Julia: Continuing Never To Write About Her Personal Life, Or To Drink


Julia Allison, March 3, 2008:

“If you haven’t already noticed, I no longer write a SINGLE WORD about who I’m dating or not dating. I clearly learned my lesson on that one.”

Julia Allison, May to June, 2009

Harvard Harley Harvard Harley Harvard Harley 🙂 🙂 😉 … 🙁 🙁 🙁

Julia Allison, July 30-31, 2009

Attempting to persuade my reticent 6’3″ date to allow me to tweet his name. No luck yet, but wait till I get 3 sake bombs in him. Booyah!

SAKE BOMBS!!!!!!!!!! http://twitpic.com/c82o7

Me: “What date do you think we’re on?” Waiter: “Third.” Me: “No! First!” Waiter: “The chemistry’s there.” Date: “But it’s 80-20.” bwa haha

My date, Code Name TK, thinks I’m wearing a “wedding dress.” I am not.

I’m handing over my Twitter to my date, Code Name TK, for some ineffable rambunctious effervescent guest twittering. (No pressure, dude!)

“I kissed her. It was electric like prince circa 1987.” – Code Name TK


  1. Yes yes we get it. Men want you. You are so desirable. Your kisses cure cancer and your smile powers pink windmills, and your effervescence bubbles so strongly that a new cloud city named Rainbowlia spontaneously appeared at your birth.

    Now please stfu.

    • I totally just noticed that on her snoozecast. Who meets guys on facebook? Or rather who would willingly admit they met a blind date via facebook? Just accept your hips and sign up for match.com… but we’ll still find you!

    • She is such a tool, using some tasteless moron to further her fameball agenda. Dude deserves it, however, for being stupid enough to meet up with her. No way was this a romantic date, however; thus, all that obnoxious acting. SEE WORLD, I’M SO HAPPY AND HAVING SO MUCH FUN!!!!

      • Holy sushi, is there any man with whom she DOESN’T have chemistry? Is this really the scene she wants to set for her big reunion with James? I’m sure now he can’t wait for her to show up, hung over and sore in a putrid white sake-stained dress, remnants of a pearl necklace flaking off in the sun. K-L-A-S-S-Y.

      • I would say it was Paultato Head, but of course he is with a group of geeks boring them with his theory of how A Scanner Darkly was basically written about him, being an effite princess about how longs for absinthe instead of white wine at dinner, and retiring to his room to masturbate to pictures of Andy Warhol.

        So, ya know, obviously not him.

    • Haha, as IF she has ANY male readers that are not of the sociopathic obsessive pervert variety. She doesn’t have readers. She doesn’t write anything. She has maybe a few creepy stalkers, and some teenage fans who have SATC dreams who are obviously incredible losers.

  2. Pure fiction. And she’s still wearing her stinky p.u. white dress. She needs to make a date with Code Name The Kleaner (spelling courtesy of Mary).

    • She may claim it was a reader, but I still think there’s no way she met up with a stranger when she’s SO BUSY. The fake date serves the dual purpose of getting her out of any stink tank social obligations for the night, and also gives hope to her pervy stalkers that she might actually date one of them some day.

  3. You know it’s lurve when your date refuses to have his name associated with you! Poor, poor chubby little slut.

  4. These posts of hers are designed to prove she is a sought after catch. Period. I for one am tired of them. They reek of desperate posturing, and well, they are fucking boring. Seriously? 15 tweets DURING A DATE? Bitch, please.

    If she can’t save it until she gets home and then perhaps write a damn blog post about it, then she’s just a spastic 14 year old tweeter. She’s not Carrie Bradshow anypoint.0.

    I’m fucking yawning over here, Julia. Yawning.

    • that’s what’s so strange….who would put up with someone constantly on their Blackberry OH EXCUSE ME iPhone, twittering away and constantly talking about twitter? I’d be like, bitch why you so obsessed with twitter what the fuck! Who would think that is cute??

      • Well, a guy dumb enough to believe Julia Wedding Gown Allison’s PR about how she’s this geeky Web 2.0 paradigm shifter might think the constant date twittering was cute.

        Also, Paultato Head DEFINITELY would find such behavior on the part of his Mashed-Potato Princess adorable. Or should I say “ridiculously adorable”?

  5. But it’s 80/20? Explain that to me? Like it’s 80 percent from him, 20 from her? That’s what I’m guessing.

    What a cow. No wonder we delight in being mean to her.

