superficial way possible, looking like a party girl at times, with not a deep bone in my body.

It all was worth it. It was a wild ride.

I lived imperfectly perfect this year. I lived in vibrant colors surrounded by pink tutus, a statuesque blonde, way too many little barking dogs that I’ve since grown to love. Gone was exactly what I wanted to be rid of, the grayness of my cubical, the mundane. Yes, at times I longed for a schedule, for the haven of a 9 to 5. Even for (surprise, surprise) anonymity away from the critical eye of the Internet.

But isn’t it always the case? You never really get perspective until after the fact.

Things are hectic still, but I have also calmed down. I have a clearer more confident sense of where we’re going. Where I’d like to take the site, what I want my role to be, and my comfort level being online. I don’t know what happened, maybe I just got past that ever so prevalent ‘quarter life crisis’, whatever it is, it feels good. I’m more than ready for the next chapter; I know it’s going to be a goody.

Thank you for reading and thank you for coming along for the ride…


  1. I will say I have nothing really against Meghan. She just comes across like her heart is not in the whole thing, like it was a huge mistake.

    Nevertheless, there is so much to parse AND I’M AT WORK!

  2. It’s finished, that much is clear.

    You know, I always found Meghan the most likable of the three at the beginning, but eventually switched allegiance to Mary–as she’s easily the most honest and forthright.

    What I get from this is that 1) Meghan’s hatred of Julia is simmering barely below the surface and had a come-to-Jesus meeting to try to get her to see the light and 2) the light may be the end of the tunnel, or the end of Nonsociety, as it were.

    Either way, the only readers they have anymore are from RBNS and the only discussions of what they post occur on this blog.

    Time to wrap it up.

    • I think it may be wishful thinking on our parts that they’re finally going to shutter the atrocity that is NonSociety.
      Yet, there are signs …
      Julia Allison’s lease coming up in NYC; she’s been let go from every paying job she’s had; her new official instant “boyfriend” in LA (poor Mary … I really feel bad for her that JABa is going to suck all the life out of the west coast now too); and the total FAIL at the three of them getting a tie-in reality tv project (so much for paradigm shifts and old media).
      Seems like a good time to go, huh?
      But I don’t think they will.
      Meganaisse is the attention-whore handmaiden to Queen Whore Julia Allison Baugher. And she ain’t going anywhere because we know no matter what, Julia Allison Baugher sure as hell ain’t about to give up her death grip on the interwebs.
      I SO hope I’m wrong. But … I don’t believe they’ll ever fucking go away.

      • I don’t think so either. They may remove the Nonsociety label, but Julia (at the very least) will be around in some form (maybe she’ll do something like Mary?) for as long as Gawker exists. Where there’s Gawker, there’s Julia. Where there’s Mary, Julia will always want to outdo her. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

  3. Originally, when I started my own “hater” persona, I zero’d in on Mary, because the material wrote itself.

    Then I turned to Meghan, because she insulted myself and others with her “Geekette” and “Nerd” proclamations. I really was borderline vicious in my reblogs of her truly lame posts about tech. But in the end, I’m glad to see, in her veiled admission, she was neither of those, and just a fangirl.

    I’m like juliaspublicist, at work but dying to deep dive parse here. There is a ton of material to wade through.

    • I almost applauded when she wrote something like, “Yeah I like the iphone but everyone does” and basically admitted that it was a persona and not who she is.

  4. Still boring. OMG it’s SO HARD to like, blog about yourself and stuff, and I’m so shy, oh I have learned soooo much this year of sitting around with my frenemy and blogging! I’ve grown so much from this experience! I’m so glad I did this life changing thing!

    These chumps act like they’ve been off deworming orphans in Tanzania, instead of dyeing their hair and fucking blogging. Christ.

    • Thank you!

      As for shutting down NS, according to this post (“Where I’d like to take the site…”) it doesn’t sound like it’s in their plans does it?

