Julia Finally Speaks The Truth: Her Blog Is "Not Really Anything Special"


So she tells Julia’s Bad Press. Huh. But we thought this was her business? And that she wanted us all to pay attention? That she was selling her personality? And didn’t she just complain to Gawker that they weren’t paying any attention to her?

“My profession is based upon presentation and perception,” she brayed to Big Think.

How strange. It’s worrisome!


  1. Well, I was going to eat my lunch of deep fried corn on the cob and fried pickles, but after seeing this pic I think I might just pick out my eyes with a spork instead.

  2. Likewise, from one side of her mouth she brags about how courageous and pioneering she is by breaking down the fourth wall and putting it “all” out there, while simultaenously claiming that the Julia of her so-called lifecast is only a persona, a brand, and it’s strange that people who have never met her think they know her.

  3. Nice Picture;

    But the emails from denton and tate completely deny what currentgawker commenter wrote about her. This is problematic
    because of the race card. Don’t go there.

    From: Nick Denton
    Date: July 5, 2009 9:44:39 PM EDT
    To: Julia Allison
    Subject: Re: Is this true?

    Nah, probably wishful thinking. Have you even met Doug?

  4. I’ll admit it, I really shouldn’t have implied that she was a racist, but I had the wine vapors and that post really pissed me off as it was written.

    What grates even more though is her recent insistence that she is not trying to be a celebrity and that Nonsociety is just this teeny little blog.

    • I think you’re call on her being ‘classist’ rather than ‘racist’ is right on the mark.
      She doesn’t care about color, she cares about who has the power to ‘do something’ for her.

    • I don’t think you were that off the mark, really, when the phrasing of your email was to alert her that her post was raising questions/coming off poorly. It’s not as though you started that exchange by pointing and screaming “Racist! Raaaacist!!!”

      And whether she’s a racist or not (IMO, her behavior exhibits more of a class bias, albeit an unconscious one), the more salient point here is how she reacted. If I’d posted something on my blog that raised my readers’ hackles that way, I would have immediately amended the post *with* an explanation. When someone raises a legitimate concern about something you’ve put out there, the responsible thing to do is acknowledge that you’ve heard them — it takes zero effort to say, “Hey, someone alerted me that this post was coming off poorly, particularly out of context. Sorry about that, I should have been clearer.”

      But nope, not Julia! She just pulls the “Huh? Why do you care!” card… while simultaneously recaptioning the photo with zero explanation. God, she sucks.

      • I appreciate you getting it. I made it a point not to directly call her a racist. I was genuinely curious about her reaction to the fact that people were perceiving her to be one, with the bus incident, the corn post from yesterday, etc.

        Her reaction was priceless. She didn’t really care that readers might perceive her to be racist or classless, rather she chose to just ignore the haters. . . by emailing them FOR HOURS.

    • I think you came off as well as anyone could, given that Jackles has that uncanny ability to taint everyone with whom she comes in contact. I salute your wine-induced bravery!

      “why are you spending the sunday of your holiday weekend thinking about me?” This line was especially funny, given that SHE was obviously spending HER Sunday thinking about YOU (as well as visiting here on a 24/7 basis, holiday or no). Bwahahahaha! She doesn’t seem to realize that the Jackles NonReality Show on RBNS is more entertaining than fireworks!

      • I detest anyone who uses the words “God bless” as a sanctimonious weapon. Where I come from, the folks who put the Jesus fish on their car bumpers and business cards, or write “God bless” in their advertisements, are the lying-est, cheating-est sonsabitches to ever come down the pike. Try putting “God bless” in your next Craigslist ad. It will get flagged off within minutes.

    • I totally relate, Julia’s Bad Press. One time, I got home from a night on the town, and the gin and tonic fumes were getting to me. So, I emailed Julia. I was disinterested after the 2nd of the 6 (!!!) responses she sent to me, without me even responding after the first one. She’s truly tiresome and completely manic-obsessive.

    • Actually, I beg to differ. It’s anyone who thinks *negatively* about her that is a strange, worrisome psycho. She’s all about the ones who fawn all over her and send her suck-up emails. Wait, she sends those to herself, so I guess she’s the only non-strange, worrisome person in the world. Jankles is Jankles only friend.

  5. The picture she posted with her original comment and even with the edited comment made no sense.
    In its original form the obvious question was “ran from what?”, the staff? the kitchen? the corn? Oh, now she tells us … the gross crowd. Then what the hell does that have to do with the picture she posted? I guess she was there alone and had no one to take a picture of her with her corn and the gross crowd pressing in on her.
    The thing is, you can take the race card right out of this, and likewise with that girl she went apeshit about on the bus, and her behaviour is still deplorable.

      • Look – she makes it sound like she was getting sushi from a Tijuana street vendor. It’s fucking corn on the cob, Julia. If the cart was that vomworthy then just keep walking, if the crowds were that pressing then leave. Just shut up, take some general pics of the crowd or carts, tag on “out at Taste” and scurry home to google yourself.

        What bugs me about that post is not its racial connotations or class snobbery. It’s that she always has to make some kind of DRAMATIC EPISODE out of the most banal shit. It’s irritating.

    • If she had given the corn workers a bright trinket they would have been smiling when she took their photo

      Also, this is exactly right, “guess she was there alone and had no one to take a picture of her with her corn and the gross crowd pressing in on her.”

