Julia Allison: Jesus Christ

James is taking me out to dinner at Katsuya 🙂 … It feels like no time has passed.about 3 hours ago from TwitterFon

I can’t believe how NORMAL it is to be w him again. It’s been 4.5 years since we laid eyes on each other at Georgetown & it feels like it’s been 4.5 days.about 3 hours ago from TwitterFon

Seriously, dude (may I call you “dude,” Julia?), it’s just an ex-boyfriend. You really need to stop perpetuating that rom-com fantasy you are living inside your cottonball head.


  1. How many ‘days’ does it feel like it’s been since you got into a fist fight with his sister?

  2. I can only surmise that Julia is incapable of embarrassment, because all this Twittering about how hot she is for the ex-bf is kind of …embarrassing.

    • I truly believe she is having some kind of breakdown. Or fucking with everyone. The entire situation is ridiculous.

  3. I once knew a chick who needed to believe that any of her ex’s would come back if she snapped her fingers. Heh.

    So, this dude is rich, lives in WeHo in the midst of babe central, and we’re to believe he would take back this busted, botoxed, suburban thing with hair like an Irish setter, and a history of stealing his credit card. Could happen — it’s a big world. But I wouldn’t bet that way.

    • Uh….I live in LA. Very close to ‘WeHo’, as a matter of fact. And I guess you could call it ‘babe central’, except all the ‘babes’? Are flaming homosexuals!

      “Because of the large gay population and the large numbers of gay-oriented businesses, West Hollywood became prominently known as a gay village. The section of Santa Monica Boulevard from La Cienega Boulevard to Robertson Boulevard, known as “boys’ town,” is among the most popular gay neighborhoods in the world, with numerous well-known spots such as the nightclubs Rage and Mickys and newer bars/restaurants such as Eleven and East|West Lounge.” (wikipedia)

      • Er, well, you could say the same about the West Village but that’s where a lot of actresses and models live anyway.

  4. Did last night’s date go terribly? Who is she making jealous now? Everyone? I’m so confused! What a freak show- how is this a lifecast? She never posts and when she does absolutely none of it makes sense. How can this be her effing job. I don’t understand. Who are these freakshows and why are they relevant?

    But most importantly- where are the shoes???? It is not NORMAL that they have not been worn about and abused by her sleezy, be’bunioned feet on the streets of WeHo. Miss the shoes!

    A bit tipsy…

  5. It’s not complicated, to quote JAB. She suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is all par for the course. Nothing she does is unpredictable or surprising. She’s textbook yawny.

    We watch through splayed fingers precisely because we aren’t like her and cannot imagine being so dedicated to the glorification of the self. Statistically, NPD is rare. This is our zoo.

      • Or I should say “I think so too.” Obviously I don’t KNOW if she has NPD but it would certainly explain her behavior if she did. What i wonder is has she ever wondered herself if she has it?

      • Most NPD sufferers only consider the possibility – and the need for drastic change on THEIR part – after being completely abandoned (or seriously threatened with complete abandonment). So her family and friends, if they really loved her, would cut her off immediately. Their enabling is keeping her from rock bottom and a shot at recovery through years of intense, good therapy.

        In other words, she will never change or experience true contentedness or emotional connections with other humans as distinct beings with needs and desires that matter. It will always be THE JULIA SHOW XOXO FAKE AFFECTION XOXO FAKE EVERYTHING XOXO IF I FAKE IT THEY WILL ADMIRE ME!!!!

  6. What about Jewish Writer? Doesn’t she feel embarrassed that she went on a national satellite radio show and proclaimed love for him, and then she never mentions him since? She is crazed.

    • Yeah. I feel bad for Jewish writer. It’s fine to say you’re dating around and not interested in anything serious but it’s wrong to proclaim adoration/strong feelings, especially in a public forum and then, drop him like he’s hot.

  7. Yeah, so this girl I dated for a while called me, and she is really sad now, and she is still totes in love with me, so I said I’d take her out. I hope it makes her feel better. I hope she doesn’t stalk me.

  8. I stopped the diagnostic shit a while ago on RBNS. But I have to open my CSW lips and proclaim:


    I can’t even begin to tease apart what we are dealing with; some of it appears to be a personality disorder, and some of it appears to be a mood disorder. I can’t diagnose online. So, I’ll say it once again—


    Nothing wrong with saying your ex took you out to a very nice dinner. Weird to say it felt like nothing changed and to make it sound date-ish. Girl cannot help herself.

  9. WHY does she do this??? It’s seriously getting to the point that I can’t watch anymore. It’s just starting to be fucking bizarre.

    Julia, just change your name to Peyton Flanders and call it a day. Psycho.

    • Here is my theory: Most of her exes in NY hate her and she has earned a reputation of being a high maintenance, narcissistic fat face thanks to her own titterings and tweets around town. So, in an effort to appear like a “cool” girl, someone who is totally normal and lovable, she gloms herself onto this ex, all the way off in (gay) Hollywood in an effort to make herself seem like she is the kind of mature person who can maintain friendships with people she used to date.

