1. And I’d like to be the first to point out that those heavy black clunkers, YSL or not, are entirely inappropriate for that voile print boho muu-muu.

    • With maxi summer dresses, please ladies, flats. The hem floating above high heels is just so wrong.

      • I think the voluminous long hem is very Elaine Benis on her except Elaine was actually AWESOME . Little kicks!!

      • I think she perhaps realized that they did not actually work with the dress but figured they wouldn’t show with that long hemline and she needed the extra six inches so she wouldn’t look like a tree stump when standing next to Alexa.

  2. Hey look! A random “paparazzi” caught Julia making notes on her appearance.

    Dear Diary:

    What can I wear that will make me look as heinous as possible? What could possibly sear the retinas out of anyone with the misfortune of watching me in high definition?

    1. Hair color not found in nature or anywhere outside of the nudie bar on I-95 in Palatka, Florida? Check
    2. Tent dress made from approximately 28 yards of fabric? Check
    3. Loud, garish print that may offend small animals? Check
    4. Large horizontal stripe color blocking of said print? Check. DOUBLE BONUS!
    5. Cheapest pair of expensive shoes I could find. SO worth it when hidden under circus tent. Check
    6. Makeup also not found outside of said nudie bar? Check. DOUBLE BONUS for lipliner without lipstick look. The cameras really eat that shit up.
    7. Halter style neckline to accentuate my utterly untoned arms? Check

  3. The sad thing is that this is a canned shot. She was like: “I’ll go over here and read this thing, that’s what stars do right? I’ll prep, ya, that’s it, and you, intern, you’ll go over there and snap a pic so that the haterz no that I’m busy livin’ the dream.”

    • What do you mean, FooOnYoo? You mean that someone just didn’t randomly pick up Julia’s iPhone that happened to be sitting across the room, turn on the camera function and snap her pic while she was deep in thought and not looking? They then left the camera where it was, Julia picked it up, found the picture on her camera roll and blogged it?

      NO WAY!!!!

  4. where oh where is jackles’ segment from MTV… maybe at some point it will become available.
    bet we never hear another peep about fan-bought YSLs… they will disappear into the ether like Harvard Business School, Davos coverage, and the Bravo pilot deal… la dee da.

  5. Oh yeah, a ton of faded American celebs ends up doing bits for shows outside the US. They go where people still view them as celebs/their bad press hasn’t penetrated. They are usually loud brash self-promoting types and to English people for example, this can come across as quite appealing//charming/vivacious etc. The whole lack of basic manners thing that Julia exhibits will start to strain British-American relations no doubt though.

    • Except for Julia was never a celebrity. She’s a faded never has been, which is quite possibly worse than being a has been.

      • Not a celeb or a has been yes but her brash American-ness tinged with links to celebs via her previous TV appearances for Star magazine etc would be glamorous catnip to shows like GMTV. You just don’t see her type in British media that much. And she’s willing to get up at 1am or whatever. Reminds me of Ruby Wax – super successful as a bold brassy brash Yank in the UK. Don’t think she ever really made it in the US.

      • Good comparison, BingoBunny. I don’t think Americans have a clue who Ruby Wax is, but the Brits are crazy about her.

  6. I saw her on Alexa Chung today. She was there are a “Sexpert” ha! Her eyebrows were seriously so bright and unatural looking on TV I could barely focus on what was being talked about.

    • God, these people deserve each other. It’s like romper room with a cash bar.

      Julia and Rachel Sklar should go gay together. They could recite their resumés to each other for foreplay.

      • GAWD. The way she hams (and I do mean HAM! OINK!) it up with the kissy faces and mugging for the camera is so hilariously deluded. Who’s she doing that for? The guy standing there with a point and shoot pocket cam? Keep eating those cupcakes of delusion, Jankles. They really sit well around the your midsection.

      • maybe her secret booty call lover is a woman. I’m starting to wonder if poor julia isnt filled with self loathing because she prefers women and that doesn’t fit into the life she pictured for herself.

  7. Just watched a snippet of Alexa Chung interviewing one of the guys from Entourage and wow, I will be very interested to see how Julia stands up against her.
    Alexa comes across and very sharp, self-possessed, witty, confident, in control and for those who care about such things, obviously from a a fairly upper crust background. Reminds of Keira Knightley quite a bit.
    Put Julia up against her and I would anticipate a lot of disconnects as Julia manically tries to rise up to Alexa’s level of cool Brittania and fails miserably.

  8. Saw the clip today. Ever since the dye job I’ve been thinking that she looks like Michael Jackson and she definitely did again today. I think it’s because of the way she’s been lining her eyes ever since went orange. Anyway I thought the segment was pretty bad, especially her attempts at humor.

