Meghan: So Dumb


Is if the Internet is female? My initial thought was ‘Of course’ Women are innately more social, emotional, and creative than men, thus being drawn to the the ever growing social sphere of the Internet. Sure, all of us ladies just LOVE to communicate. But, with that, the majority of popular Internet companies has and continues to be created by men. Thus employing a mindset quite different than a web community created by females. As much as we want to make the Internet a genderless community, we continue more than ever before to be more judgmental and harsh of the sexes. With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc. We have created a place that is more sensitive than ever. I’m still split upon what exactly a Female Internet looks like, but I do know that with this empowerment. Also comes an overt repercussion that must not be ignored.

Feel free to email me ( with your thoughts about this, as I’d love to get some perspective tomorrow’s panel.


  1. In other words, “I’m one of the panelists but I just wrote out everything that I have to say. Since that took all of 30 seconds, I obviously need HELP! Please?”

  2. Holy crap. That is jibberish. Not to mention the horrendous grammar. Is English her second language perhaps? That might explain the poor writing. But what’s the excuse for the half-baked nonsensical concept(s) she might be trying to address? Isn’t she a college graduate, geekette, social media “founder”, and entreprenuer? Isn’t NonSociety her business? Imagine walking into a random office and having the CEO blather this at you? Would you buy her services? Would you invest? Would you sign-up as an employee?

    • English is my third Language (after Italian and Greek) and even I don’t write like that! Don’t insult the non-native English speakers! :o)
      Also with regards to…………With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc……

      Huney, huney, huney, you don’t get slandered as you say because of your race or gender, you get slandered because you can NOT write and frankly you can NOT be bothered to learn either.

    • That is EXACTLY what I was thinking: English must be this poor girl’s second language. And her ESL teachers were very poor teachers indeed!

  3. Re-posting my interpretation of these lyrical words fr the other thread:
    After much mental strain, this may be what Pumpkinhead intended: “Is the internet inherently female? Could be, because women like talking. But men have created most if not all the successful web companies. Bad men. The internet is not a magical genderless happy land. Women get off on criticizing other women anonymously on the internet. People’s feelings get hurt. Wah. A female internet would empower women but would also give women great responsibility not to be meanies. Blergh”

    • Well here is Mary:

      Another article in my Google search found more recent research that yielded the opposite effects on its subjects. However, even the lead on the project admitted that personality types might be a variable in the findings.

      So this week instead of focusing on what we exert, let’s realign our thinking to figure out how we can best restore our energy. Wouldn’t it be nice to rise in the morning, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day efficiently?

      This is what has bothered me about these girls all along!!!

  4. Are those her notes for the panel she is participating in tomorrow? Wow! Girl is stupid. I’d say all of the shit she wrote there, at least what I could parse, is a rehash of garbage that has been said before, and is generally a misinterpretation of social media and how the internet enables information exchange. To her credit, the panel topic is incredibly dumb, specifically in regard to perpetuating gender stereotypes, but she still took the bait and cobbled together some incoherent crap.

    Also, that stock image she attached to the post is hysterical. What an awful photograph. The girl’s shirt is coming out of her pants at both sides. lol.

  5. Dear Meghan,

    One of our interns at the Online University of Philostophy brought your fascinating post on women and the internet to my attention. You manifest a rare grasp of the social dimensions of technology and I believe you would be an excellent candidate for a degree from our prestigious institution. We offer several courses of immediate interest, including “Outing your inner Derrida” and “Kant — Stumbling Block or Door Stop?”. I urge you to make full use of your exceptional gifts for philostophy and to avail yourself as soon as possible of the resources of our award-winning institution. Please visit us at

    Dean Peccary

    • Dean Greggery Peccary, my hero! Only you can save Meghan Asha from her horrendous, murky prose and garbled thinking. To the rescue, good sir.

  6. Well, I’d venture that people call you an idiot because you write things like this and post them on your Business Blog. It’s more an observation than discrimination based on your vagina.

    And, Mega, I know you like the no makeup look, but you’re getting older and it’s really time for some under eye baggage control. I don’t mean that as an overt repercusion just. Helpful advice.

  7. “With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc. We have created a place that is more sensitive than ever.”

    Wh..what does that even MEAN???

  8. “Sure, all of us ladies just LOVE to communicate. But, with that, the majority of popular Internet companies has and continues to be created by men.”

    Why, again, did you hire a male to help develop your “sight’s” code?

    “With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc. We have created a place that is more sensitive than ever.”