      She isn’t this person, of course, as anyone who is familiar with her antics would know. But, she is trying desperately to redeem at least a bit of her reputation, at least the only part of her reputation that she cares about which is whatever makes her desirable to men.

      I don’t think she has a thing for James or even cares at all about him. He, like everyone she interacts with, is just someone she can use for her own personal gain.

      • That’s my theory too. She doesn’t want anything from James, other than it’s nice to show off that at least one of her exes still speaks to her. Also, she loves to let people know that she’s getting taken to fancy places.

        This doesn’t make her any less ill, btw. But I totally agree.

  10. i’m now officially convinced that julia allison really is a performance artist.

    first she was a brunette-SATC-OMG-pretty-pink-princess who didn’t drink and waited until the 11th date.

    now she’s a fiery-redhead-in-black-leather who downs white zin and sake bombs, has unattached sex and hooks up with multiple guys in a span of 10 days.

    i wonder what her next performance will be:

    1. gangster julia allison, where she wears “urban” gear, talks trash and gets in fights?

    2. stoner julia allison, where she smokes pot all day and is all about watching the wizard of oz while listening to pink floyd’s dark side of the moon?

    3. goth julia allison, where she would actually need to use less make-up but at least the clothes would be more slimming?

    4. green julia allison, where she goes organic and can’t believe that you aren’t outraged about what we’re doing to our planet?

    5. lesbian julia allison, where she starts kissing girls on camera to get those pesky pageviews up?

    we should submit ideas julia allison character development ideas to julia allison. somebody has to tell her who she needs to be if she wants to be famous.

    • I’ve thought this before as well. That the whole ‘Julia Allsion’ thing is just some kind of big post-modern art project. And that maybe Jacy is in fact Julia, as well as the other way around. But that would take a lot of effort, and if its true then it is one astonishing performance.

      But yeah, I know it isn’t, really.

    • i would vote for #1 (gangster julia allison). i think that would be most entertaining, especially after seeing her precious efforts to be “street”:

      * “brooklyn yo!”
      * “twitter please”
      * “today was a good day – i didnt even have to use my AK”
      * and on, and on, and on…

      how can you not love this character? julia allison is a national treasure – with her around, we will never need to resort to foreign sources of douche…

  11. “we should submit ideas about julia allison’s character development to julia allison. somebody has to tell her who she needs to be if she wants to be famous.”


  12. Is it any accident that julia alison and jennifer aniston have the same initials? The difference is Aniston’s body is a wunderland.

    • Huh?

      And what’s your link all about? I’m not going to sign up just to find out; I don’t sign for things unless I know what I’m signing up for.

  13. Katsuya in Hollywood is such a stupid tourist trap for dumbasses who think it’s hip n Hollywood, etc. What’s wrong…couldn’t get in to Koi? Everyone knows the real Katsuya is in a strip mall in the valley, but Julia would never go there. Maybe next time she can try Olive Garden, I’ve heard they aren’t at all particular.

      • Seriously. I would have been impressed if they went to little tokyo or if they were going to insist on overpaying at least go to Matsuhisa or Nobu.

    • Mary, who don’t get me wrong suuuuuuuuucks, actually has mentioned this. She goes to the one in the Valley. Mm, now I think I’ll go there tonight. No danger of running into JAB, I mean, it’s Studio City! Besides being the Valley, anyone think she’s ever been east of Fairfax?

    • She’s also listening to the audiobook version of The Four Hour Work Week on her iPod (yes, I went on her blawg this morning).
      Irony, much?

      • I know. I’m literally HYSTERICAL with laughter over it. All 3 original nonsociety ladies are post children for the 4 Hour Work Week.

        Sorta related, Tim Ferris is a total douchebag.

    • Someone mentioned this before, and I’ve been out of town for the past few weeks so I don’t know if it is true, but did Megs get a boob job?

      • when will she stop wearing those blousey-sheaths and show us the new boobies? Of course she had to get new ones–she’s from Calif.

      • Meghan’s like that campy girl in Hollywood who plays that she’s soooo not Hollywood but is Hollywood. Michael Arrington put his foot down on her bimbo groupie ways and now she’s the smart one.

  14. This would actually be really awesome if there were some interns in the group ‘guiding’ the conversation — in the end you keep pumping the balloon of attention. Would be a pretty cool case study.

    • Like anyone who’d be duped into an ‘internship’ with JA would have the intellectual fortitude to guide a conversation. We just laugh at the bumbling dancing bear. Not much conceptual breadth, there.

    • Performance artist? Julia’s interns guiding the conversation? Don’t give our sock puppet the credit. She’s not that smart.

      There are just that many people who can’t stand her.

    • Well, her family and other fantards show up here from time to time, trying like hell to blend in and make us believe one thing or another. Most of us visit here regularly enough that we recognize the new “faces” immediately, and take it with a grain of salt.