    • It’s not even that we are saying she’s a racist. She’s just so clueless to the world around her that she makes comments, without giving any content to support the comments, leaving us to make whatever we want out of said comments. A good writer, even a beginning journalist, knows better than that!

    • Oh please. If he made advances he was just trying to get some exit ass. He was done with her a week and a half ago. Apparently she’s not in on this news yet.

      • What took so long? I am genuinely curious – was he ok with the constant tweets and other references to him for the past few weeks? If I were in his position, I would have been out of there from the first.

      • Probably not, but I think what drove him off was her ironfisted hints about a whirlwind wedding, single white femaling into his crowd of friends, and playing 7th grader mind games about other boys to make him jealous.

        The only way she could’ve made him skidmark out of there faster is if she had shown up on their second date crying in a wedding gown and screaming “My ovaries are dying as we speak”.

  6. The kerfluffle about the corn-booth photo and caption just speaks so eloquently to Miss Julia Allison’s utter lack of journalism skills.

    Julesy, honey, you want clarity? You want people to understand what you mean, where you’re coming from? Try providing context instead of cryptic, half-assed captions.

    • thank-you, dyspeptic2!! I’ve been screaming that very thing at my monitor all day. Julia, just WRITE for god’s sake. Write something good, and worth reading for once. Enough with the cutesy captions.

  7. The original post and pic didn’t make me think anything except ‘Well here’s another opportunity for the peptodismalprincess to make an interesting post on her failedatlifecast but of course she does not.’ No surprises there.

    What did surprise me was her reaction to the suggestion that she might be racist. She felt no concern that she may be coming off that way, she was not worried that people might be thinking/saying that about her, she just went straight into snotty mode. What actually worried her was the suggestion that Nick and Ryan really didn’t like her. What an ass Julia Allison is.

    Will someone please quote the HarHar tweet? Work blocks access to twitter. Thank you!

    • Her complete lack of self-awareness still fascinates me. Is she really THAT self-absorbed and stupid to not realize how people might react to that photo, a rare photo of someone non-white on her blog coupled with a negative caption like that? It ain’t the 1950’s anymore, but anyone with half a brain realizes that you still have to be racially sensitive in order to function well in today’s world. She’s just so clueless that it’s mind-boggling!

      It’s fairly obvious that she has no concept of how general HR would react to her if she ever plans on going back to the regular working world. You don’t post slutty shots of yourself online, you don’t bitchilly make fun of people or share unprofessional opinions, you don’t post drunk/skanky-looking party shots of yourself, and you nevereverever get remotely racially insensitive either. She and Mary are both hopeless, from that angle; but at least Mary has admitted that she’s screwed from ever going back to the corporate world. Julia probably still believes she can compete with the rest of us working stiffs because she’s just that goshdarned amazing and cool and ineffable.

  8. I’ll give ol’ Jules one thing, at least: she makes sure to only post her most photogenic moments on her blog and takes the time to beautify her pics she posts, even if she does photoshop the Hell out of them.
    Her tard-in-crime Meghan, the supposed “tech expert”, currently has a bunch of blurry/red-eyed photos of herself on her own blog. I don’t know whether this is due to a lack of ego/giving a shit/stupidity or a combo of all those, but to this day I’m baffled over how these girls expected to market this shoddy excuse of halfassed personal blogs as a “business.”

    And now Julia keeps acting like it’s just a little blog and not something she was all that invested in? Huh??!
    Honestly, I think it was all just a ruse and an excuse to get that Bravo reality show deal: three pretty and connected young ladies pretending to get together an online business. When that fell through, so did the whole point of nonsociety’s sheer existence.
    It’s sad how desperately Julia wanted that show to come to fruition, and yet she was too stupid/bitchy and entitled to make it happen for them. She’s probably still obsessed about not yet making it on Bravo, what with her current mentions of the NYC Housewives.

    • I think you’re absolutely right.
      Someone earlier mentioned something along this line too and it rings so true.
      NonSociety and TMI are basically the sidebars to what was meant to be a reality show about 3 women “founders” establishing a web presence. If the show had been greenlighted, it wouldn’t matter really how lame the website and TMI were, the $$$ would come from Julia’s much maligned traditional media, television. Mary gave up her apartment, everything was going to be paid for, they’d be jetting all over the place and having meetings, interviews, more television coverage but … crickets. THAT’s the reality!
      Now all that’s left are the lame-ass sidebars to fall back on and, sorry girls but … EPIC FAIL.

    • Yes, in that stupid video that Loren did, she said something like “write for my blog? i’d rather sleep at night!” like she had some grueling 10 hour a day job every day, and blogging was a hobby she only did in spare time. Meanwhile, girlfriend has no job and actually coasts into tech conferences, etc., by calling her blog her business. baugher parents, you have done a number with this princess. you forgot to teach her how to do some actual work and take responsibility for something.

  9. this chain of e-mails makes her look crazy, yes. but the caption from the taste of chicago was clearly about her wanting to get out of there because taste of chicago is probably mobbed on fourth of july weekend. calling her racist because of that is more awkward for julia’s bad press than anything else…!

    • Most of us said it makes her *look* really racist. She’s too lazy to put anything she says into a context, and prefers 10 words posts. It’s her fault that people use her lack of context as an avenue to assume negative shit. You can’t have your name on a website, call yourself a journalist and not expect people to call you out on that kind of shit. Come on, now!