    Also, Julia – Not drinking means 2-4 drinks PER YEAR, reserved for holidays & special occasions, and even then you only drink 1/2. Newsflash: You drink. Why are you so defensive about it? Clearly you aren’t a drunk (publicly). Please stop saying that you don’t drink. It’s stupid.

    • also, if she only drinks 2-4 drinks a year…well, 1 sake bomb can meet that mark on it’s own.

    • Did Julia Allison not once post that in college she was an epic drinker? To the point where it was a problem? So her defensive “I don’t drink” pose now, when she clearly DOES drink, seems as much justification-to-self as it does personal-brand augmentation.

    • Hmm. I don’t remember, Dyspeptic. But one thing’s fo sho: the lady doth protesteth too much.

      Good point, NTL.

    • Julia Allison is just showing “one of her agents”–ie the one who suggested recently she concentrate on her dating expert career–that she can follow instructions. Zzzzzzzzz.

      • Agreed. THis is all part of her rebrand. Even going on dates with facebook fans is a rebrand. All to say that she’s one us, she knows dating, and should be our go to gal!

        Not going to work!

  6. What’s funny is that she says that “my readers want to know,” as if she were the E.F. Hutton of the dating world and everyone is hanging on her every word for advice (when actually JA does nothing except invite gawkers — and Gawker — to observe and pity her). It seems to me she’s like Elizabeth Taylor without the movies; she’s trying to be famous JUST FOR being famous, rather than getting there by, you know, producing any real WORK. Hey, it worked for Paris Hilton…sort of.

    • Even Paris Hilton paid dues and actually does some work. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but a loser deadbeat Paris Hilton is not. Granted, her contributions are handbags and reality shows but still.

      • The big difference: People pay Paris Hilton for things – designing handbags, marketing perfumes, showing up at clubs. No one is paying Jankles for anything.

        Except for maybe a quick handsy after their “blind date.” Who I totally think is the greased muscle dude that she posted a picture of last week. Julia likes to think she is in same league as Ivy League writers, when really she’s more suited in class and social status to cheesy unemployed actors/Chili’s waiters from El Segundo.

  7. BTW, they were playing the “16 and Pregnant” finale on the health club monitors last night & one of the 17 year old mom’s wore The Shoes. Close captioning mentioned something about her fiance buying her engagement ring at WalMart for $21.40. True story.

  8. If she ever brays that fucking lie about her not drinking ever again, I will bomb her inbox with links to this entry. Fucking lying cunt.

    • It’s just so strange. She’s 30 years old, she’s allowed to have a drink. Get drunk, even, if she would like. Have a drink, don’t have a drink – I’ve really never heard anyone discuss it so much since college frat parties where drunken boys would stumble up to make sure you were putting back enough to sleep with them later. Like so many others she needs to grow up. I think it all stems from the fact she hasn’t have any real friends/relationships since highschool, she is a social retard. (no offense to the retarded)

      • Like every ignorant little “fact” she tries to propogate around about herself, she is trying to sound quirky and above it. I’m so weird I don’t drink! I just never liked the taste of alcohol, like a nine year old! I guess I’m just so childlike and whimsical that I never could like the icky poo taste! I’d rather just have a cupcake! Cause I’m so breathlessly innocent and quirky! TWEE TO THE DOT COM!

      • It’s also a way for her to reinforce her super-girly persona: “I’m such a girly girl that one sip gets me sooooo tipsy!!!!”. Not to mention a way to excuse dumb behavior as in “I’m sorry I flirted with your boyfriend! I’m suuuuch a lightweight and that glass of champagne got me sooo drunk!”.

  9. Oh, the texts she posted were beyond sad. I say TK gets one look at those and date 1.5 NEVER happens…..

    • There’s even one of them on the tweleted site. Guess it didn’t convey the right tone. Who bothers to delete and post a corrected version of a drunken tweet??? (Obvs somebody who is making the whole thing up.)

      • Hmmm, actually, the time code on this tweleted one was 07:58 today. Does this mean she is hoping to make it look like he slept over?? And she caught him in the act of twittering and was SO EMBARRASSED that she tried to delete it OH NOES!!!!111

        “juliaallison: Hi.-code name tk here. A”

        Not buying it, Jankles. What a pathetic LOSER.

  10. “I’m still awake, finishing up two articles. Also have four meetings starting in five hours. Ugh. Tomorrow’s going to be brutal.about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon ”


    Whatever, Julia.

    • “Finishing two articles” = Figuring out captions to two pictures that capture how above it all and whimsical this firecracker is!