      A simple Google search can also reveal commenters who are either brand new or fond of pushing a specific agenda (Google: “Calling you out” site:rebloggingns.wordpress.com) Note: I’m just using your handle as an example, not to accuse you of anything, bunny.

    • The Scathingly Brilliant Julia Allison Business Plan to Make Loads and Loads of “Fuck You” Money:

      Phase 1: Utilizing New and Old Media, create international hype around a loathsome, narcissistic persona, a cartoonish amalgam of real-life Julia Baugher and fictional character Carrie Bradshaw.

      Phase 2: ????

      Phase 3: Profit

  15. ok, here’s my theory.

    julia was most “popular” on the internet when her blog was a story told in real-time. this is what happened with jakob. we experienced the entire relationship in real time. and it was sort of fascinating in a rubbernecking “what the fuck” kind of way. i couldn’t not watch.

    julia’s trying to make another story. all of these false-starts, all of these blogged / twittered “dates,” are being blogged and twittered about so that, just in case it “unfolds,” we are here from day 1 to watch it unfold. in real time. on her lifecast. and then her blog will be interesting (?) again. or at least a story will unfold. jakob & julia pt 2.

    i’m not going to address how this mentality is the antithesis of grandma moneybag’s “LIU.” and i’m not going to get into how fucked up it is that she has no stories of her own and is instead banking on some fucking rom-com to launch her page views..i’ll save that for jacy.

  16. Julia’s awesome Twitter fans have opinions on James the ex-bf:

    PhilippeKeb: @juliaallison – Are you gonna sleep with him again?
    about 9 hours ago from web ·

    • Well, that’s not at all tacky. Love it!!

      Technically, they’ve been on more than the required 11.5 dates…

  17. Hmmm…brunch with Leven but no Mary?
    Just woke up, super groggy. On the Sat agenda: brunch w @LevenRambin, hike w @ErinwDavis, then James booked us massages at 4pm. Suck up. 😉

    • And….ewww……Massages with her ex. I don’t get it. I’m not going to even try to make sense of it anymore.

    • Mary is in NYC! Those wacky gals switched coasts.

      Didn’t Leven sleep with Julia’s ex causing them to break up?

      • In Jackles’ world, that means she and Leven are soul sistahs, having “shared” the same man. It satisfies the secret part of her that longs for a threesome and/or a lesbian affair.

        Also, she’s trying like hell to prove to Jakob that she was SO.OVER.HIM when he and Leven knocked boots. As if.

      • Ah! Oops. I guess they will be seeing each other later this coming week. I think they are filming new TMI episodes for their fauxnetwork.

  18. Sarah Lacy, Julia, Paul Carr and Michael Arrington, Meghan Parikh et al.
    God all these people are so incestuous and seem to be sharing one brain.
    Common themes:
    – Blueprint cleanse
    – Web 2.0
    – Anonymous internet commenters suck
    – Look at me!!!!111!!!
    – Where’s the next social media conference?
    – Give me free stuff
    The lack of perspective is quite amazing.

    • You should probably add Kevin Rose to the list, too. Not to the list of people sharing one brain, but the list of shared topics.

      Did you notice in Sarah’s advertorial for Blueprint that she made a fucktarded insidery “joke” about Kevin Rose liking green tea instead of coffee, as though that would be considered amusing to anyone but herself? God, she is insufferable with her fangirly, founder-fetishizing antics, so it’s no wonder she and Jankles get along so well.

    • The thing is, none of them are actually respected in tech. Lacy, Julia and Meghan are all known jokes, Paul Carr drips with obscurity, and most founders write off Arrington as a d-bag.

      So, it’s not something I lose sleep over. Rather, it’s amusing to watch these nobodies get themselves all in a tither about how they are “shifting paradigms” at their “think tank”… yet the tech world keeps churning and not caring.

      It’s almost good they all banded up together in one collective of nobodies who are irrelevant to the industry.

    • Like all the rest that have “taken a break” from the “spotlight,” she’ll return once she realizes nobody cared.

    • Ugh, I just can’t tolerate Paul Carr. I just called him out on twitter. Non-anonymously, too… cuz you know, wouldn’t want to be akin to satin or a child molester anything (what an idiotic parallel, btw).

      Sigh. I am caring too much. I need to *step away from the idiot-parade*… been letting these assholes get me too riled up.

      Think it’s time for a self-induced Goodnight, Wangs All-things-Jankles and Co. break.

      See y’all on the flip side in a few weeks. Keep on keeping on keeping that crazy beyotch in check.

    • These whiners are so pathetic. Next time my work gets criticized I’m going to tell my boss it’s not really faaaaair, my haters are just hating me because they’re such fatty cowards, I’m going to go hide and sulk and have my mom call their moms and tell them to invite me to their birthday parties, etc.

  19. Good grief…anything ELSE you’d like to tell the world about James?

    “James is 11 months sober (I’m so proud of him) @adamwohl – no alcoholic beverages will be ordered or consumed during this stay. :)”

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