    • Julia: She doesn’t want to get married, except that does!
      Julia: The Pelts Don’t Match the Drapes
      Julia: Capturing Awkward Family Moments Is A Snap!
      Julia: OMG People Go Out On Wednesdays
      Julia: Gawker’s Ignooooring Meeeee
      Julia: It’s So Strange That RBNS Would Care


  10. Oh, this old thing? Pfft, I just threw this together. I don’t even care. I’m not even trying.

    • “I don’t have to try! I’m so fascinating and fabulous, so fun and funky, so cute and quirky, that it doesn’t matter what I say or do – everyone will love me! xoxoxoxoarseniccorncobxox”

    • Sounds like the precursor to aborting her little pink vanity blog, no?
      That comment follows her usual pattern of, “Oh, it’s something I’ve been planning for a long time. I’m so over that. Do people still take that seriously? TV gossip segments? Yuk, I never liked doing that; I’m a writer. SATC? So over. Are people really still calling me Carrie Bradshaw 2.0? Dating columnist? There’s really nothing to say in that field anymore, it was my decision to leave.”
      My website? Oh, it’s just a little blog like any one else’s. Why do you ask? Business? Fuck you money? No. It was just a parody. A joke. I can’t believe so many people missed that. But now, with TMI rocketing in popularity all the way from the backseat of taxis to possibly the Trump Tower elevator, well, there’s no time for blogging anymore. Plus, blogging has become so passe. Even people over 40 are doing it. Don’t ask me why, ick. Anyway, gotta fly. I’m already an hour and a half late for Lily’s grooming appt. Oh, wait, my intern does that. I have a photoshoot. So crazy! xxoo

  11. She’s worried about the gross crowd when she is wearing that $12.95 poly-blend dress from Forever21 she wore the entire previous day / night. I’m pretty sure the “riff raff” are at least wearing clean clothes, JULIA! Oh wait… or did you manage to pressure and pout your way into having a dry cleaner open his doors in the middle of the night on the fourth of July?

    • EXACTLY! It’s straight up nasty how she wears her bar / club / going out clothes the next day. What’s up with that? Is it like her own self inflicted walk of shame. I don’t get it at all. Wearing the same cheap outfits DAYS in a row doesn’t exactly jive with the life of fabulosity she pretends to portray…. it makes her look like trash. Smelly, unsanitary trash. I’m sure she fit right in with the dirty, smelly, sweaty food festival crowds she complained about.

      • So true. She’s the epitome of the great unwashed that she refers to as “gross”. Heavily made-up, fake-ass hair extensions, and too small clothes that are straining at the seams while she dribbles butter down her chin implant and has corn stuck in her teeth. Fussing about with her electronic device of the moment instead of actually being engaged in where she is.
        Oh Julia. So many flavors of fail.

    • Perhaps after the 4am cereal binge with Brother Britt that sack wasn’t coming off no matter how far she stretched the elastic waist band.

      • NOPE! Clearly knew she wasn’t going to be doing brunch after the cereal binge.

        “Apparently brunch is 20% off if you come via the Walk of Shame in last night’s outfit.

        My goal was to get that discount this morning, but it didn’t happen. 😉 Britt & I ended up eating boxes of cereal in our parents’ condo at 4 am, then passing out. Very wholesome / highly caloric end to the evening.”

      • For the love of GOD. Why WHY does she ALWAYS have to mention the MOTHERFUCKING CONDO?

        We GET IT. Your parents own a FUCKING CONDO in downtown Chicago. You can see the TRUMP TOWER! Your family is RICH and POWERFUL! They own a CONDO! Did I mention my parents own a CONDO?

        STFU about the FUCKING CONDO. No one cares, you idiot.

      • Her Parents own a condo in the loop. A 1 bedroom condo as I understand in one of the many massive new buildings DESPERATE for people to move in. The loop was overdeveloped during the past 3-5 years. So, yeah, they own a condo but it’s not a 1million + condo (and probably doesn’t come close). It’s not that swanky. BTW, as a former New Yorker…every apartment in Chicago looks FABULOUS in comparison to it’s price comparison in NYC.

      • The condo talk so so fucking gauche. Julia … you sound like a nouveau riche hick. You make the Real Housewives of Atlanta look classy in comparison. Actual rich people don’t have to constantly insinuate how much money they have (like with 3,493 pictures of their PARENT’S condo and their Mercedes). WAKE UP CALL: that condo? That car? Belongs to your PARENTS. It’s not yours. You didn’t earn those things. You own nothing of value. You wear Forever 21 outfits two days in a row, you bumpkin.

  12. What about the 800,000 viewers she claims? Can someone find that
    and compare and contrast to the 80,000. Or is it 8,000? or 800?

  13. Guys,

    She’s not a racist. She will gladly bang an African American senator, but ask her to bang a corn shucker who looks like Tyson Beckford, no way Jose. Daddy wouldn’t approve.

    • Do you think Daddy approves of her taking down bitches on a bus, throwing faux gang signs in pictures or tacking on a “YO!” at the end of her sentences? She’s so culturally in touch, y’all! Didn’t ya hear?

