• Yes. To whomever was asking about Charlise; pure brilliance!

      Didn’t Julia seem to enjoy reading the Questions? Meghan wanted nothing to do with it and Mary was only interesting briefly. When one of them would try to take the computer away or put it down, Julia would inch back over and open it up.

      • Telling. I wish someone hadn’t gone the “fat” route. That was unnecessary. There are so many legitimate things to nail her on.

      • Actually, Mary was the one who routinely answered the “Ask Us Anything” questions. Julia would promise to and never follow through, and I don’t think Megs even pretended she could be bothered.

      • So I leave for a few hours and everything fun happens? Great.

        Jacy: You’re right about the fat remarks. Once or twice is really enough. It is sort of like repeatedly calling someone “crazy” without any back up. I do think those are the burns that hurt Julia the most, though, since her appearance is all she values.

        I wish they would do a show on cankles.

      • I kept telling Julia she wasn’t fat which is the true. All the fat shit really diluted the actual conversation. She was a decent sport (perhaps for her own enjoyment) and DID answer some tough questions (I don’t think honestly)….anyway, I would have preferred no one go down that route, either. To each his/her own, though!

      • If Julia had half a brain she would do a show/article about gaining weight after a lifetime of being super-slim and how it affects a woman’s identity etc. That would be interesting.
        She’s not a big fattie but she has gained a significant amount of weight and in someone who values their appearance so much it must have quite a psychological impact.

      • That would be interesting. Adjusting to your new shape, size, body type, buying new clothes, embracing it, dealing with people’s reactions to it.

        There are a lot of interesting topics she could tackle if she was an honest and forthright human being. Unfortunately, too many involve her admitting to some kind of failing or being honest about herself, which she can never, ever do.

      • I don’t think people would focus on her weight so much if SHE didn’t. Didn’t they do an entire episode yesterday on the freshman 15? And she said she wore a size 0? Sorry… but if she’s constantly bringing it up, people are going to comment on it. But I totally agree… an honest discussion about it would be so much better than still insisting you are a size 0. Delusional.

      • But she recently said she was wearing a 6 and the jeans she put on the AX bray for pay shit were a size 6. She was a zero at college.

  1. I wonder if this is what she posted while she was twiddling with her iPhone at the end of the live streaming segment.

      • And someone named Chia, I think.

        But I got the feeling that even a couple of the detractors weren’t RBNSers. A couple of people expressed dismay about things we’ve been harping on for awhile, like the white dress and the back slash thing. They seemed to be independent TMI Weakly haters.

  2. Oh and I need to backtrack to the Gelf magazine article and ask- when the hell has Jankles been interested in “architecture?” I mean, honestly. Did she just put a bunch of random “smart” things into a hat and pull out whatever fancy-sounding hobbies she could come up with?

    • She said it or blogged it one other time; I remember howling reading it. Maybe around the infamous New Year’s Resolution post?

    • Um, she took some pictures of a building once so she’s clearly a photojournalist lifecaster specializing in architecture. Gosh.

    • Oh, yeah, as a veteran Julia Allison scholar I can assure you that she has always fancied herself an architecture connoisseur, probs because she likes the way it sounds to those Ivy League Boyz.

  3. I just want to say for the record, and for any future google searches, that Julia Allison Baugher is 28 years old as of August 2009. She will be 29 in February of 2010. She graduated high school in 1999, and was born in 1981. These are all facts easily found on the internet, and yet every interview done on her seems to get her age wrong. She magically loses a year.
    It may seem silly to harp on this, but I just cannot believe how little research “journalists” who are writing about her do. If any future reporters would like to farm out their research to me, I’d be happy to do it for free, just to get the facts correct.

  4. You know, I have one bad day at work and now all I want to do is pick at every annoying thing these morons have been doing. Just checked dear Julia’s facebook page to see if she reveals her birth year or high school graduation year (she doesn’t) and noticed a photo she just put up of James Fay standing by what I assume I am supposed to infer is his Land Rover. Captioned “At James’ place.” No dear, you’re standing out in a parking lot. It may be at his complex, but obviously the photo is not to show us his place, but his expensive car. Why in the world does she think these things make HER seem better, more important?

  5. I also noticed the article listed her as 27…it made me check the date of the article to see when it was published! She’s 28 for sure.

    I commented a bit on the live stream as “blerg,” I might have stolen that name from here, albeit unintentionally! They never answered my questions…one of which I thought was very valid directed to Mary asking her how she could say in one breath that you should eat healthy, exercise, and INJECT BOTOX into your face. ugh.

