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juliaallison And Harvard Harley’s coming too ;

Very interesting.

And this Tweletion came just a day before she suddenly started frantically Tweeting about dates, about revelling in being single, about texting a guy to tell him she’s always had a crush on him. And of course, there was this:

Harvard Harley’s still around, @wachner, but I’m not so into getting too serious too fast. I actually like dating and being single!!

Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

And you see, Jackles, this is what happens when you live your life in public. The haters don’t do this shit to you, you do this shit to yourself.


  1. So the day after HH takes a pass on her super-awesome group dinner date she puts up the “NO NO NO HE STILL WANTS ME BUT WHO DOESN’T LOL” tweet?

    What a self-aggrandizing, delusional tool. If HH read that I’m sure he got a good chuckle out of it, Jules!

  2. Ok sorry for overcommenting, but since when is julia a ‘much derided pescatarian’? there are plenty of people who dont eat meat but will eat fish. why does she have this need to portray everything she likes/does/says as so cahrazy unique to julia? Im just so different so unique! people tease my eating because like no one eats like me! lol who else only eats veggies rice and fish! oh yeah a population of 6 billion asians! lol eat differently!

  3. The pressures of juggling an imaginary career and an imaginary boyfriend, you just can’t believe.

  4. Spread eagle on a banquette with the brother. Class act, that Julia!

    I totally predicted the cheesy, trashy as hell club visit and giggling about too many fruity drinks. Not only that, but she was a tag along with her brother and his friend. Julia has NO FRIENDS. Not surprising in the least. Predictable and passe – that’s our Julia!

    • Anyone else notice how that cheap dress’ buttons are clinging on for dear life along the waist area?

    • Wow, looks like she is wearing a tablecloth that is about to pop open and present the buffet de Julia. The whole sexy-sexy face is probably not super-appropriate when posing in a pic with your brother, but then this is one slightly unusual family. And truly, those clip in hair pieces *do not match*.
      Jabs is still a pretty girl but man does she hide her light under several bushels of makeup and bad clothing/hair choices.

  5. She’s really gone around the bend. Dig this–from a woman who’s had restylane, botox, a nosejob, possibly a chin implant and a boob lift, who’s featured in a documentary about cosmetic surgery addicts:

    “Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could order body parts the way you order fast food? Like, “Yeah, I’ll take a flat stomach & perfect ass, thx.”about 2 hours ago from web”

    Yeah, Julia, the limitations of plastic surgery really really suck.

    • I think it was Cher who said, “if a great body came in a bottle, everyone would have one”

    • She’s truly insane. That Tweet was startling. And indicative again of the laziness. Hey, idiot, go to the gym. It might not give you a Adriana Lima body, but you’ll see an improvement, you sloth.

      • I know. It is so funny to me how she looks so much thinner and toned in her older pics and she screams “I’ve gained so much weight? Why? AGH?”

        Well, Jules, back in college you walked around quite a bit and did ballet. You probably went to the gym with your idiotic group of future nightly network news producers as well. These things, called “physical activities” do this amazing thing where they burn calories and fat! They also build muscle to give you a toned look! When you stop doing physical activity and take cabs everywhere because you think it makes you seem more sophisticated even though you are wearing a cheap $20 polyester dress and disgusting pleather shoes your previous muscle turns flabby and you develop more fat rolls.

        This, mixed with your extremely high calorie CUPCAKES AND ONLY EATING OUT! BECAUSE I’M A NYER! THAT IS WHAT NYERS DO! I WOULD NEVER COOK!! diet only add to your fat. Seriously, if you want to lose weight, eat better, drink more water, learn to cook for yourself like an adult and not like the fake character of a tv show and EXERCISE.

      • Didn’t she let everyone know she joined Equinox? Has she been there since the day she signed up?

  6. My lord, Julia’s getting all wet over Sarah Haskins again — and Infomania, where she obvs wants a job. Can someone please just get it over with and punch her in the face?