  14. off topic, sorry.

    so i just moved to NY and last night i was flipping through the channels and i almost DIED when i saw TMI weekly on that local NY station. my boyfriend thought something was wrong w me. it was almost like seeing julia in person. it was just way too strange. and i didn’t think it was possible, but TMI is even WORSE on TV. sure, the content horrible but it looks especially cheap compared to the other programming on the station. the quality of the footage looks really really low budget and it basically looks like a live feed from the internet. it’s very grainy and unprofessional looking. just wanted to throw that in.

  15. So NonSociety is a non-special parody? I wonder if the folks who have paid her to speak about it at tech conferences would like their money back?

  16. Jesus, the girl is seriously crazy. THREE HOURS after she writes this, “ps. why are you spending the sunday of your holiday weekend thinking about me?” … she’s still sending emails in defense of herself.

    I ask you this, Julia – why are you spending the sunday of your holiday weekend (a misnomer, since you treat everyday as if it’s a holiday weekend) thinking about us?

    “I find it hilarious. True racists clearly go out with black congressman, don’t they?”

    Called it.

    “What I don’t understand is why people care at all. What have I done to them that SO upsets them that they have to spend time thinking about it, musing over it, gossiping about it? I don’t care about anyone I don’t like! When I don’t like people, I just ignore them. Makes life a whole lot more pleasant.”

    Yes, Julia, all of us RBNS haters are just evil people. But then again, who wrote a long letter, begging for all of us to meet with you? Who responded to every single Gawker comment about herself a few weeks ago? Who sat there for hours on a bus, growling at the girl who was innocently talking on her cell phone, only to violate her privacy by posting her picture to your blog, with a plethora of nasty comments? Who spent three hours on a sunday night emailing someone back and forth, all because of one comment, and forwarding emails to other parties to get them involved?

    I know you fancy yourself as Oprah 2.0, but you might want to start taking your own advice before you start imploring us to be nicer.

    • She wrote more in those emails to JBP than she’s written on her blergh in the last two months. But it’s so obvious Jankles doesn’t care what the haters think — she’s too busy living her fabulously blessed and happy life.

      Also, why does she think we’re upset? If anything, I’m LMAO, not 🙁

    • Also, most of us can manage to do more than one thing at a time. For example, I’m grading papers and reading here during my lunch break! So, Julia can picture all of us dishing about her with nothing else in our lives if that makes her feel better but it’s just not true…

      I know many of the commenters here and, um, we all have “richer” lives than poofey princess.

      • Well, you are forgetting rule number one about time management, Julia Allison style – having a blog requires you to exert 5x more time and effort into documenting those events! It’s so hard to run your own business AND detail your life, ya’ll!

        …but wait! Julia just said that it’s just a personal blog, filled with photos. She wouldn’t have contradicted herself … not OUR Julia.

        /end sarcasm

      • To Julia’s credit, photo shopping the HELL out of your “candid” pictures can be a full-time job. It takes A LOT of time and effort to clone stamp your arm skinny.

    • writerso n this blog have told her time and again why she inspires so much vitriol – aespecially as this self-ordained voic eof new media. We’ve told you. Don’t pretend you don’t know. You want to write everyone off as maladjusted basement dwelling haterz – but it’s just not true. There are plenty of good reasons to hate what Julia Allison does and has come to symbolize. Not liking Julia Allison and Nonsociety is not a sign of insanity.

  17. If I have to hear any variation of “parent’s downtown condo” one more time from this cornbeast I am going to boycott anything jankles related. I can’t stand it anymore.

    • There, there, PP. Easy. Breathe in.

      You know, whenever I get rile dup and can’t seem to calm myself down, you know what I do? I repeat some soothing words of wisdom. I thik it was the internetz pioneer Megha Asha who once said:

      “…he plans to lead grassroots effort using social media growing the engagement of others from millions to billions in the next 20 years…”

      It’s like a little prayer. Say it a few times in a row. It really gets into your chakras, bra’.

      • fwoooooo. You’re right. I just created a template to make a cross stitch of “Is if the Internet is female?” to hang in my cube over my “Hang in there” poster with the cat on it.

        Thanks, ff. You’re a insporaytion.

      • My personal mantra for peace and inner happiness is this gem – posted earlier today from the wise Professor Asha:

        “After a early morning meeting with Intel’s Director for the Public Sector discussing the digital divide in schools and emerging countries. We’re ready to hit a jam-packed day full of sessions with a focus on technology and its benefits the public sector.”

        Makes me feel SO. SO. BLESSED.

    • Partypants: Ha! See my rant above re: the stupid condo.

      Also, wanna come over later for a ‘hot oil massage’?

  18. Her drama re: the Taste is just another entitled B.S. excuse for no content. The Taste is an excellent event for a lifestyle blogger to cover. There are tons of angles which I’m not going to waste time here spelling out but let’s put in this way; you have top chefs serving up great food at good prices, all of chicago (rich to poor, black to white etc.) lining up for the food, and lots of live entertainment.

    But Julia can’t take the heat (it was 80 degree here yesterday) or the crowds.

    Somehow, all my friends who had to get up to teach at 6:30 AM this morning in the ghetto, had fun ALL DAY at taste yesterday. Julia had to flee post corn on the cob. Guess there wasn’t anyone powerful enough for her to follow and take photos with at Taste.

    • You can bet if the Obama family had shown up Corncankles would’ve stalked and posted and brayed and blah blah blah so much fun hee haw so blessed heenkaw heenkaw parents condo!!!!