      • I honestly think this is Meg Asha saying “so long, sucker”. I personally give this shitpile 6 weeks tops. Julia will start in about a month with her spin party of “Opportunities in Chicago are too good to pass up, and meg and mary and I have decided to pursue our seperate dreams! Thanks bunnies!!! xoxoxo” instead of just admitting that the ‘rents are cutting off the money cord, and she has run out of funds to pay for her life. Meg Asha will move to SF and get some kind of accounting job at facebook or something. Mary will get a part time job at kitson and kick around LA until she marries one of the Ewings and moves back to texas. Julia will try another 3 or 4 bursts at fame before giving up and marrying a district attorney.

      • Wouldn’t it be freakin’ sweet if it turns out that Meghan just fired Julia and will be taking over NS with a whole new girl-crew?

        (Sorry, I’m refinishing furniture today and the solvent vapors may be dissolving crucial parts of my brain.)

      • Oh my, gb2hell. The idea that Meghan has fired JA and is taking over NS never crossed my mind, but how absolutely incredible.

  5. The only bad thing about this trio (and now duo) of banality shutting up their misadventure, is that Jacy and company will need to work harder to keep us entertained. What am I going to do now without my daily dose of dysfunction from Julia the monster and her dimwitted pal?

  6. You have to give her this – it appears that Meghan is surpringly self-aware. That post was written as if one of us RBNSers had woken up one day magically a part of the NS Trio, going “WTF with this pooping barking dog and all the effing pink nonsense and photo shoots?”.

    It’s a balanced self-criticism and reflection, the kind of content – ironically – we’ve all sort of said would be MUCH better than “Look! A staged picture of me eating cheese!”

    On the other hand, it is the complete lack of self-awareness that makes Julia such a trainwreck.

    • The self-awareness is what gets me. That’s why I give Meghan some props for writing this, as it seems she might actually have some bit of humanity left underneath the faux personality. Julia, on the other hand, is too far gone. It seems as though she’s had self-awareness issues her whole life (read: the infamous MediaBistro article) and I don’t predict that changing. She’ll fail and fail and get keep getting money from her parents and fail, but she’ll never change, never learn. Sociopathic, a bit.

    • I am glad she at least admitted that she is a tech fan not a tech nerd, and that being in love with your iPhone is not actually abnormal or unique or even geeky in any way.

      • You can practically hear the conversations at the beginning of it all. “OK ladies, you all need a brand. A personal niche! And it has to be one to three words. Like me, I’m ‘Carrie Bradshaw 2.0’. Mary, you can be style snob! And you…Meghan….hmmm….you should be our Geekette!”

        Meghan shrugs.

        “Sure, Julia.”

        “And you can give us a reason to go to all these cool tech conferences so I can go find the Next Big Startup Founder….oh yes, you will be the Tech Nerd Geekette! Meghan Asha (TM)! Its perfect! YAY personal branding!”

  7. However, the question remains: when will Julia say it’s over? Will she admit failure? Or will it be some legalese BS about why it’s not working?

    It will be nowhere near as honest as this — not that it’s really that honest but…

    • Nothing’s ever “over” for her. It just evolves into something else or something she can attempt to manipulate to her advantage. For example: Jakob, Star magazine, TONY…

    • Isn’t Meghan bankrolling this thing? Julia will admit it’s over when she has to pay for her insanity (inanity?) herself.

  8. I think this is a very honest piece of writing. So much to parse, but it’s almost not worth parsing to me. They’re moving on, looking to the future. While Meghan may be able to summon up her authentic self an move on; I do not have any of the same confidence that Julia will be able to do so.

    I’m not going to knock Meghan for writing this or make fun of her naiveity. It is what it is. She thought something we all knew was doomed to fail, wasn’t. And she knew, and apparently so did her friends and family, that it wasn’t working for quite some time. Not worth tearing this girl apart.

    I just hope she moves on.

    • That’s exactly how I feel. She was sucked into the rabbit hole and is very slowly climbing her way out.

      • Yeah. It’s also painfully obvious to me that she’s a sorta depressed girl. I saw sorta because I hesitate to label her without more evidence. She just always seems to put upon, and lost, and, yes, depressed.