    I also commented that I thought the conversation on weight (in between segments) was pretty interesting. Hearing what Mary and Julia had to say about the fat comments was entertaining because usually they just ignore the “jealous haters.” It was refreshing to hear them lash out. I agree that it was really annoying for commenters to harp on the same stupid negativity over and over again (FAT FAT FAT) when there is so much to parse without devolving into troll-isms.

    • If I were her, I would want to get my real age out there as much as possible. Does she really think she’s passing for early twenties? She looks early to mid thirties. She is way too young to be so vain!

    • That’s right, because our special Sparkly Snowflake Princess Julia Allison doesn’t age…she just dissipates ever so gently into the ether. Kinda like Southern belles never perspired…they “glowed.”

    • Heh, that was me that threw in the potential RBNS idea to the wiki.

      In all honesty, I really think it *should* be added. Part of the be reason behind her notoriety is the sheer amount of negative attention she receives online. Sites like this, whether we like it or not, are a tribute to her “fame,” no matter how ill-garnered. I do think think that aspect should be documented.

      If RBNS and other people who despise her/think she is a fraud all stopped paying attention, following her, or giving page views, she would lose at least 75% of her traffic (and ergo- all of her izea clout) and ability to woo sponsors.

      It saddens me that these people she pitches for sponsorship, bray for pay, etc do absolutely no due-dilligence to check up on her “followers” as it were. 🙁

      I do believe her wiki should depict her more accurately and less like a Jankles- released PR blast.

      • It bugged me when they called it a “gossip site.” This isn’t a gossip site! It’s a reblogging/snark site!

      • Her Wikipedia entry still states that she is a columnist for Time Out New York. I would think since TONY published an article about their parting of ways, the entry could be corrected. As fiercely as she guards that page, I’m surprised (not really) that she hasn’t corrected it herself.

    • Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia, for fuck’s sake. How could they allow her to order her AGE out of the entry? What kind of pussies are they? They expect to be taken seriously as an online source of information when they cave because some entitled lunatic demands her age be removed?

    • Koyfman is an employee of the venture capital firm that funds Next New Networks. Maybe she’s banging him (though he doesn’t look ragingly het) or maybe he wants to talk to the kids about how TMI intends to pay for itself without any sponsors.

      • hmmm he also is connected to IAC (van veen et al) friends with Levanthal and is considered to be a wannabe modelizer (according to gawker) -she doesn’t move far from all these boys. Charles Foreman didn’t look like the pinnacle of hetness either .
        i think he may be the lucky lucky recepient of her trench coat visits . Bless. Not really mr. big ….. perhaps he is the smart car version?

      • Christ that’s hysterical…Foreman as the smart car version of Chris Noth…bravo you wascally wabbit!

      • If he’s her booty call, then he isn’t very successful as a modelizer. Unless his niche is plus-size K-Mart models.

        Anyhoo, how does everyone like the new boobs I gave Meghan? Nice, eh?!

  6. Whew, just got through catching up on all the latest comments, including a re-reading of today’s transcripts of hilarity. My stomach is sore from all the cackling (it was WAY beyond regular laughing), and my cat slunk off somewhere to hide.

    I just wanted to say that this was a GREAT day, peoples. Thanks for posting the transcripts, Jacy, and for hammering away on Jackles as NowDeaf. Thanks to my fellow RBNSers who were there in the trenches, parsing the bullshit as fast as it was being slung. You all keep me sane!!

    (P.S. Favorite handle: Beach2theBike)

    • I agree; it was an outstanding day.

      Sometimes I question following the life and times of Jankles the Clown. Yesterday reminded me that it’s this incredibly sharp and witty group of commenter that keeps me coming back for more, and not the tearing down of a hapless moron.


  7. How many people does it take to nominate a Wiki article for deletion before it goes through? So you think if we got enough RBNSers to nominate Jules for deletion as a “non-notable person” it would happen?

      • I totally love her for that. She was so priceless yesterday, so totally and clearly on our side.

      • She asked her a couple of the questions that I am certain she already knew the answers too but played dumb.

        As in:

        “You said women have an expiration date?”


        “Why happened to Harvard Business School?”

  8. OMG I’m in the photo! Partypants! I’m intartubes famous!!

    God you guys, all of you were hysterical, I wish we could do that every night around halfway-through-franzia-box-thirty. This is the the best club on teh webs right now.

    • Those bugged me, along with all the people doing BACK SLASH all over again. Honestly, if she’s willing to talk and answer questions, let’s not alienate her. The backslash and other type spam was ridiculous. And girl is not fat nor are her legs tree trucks. I’m tired of the fat bull shit.

      • She’s not fat. But girl ain’t no size 0, TJ. That’s a bald faced lie.

        It’s only because she is constantly harping on what size she wears, her weight, etc. It shows that she’s sensitive about it, so people go for the throat.