      “Four meetings” = Sitting down for four meals. Eating is so exhausting, bunnies! I’d rather have some Blueprint, the only thing that can make it past my thrashed throat muscles from braying and sucking Carr’s dick!

      (My hangover is showing.)

      • Her date was seriously either carr or that james dbag. “Prodigal Son”? I mean, how many people can that describe, really?

        And her “four meetings” are the four group hand jobs she’ll be attending for Geeks Not Really At The Beach But Sort of A Building Close to The Beach. Today’s agenda: “Slankets: The Next American Apparel”, “Sporting an Ironic Moustache With Flair”, “It’s Shilltime! How to Monetize Whatever Insane Drool You Type Into Your WordPress”, and “Boobies & Vagina – Truly Enough to Get By During This Recession”.

        YAY DOT COM!

      • Wanna bet that the “two articles” are two puky product/service reviews for lunch.com?

        Massage that truth, Miss Mashed-Potato Princess. It’s what you’re good for.

      • The two articles are the ones she didn’t finish READING on the flight over. My guess: US Weekly and Portion Control Monthly. Regarding her driving a la “Clueless.” She really is clueless. 5PM she goes down the 405, when she could have taken the free convertible to Santa Monica and then PCH all the way to Manhattan Beach. She’s in Californina! Do something fun you moron! Pathetic.

  11. The thing I find most offensive about all of this is the suggestion that Prince has not been electric since 1987, or that his electricity has been on the decline since then. Prince’s electricity know no space and time boundaries, is everlasting, and does not have any noticable flux in its intensity, even when Prince is sleeping. It is a constant aura of purple lightning, followed by purple rain, which you will gladly soak up and then beg for more.

    I just wanted to clear this up. I’d hate for anyone to spread lies about Prince on the Internet.

    • Nothing so interesting as Tall Knight, I fear, although in Julia Allison’s mashed-paultato dreams that might work. It’s just journalistic weasly waffling directed toward editors: TK = “To Kum”, meaning I haven’t done all the reporting yet so I’ll fill in this blank later.

      Cuz Julia Allison is just SUCH a journalist, y’all. For realz.

  12. If I was a guy, the constant tweeting during a date would be enough to turn me off but I’d be way more afraid after looking at her history of tweets and posts.

    And, not even the wedding stuff. It’s how almost every guy she deigns to go out with (and I know we don’t even believe they are real but let’s just assume they are) gets the “Damnnnn, smiley face, !!!!!” treatment. Every single one has his accomplishments posted.

    I mean, what happened to the guy who pushed her up against a wall in NYC last week and made out with her to the point where she was giddy personified? And before that it was Harvard Harley. And this week, it’s her amazing chemistry with some Facebook hook up. Not to mention “the best sex ever’ with her Sex Date Monday guy.

    I mean, maybe it is because I’m a chick but I can’t imagine anyone not running from someone who thinks that every guy with a peen and an Ivy education could be “The One”. And, for damn sure, I wouldn’t feel l could trust, at all, that she really knew what it meant to really, truly be in love with anyone, let alone me.

    • The thing is that even a broken clock is right twice a day, so I guess she figures that if she keeps throwing herself at every Ivy degree with a pulse eventually one will stick. Regardless of if it is real love or not, she just wants the appearance of perfection. She already has her great love affair, with herself.

      • True, but what about the guys? Why even go on a first date with someone who has amazing chemistry and sees a LTR right off the bat?

        I mean, we all know Julia isn’t the only lady like that out there but, she ADVERTISES it before, during and after every date so I can’t imagine why any guy who is aware of this, would even go down that road.

      • There are many guys who could care less about “love” and only decide that it’s “time to get married”. Typically, they are well-educated, workaholics and they are just filling out the next check box on their life plan. Sports, advanced classes, college, B-School/Law School/PhD whatever, job, wife, kids, work work work, mistress, become a professor, die.

      • I guess it just seems to be that the stink of desperation, while it might not turn off a hobo, probably WOULD turn off the type of guy she’s going after.

        But, I see your point. It’s a sad commentary on the human race, but I see it anyway.

        Apologies to hobos, btw.

      • I don’t get this either. Why is she advertising her insanity, her smiley-face proclamations after practically every first fucking date that this one was something special? Why?? Is she THAT stupid?

      • Which one was he again? I remember the Jewish writer, Harvard motorcycle guy, the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker. I can’t remember the Dancing Doctor.