      • During the live stream I basically saw someone who lacked total confidence in herself, which might explain why she got tied up with Julia Allison in the first place.

      • absolutely. She was miserable throughout the live stream and taping. Mary confirmed this on her site, in the comments section. She said something to the effect of, Meghan isn’t able to voice her needs very well and, as a result, turns inward.

      • She looked downright uncomfortable during that livestream, and her sad, boring little blerg implies that she’s been feeling that way for a long, long time.

        Writing this took great bravery, and I hope that she is really coming to her senses and learning to be more assertive. NS was a big, expensive mistake, but if she really learned this important lesson from it, that really makes it worth it.

        And, if we in anyway helped her come to this conclusion, I am kind of proud.

  9. Ahahaha, the sweet irony.

    @juliaallison @MaryRambin – That’s so cute!! I wish I could be there in person. Big hug to you and @LevenRambin! posted 2 minutes ago

      • I think I’m gonna ask Mary – over and over – if we can get a close up of her baby bump, when she’s due, and how she thinks it’ll be balancing blogging with being a single mom?

        That will make her kill someone.

      • I’m going at ask her to run inside and change into something orange. Especially if she’s already wearing orange.

      • A 7-hour livestream? She’s bound to be drinking. Without the stifling presence of the Braying Donkey, we might be able to get Mare to clarify a few things. Hmm…

      • Ask her to do a runway walk with a bunch of moe tampon bags dangling from both wrists.

        I don’t know why I’d find that so funny…but I would.

      • Actually my questions will center around the fanny packs:

        When is Moe Bags 2010 line coming out?

        Does the IRS own any future earnings of Moe?

        Can you design a fanny pack for the neck? If so can you model it stuffed with bowling balls?

      • I think it will be funnier if we flood her with all sorts of “you’re awesome” comments because Julia will die a little if that happens. You know she’ll be in there reading, possibly even commenting under a fake name, hoping it all goes terribly wrong.

      • Now that Julia and Mary are separated, and alcohol will be involved, it is the perfect time to ask Mary to spill about Julia.

      • Oh no! I made plans for Sunday. Hopefully this shit show will still be going on when I get home. (It’ll be 4-11 EST, right?)

    • Damn. I won’t be here to watch this. PLEASE make sure you guys put every piece of every word here.
      You know, even taking away the fact it’s meant for Julia, just what you guys do. Your wit, your snark, the way you bounce off each other, is BRILLIANT!!! My hubs thought I was nuts just sitting here laughing last time. (He doesn’t follow so he doesn’t get it).
      You couldn’t rehearse the stuff you guys do. After reading awhile, I got completely lost in the comedy of it. Hysterical.
      PLEASE make sure you post everything!!!!
      thank you!!

      • It’s awesome that her boss Leven let’s her use the grill. Not a lot of personal assistants get to do that.

    • Damn, I have a BBQ of my own to go to on Sunday. Please keep good records of the convo for me, thanks. I can’t wait to come home and pee my pants laughing.

      • If your BBQ burns out of control, be sure to let us know. We’ll ask Mary to run over and stomp out the fire with her feet.

      • hahaha! There will be lots of little children at my BBQ. I don’t think Mary would deign to be around “little” people who might stain her pucci tarp with their greasy fingers.

    • Seriously! Somewhere in a quiet laboratory, on a forgotten, dusty shelf, a murky glass jar containing Sigmund Freud’s brain just exploded into a million pieces.

  10. I’ve always hated “I wouldn’t change a thing” people. “i have no regrets” people. If you feel like your mistakes were positive, then you haven’t really learned anything.

    • I completely agree. That part totally invalidated the whole rest of the post for me. It’s like playing it both ways, which is typical of the people pleaser she describes herself to be. Sorry I’m just not a Meghan fan, never have been. Actually I’m not a fan of any of the three.

      I checked Mary’s site yesterday and she wrote some snippy resonse to a reader whose comment she’d deleted when the commenter questioned the deletion. The commenter had pointed out an error in her writing, she’d made the correction of course but deleted the comment that alerted her to it. Instead of apologize and thank the person or explain the deletion when questioned about it she attacked the reader for questioning why their comment was deleted. She fights with almost every person who leaves her a comment then wonders why her comments are all negative. There is someting really wrong with every single one of these three women in my opinion and I don’t think MA is an exception. It’s no wonder they were drawn to each other.

