Mark Zito Weighs In

So Mark Zito has weighed in on Julia’s radio debacle. He clarifies some things and is generally gracious. Here’s what he had to say:

I have to be honest, having Julia on is always fun for me.  She makes for good radio.  But, at the same time, I really wasn’t happy with what she did this time.  I mean, I knew she didn’t like them and they (Covino and Rich) weren’t big fans of her attitude, but I thought that would stay off-air.   At the very least, I really didn’t think it would reach the level it did once the mics got turned on.  But, whatever, I can’t be mad because that segment was compelling…some of the most fun we’ve ever had.  Also, just so everyone knows, I wasn’t actually scared to lose my job, it was just awkward for her to so blatantly call out guys that I look up to in the industry.  But again, good content!

I think we WILL actually go out to dinner, but Covino and Rich will cover that on their show tomorrow at noon EST on SIRIUS 108/XM 139.  And I’m sure they’ll have more commentary on this situation.

For the record, Rich calls Julia a blogger-nussie.  Not a blogger nothing.  I mention this only because nussie is a hilarious word in the Covino and Rich lexicon (it means naughty hussy), and I really want it to take hold.

I guess that’s it for now.  Let it be known that I cannot wait to go on this dinner…maybe we’ll go to Houston’s?

And yes, you can publish this whole e-mail if you want.


P.S.  I can only hope that one day I am known enough to have an entire website dedicated to hating me.  I can see it now…maybe all the women I’ve slept with can be the commenters?  But that would be weird though, to have 4 13 year-olds writing internet comments.  Oh God, it’s a “I don’t have a lot of sex” and a pedophile joke.  Gross.

Well that was diplomatic of him. I still think she’s fucking nuts.


  1. She’s trash. He’s got a lot more class than she does…but who doesn’t? Seriously. She & Coulter are tied in the Rude Vile Pig contest, in my book.

  2. Nice response. I just realized that Covino is “El Covino” from Solid State.. weird. I didn’t realize he was a shock-jock type. But that totally explains why they’d have JA on — trainwrecks are great for that kind of show!

    • She’s a loon. She complained that shock jocks were less than chivalrous knights in shining armour? The fuck?

      • Maybe she wanted to act all tough (e.g., calling people douchebags) and crass about sex to show she can hang with the guys, but completely failed in the execution.

      • Yes, probably. Sad 🙁 that she can’t find a field of work where she can just be her damn self. Er, nevermind. I’m talking out my ass because this IS her true self: tasteless, boorish, oafish, rude, crude & delusional.

        And maaaaaaany mooooooooooooorrre…

      • This is the same woman who thinks travelling on the Bolt Bus is the same is first class on British Airways.

  3. @JuliaAllison: What is the SEXIEST bar in New York? Need something with a dark corner to make out in. You know. Just in case. 😉

    Hi Julia. Why do you want to make out in a bar? Is that what people in New York do now? Wow. So edgy and sophisticated.
    Anyway, I hear that narcissistic exhibitionists choose Balthazar as the number one spot for a good finger banging. (Do you refer to that as tidy (as opposed to sloppy) third base. Some eight-year-old told me she heard about in on a cab ride with her grandma.) And if you trowel on the make-up, wear a thong up your ass, and totter in wearing heels, he’s obligated to pay the tab as well! Amiright?
    How’s the vag? Still green? If you’ve got that cleared up, then why not make it easy on yourself and go commando?! I think Carrie Bradshaw did that once. Squeee!!!!

  4. why does everything julia touches turn to douche? seriously, i’ve never seen anything like it. pretty much every single time she opens her mouth, she needs to backpedal to explain what she “meant” to say. “expiration date” anyone?

  5. That Armani top is very unflattering and makes it look as though her boobs hang down to her waist. Also: any guesses as to WHAT SHOES she has chosen to wear with that get-up?

  6. Glad he clarified all that and got a plug in for his show. Yawn. One douchebag has another douchebag on his show knowing she’ll say OUTRAGEOUS! things, then pretends to be OUTRAGED! by her OUTRAGEOUSNESS! so that he can have Part 2 of the drama on another show and teases it here.

    This is how untalented hacks and attention whores get by. They feed off each other. Kudos to the Anon who said Layla Keigh is another attention seeking fame whore who caters to a nerdboy crowd by slutting it up and then thinks that makes her better than Julia. Let your boyfriend fight his own battles.

    Nobody listens to satelite radio unless they’re listening to Howard, Opie & Anthony, Martha or Oprah. Everybody else is just filler for channels with no content. Kinda like TMI and Next Stop NY.

    • Agreed. In the pantheon of wacky DJs, there is a bottom rung populated by Sirius/XM/Internet/Podcast wannabes. This tool is one of those. Also, I hate when people use the word “content” as a commodity. In reality it is a placeholder where there was once NOTHING. Like TMI. “A-game content?” That is laughable coming from JA. I would call her a hack, but that sullies the reputation of hacks the world over. One douche deserves another.

      • How desperate must he be for listeners when he considers a follow up appearance by JA so huge that he has to tease it here? I swear this whole thing was a lame publicity stunt that JA cooked up just to get on air in the first place. She proposes they have a fight and suggests the attention whore girlfriend call in just so she can get some exposure too. Makes perfect sense to me.

      • His email to RBNS is a bullshit publicity stunt for a group of people (us) who will never watch. WEAK on his part.

        Douchey, all of them, including JA!

      • Chet, totally agreed. We = among the few eyeballs that keep JA in business with our “hate site.” Why wouldn’t he want to capitalized on us?

      • In a subsequent e-mail, he mentioned wondering if JA had done it as a publicity stunt that he had no knowledge of. He didn’t solicit our attention; I sent him the link to the post today because I figured he’d enjoy it, and he e-mailed back. Cut the guy a bit of slack.