      • Oh yeah. That was a date about a month ago. They went salsa dancing and then for dinner, around union square. She said “great chemisty.” I think she really dicks these guys around. Love the attention, loves the attraction and then never follows through….

      • He was a matchmaker date, just before she left for Davos (or maybe even CES). I remember he couldn’t wait for her to come back so he could take her salsa dancing or some romantic crap like that.

  13. And I’m totally agreed on the idea that we should start each entry title not as just “Julia” but as “Julia Allison.” People need to find this site.

  14. By asking permission to post his name, JA is certainly implying that we would know who he was.

    Sooo, my guess is T.R. Knight. Jackles is a perfect beard.

  15. This might not be right, but “TK” is an old fashioned printer’s notation for “To Come.” For example, if you were writing an article (in the old days), and you were missing a few paragraphs or a quote, someone would write “TK” in the margin, and then it would be filled in later.

    Of course, considering she cannot speak, read, punctuate or write properly — on any level — this is probably WAY beyond J’s ken.

    • Nah, it’s just part of her “I’m a journalist, watch me use the lingo” pose. The term is still in use in journalism today.

    • Just wasted an hour over at NonSociety doing searches on various words to amuse myself. You’re right, Bunsy, Jackles uses “TK” all the time in her writing, and she once even explained it like this:

      “(non magaziners – TK is shorthand for “to come”)”

      • Also, she has posted 14 girl-crushes so far. I don’t even have one.

        I’ve begun to suspect she’s working up to at least an article (or *shudder* maybe even a book) about dating men who contact her on Facebook. (Remember the Harvard/Cambridge dude Simon DeDeo who sent her a friend request? He visited NYC and she did that huge date post mortem and called him Crush #4.)

    • Sigh. I like some of CH’s stuff. But I have such an undying loathing for the people who run it that it actually stumps my enjoyment of anything they create.

      Other than that, I smirked once or twice.

  16. She is just so completely and utterly vile. Sometimes I think she is not a real person at all but rather an actress hired by a mad scientist doing a sociological study on new media.

    • Whatta classy broad! Mind you, this is also the same broad who said she found “Obama Girl” offensive because she was objectifying women. But posing in your panties and bra on an old dude’s lap while he feeds you a cigar is totally okay though, people!

    • Agreed. With all of her foul-mouthed trashiness on record, there’s no hope for her nabbing an Ivy prince. I’ve a feeling that most of the fellas she really likes are the wussy type who wouldn’t want to upset the apple cart (COUGH inheritance COUGH) and upset mama & grandmama by marrying such a common trollope.

      Ain’t no shame in being a foul-mouthed trollope. But one must be prepared to pop a middle finger at your naysayers, even if they are holding the purse strings.

      Ha. Yeah, like that would ever happen.

  17. Even stick thin with gobs of makeup, fake lips, new nose, etc. it’s a real strain for Julia to be hot. She used to be cute, but never hot and she wants so badly to be hot. Her lower half is really stumpy.

  18. SO WAIT THOUGH. Kissing Julia Alison was the physical or spiritual equivalent of kissing Prince circa 1987? Th’as the gross thing here people.

    • It is so sacreligious that all of my thoughts on this matter do not properly portray how irresponsible the use of this metaphor is.

    • People who love a quick kiss and a very expensive dinner. People with fledgling internet ventures.

    • I think she has a real problem being alone and not having constant feedback about how desirable she is. I don’t think these dates are about possibly having a relationship. I think they’re just about Julia having someone focus on her and desire her as often as possible. The more often she can be in that situation the better. I think she needs it the way normal people need to eat, drink water, and breathe every day.

      The other half of it is whatever weird ego boost she gets out of broadcasting it to the world. I don’t think the dates would be nearly as enjoyable to her if she couldn’t tell the world about it. That is part of the package for her I think. She has to let everyone know how desirable she (think she) is. Otherwise the dates are like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. If no one knows she is desired, is she really?

  19. I’m convinced Julia is dicking all these dates around. I don’t think she’s faking the dates. I really don’t. She wrote articles both at Georgetown and in her early days in NYC, between bfs, about how she is basically a “revolving door” dater. She never turns dates down, if they are convenient with her schedule. She’s even written that it’s a good way to get nice meals, see cool theater, meet people etc. I find it fascinating, though, that she connects to all these men, flirts with them, and even make outs on street corners etc. She loves the buzz of an early flirtation. And she loves the buzz of a free meal and a man with an IV league degree taking interest in her.