    Yes, but what about the faceless corn shuckers?

    “I’m still split upon what exactly a Female Internet looks like, but I do know that with this empowerment. Also comes an overt repercussion that must not be ignored.”

    Obviously, a Female Internet is all pink and slathered in scrollbars, most of them horizontal.

  9. And two posts behind she writes “I’ve been in London for less than 18 hours and I’m having an absolute ball with the Traveling Geeks. I’ve needed this resurge of like minded blokes to recharge the tech-lull I’ve been in lately.” I have absolutely no idea what she’s trying to say. For real.

    • Honestly, she blogs like she is a character out of “A Clockwork Orange”:

      “Ho, ho, ho! Well, if it isn’t fat stinking billy goat Billy Boy in poison! How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if ya have any yarbles, you eunuch jelly thou!”

  10. God. She is so painfully dumb. It’s just really sad that given the resources, money, and effort her parents have clearly put into her, she’s just such an idiot. I shudder to think how she would’ve turned out without these privileges.

    • Probably better actually – law of diminishing returns and all. Parents, let MA stand as a cautionary tale, sometimes a little deprivation goes a long way in developing character.

    • My thoughts exactly. Where did she go to college? Did she go to college? Did she graduate? Did no professor ever suggest English Composition 101?

      Applause to all the parsers above

      Half a point in the word salad is that anonymous commenting does allow people to say what hey might not say otherwise. This is true. However. But. Also.

  11. Paris Hilton called too, she wants some tech info.

    And Dan Quayle is wondering if she can help him learn how to spell “potato.”

  12. I love this site. It makes me feel so good about myself. True, I wish I had her financial position and an apartment of my own, but then I imagine being her and the thought quickly vanishes.

    She needs to just focus on posting picture photos with minimal writing of her own. This example was just… wow. Just wow.

  13. @robertloch: Highly entertaining night out with @sarahcuda @meghan @paulcarr – now realise that non society is a parody.
    about 2 hours ago from web

    Oh, so that explains everything. (Way to spin it, Meghan.) And whew. We all thought the travesty that is NonSociety was a big joke too!
    Strange though that your co-founder Julia has never described it that way in her many promotional blerbs/interviews about being the founder, branding, sponsorships, and eventually selling it for f.u. money. Live differently? A window into our crazy lives?
    Extra points to Mary, then, for refusing to be complicit in your big lie, errr, “parody”.

    • Methinks poor befuddled Meghan has the words “travesty” and “parody” mixed up in her precious little brainy-wainy. Either that or Jabs has suckered Paul Truck into spinning the NS parody line, we all know he is quite the luststruck Julia fanatic.

    • A “parody.” That’s rich. Well, we knew that Cranberry Spinach Cream Cheese Guacamole was a parody, and JA’s dating/fitness/nutrition/money/life/horoscope/travel/business/relationship/social graces advice.

    • Maybe her geek friends who she is in the middle of “resurging with” were teasing her about Nonsociety and that was the only defense she could think of….

      “Like, come on guys, I mean, yeah, it’s a PARADOY…though”

    • i think they mean a “parody” of “high society” as that’s been what jules and the gang have purported form the beginning. Little do they know they’re actually a parody of functional businesswomen.

    • Yes, but a parody of what exactly? The only sense in which this is a parody is that both MA and JA are feeble imitations of their respective parents. The joke is on you Momsers! Why are you crying?

      • Julia discovers Sarah Haskins and realizes she is exactly something sarah would mock, and not one of the cool kids. In a bout of late-night mania, she, in a last-ditch attempt to be considered cool, and to keep NonSociety going, decides to start telling people it’s a “parody.” Instructs Meghan to do the same.

    • Maybe she’s in London because that awful Paul Carr wants to get into her pants. He’s creepy.

  14. Wow. She’s a veritable idiot. Isn’t USC considered a good school? What a sad testament to them that she graduated and can barely form a coherent thought.

    • True about USC but as i understand it, he’s also rich enough to buy a new library for the school. So, maybe the $$ figured into the admission decision.

  15. Stop making fun of my sister, she’s got the brains, and I have the Jaws of Life.

  16. also, it’s simply not true that women “communicate” more than men – that’s a meme propagated by typical sexist assumptions.

    in fact, some studies suggest that men communicate/speak more words a day than women do – but when women speak, they’re perceived as “talkative”, whereas male conversation is “normal.”

    so not only is she a bad writer, but she’s also propagating ideas based on junk science.