      • No worries. I should have made it clear to you guys how it came about.

        I sent him the link, he responded, then added that he wondered if the whole thing was a publicity stunt on her end.

        I don’t think he’s really done anything wrong here; he’s just a 21-year-old kid trying to make a career for himself and she came on and behaved like an ass while he tried to keep control of it. You can tell he was genuinely mad at the end, and she treated him like some annoying little kid. She’s an asshole of the nth degree.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me, but wouldn’t make her less of a rude, vile, pig, either.


      (Wonder if Mr. BootyCall puts on the theme from Deliverance to cue sexy time?)

  7. It seems to me that he’s just SO HAPPY to have this ordeal going on. A “juicy” item for his freshman broadcast.

    Pretty weak. They’re all just playing for rating. EVERY ONE OF THEM!

    • Yes, but for Ms. “I’m All About Personal Growth/I Follow Oprah’s Business Model/I Hang out Spiritual Swap Meets” to succumb to such an idea? Oh….that is RICH!!! Too funny. I kinda hope it is true.

      • No, your absolutely right.

        Just like she was giving up gossip 2 days she went on msnbc to gossip about a movie she never saw…

  8. Who the fuck is this Mark Zito douchebag? Who the fuck says shit like “nussie” and that such a word is “hilarious” because it mean “naughty hussy” in the “Covino and Rich lexicon”. WTF? No, the word “nussie” is stupid, derivative, unoriginal, and banal. I can only take solace in the fact that the curse of Julia guarantees that this guy becomes jobless and/or homeless in 5. 4. 3. 2…

    • A hussy is “an impudent or immoral girl or woman.” Calling someone a “naughty hussy” is like calling something “meat beef” or a “canine dog.” A hussy is an impudent or immoral woman. You cannot have a non-naughty hussy, non-meat beef, or a non-canine dog.

      Stop trying to make nussie happen, Mark. It’s not gonna happen.

  9. Zito has discovered the wonder of the crazy, self-important, self-oblivious guest. Not as much fun as Letterman with Farah Fawcett or Joaquin Phoenix, but Zito is still learning. So basically he gets to do a Gawker with her on live radio, then, like Gawker once upon a time, he does an aw-shucks it’s just entertainment, not psychiatry, posting.

  10. I agree that these people all seem like sexist douchebags. I mean, I wouldn’t let Julia talk if I had a radio show either, but then, I wouldn’t invite her on in the first place. They act like her opinion was super controversial — I don’t even know who these people are, but the listeners obviously do and Mark Zito should have just let them dislike Julia for dissing their heroes instead of flipping out. These guys are acting as if there was a total on-air meltdown. Is he trying to play it up or does he really think it was that big a deal? She said “I don’t like these guys,” everyone disagreed about it. No one even really yelled. Everyone involved needs to get over themselves.

  11. I don’t know who to root for: Julia Allison or people that believe nussie is a hilarious word and has other similar words in a lexicon.

    • you can hate them both/all. they’re in this together. it’s totally a ploy to get our bile directed at some douchey shock jock program.

  12. Julia is a complete tool. She told these guys about this site, otherwise how did they know to email RBNS? Her “fame” comes from being hated and she is okay with that. She reads this site obviously and she is okay with being a vulgar crass joke. Any hopes she had of being the next Candace Bushnell are long gone. Literary agent anyone?

    Imagine waking up in the morning and desperately wanting attention from people who hate you? The sad pathetic life of the Attention Whore.

  13. My brother is a huge fan of O&A. He has seen NonSociety, as well as today’s post, was like “oh my god, Opie & Anthony HAVE to have her on.”

    Anyway, everyone, PLEASE EMAIL the executive producer & co-host of the Opie and Anthony Show and tell them to get Julia Allison on as a trainwreck “dating expert.” Send him the link to this page from the Zito Show and send him the link to NonSociety.

    They would absolutely tear her to shreds and it would be BRILLIANT.

    Here are the emails (which are all publicly available online) (executive producer) (producer) (producer)

    • Who knows if they’d tear her to shreds, though? How many times have we seen men blinded in the face of her hooters. It would be particularly galling if we encouraged them to give her more attention and then they lobbed softballs at her because, you know, she’s got nice tits and she talks dirty.

      • I can guarantee you, they’d absolutely tear her to shreds.

        She’d come on as this “sassy dating expert/girl about town,” and based on previous shows I have heard, they would have zero to no patience for her. They would fake fawn over her for the first 10 minutes, and then the callers would start digging in – and she wouldn’t even know what hit her!

        It would most definitely end in some sort of tears/storming off.

        BTW, I have a feeling she is angling for her own show at Sirius. Likely stop? Cosmo Radio. I dread the day! So, let’s put a stop to it. First stop? O&A.

    • They’ve already had her on about 4 years ago. I think if you youtube it or google her and O 7 A you can find it.

      It didn’t go well.

  14. So she’s on a tear about men who objectify hot women, but at the same time she’s in a room with guys ogling pictures of her on the Internet (the condom costume was mentioned) and she’s fine with that? The ineffable Gloria Steinam would be so proud.

    By the way, I’M NOT RANDOM!

    • And she’s in a see-through top with her tits hanging out. What a ridiculous sociopath.

  15. She infuriates me! ZERO self-awareness and completely immature. She thinks if she says “naughty” things she is just soooooooooooo ballsy. And for her to be talking about men ogling women is ridiculous when before she got fat she loved to wear her little Britney Spears school girl outfits all over town so that men would ogle her! If you’re putting the whole virgin slut look out there of course the nature of the look is going to be different than if you are just dressed to the nines and looking gorgeous. Either way, there is nothing wrong w/ men looking at women and she is a complete hypocrite. And douchebag.

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