    She used this twitter comment http://twitter.com/juliaallison/statuses/2772889385 as one of her dating rules. Hopefully she at least thanked the person who contributed it for giving her approximately 1/5 of her material for the segment.

    • She’s hideous, but maybe that’s the kind of TV show she needs to pitch, a tips for delusional douchebags thing, “America’s Top Wannabe”, “Nobodies Are Stars, Too!”, like that. She could be the Queen of the Bridge & Tunnel People, peoples!

    • Wow. LOLJULES, that is quite a find. Some points:
      -the entitlement. it is rage-inducing. again we see JAB at her best: disrespecting people who she considers her underlings, lying, assuming the rules don’t apply to her, and self-aggrandizing.
      -the clomping, once again. there is a shot of her walking from behind. She looks like a graceless cow. Again I will say it: Ballerina, my ass. And enough with the fucking 6″ heels, you can’t pull them off.

    • Genius.

      It’s also very well scripted & edited. If TMI was more like this it would actually be watchable.

      • This.

        If only Julia could accept the fact that she will never, ever be likable, she might be able to, you know, like, actually achieve a semblance of success!

        Julia is an Omarosa trying to be Oprah, and, as a result, is more like… Over. Embrace the bitch, Jackles.

    • “I’m Julia Allison”

      nobody actually knows who you are except for a bunch of internet geeks. Anyone notice the tote bag she brought to fashion week? I used a similar one to carry stuff in college, but wouln’t be caught dead carrying at fashion week.

  9. Just watched JA on MTV. Oh god that was painful. HD is not kind to that hair, skin and freaky lipstick. She looked straight up nightmarish.

    Julia – stick to grainy webisodes. High def is NOT your friend!!!

    • I’d be kind to her hair, skin, and freaky lipstick all night. Am I right Omnission? You know I’m right. Giggity.

  10. She was also wearing the fug Maddens on the show today. No YSLs in sight. I think she made the story up in a fit of mania.

    • I believe she is. Letting us know that she just got drilled by her BootyCall. She is so classy. Hope Dadsers and Momsers are still following her on Twitter!

      Is it not odd, actually, that a couple of weeks after she teaches Daddy how to follow her on Twitter, she starts really slutting it up via her Tweets? Wouldn’t that be when you started to tone it down?

    • Well that didn’t last long. From Mary’s twitter:

      “The straw just broke the camel’s back. I’m going to start censoring comments. u don’t agree w/branded posts, fine, but leave my lunch alone
      about 7 hours ago from TweetDeck”

      If you can’t handle the heat in her pro-ana eating disordered kitchen where she feels guilt over eating half a perfectly reasonable whole meal, then get out!

      • I wondered what would finally get her to drop her “all comments welcome” policy, I’m not surprised that her food issues did it.

  11. This is off topic, but I just visited morethanmary (bored at work) and Meghan and Mary are again mangling the English language in hilarious fashion. A recent post gives us the gems “chalk full of luxurious wellness” (Meghan) and “throwing no detail to the waistside” (Mary). Also from Mary’s statement of “Erica looking lovely there on the left” when she is clearly on the far right of the photo (and it hasn’t been inverted as the BPC logo is clearly visible) it would appear she never learnt her left and right.

    • go trojans! mary has apparently finally made the move to LA, shacking up with her more famous half-sister. if only they could make a straight-from-tumblr book (a la this is why you’re fat) with those choice mary and meghan soundbites. the world is truly being deprived of genius.

    • i love it when they do that -they don’t know how to spell -its not mis -spelling they just don’t know how to spell. Yet they can spell brand names -interesting. Careless with spelling, careless with posessions, careless with money … julia is wilfully indiscreet about private conversations so i would say she is careless with friendships (strategic partnerships) and careless with the truth.
      Can you imagine how horrible it would be to have these girls in your circle? We don’t even see the half of it i would imagine the reality would be vile. Exhausting & vile.

    • It’s because neither of them reads. They just parrot what they hear “smart” people say. It’s like misheard song lyrics.

  12. Pick up on aisle 10, looks like Julia is ‘getting some’ (or at least pretending):

    # juliaallison 🙂 about 2 hours ago from TwitterFon
    # juliaallison Rascal. I am. about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

    We know what 🙂 means.

  13. Sigh. That made me really sad… the bad, wiglike hair, the eyebrows, the hippie dress (which is not supposed to be worn on tv, flowered maxi dresses are just for hanging out). And most seriously, the comments about hiding the crazy. If you have to hide the crazy, maybe you need to get some help to fix the crazy rather than just hide it? Julia is not a good advertisement for the internet. “Look what happens when you get too obsessed with social media, kids, you turn into a cRAzY lady!”.

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