      • I can’t reiterate enough that she is not thin and I’m only harping on it because she’s so f’ing vain. She’s not enormous, but she is. not. thin. Maybe I was just thrown off by the big legs, but in person she doesn’t not look like a small woman.

      • Bottom line is, she’s average. She could probably turn some heads in the midwest, but as for being some sort of media superstar and NYC goddess she’s just not even close to having the bod for it anymore. The problem is, she dresses like she is a size 0, constantly talks about how she was 98 lbs before college, then blurps about her 25 inch waist, word vomits how much she’s gained, talks about working out to get in shape but never does, blogs about how much weight she’s lost, makes sales/actor guys read her jeans size out loud, the list goes on and fucking on. She’s the one obsessed with her weight. We are just poking the bear.

      • i’m pretty sure we’ve totally and completely alienated her already by posting on a snark blog and dissecting her every move. what did you hope to gain by not alienating her?? did you think she was going to, like, break down and thank us??

        (just curious. i get tired of the fat thing, too. not because i think she’s svelte and sexy but because it doesn’t seem to make much difference to her. she seems to already know and know we know. boring.)

      • FUCK NO. I didn’t think she’d thank us. But tons of us had great comments, some very scathing, and they were totally LOST amongst 50 thousand BACK SLASH spam comments and YOU”RE FAT over and over again. That’s all. I want the clever questions/comments to be read.

      • ANd yes, I saw the tags on the jeans she put on. She’s a 6. THere’s no debate about that in my mind.

      • So she should stop saying she’s a size 0. That’s why people give her a hard time… because she’s a liar who obviously thinks size 6 IS fat and feels the need to lie about her size and weight. If she’d just own up to that and NOT talk about it anymore, people would stop giving her a hard time. The only person that thinks size 6 is fat is Julia.. hence her need to lie about her size.

      • Oh, I agree. She totally thinks that size 6 in enormous. In her book 0, 2,4 is the only way to be and even a 4 is probably pushing it.

  9. OK… RBNS has to get picked up by someone, somewhere!! I missed every single minute of this. Oh so grateful you posted this stuff in it’s entirety.
    Could not stop laughing!!!
    How does Julia even reconcile this stuff?? Does she not see it for what it is? How does one wake up every morning and not question the course of their life after this massacre???

    • There are times when I wonder, truly seriously wonder, if she’s so tolerant because the “haterz” are part of whatever reality show she’s attempting to pitch. You know, a poor me, I am a famous Web personality dealing with the seamy underside of the Web sort of thing. And then if she gets a deal, which she will not, she can say: HA! TAKE THAT, HATERS! YOU ASSHOLES GOT ME A REALITY SHOW!!

      However, she is not nearly so tolerant of Gawker hatred, and always goes on there defending herself, so that is the hole in my theory.

      • She’s WAY too insecure to tolerate and egg on the haters, a la Heidi and Spencer. Look how defensive she is about the things that truly get to her … the fat comments, the Indiana comments, etc.

        Also, I would really be surprised if she got another reality show at this point. That article said she was shopping around another pilot, but if she can’t even get a show aired with a network attached (and she was much more presentable looking on TV) I doubt she will be able to get one picked up now.

        And how pathetic is it that her number one career goal STILL seems to be getting on a fucking TV REALITY SHOW?? How OLD MEDIA, of you, Julia. Most people outgrow that phase when they’re 22 and they get their rejection letter from The Real World. I just say.

      • I really want to see her on a competitive reality show, with lots of “Entry of the Gladiators,” “Yakety Sax,” and wah-wah-waaaaah sound effects whenever she’s on screen.


  10. Maybe she’s shopping out a pilot about someone who is trying to get her own reality show and can’t.

    • The IT Girls option was allowed to expire because focus groups found Julia Allison Baugher incredibly unlikeable in the pilot, or so say the tipsters. What does she think has changed between now and then?

      • This is the same information that I have! Also, bravo couldn’t stand working with someone who was constantly late and unprepared for meetings.

      • Oh lawd, what I wouldn’t give to read the reports from those focus groups!!!! Or see the pilots!!!

      • I hadn’t heard that but I believe it. They probably lied about their influence, connections in New York media/social circles, don’t you think?

        Jules obviously exaggerated wildly, as always, got caught out, and yet still didn’t learn any lessons from that. She still does it.

      • Let’s just say if Julia doesn’t stop lying and misleading people, I’m going to start talking.

      • I’m the one who has seen the report. All three girls scored very low, but Julia scored the lowest, and surprisingly it was a tie between men and women. Meaning, men disliked her just as often as women did, which is what I found surprising. Mary was disliked mostly by women. Meghan was the most liked, but the consensus she was the most boring. During the round table Q&A only a few people were even able to remember her name. Any questions…let me know.

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