Julia: Single White Female, The Sequel


Starting out the evening with Jordan at Sweet & Vicious, a dive-y bar on Spring, close to Bowery Ballroom.

Note the matching blazers, both from Banana Republic. After I borrowed hers, I had to get my own, all SWF style. And yes, I wore the Exact Same Outfit (different underwear, obviously. C’mon!) as I did last night.

I’m still trying to figure out my new style, but I know I like experimenting with a very different look for the first time in a long, long while. And I’ll tell you – wearing black is funny: you fit in everywhere.

Who knew?? 😉


      • It’s also become clear she only owns one pair of shoes now, the black t-ruffle-strap things.

      • those t-bars are feral.. do not see the appeal. like, to see them sitting on a shelf in a store they’d be the ones i’d avoid..

        though props to JABa ’cause those white ones would have been even worse.

  1. i see she removed the hair pelt after yesterday’s post. her hair is so brittle, thin and damaged, it actually looks better when the pelt is in. sad 🙁

    • Respectfully disagree, JC. The corkscrew Bo Peep-style pelts are absurd, ludicrous, regressive, reprehensible. At least the plain blow-out doesn’t look idiotic, no matter the condition of the hair.

  2. I know, right? It’s SO obvious she reads here. Why not just come out and admit it, Julia? We might have a little bit more respect for you. Of course, we might also have a little more respect for you if you weren’t such a FUCKING CREEPY friend stalker, but that’s another story.

    And wearing “going out” outfits twice in a row… that’s just unsanitary. Sort of like your unwashed plastic hair clip ins and filthy, dog-poop covered apartment, right?

    • Yeah, with her new coloring as a redhead, black doesn’t do her any favors. If she wants to do black, then pair it with a warm gold accessory of some sort.

  3. here is what i don’t get – why does she insist on wearing ridiculously short outfits that highlight her legs? she’s a marginally pretty girl, but her legs are her worst feature. you know what would have been suitable for last night, julia? a nice pair of dark wash jeans. pants: they are your friend.

      • HA! i love the photo when everyone is putting their tatts together and she has this teensy tiny little one and acting , “yeah! i’m tough AND alternative! woo!”

      • zandra–completely agree about the ridiculous tattoo picture. it deserves its own separate post.

    • Her legs are so stumpy and lumpy and weird. She used to wear these fug short plaid skirts all the time (about 20 lbs. ago) and I seriously think that she is so delusional that she thinks she’s still got the rockin’ body to wear short skirts and pants.

      It would be almost comical if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. That jumper makes her look like (or maybe accentuates?) she has a huge beer gut. Baggy jumpers and layering works on people like Jordache Jeans and Meghan Pumpkinface because they are long and skinny. Julia is shaped like Grimace. Seems like her “besties” might gently steer her away from these awful matchy matchy unflattering outfits… you know… if they actually liked her.

    • She is wearing short shorts because her new friend with whom she is obsessed is also wearing short shorts.

    • JC, I agree. I said in another thread that when I saw the top half of this outfit I thought she was actually dressing appropriately. Then I saw there were no pants.

  4. this looks like it could be in Bloomington, Indiana
    2 gals going to the local roadside saloon to get
    oogled and some free drinks, then going to the
    local Bennigan’s (RIP) for some greasey tripled-fried potato
    skins with extra bacon.

  5. That hair color is atrocious. It does not suit her in any way, and a REAL friend would of told her that. Does she not have any friends left?

  6. Of course Julia is writing for RBNS! It is all she has got at this point.

    Let’s run down the list, shall we?

    Job? No.

    Career opportunities? No.

    Viable relationship material in the works? Hell no.

    Friends? Maybe, if you count Paul Carr and Jordache Jeans (jury is still out on her).

    I love this website, but i gotta say, i think RBNS is the only thing keeping Jackles relevant at this point (and i use the word ‘relevant’ loosely). Certainly her hair is not enough and she really has nothing else at this point.

    But while i am at it, holy mother of fuck her hair is AWFUL. The bright orange top and dark bottoms are a nightmare.

    • Her blog posts are all written for RBNS. We are her only remaining readers/followers. She is so messed up. It’s 🙁

      • It’s so sad and obvious that we are her only audience. From Wired cover girl to begging for Gawker coverage and writing solely for a couple of dozen snarkers – all in just one year. It’s just so pathetically pitiful. I’d get bored and look away, but she just keeps spiraling down, down, down. Where is the bottom? Or when is the big reveal that we’ve all been punkd?

  7. Ok, seriously, please do not wear things that short. You have cellulite on the FRONT of your thighs. So gross. Depending on your perspective she may not be “fat” but girl has no business in shorts. So gross.

    Also the hair is hilarious. The color is so fake and looks hideous on her. It actually hurts my feelings a little that someone would go out in public looking like that in the city I live.

    Also, Rainbow Keds or whoever the fuck that wanna be next to her is looks like shit. Loose the black blazer April 09 is over and you have a straw purse and gym shorts on.

  8. Is it not a little weird for a 28 year old woman to see a blazer she likes on a girlfriend, run out to buy the exact same one, and then wear it on the same night? “Yay, we’re twinsies!!!”