  17. How do you slander the appearance of a faceless blogger, exactly? I guess you would have to be psychic, for one. Also, you would have to record your criticisms on video, since slander involves oral communication, not written.

    Megs, dear, better to keep your mouth (laptop) shut and be thought a fool, rather than open it and remove all doubt.

  18. Thank you RBNS. I pissed myself laughing out loud at this one.

    For all the posters who claimed USC is a good school, you’re right. But they are definitely not above allowing this dim bulb to gain entrance to garner favor from Daddy Parikh.

    Any other non-entitled life she’s a clerk in Costco dispensing out prints in the photo department.

  19. Maybe Meghan is using voice recognition software while shaking maracas or riding the subway or somethin’.

  20. Hey, hey guys. Ease up. A lot of Puerto Rican girls like Megs have a hard time with english grammar. But they are Americans. Kind of. Protectorate or whatever. Colony. Territory. Something.

    The thing we should focus on is that she is mucho caliente. And she is out of the beach hut and around electricty and plugging in things like ” iphones” and “apps”. She’s really trying.

  21. BTW,
    Is it me? Or does Sarah Palin and her incoherent “I’m the Prom Queen, leave me alone” shit remind anyone else of JA.

    All weekend I was seeing Julia quitting the alaskan governorship.

    • I have thought the same thing since Sarah reared her head for the first time and wondered why no one mentioned it. Same pathology, for sure.

    • And how interesting that in Todd Purdum’s recent Vanity Fair profile of Palin, he reports that people in Alaska were consulting their DSM diagnostic manuals to try to figure out whether their guv has Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Sound familiar, bunnies?

  22. Perhaps Meghan was just demonstrating a web-based translation service? You know, she probably wrote that in English, translated it to Portuguese and then translated it back into English…

    • I am sooo high and I know she’s Indian-American or Paki-American. But I just couldn’t resist poking Puerto Rico. She sounds like the girls in the Bronx.

  23. Meghan actually bugs me almost as much as Julia, simply due to her blatant stupidity and claims that she’s some tech “expert” and a “geekette” just because she is able to constantly buy/receive pricey gadgets. She calls herself a “tech blogger”, I call her a spoiled brat with an expensive hobby. And label whorish tendencies to boot.

    Not only that, she strikes me as a total stealth bitch. The catty way she recently made fun of other chicks’ clothing at that racing event she hit a few weeks ago coupled with the recent post where she was whining about a Hamptons party she attended being filled with fake/stupid people are especially illuminating. Or how about when she actually joked on TMI about married chicks being fat? She’s that typical Bitchy Bitter Betty type and simply hides it behind that goofy smile.

    I hate to sound cruel, but from what I’ve seen so far, the only things Megs has going for her are good looks and daddy’s money. She seriously needs to go back to hedge funding. Or go back to school.

  24. Seriously? Meghan? WHAT. THE. FUCK?

    A blind, retarded ESL student has a better grasp of the English language/written word than you do (no offense to the blind, retards or ESL students).

    And FYI: USC is notorious for admitting dumb rich girls.

    • I know this isn’t gonna make me popular with a lot of people here, but I think this is a really bad argument. You are very clearly trying to say that Julia Allison is classist, not racist. There’s a lot of overlap between the two, sure, but the underlying causes are very different, and that’s what’s important if you’re leveling accusations about her motives. You come off very poorly in all this, I think.

      Also, for all the shit we give Megan for her spelling and grammar mistakes, you might want to be more careful that you don’t make lots and lots of the very same mistakes.

      • There’s a bit of a difference, I think, between making spelling mistakes in the comments you leave on a blog and making egregious spelling and grammar mistakes in the actual blog postings. You have time to write a blog post. You have time to spellcheck it. You are putting something out there for consumption, and so you pay some attention to it, you give it some care, so that you don’t turn your readers off and give them reason to return.

        I don’t think the same standard can or should apply to the comments left after those posts.

        Also, I am not sure what JA is — racist, classist — but that original caption suggested she felt she was better than everyone else either at the event or working the event, and needed to flee. It was a stupid, typically careless way to describe that photograph in particular. So it was the crowds she didn’t like? Then she should have posted a photo of the crowds.

      • Jacy you and I agree completely. Blog posts should be held to a higher standard than simple comments on a blog post. My remark was directed at Julia’s Bad Press, whose blog post is riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. I wasn’t attacking anyone for errors in the comments.

        I also agree that Julia’s post conveyed an air of entitlement and haughtiness, as if she were better than everyone else there. That in itself is pretty deplorable, but its not sufficient to prove racism.