      Oh and the correction that was pointed out? “Fall by the waistside.” The first time someone on RBNS mentioned that I thought Mary must have done it on purpose to make a sort of pun about weight. I guess I gave her too much credit.

    • ha! I completely agree. We’ve oprahfied this country into believing that everything is good for us because it’s part of a personal evolution and that we shouldn’t ever want to go back and change anything…

      When, really, that’s now how our emotions work. And it’s also a very faith-based way of looking at life.

      • She can want to go back and change it all she wants, but if she learned something (something she clearly needed to learn and may not have learned doing what she was doing before Julia Allison Baugher suckered her) then why not be positive about it and move on? What is she supposed to do? Feel guilty about it forever? Agonize?

  11. Okay, I haven’t yet made it past the first couple of paragraphs in this opus, but, Jesus Christ, I think they’re in love! Julia tweeted that they are “soul mates” and Meghan writes so passionately about “my Julia” and how she was “stripped.” Did they finally succumb to those wanton, dark desires? Was this post sponsored by Good Vibrations ™?

    Most importantly, will there be video?

  12. Sounds like the beginning of the end. Maybe Megh gave her an ultimatum and is going to try to take back control over this sinking ship. But what will Megh do after NS fails? Back to her “big job” in finance? Maybe she will sink into obscurity as part of a performance art project in Denver, editing lip-dub videos for hipsters. Yes, that’s the Meghan Asha I want to see- hipstered and living in an artist collective.

    • See, I get just the opposite vibe. I think Megs was ready to bail, and JA engineered this encounter to reaffirm their BFF (or SMF – Soul Mates Forever) connection so that Megs wouldn’t cut her losses and cut off the funding. Poor Megs; she is just so dangerously tractable. In a different place and time, she might have ended up as a member of the Manson Family.

    • You could see Meghan about to explode if you watched the TMI livefeed. She looked like she was on her last legs….does not surprise me that she wrote this and put it all on the table.

  13. “I knew in my heart that we would not only survive the hiccups, the bad decisions, and self-doubts of our initial venture. We’d more than just make it through another year; we’d thrive and find a happiness that can only be achieved with vision and hard work.”
    Sentence fragments and sloppy grammar aside; worrisome. Another year!?
    Seriously, Meganaisse, your dad is willing to help you throw more $$$ into this?
    If I was a friend I would strongly suggest you take the family money and go travel around the world for a year … on your own … no Julia Allison!!
    Then come back and talk to us all about perspective and, um, hard work. Holy crap.

    • I think the “make it through another year” is past tense, no? But then again, maybe not since I think it’s safe to say that the previous year did not include vision or hard work or happiness for them.

      • I think the key word here though is “another.” Doesn’t that imply a year beyond the first one? Of course they aren’t known as being intimitely familiar with the English language so I can’t assume any word is being used as it’s originally intended, but reading it in context of the whole paragraph to me it does still sound like it’s about the upcoming year unfortunately.

      • Ya, she’s talking about the future using the past tense. They’re special that way; and effing dense.

  14. Oh, Meghan.

    You know, when they first started NonEntity, I felt bad for Meghan. It was obvious that Julia was using her cash and connections to fund her vanity project and Meghan so desperately wanted to come off as smart. Then, when Mary was the first to jump ship, I realized that Meghan was just kind of dumb, but I guess she is still sad in a way.

    I think the biggest thing this reveals is how much Julia USED Meghan, her money, her family and her skills and made her quit a lucrative career just to fund Julia’s own interests. It is really beyond disgusting. But maybe what is more disgusting is that Meghan can’t realize how much she is being used. I mean sure, Meghan is as dumb as a rock, but she could do OK on her own if put in the right hands and given proper training.

    Julia is still a vile, detestable human being. Poor Meghan.