      But nobody important (to Julia) was there, so it was oh icky I guess get some yucko corn and gtfo of here omg the prols are touching me. Julia is Veruca Salt and all the world is her Golden Egg Room to tantrumize in. I can’t believe how much I loathe her at this point.

      • Yeah, I know kids from the Lawndale ghetto who were there with their families yesterday, teaching fellows like myself, and my BF’s coworkers. None of those people would pose with Julia (well, maybe my students, for shits and giggles).

      • Don’t take her so seriously pp! No one else does! Relax! It’s worrisome! Why are you thinking about her on this day after a holiday weekend? Have a nice day! God bless!

    • Give her credit. It’s not like there are CROWDS in NYC. Only on the subway, and she takes cabs everywhere! xoxo

    • Her snark at other commenters is so unbelievably unprofessional. A class act, that one.

      • Yes, I am surprised she is so publicly dissing the opinions of her (few remaining) viewers, real self-destruct mode it seems:

        “Julia, it is incredibly obnoxious and distracting how you keep fidgeting and pointing your finger while you wait to butt into the conversation. Just wait your turn to speak!”
        posted 3 hours ago by Sarina

        “Thanks Mom. I’ll try to be better next time!”
        posted 1 hour ago by JuliaAllison

  19. I just got this from an NPR story on Sarah Palin:
    “She complained about the unwelcome attention she has received since she joined the national ticket, while conveniently forgetting that much attention has been provoked by her own choices and behavior.”
    Someone earlier on here made the comparison of Palin and Jankles (sorry I can’t find it, half my screen isn’t showing up for some reason) and I couldn’t believe how much the above statement applies to Foolia and her response to Julia’s Bad Press. Amazing. They both need help.

    • read the story about Palin in Vanity Fair. SEVERAL people comment that Palin has NPD and grandiose ideas about her importance. They are far too much alike.

  20. “Is If The Internet Is Female” deserves to become a star in the RBNS lexicon. Fuck that’s funny.

    • You know, I beleive it was Chinese thinker/warrior Sun Tsu, or Megan Asha, who once observed

      “…As much as we want to make the Internet a genderless community, we continue more than ever before to be more judgmental and harsh of the sexes. ..”

      And I think that rings so true these days. Now more than ever we need to be “harsh of the sexes”. I just wish we could all stop for a second and ponder this.


      Ok, now just more than ever please be more harsh of the sexes, will you? Please?

      • “Sun Tsu”. Oh god. I’m over tired, sunburned and I still feel blaoted form over-eating this weekend. It affects my typing. Now more than ever.

    • Internet Ruined My Life. Want More.

      Leave Me Alone. Please Don’t Stop.

      Can’t Sleep At Night. It’s Worrisome.

      Harvard Harley, Please Come Back Now.

      Two Outfits. What’s The Big Deal?

      Dated A Congressman. Clearly Not Racist.

      Fuck You Money. Out Of Reach.

      Please Hire Me. I’m Begging You.

      Parents Really Pissed About Wasted Opportunities.

      Freshwater Pearls Are Too Classy, Y’all.

      • “Dated A Congressman. Clearly Not Racist.”

        My own personal favorite 🙂

  21. I, personally, would enjoy seeing some more views from her parents condo. I don’t think I’ve seen quite enough yet. Let’s see, she had 9 PM, Midnight, 1:02 AM, 1:47 AM, 5:14 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:02 AM…ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. Good thing she’s reading this blog…..Glad you
    liked the suggestion about the Art Institute—too bad you couldn’t
    figure-out how to GET INSIDE.
    Crusty Dress, fer sure. This time why don’t you investigate
    the Third Rail on the El!!! Really, it’s ineffable!

  23. I guess she isn’t moving to San Francisco this summer. Remember that idea? When was the last time we heard anything about her Cali bff Sarah L? Her other friends have retreated. Randi blew off her dinner plans with Julia a few weeks ago and Shira seemingly ran for cover after a brief SWF courtship this winter.

    • Remember her plans to nurse D back to health in the CONDO this summer? Yeah, that never happened either. Sort of like the promise for a game content.

    • Not to mention that July 4th is the official halfway point of summer in NYC and Julia hasn’t had one invitation to the Hamptons. That’s a true indication of how many social bridges she’s burned.

      • Julia is big. It’s the Hamptons that got small.

        I am soooo sure she had TONS of invites. She just needed some down time, bunnies. Going to parties is so so soooo exhausting. Just like during Fashion Week, Internet Week and other times all of her “friends” are doing social things and she’s not invited.

    • Wasn’t she also moving in with her friend in Brooklyn in the fall or, at the very least, moving from her admittedly overpriced apartment.

      • Seriously, if she moves to Brooklyn, I will eat my own foot. Literally, eat it. No way in HELL that girl is moving to Brooklyn.

        SHE LIVES IN NYC AND NEVER TAKES THE SUBWAY. She lives in fantasyland SATC NYC. Remember all those stupid episodes about Miranda moving to Brooklyn? That’s JA’s mindset.

        Trust me, she ain’t getting no roommate and she ain’t moving to Brooklyn. She will stay in the pink palace, or get another, slightly less expensive but still redonkulously posh apartment care of Daddy Warbucks.

