Julia: Yet ANOTHER One Down


Like Milo, that lantern-jawed creepazoid Paul Carr becomes yet another Jackles semi-stalker to lose his job. The Curse of Jackles is in full force!

And funny — once again, not a single Tweet of support from that trashy-haired donkey.



  1. Y’all, Julia Allison is so nice I am sure she direct-messaged him on Twitter so as not to air his troubles in public. She’s tactful that way.

    • more importantly. if she doesn’t read here (she just CAN’T, y’all), then why is she suddenly calling her room the Pink Palace (like we do)?? Use the search function … only once before, and recently.

      She likes us. She really, despite herself, thinks we’re clever and funny and can’t help but adopt part of our vernacular as her own.

  2. you must google him -brazilliant. paradigms are shifting. cupcakes are being frosted, pelts are moulting.

  3. After a quick screen of his website. He is basically the male Julia. Flashy website, a made up job, and absolutely nothing substantive to say.

  4. and yet i love it…. countdown to i am so verrrrrry happy and blessed jibber jabber post and i have a new regime which includes fitness/healthy eating/quirky interests and culture ie i watched harry potter -god i am so quirky and adorable. Yoga poses!!!

  5. Cut to Julia sitting cross legged on her bed, pursed lips, notebook and pencil at hand while this loopy guy rambles on telling her to follow her dreams and think positive thoughts and just be herself!!!
    Not many psychiatrists do gratis therapy sessions in exchange for a tweet or blog post unfortunately, or we might be looking at some real progress.

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