    • You are so right. That’s the impression I get too. Julia, ultimately, couldn’t control Mary, and Mary began to outshine Julia. So Julia probably forced her out by being obnoxious and insufferable (more than usual at least). But Meghan is such a nontentity of a person, so easily malleable because she has no confidence or personality, that she was perfect fodder for Julia to use to fund her ego project.

      Do they not realize that this shit is dead? I mean, even the first page of their ridiculous blog is hilarious. “It’s just the two of us, but not for long!” It’s said that since DAY 1, and they haven’t brought on anyone else. No one wants to be associated with this shitshow.

      I took away from this that Meghan is in this for the long haul. How “self aware” can you be if you can’t realize that your business is going nowhere?

  15. Meh. I feel like this is trite and relatively dishonest. The “lofty goals” they set for NonSociety? They could never even articulate what their business did and a few weeks ago Meghan herself was telling people it was a ‘parody’. It’s fair enough they she is perhaps deciding to move on and/or wants to polish her poor public image right now. But let’s call a spade a spade. 3 parent supported 26 year olds thought they were pretty and special enough for the whole world to love them, throw TV deals and product endorsements at them, and they failed. I’m sure she regrets dressing up like a a shiny whore in Times Square but I hate when people try to play off bad decisions or lapsed in judgement as some part of grand life plan. Should we all go out and shoot our neighbor to learn that it’s wrong to kill someone?

  16. I predict Julia and Meghan will start a hedge fund*, because a) they can obviously cajole rich people into giving them money to burn; b) Meghan has a “background” in finance; c) it sounds important; and d) they’re about two years behind every trend.

    *Please feel free to suggest a name for it.

  17. Just a thought…it strikes me that maybe Meghan is the one who is the closet case, and she has an unrequited crush on Julia. A crush that Julia is well-aware of and uses to her full advantage.

  18. I’m still not seeing any authenticity here. To me it reads more as an “I’ve been found out and need to damage control” post. She felt like she was playing a part, that she was never being true to herself, but she was happy to accept trips to CES, DLD, Davos, London and Cambridge in the guise of a tech expert? Please. I don’t find much merit in her now trying to explain everything away simply by saying what we’ve all known for a long time. She has no more knowledge than your average early-adopter consumer.

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, and if she’d said that a year ago, I might have been on board. I like the idea of an enthusiast with a sensible amount of knowledge exploring gadgets and giving genuine thoughts on them all. But don’t spend a year flying all over the place, thinking you can skate by without putting in any effort and then erase all your inanity with one post that seems well-written simply by comparison with your previously shoddy work.

    This is what infuriates me. Don’t write about all the problems. Spend time fixing them. In the amount of time these women have wasted bemoaning the way things have gone they actually could have created something. Just start writing content. Just learn more about business.

    You have a problem with your own editing skills? Go learn Final Cut. People actually give courses on that. You feel like you didn’t provide decent CES content? Learn from that and provide decent SXSW content, or decent content from London. Let the results speak for themselves.

    • I think you’re right. This is more about damage control and perhaps a veiled appeal to the “haters” to ease up, they’ll try to do better.

      • Which is what they always do. They don’t put the effort in and then they try and explain it away. Wasn’t it in that Loren / Paul Carr video where Julia’s sitting there saying “hey, I’m not an expert, I’m just doing the best I can?”

        To which I would say, well then your best isn’t good enough, do something else. I’m not going to sit here and say “aw, that’s okay, you’re doing your best so it doesn’t matter that your content is cribbed from other people, your show ideas completely insipid and your content dull.”

    • There really isn’t any authenticity at all. I take the “lofty goals” part to think that they honestly thought they were all tastemakers and popular and had a huge fan base. Especially with Julia, I never really saw it. The whole idea of what Meghan thought NonSociety to be comes across as incredibly delusional.

      I really hope she pack it in. It is what is best for her. Julia has been using her and it’s time that she realizes it. She needs to understand how toxic that relationship is.

      • We are totally of the same brain on this one. I think Mehan is rather dim. I think she genuinely thought her lofty goals were true and good and obtainable. She ain’t that smart.