  24. currentgawkeremployee sure is quiet about this. wanna weigh in on julia proving you to be a flat out liar?

  25. In which Julia is confused by people who actually work day jobs;

    “It seems – from my vantage point on the teeming sidewalks of Michigan Avenue – that all of Chicago gets off work at 5 pm.
    about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon”

    And posts more Deep Thoughts that don’t apply to her:

    “The only people who are popular are mediocre.” – Agree or disagree?
    44 minutes ago from web

    “@juliaallison Aren’t you living proof of the contrary?
    about 1 hour ago from SocialScope in reply to juliaallison “- from our pal Milo

    “@yiannopoulos – I’m not popular!!!
    21 minutes ago from web in reply to yiannopoulos”

    You’re right Julia… AND YOU’RE ALSO MEDIOCRE!

    • Oh, the old, make a self deprecating statement to provoke a defense from the “fans” technique:

      Julia: “I’m not popular!”
      Chorus: “Yes you are! But in a unique edgy Web 2.0 way!”

      Julia: “I’m fat!”
      Chorus: “No! You’re skinny, it’s just the clothes that got small!”

      Julia: “NonSociety is a parody!”
      Chorus: “Of course it is! It’s hi-larious!”

      Julia: “I’m really really nice!”
      Chorus: “Those nasty haterz. If they just met you in person they’d LOVE you!”

      Julia: “I’m so boring, why are you talking about me?”
      Chorus: “Erm…your relentless self promotion and embarrassing attention seeking antics? Maybe?”

  26. After reading TJ’s comment about J’s parents condo I saw Julia posted something about the ‘other’ occupant talking to her in the elevator. “other occupant” meaning it’s not some one bedroom condo in the loop, rather, her folks share a floor with one other unit.

    So I looked it up, technically, they don’t live in what I would consider the loop per se, the building was built across from Millenium Park. Michigan Avenue. Pretty serious real estate actually.

    $1,131,000 on September 16, 2005
    B: Robin Baugher and Peter Baugher
    S: Heritage Millennium Pk Llc

    But I like the commenter above who pointed out the beautiful house on the lake, the michigan avenue condo are julia’s PARENTS successes, not hers. Her constant need to remind people that she comes from money is sad and pathetic.

    • You were able to decipher more than me. I had her parents living in a different building…. Good Work. My apologies.

    • Bets on when she moves back to live in “the condo”? She can swan around downtown Chicago in true Pampered Princess style. Easier to be a big fish in a little (well, smaller than NYC) pond eh Julia?

      • Thank you for the tactful consideration towards Chicago. We take our secondary status a little personally around here. 😉

    • The “other occupant” was probably wondering why a hooker in plastic shoes was subletting in their building.

    • I looked further (on the county Recorder of Deeds site), and saw that they have $1,650,000 in mortgages outstanding. I’m willing to bet they took out more than they needed in order to support their leech…err…daughter.

    • By the way, if this is the building I think it is (located at 130 N. Garland), I’ve seen two bedroom units in that building for around $500,000. The condo prices in Chicago have plummeted along with housing prices around the country.

      I wonder how many bedrooms the Baughers’ unit has, considering the price, even during the bubble.

    • I was also searching on the Cook County Recorder of Deeds and found Jackles’ name.More specifically, Grantor: Baugher Julia A Trust and Grantee: Baugher Peter V.

      I’m not too knowledgeable in anything law, so if anyone can decipher please do.

      Here’s a screenshot. http://tinypic.com/r/2pquo2c/3

      And I just found a different one where she’s the grantee on a mortgage: http://tinypic.com/r/qp5g5e/3

      • It’s probably some sort of living trust to reduce taxes. so much for TJ’s take that the condo is worth nothing.

      • If Julia is receiving payouts from a trust this would fit into her legalese definition of “not receiving any money from her parents”. Because a trust set up by her parents is totally different you know.

      • Here’s the thing about trusts – you can take out what you want when you want to (in some instances as grantors can place monthly or yearly withdrawal limitations). So, when she was making 6 figures at STAR or leeching off and stealing credit cards from ex boyfriends (there’s that sense of entitlement showing again), she could just leave her trust sit. Things went south when she moved to LA? She had the funds to move to NYC. She got her measly jobs and hosed off her then boyfriend. Star and TONY came knocking and she moved on. She’s a leech of the highest level and she knows she has a well funded safety net. I don’t know a single unemployed person these days who has even touched their American Express card. Not so, Miss Julia.

    • Why are we even still arguing about this? Girlfriend has a trust fund. Meghan has a trust fund. Anyone who lives in NY knows for shit sure no 27 year old owns their own apartment in Soho without a fucking trust, and without a job.

      JA has no income. Yet she pays $2800 a month, and that is just rent. And she goes shopping constantly. SHE HAS A TRUST. Her father is a partner at a large law firm. He probably makes well over $1 million a year. And it’s obvious grams also has money.

      JA is rich, she was born rich, and she’ll die rich, and not because of anything she did or any of her accomplishments. That’s just the way it is, and if she says otherwise, she’s a bald-faced fucking liar.

      What I don’t get is the BRAGGING. Most people of privilege I know are embarrassed about it, or at least are smart enough to realize it’s not something you bring up all the time. Yet she brags and brags about her parents condo. She’s a fucking evil douchbag waste of humanity.