  7. Ensconced in the total quiet of my parents’ apt, in a lot of back pain (will explain later), I’m catching up on serious internet’ing that I’ve neglected for the past few months.

    While trolling around, I ran across this on my friend Ricky’s site. I had heard snippits of their “moving to NYC” tale from Jakob and others amongst our mutual friends, but I had never heard Ricky tell it in such detail.

    Maybe it’s because I know him, or maybe it’s because I’m nearing my own five year NY anniversary, or maybe I’m over-emotional today because my back is freaking killing me, but it made me tear up a bit. There’s something so sweet about the way you feel when you first move to New York as an adult transplant … when everything, as Ricky notes, is fresh and new and so terribly exciting.

    Anyway. I’ll write “My First New York” one of these days …
    Uh, Julia, do you have a SINGLE ORIGINAL IDEA????

    • Ah, keep that idea to yourself!!! She’ll steal it in a heartbeat!!!! (great idea for a compilation of stories, eh…run with it!!!)

      • This was actually a feature in New York magazine about a month ago. They talked to major and minor celebs: Woody Allen, Andy Sandberg. No one asked Julia 🙁

    • Could it be simple physics? The whore heels pushing up while her enormous butt obeys gravity? A little hillbilly heroin for the pain would so complement her wangs, lip injections, and cheap undersized dresses.


      Please Jules. If it is worth writing, it is worth writing NOW. There is a 100-1 bet against her ever writing this damn piece.

  8. Written below picture of black service person @ Taste of Chicago (a food festival): “I got corn on the cob and then fled.”

    God forbid you mingle too much with the peasants celebrating in the streets, you fucking bitch.

    • Taste of Chicago is a madhouse, but no more than the average NYC tube socks street fair

    • Corn on the cob is the cheapest item one can purchase at the Taste. She’s uber cheap and does not pay for her own meals. But, yeah, Taste is also very INTEGRATED and I don’t think Julia likes to mingle with “people of color” very much. In fact, that was sort of confirmed by currentgawker employer the other day.

      • I haven’t been in years. Do u still have to stand in line to buy tix and then buy the food? Or do they take cash / plastic now?

      • I don’t go because I don’t like the crowds at TASTE but you buy tickets (and I do believe it is still cash only) and then pay for items with said tickets. I think Corn is 2 tickets. Each ticket is like 3-4 bucks (I can’t remember).

  9. Poor Meghan. She really is a “special” person.

    “Is if the Internet is female? My initial thought was ‘Of course’ Women are innately more social, emotional, and creative than men, thus being drawn to the the ever growing social sphere of the Internet. Sure, all of us ladies just LOVE to communicate. But, with that, the majority of popular Internet companies has and continues to be created by men. Thus employing a mindset quite different than a web community created by females. As much as we want to make the Internet a genderless community, we continue more than ever before to be more judgmental and harsh of the sexes. With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc. We have created a place that is more sensitive than ever. I’m still split upon what exactly a Female Internet looks like, but I do know that with this empowerment. Also comes an overt repercussion that must not be ignored.

    Feel free to email me ( with your thoughts about this, as I’d love to get some perspective tomorrow’s panel. ”

    I found myself having to stop and edit for her as I read.

    • Well, there’s plenty of ten dollar words in this blurb, but they don’t exactly make any *sense*. I thought Pumpkin was a college graduate?

      • I’m really trying to decipher what she meant to say here:

        “With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc. We have created a place that is more sensitive than ever.”

      • After much mental strain, this may be what Pumpkinhead intended: “Is the internet inherently female? Could be, because women like talking. But men have created most if not all the successful web companies. Bad men. The internet is not a magical genderless happy land. Women get off on criticizing other women anonymously on the internet. People’s feelings get hurt. Wah. A female internet would empower women but would also give women great responsibility not to be meanies. Blergh”

    • If the internet was a fruit, which fruit would it be?

      If the internet was a car, which car would it be?

    • What. The. Fuck??? That reads like it was translated from another language from an online free translation site. My goodness, she is STUPID. It’s like she really does NOT have a grasp on the English language.

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