    • Totally. I see it the same way. The bottom line comes down to “Don’t write about all the problems. Spend time fixing them.” Every time they’ve posted something like this, which Meghan has done several times now, there is absolutely zero change afterwards. In other words it’s just empty words, much like every other post published on NS.

      • Yes this isn’t the first time that Meghan as gone all introspective on us. I believe there was something in January too.

        I think the difference now is that a year after launch, NonSociety is undoubtedly a failure. There is no way to sugarcoat it.

    • Oh no. After reading her post and the first comments, I was thinking, “Gee, good for her! Realizing this has been a mistake and knowing that she has to do better.” But you just convinced me! She is still a giant moron. Sad. 🙁

  19. Sorry everyone, especially Juliaspublicist, I’ve been barfing all morning. Hey — maybe I’ve been barfing up NonSociety toxins now that Megs seems to be suggesting it’s done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or is she?

    I think she’s saying it’s going to continue in a different direction. I don’t think NS is shutting down yet.

    Oh God.

      • I’m going to nominate you, yo! Like it says on their homepage. I’ll bet they’ve gotten at LEAST 3 nominations thus far though, 2 from SATC-obsessed teenagers in flyover states who nominated themselves. Competition could be stiff.

      • I nominate people all the time, usually people like iJustine. After Mary left, I nominated her at least twice.

    • I don’t think they are shutting down either. Well, meghan may remove her blog soon but she’s serious about doing the marketing stuff and also planning conferences. She’ll have a web presence.

      Julia….well, who knows?! 1. I think she’s staying in NYC. 2. I think she truly believes she has a broadcasting/reality TV show career ahead of her 3. I could see her NPD ass staying on the NS site, sans Meg and Mare, with the tagline “It”s just the one of us….but soon they’ll be more”

      • Unlikely. Nobody likes Meghan, she has no credibility. Planning conferences? Marketing? Good luck with that.

    • Oh, Jacy, you didn’t start up with the Blueprint, didja? That’s gonna be impossible to clean out of your carpets, hun.

      Hope you feel better soon!!

  20. Oh fuck you Trustfund Asha. FUCK YOU. Some of us don’t have the luxury and privilege to quit our mundane jobs and start stupid web ventures that don’t produce any revenue. Please, just go back to anonymity and ordinariness, volunteer in Costa Rica, something, ANYTHING, but stop polluting the internets with your abject lunacy.

    You failed. Admit it and run.

  21. TL;DR: That Livecast was what finally convinced me that I’m a huge internet joke and that NS has no real fans. Whatever, at least I’m not in a cubical [sic]. I’m riding this Pink Donkey to the end of the line, bitches!!!

  22. Did y’all see this on RVV’s blog? I’m sensing a dig…

    “Peter Cooper built the first train, installed the first telegraph cable across an ocean, ran for President, founded and endowed a free world class university, brought peace between Native Americans and western states, and invented Jell-O.

    What’s your excuse??”

  23. I would say they should all go volunteer at homeless shelters or the Peace Corps but that would be unfair to the homeless or those living in countries serbed by the Peace Corps

    • Wait, can Julia bring her prop, I mean dog? Is there somewhere to store a years worth of Blueprint Cleanse? Can she plug in her curling iron somewhere? If the answer to all these is “yes,” then maybe JA will consider it, but only if she gets to blog about herself helping others because otherwise what’s the point?

  24. Meghan probably asked Julia to stay behind so she could finally have “the talk” that she’d been dreading–and putting off–for so long. She wanted to get out of NS, but Julia bulldozed right over that notion with her pretty pink promises of a wonderful new future, ushered in by that Ineffably Inspirational guest post. She’s changed so much! She’s got red hair! Everything will be different now! Don’t give up on her, Megs, because nobody will ever love you as much as Julia does!!

    It’s the classic co-dependent/abusive spouse relationship.