      • Not arguing about it, just found something concrete and thought it would be interesting to share since she likes to claim that she doesn’t get any money from her parents save for the $10k she got for graduating from college.

        Also, is it strange that her brother doesn’t come up at all in any of these records? Just Princess Julia?

      • A trust fund would completely explain Julia’s lackadaisical attitude to work/life. No need to make anything work because there’s always money in the bank. Not all trust fund kids are like this I know, but if someone grows up spoiled and lazy as Julia appears to have, and never has to worry about money it kind of doesn’t bode well.
        The trust thing really makes it clearer for me about why Julia acts how she does – there are no consequences for her if she fails e.g. gets fired/Non Society folds etc.

  27. I believe she’s also mentioned that her parents have a condo in Boston as well. Maybe that’s where BB stays.

  28. Do you think Momsers and Mr. Powerful Attorney ever wish they had aborted this piece of shit? Or at least abandoned her?

    • eh, that’s really inappropriate and probably crosses a line here at RBNS. Not funny. Sure her parents have regrets about how they raised her, though, especially during her formative teenage and college years. They learned their lesson and didn’t make the same mistake with their son, it seems.

  29. Her crazy Twitter questions posed to the ether would be the psychotic rantings of a homeless person with out an iPhone. Seriously. I’ve heard crazy bagladies talk more sense into thier shopping cars at street corners. Just picture a bag lady at a busstop saying, “Popularity is mediocrity! Ha-ha-ha-blerg!” She just talks and talks and talks… she is mental.

    • Speaking of her Twitter, I think it’s interesting that she considers herself a “conversationalist,” but she doesn’t actually converse with anyone on Twitter, or anywhere else, for that matter.

      I dunno, maybe this is the total nerd in me, but I think Twitter is a great way for uh.. “personalities” to converse with people openly and honestly. There are lots of examples of people in the spotlight who use Twitter in that way and do a great job with it. But Julia, as usual, only wants to talk about herself and her boring life.

      I can’t understand how someone so incredibly average can be so incredibly self-absorbed.

      • Wow

        So much to parse

        How do the parents feel about having their finances posted? Of course it’s all from public records, but it’s their daughter who brought the spotlight

  30. Garth and Wayne,

    I was/am a little uneasy with the parents financing being posted, although I am a big believer in open records, so I guess that’s that. It is just sad b/c I think her parents seem okay. Yes they did spawn her, and it seems they tolerate her antics and allow her to post pictures of them(although I feel like the frequency has gone down a tad. I think they may have had a talk after rehab/spa), they still seem like decent people to me. And little bro seems okay, too. So I feel for them, but she just does not get it.

    The lying, the bragging, the vanity, the insecurity, the putting it all out there just to complain that people pay too much attention…it all leads to this kind of reaction. And unfortunately, part of that reaction is that people start to do some investigative work on your background. They try to prove or disprove something you said and family can get swept up in that. If you don’t want us to question how you pay for your $2800/month apartment, clothes (from H&M or otherwise), lunches/brunches/dinners with OMG Zuckers/Jordache or any other person at someplace far too pricy for someone unemployed to eat at, then don’t mention it.

    There’s a difference between “had lunch with some friends. Yay for get togethers” and “Had lunch with *drops names of wealthy and/or well known friends at *drops name of restaurant that is famous and/or trendy and/or overpriced”

  31. Ahem. So, I was reading CNN and I stumble across the following:

    “Why marrying for money isn’t a bad idea.”

    This article contains gems like:

    “I haven’t read the book, so I have no idea if it is filled with sexist swill or not. But just reading Newsweek’s article about the book, it sounds like pretty sensible advice to me.”


    “True story: I used to babysit for a family where the mom was Latina and the dad was white; she was able to receive funding from the government to start her own business as part of some kind of ‘minority small business ownership program.'”

    At first, I am in shock, did JA write this article? I check the byline and it is one ” Jessica Wakeman” who, of course, has a gawker profile and is tied into a site that also employs the infamous Lena Chen. WTF! How did the US of A produce so many addle-brained females. And why, for the love of God, are they infesting NYC like a bunch of cockroaches?

    • what a shitty piece.
      “he screws you up, or you screw up him, bad stuff is gonna happen to both of you”. so deep, straight from the meghan asha school of journalism, flavored with eau de hasbeen dating columnist julia allison. ugh, i wanted to write something mean about jessica wakeman but will refrain. seriously, argh!

      • Quote:

        Maybe this isn’t “feminist,” but logically, I need to marry a guy who makes more money than I do — preferably a lot more money than I do — for us to be able to afford what I want and I hope he will want, too. An apartment big enough for kids, prenatal care, doctors appointments, birthday presents, vacations, summer camp, college, their own car, all that stuff.


  32. RBNS non-reader Julia has just tweeted:

    To those who asked: No, I don’t have a trust from my parents. No, my parents don’t give me any money. Yes, they paid for my education. 35 minutes ago from web

    God, I *wish* I had a trust fund! Or maybe I don’t. I’ve known people who do, and there are always strings … 34 minutes ago from web

      • Those who asked? You mean RBNS posters Julia? Tweets of support for Julia that people could “ask such a question” being posted by Outraged Lusty Men on Twitter as per usual.
        Being pedantic here but her wording only covers off parents. And there is a trust as mentioned in PinkBowLegs post above.