    She never follows through. She doesn’t clear her schedule for a second date, she forget to return emails and phone calls, and eventually the guys lose interest. She’s the opposite of girlfriend material. She strings guys along as they are usual and then forgets about them.

    • I think it’s as simple as this, she feeds off of and craves adoration and attention. She seems to need a constant supply of as many people as possible adoring her and desiring her. It seems to give her some kind of high. Without it, I think she’d sink into a depression.

      She feeds off the external input, and what better way to feed her craving for constant ego boosts than a revolving door of first dates, which are all about the pursuit and her feeling wanted and focused on. I think everything she does, from her writing to her twitter, blog, her “personality-based business,” etc is about that one need to be constantly admired and desired and maybe even envied by as many people as possible.

      Look how manic and high she gets when she feels desired, like lately when she’s been dating up a storm or on that radio show when she had just arrived from a date. It seems to be like a drug for her. And I definitely don’t think she’s lying about the dates either, I don’t know what makes people think that.

  20. Honestly, I’m certainly no “media princess” and even I’ve gotten a little “celeb action” via Facebook because I live in Los Angeles and I’m around “the scene” and I’ve got a decent look. Am I the only person who thinks that there’s a good chance it WAS actually someone of note that she was out with?

    She used to date Milo Ventidkjajdjfa;k from Heroes and a couple other people with “names”, so I wouldn’t put it past her to be able to wrangle in, say, a writer from The Office or Parks and Recreation or some other comedy show that has dorky and rich yet attainable people on its staff.

    We’re talking about Julia here. If it wasn’t a person with a “name” then why would she care to Tweet his identity? We’ve never really seen her beg a date to let her reveal him before but this one, this one seems to MEAN something to her. She seems to care and to want people to know that she cares that his name be revealed.

    Trust me when I say the men in LA are slightly insane and reckless. I can’t imagine that there’s zero chance one of the BJ Novak’s of the world wouldn’t reach out to her to see the shitshow live and in person. The sad thing is, dates are just expensive excuses to get laid in this town– very little comes from them 99% of the time. No one’s on a quest here to find their mate, really. She probably went thinking that she could score another celebrity boyfriend she could bray about and wound up getting used harder than those hair pelts.

    • I don’t know anything about BJ Novak, but I would love to see JA dating someone like douchey coke-addicted Ryan. They could compare bad dye jobs!

      • I watch the office last night. And Ryan, aka BJ Novak, was in rare form. Total douch a rama. Total JA material.

      • Smoke and mirrors. Jowlia should write suspense novels. KK insists there was no double date the night she was on Zito’s and booty call/SDM is a ruse. Devoid of any sex appeal JA has resorted to creating an alternate reality for her gullible “fans” and potential sponsors.

      • I really believe it would be someone like that more than say… a complete nobody random that is barely google-able. Why would she bother to come to LA and go on a date if it wasn’t something that would further her and her needs to feel important, special and relevant? I’m not sure that I can think of too many tall, single men in LA that are smarmy enough to bother with her, but her freak-factor has to be alluring to some.

        Think about it: Did she ask HH if she could print his name? DId she post that she asked him? What about Jew Writer or boring LA date from right before Jew Writer. She seems thrilled to make up monikers that describe people at their most base traits, so why oh why would she all of a sudden give two shits about posting this guys name unless he was either well known or easily found with a Google search. Maybe it’s a comedian, maybe it’s an actor, maybe it’s just some fucking executive or agent, but either way, having “us” know his name is important to her. And if she can’t have that, well then she’ll let us know she kicked and screamed that she wanted it.

        I can’t imagine some nobody writer’s room assistant a-hole would have any problem releasing his deets on her page and would actually jump at the chance to maybe get his name on Gawker or passed around the blogs that mock her. The only type of person I can think of who would date this girl and not want his name released is someone who has something to lose, like a public reputation.

      • It’s nobody and that’s why she feels secure enough to blab immediately. If it were anyone remotely recognizable, she would have faxed a preemptive press release to every gossip rag and paparazzi organization in town.

        I think she’s working on a book/script for a Facebook dating story.

      • Delusionz, I think you’re right. The craziest part is Julia suggesting that she’ll get the dude drunk, and then he’ll agree to publish his name so everyone will be jealous of Julia — this little trait of hers of stopping at nothing to get what she wants, no matter how inappropriate, no matter how utterly selfish and juvenile, is what makes her so delightful. Why? Because instead of getting him drunk and getting the public recognition she wants, she leaves the impression that she’s a starfucker who will do anything to pump up her self image, a pathetic fuckpuppet looking to get used as a way to be better than anyone else.