    • Sad but true. I can just picture dimwitted Meghan mustering up the courage for the past 3 months to tell Orange Julius that time was up, and they needed to move on. Finally last night, they have the talk, and Julia just dismisses her like a little needy puppy and tells her all will turn out ok, that Daddy Parikh just needs to put in another 300 or 400 thousand into the venture and they will be ok. Then she tells numbnuts Meghan to go and “let her feelings out” on the blog so they can attract sponsors!!

  25. “I lived imperfectly perfect this year.” Just for writing that line alone, this woman should be assasinated by the cliche police.

    Are these women secretly 12? Do not understand.

    • But I really do appreciate the links to her own admitted retardation. I can conveniently laugh at them all over again.

      This is like a bad valedictory speech, except instead of valedictorian, the speaker is the class idiot, and except for Harvard, she’s graduating to a local automotive school. “In closing, I’d like to say when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, but do it in a shoddy studio on camera for a half dozen viewers who do not automatically shut off the cab television, and pretend it’s a show about entertaining in the hot summer months. Thank you, god bless.”

  26. I think Jackles just negotiated another year’s lease. This time it was with Meghan. I’m tempted to say, “Poor Meghan,” but since she said she wouldn’t change the times that they fell in love with their own reflections, I’m just gonna say, “Meghan, you are one fucktarded asshole.”

    • She negotiated down her rent but has not renewed her lease. A little birdie has told us that it is all a rouse. That she will be moving back to Chicago.

      While I don’t know if that is true, it would probably be the best thing for her to hole up in her parents DOWNTOWN CONDO and eat cupcakes all day and think about what she did.

      The only reason why I don’t believe that she will actually move is because her contract for the NBC cab thing is one year. And that began late February. I do think that come that time next year, Mary will completely bail out of TMI Weekly or it will be shuttered all together.

    • I got this impression also – that Julia has convinced Meghan to either pay her rent on the Pink Palace or convinced Meghan to let her move in as Very.Special.Roommate.
      This whole screed stunk of the influence of puppet-master Julia. I did find this chunk entertaining though:
      “She stood in my kitchen with dyed crimson hair, no makeup, she was real….she was beautiful. All the name-dropping we once reveled in, gone.”

      • Vom vom vom.

        And yet, I like her more than Julia, if only because she knows to use the correct spelling of dye. She is so innocuous, I don’t care to hate or to like. What is her readership like? Anyone know? Does she have fans/shoe givers/haters?

  27. Look, it isn’t difficult to read what Meghan is saying here. This is the 21st century equivalent of a kid who graduated from college and spent a year traveling abroad and partying it up, before coming back home and settling down into a career.

    This is boilerplate justification to her friends, family, and anyone else who cares to read. She’s clearly under a lot of pressure to actually do something with her life beyond glorified blogging, and I’m guessing that the ol’ meeting with Tumblr to discuss new ideas didn’t go so well yesterday.

    Whether or not Meghan continues to post to NS is a moot point. There’s no increase in audience, the ideas are being done by their competitors earlier (and better), and what they thought was a stepping stone actually just turned into a gigantic rock tied around their ankles.

    I’d repeat my advice from yesterday: the best thing they can do is to shut off the Twitter accounts, shut off NS, turn their individual sites into one-off bio pages, and just do some regular paying commentary gigs. Consume more bits than you produce, for a while, then when your credentials have been built back up, then come back with a heavily-filtered site.

    • I’ve always thought that that is the line for the official RBNS t-shirt:

      I am not random!
      I have a talk show on NBC!

      Available in pink and brown or black and orange, one for each of Julia’s clothing/hair combos.

      Runner-up: Sad Adult.

  28. avant garde digital venture.
    i just say . This makes me howl with laughter.
    Put your hair in a dancers bun strike a faux-ga pose and lets talk about our avant garde digital venture , shall we? And commence!

  29. sentences needs verbs, that is all i am saying.

    sadly, i counted quite a few that had no fucking verbs. jesus girl! no wonder you got ‘judgmental’ emails.


  30. Any time someone feels like they made an idiot out of themselves, they do something like this. At 30, she has amounted to nothing. She’s vain and considered stupid by everybody. She’s as much a phony and a fake as Julia. Nothing to see here.

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