    • “No I don’t have a trust from parents” could very possibly be Julia Allison “legalese” (TM) for “I have a trust from (late) gramps & grammy.” Why would anyone believe anything she says, at this point. It’s all massaged to a fare-thee-well.

    • Julia legalese. Isn’t the trust from the grandparents, or the parents’ real estate?

      If not, please share with the world how to pay a $2,800 rent on no income. *That* would really indicate some business acumen.

    • Also, the fact that your ‘fans’ are in Fargo, ND* is a giant FAIL.

      *No offense to Fargo, ND. I just don’t think that her SATC mind even knows where you are.

  33. She tweeted about not having a trust fund…. BUT SHE NEVER READS HERE.

    I am the point where I don’t even care if we are fueling her crazy. She is too fucking interestingly INSANE to look away. There should be case studies about her.

  34. I doubt Betty Suburbs here has a trust. They’re not as common as pop culture makes them out to be. Her parents seem like lovely and successful people who after 30 years of work have purchased a second home (city, beach, etc. Baby Boomers love that shit). I don’t find it particularly unique or impressive. Calling them “rich” is a stretch. They’re comfortable, solvent.

    People from old money estates don’t shop the Aldo sale rack then blog the monthly rent of their studio. Just no.

    I’m sure someone helps Julia with money. Who knows who or, more interestingly, why.

    The reason she talks about so much is just her raging insecurity. “I’m special, I’m pretty, my life is so amazing and blessed”. She’s none of these things which us why she screams it so loud. She really is pathetic and I sometimes feel terribly bad for picking on such a total loser.

    • I don’t think calling them rich is a stretch at all. Have we all forgotten what middle class is? I know it gets difficult b/c the scale changes and everyone wants to consider themselves middle class, but honestly, momsers and dadsers are wealthy. Not billionaires, but wealthy, indeed.

      Depending on the source, upper middle class ends anywhere from making $250,000 to $350,000 per year. Daddy Baugher makes more than that hands down, (being a partner in a law firm and from what I hear, very good at his job, will net you high six figures, if not more. Even in a mid sized firm, especially since he’s been practicing law for over 20 years…law student speaking, I’ve done some research on salaries).

      And he looks to be fiscally, very conservative. Same house in the burbs since Yoolia was born, yes a second home in the city, but probably only after paying off said suburban home, which is probably worth triple (even in this economy) what it was when purchased in 1980ish.

      So yes, the family is new money, if we are going to base it on the caste/class system, but make no mistake, they are most definitely, officially wealthy, “rich” americans.

      I just find it so funny when people say they aren’t rich. I’m wondering what your definition of rich is. I blame pop culture and VH1’s “the fabulous life of…” it’s making more and more young people think that you have to have 50 million in the bank to be considered rich. I had a friend who’s little brother tried to guess her starting salary after we’d graduated from college (5 years ago) and said $100,000. She worked for a pharmaceutical company, so she was making a lot more than the rest of us, but nowhere near that. not even half that (but close).

      I always think of this when I hear people discuss what’s rich and what’s not.

      • I have no clue about specfic salaries so I can’t comment on that aspect of your remarks but as for the reminder about what is generally considered wealthy, you offer a much needed perspective IMHO. Thank you!

  35. Having a trust doesn’t necessarily mean you get money whenever you want it – depends on the trust parameters and the trustee(s). A friend has one, and asked for $350k the year he graduated from college. The trustees said he could have it – if he earned $350k himself first. He said it was the best free money he never got. (He’s now in his early 50s, with a successful career in a profession that focuses on caring for others.)

    So she may not get the money there, but she may be banking on it – and her parents’ other assets – for the future. But as others have mentioned, she hasn’t issued any denials about getting cash from her grandmother, which has been posited as a theory many, many, many times here and elsewhere. Why so silent on that, I wonder. . .

  36. I love her tell all tweets. She really thinks this is a dialogue. Do her friends Shira, Jordache, Randi, etc have hate sites (‘cites’)? Nope. It’s RBNS pulling the puppet strings and our little Julia dances along…

  37. More tweets of “Oh, I swear I don’t read RBNS”

    “To those who asked: No, I don’t have a trust from my parents. No, my parents don’t give me any money. Yes, they paid for my education.”
    about 7 hours ago from web

    “God, I *wish* I had a trust fund! Or maybe I don’t. I’ve known people who do, and there are always strings …”
    about 7 hours ago from web

    These “strings” you talk of — are they things like having an actual job?

    And in response to this comment from @alexisjulian
    “@juliaallison gosh, do people really ask such tasteless questions? my lord!”
    about 7 hours ago from web in reply to juliaallison

    Our lovely Julia responds:
    “@alexisjulian – Oh girl, you have NO idea.”
    about 7 hours ago from web in reply to alexisjulian

    You want conversation, Julia? Sometimes it means being honest. Sometimes it requires asking questions, and answering them truthfully without any spin.

    And again, you’re missing the larger point, Julia. You like to present yourself as living this glided life, with fancy dinners out and new clothes, all the while not having an discernable source of income. You live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and have boasted that your annual “bare bones” living expenses top $40K. You have a rather lengthy record of not being truthful about sponsors, so as your potential consumers (and yes, we ARE that – as is everyone on the internet), some of us are curious as to how you make your income, how you can fund your venture.

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