  25. I’m so confused. There’s no transparency.

    “I post boring photos on occasion to my blog. Millions of people do the same thing. It’s not really anything special, nor am I trying to make it special.”

    NonSociety isn’t just a personal blog, it’s a business that you and Meghan are trying to earn money on by product placement etc. If that’s changed in the last few months that’s fine but you need to tell your readers.

  26. This is why dumb people should never pretend to be smart. I actually think it’s really sad that someone with a college education has those writing skills, even if it’s just lack of proofreading.

  27. guys, your comments here are crackin me up!! brilliant!
    we definitely need to shed more light on MA’s stupidity.. it brings the lols!

    this article meghan wrote on why the internet contributed to the global financial crisis is hilarious.. shows her brilliant thoughts and coherent writing style perfectly!–

    this woman is like, p-hilton dumb but totally puts on this fake “i’m smart!” exterior..

    GEEK does not equal SMART!

    • Having an iphone and a macbook air doesn’t make you a ‘geek’. Being bale to use google and twitter doesn’t make you a ‘geek’. Spouting unintelligible opinions about internet shit thatwhich you don’t have the slightest grasp on doesn’t make you a ‘geek’.

      The dipshit can’t even code her own site. She regularly posts lol-shrug-goofygrin posts about not being able to use apps and hardware that a 7 year old can figure out.

      Megatard is a tool, and I wish she would stop trying to portray herself as some kind of arbiter of tech anything. She needs to just go marry some real estate agent named Clay and move to Santa Barbara and shop, spa, and shut up.

    • Jeez, that article is nothin’ but crazy-talk. Yes, the banks failed because risky start-ups no longer needed loans. WTF?

  28. GAH! Both of these chicks are so STUPID! Meghan with her incoherent ramblings (and this is your BUSINESS???) and Julia with her “I don’t understand why people care about me?” (Again… and this is your BUSINESS???)

    What really makes me angry is that these women have been given every privilege and opportunity in the world and they pissed them all away. They’ve been given a leg up that others would only dream of and what are they? Massively entitled fuck ups without real jobs or careers. They have no life. No real friends or connections. Nothing meaningful in their life. Nothing to do except for play on the internet and make a mockery of “hard work.” They make me SICK.

    And also very glad I am not them.

  29. Looks like someone is fishing for a J-O-B:

    CONGRATULATIONS to @DanielAbrams, @RachelSklar & the entire @Mediaite team for the now live!!!!

    about 14 hours ago from web If @mediaite is the new Gossip Girl, does that make @danielabrams the new Chuck Bass??
    about 15 hours ago from web

    • I think Julia is starting to slowly wake up to the fact that name dropping will not get you a job. She did it with Huff Po, Daily Beast, FB and now Mediaite. To get a job, it’s actually helpful to have to have a body of work and considering that she hasn’t had an article published in months and doesn’t even take her blog seriously anymore (because she needs to SLEEP har har) it’s sort of hard to get a WRITING job when you can’t even be bothered to post more than a couple of one sentence captions per day.

      She is truly at a dead end career wise, which is why her whole “I don’t get why people care about me” routine is so pathetic and tiresome. You build your “brand” on people caring about you, you imbecile. You’re just eaten alive with bitterness that it never made you any money.

  30. More nonsensical drivel from our special friend Meghan:

    “Craig Newmark (Craigslist) on a panel at Reboot London cites some incredible websites that aid social change in the public sector: A website that allows users to report, view, or discuss local problems (like graffiti, street lighting, or broken paving slabs). Craig plans to employ a similar site in the United States. Thus, using social media to employ change in the public sector. A social network that connects the government community. You can join if you’re a government employee, organization, contractor, or student. This social network cuts through the bureaucracy, empowering government officials for change.
    Check out Craig’s blog, he plans to lead grassroots effort using social media growing the engagement of others from millions to billions in the next 20 years.”


    • She writes like a 10th grader trying to write like a college student. Using words like “thus” and it all reads very awkwardly like she’s restating what she heard but wasn’t able to process any if it. What a dumb girl.

    • Oh fuck, meghan. PLEASE HIRE A COPYWRITER, YOU HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. What does this mean, ” Thus, using social media to employ change in the public sector.”

  31. Not to mention her wonderful habit of ending posts with HAR, BLERG, THIS EXCITES ME!, or WOOT! There was a period of several weeks where she didn’t post one thing that didn’t end with an all-caps nonsensical exclamation. HEE HAW.

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