      • Sure, it could def. happen. What you say makes sense. But, like you said, who cares? It means she’s 1/2 way attractive & connected to The Scene. Take a #, doll.

      • I swear, If John Krasinski went from dating legitimately awesome women like Rashida Jones and Emily Blunt to partaking in Julia Allison’s shenanigans I’d be officially done with him.

        He did adapt and direct a movie of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, so if Julia starts twittering about David Foster Wallace then ding ding we have a winner.

        I would love to know what happened between her and Milo Ventimiglia though. I bet there are some stories there.

      • from the mediabistro article:
        “I went down to the Super Bowl [2007]. And while I was in Miami I met Milo Ventimiglia, he’s on Heroes. I totally fell in love.”
        “”Ok, then a couple days I later, I flew out to spend some time with Milo, and that was fun, but two days later after I leave I see him on television canoodling with Emmy Rossum. I was like, ‘whatever.'”

      • She went out to LA to see him after meeting him in NYC and he, wait for it, IGNORED her ass. He was all about Emmy Rossum. She was devastated. Made that pseudo-interview she had with a haughty Rossum at a fashion show last year delicious.

    • Didn’t Jordache introduce her to a few of the Office writers a few weeks ago? I wonder if she called them up braying about how they hung out in NY and now they should hang out in LA? Maybe with the rules that although she posted pictures last time, she wasn’t allowed to discuss them this time?

      • BJ Novak is friends with Ricky Van Veen and other college humor people so im sure julia has met him or tried to meet him before

  21. That’s what I’m saying, Sponsored Scrapbooks…. how embarrassing would it be if she got him wasted enough to give her approval and it turned out to be some medium level publicity assistant at Paramount who’s Facebook page we’d all be able to track down and dissect in mere moments.

    And FYI if she was going to “make smiley faces” with anyone on the first date, it would most definitely be someone name-drop worthy.

  22. Eh. No need for us to guess who Code TK is. She’ll just leak the item herself to Gawker… “Julia Allison spotted with Seth Rogan canoodling in a booth at LAX” or whatever. Just like she did with that crappy Bears player.

  23. i’m so sick of her using “-ish” for everything. ugh. and “baby”.
    and… she’s at paramount. her lifecast is in its last throes, only something like three lame pics in the same number of days.

  24. Someone help me out here: are workplaces in Scranton, PA really as horrifically sexist as The Office makes them out to be? If so, HOLY CRAP!

    I just downloaded the first season & I can’t watch it anymore. It’s way, way too depressing. The way men treat women! Abominable.

    @partypants – so do you eventually stop wanting to punch the shit out of Michael Scott’s face when he condescends to the ladies?


  25. She is killing me. Poor Prince lovin’ TK. He has no idea what he is getting himself into.

  26. I don’t get why she bitches on and on about having to function on no sleep. It’s not as if she is working nights and has no choice.
    Jebus. Go to bed instead of Twittering your fantasy dates.

    • True dat! She makes her own fucking schedule. It’s her fault for starting her dates at 11:45pm. No one elses. Unlike the rest of us, she has no office to show up to at 8am the next day. Give me a break!

  27. Are you guys all her interns? – this manic following/speculating of her every move is very suspect.

    • No, Calling you Out: we just appreciate a chuckle and a half at the antics of this strange Julia Allison creature. And you? Why might you be here? Just curious.

    • She’s a clown. Without attention, she would cease to exist. So, we give her the attention she so desperately, compulsively needs.

    • Julia is constantly lying and making things up. That’s how the blogs like this started. Because she’s full of sh*t. Because she then uses that to fool other people for personal gain, people started to call her out for it.

  28. “…this manic following/speculating of her every move is very suspect.”

    So she gets a free pass for the manic tweeting/blogging of her every move? She’s putting on a show. We’re watching and throwing popcorn at the screen.

    Calm down, CYO, it’ll be okay. xoxo

  29. Tk is the house-sitter for Carrie Fisher and he walks Penny Marshall’s dogs!

    Of course, Julia will not know this till after she fucks him and Carrie walks in and catches them.

    J will not blog it this way….but we watched SATC we know better!

  30. TK= its an inside joke people.. Tiberius Kirk..ie fictional Star Trek Character played by an actor with JA traits..get it?

  31. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dm7IvEyl8U&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0&color1=0x2b405b&color2=0x6b8ab6&border=1]

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