  9. Amazing how everything she is given is laid to waste. I mean, I actually think she is a very pretty girl (not naturally, but after her minor cosmetic enhancements). She even managed to ruin her looks–she is a destructive force of nature.

  10. I am so happy that Julia continues to give us more manic content because for awhile homegirl was almost too boring to parse. The copying of a girl friend, the awful hair, the hilarious courtship of Harvard Harley. Julia is a joke that keeps on giving punch lines. So thank you, Julia. Thank you for this wonderful opera of insanity. <3

    • ‘Fakey McFakington of the Fakesworth Fakingtons’

      HA! this would make an EXCELLENT screen name.

    • her eyes have never looked that light in past photos. maybe she tried to “hazel” them up to suit her new hair? fail. additional fail on going for the lindsay lohan look.. lil linds just up and toned down her hair majorly to a super-dark red/more-like-medium brown. awwww.

    • nah, just glazed over… she even bores herself!!

      lol, when i initially read that i thought you meant she put in red contacts to match THE HAIR and her eyebrows.

  11. So now that Julia’s ONE day of work per month is over (shooting that comedy called TMI) what in the hell does she DO for the other 30 days of the month? Sleep until 2 p.m., run up credit card bills shopping for cheap clothes, read over here, manically google herself … seriously WHAT DOES SHE DO?

    What a pathetic, useless waste of space. Her parents must be so proud.

  12. So Julia is now a wannabe scenester? Indie rock bands, pseudo-hipster outfits, hanging out at dive bars in Brooklyn? Arg. Go away! Two minutes ago you were wearing pink tutus and prom dresses. The cobrasnake is that-a-way, Julia. Your try-hard is showing.

    • Not to mention she’s about 5 years too late to be going through her hipster phase. There’s nothing sadder to see than a 30 year trying to act like a 20 year old, going to dive bars in hipster clothes drinking PBR and trying to talk about Red Umbrella Yellow Backpack or whatever the idiotic band name of the night is.

      Julia grow up! Get a job! Dress your age! Stop assimilating other peoples’ personalities/styles/interests!

    • Julia is just a pathetic poseur. Clubbing and concerts = her ONE “hip” black outfit. Every other day = white dresses, headbands and hair pelts.

      Although she’s really dyed herself into a corner image-wise. She’s outgrown all of her existing clothes, doesn’t have the job or the notoriety to borrow clothes anymore, and what little clothing she does have left that fits clashes with her ugly orange hair. THAT is why we are seeing the same two outfits every other day – it’s out of desperation and necessity. She’s probably racking up big credit card bills even shopping for the cheap stuff at Bloomies. How seedy and sad her situation has become.

  13. How I wish she’d wear the Easter get-up in front of these people. Now that would be comedy. They could invite a TMI Weekly camera crew and film their horrified reactions when she walks into a Harlem Shakes gig dressed like a 1950s Sunday school teacher.

    • Yes, I think she is really beginning to regret the clothing choices she’s made over the past year or so. She got carried away in her big pink tutu mess and now is starting to see how her style might alienate people. She’s desperate. I think something may have finally clicked after she was cut off and mortified by Kevin Smith at Carnegie Hall. Now she’s going to try to be the cool “Zoey” type.

      And I think furthermore that she is still not over Jakob, her first hipster love. He’s in Paris with his girlfriend right now, did you hear?

  14. Back around the year 1995, people were wearing blazers and leggings. It wasn’t a good look then.

  15. If the prom queen/princess/poof ball image was really her thing, she wouldn’t give it up just because she dyed her hair red. She’s a walking, talking artifice machine.
    The change is so extreme and so fake it’s nauseating.

    (More nauseating and fake than hipsters usually are, that is.)

  16. when she started talking about wanting to wear the same outfit as the night before:

    a) knew it was going to happen (with the requisite pseudo-admission/cop-out)

    b) figured it had something to do with Jordache Birkenstock (ie. there’s a convo all “zomg what are you wearing”, then Julia wants to do twinsies, yet she posts photos sans blazer to appear as if she didn’t wear the exaccct same outfit. Except of course, this changes once she’s alongside SWF-target Jordache and able to name-drop that they’re Banana Republic, y’all! Never mind this same look has been done to death for a whooole lot less long enough ago.) When she was barking about “I’M WEARING A BLAZER AND A ROMPER” on that one post, my only reaction was “Umm.. haven’t you already done that a few weeks ago with Jordan except a different hair color? How is this different? Oh. Different color. Right.”

    Further lulz abound at her dressing in black as a “new thing” as opposed to “yeah, really didn’t think through this particular attention ploy, so now I have to re-zjujzh makeup and clothing, but I’m too lazy for all that, sad :(” She’s embracing it as if it’s pink to assure it’s a natural shift and/or has anything to do with her wanting a change. Same person who only months ago was all “EW I HATE BLACK” on TMI. Too funny.

    Also… indeed whatever she’s wearing gives the appearance of gut, and who knows how “FEROSH” those legos were without the advantage of practiced poses to make them appear toned.

    • if i ever saw her walking down 6th street like that i would literally punch her in the face. (real world style)
      NO ONE acts like that. she is like a 5 year old.

    • 1. wow she was thin back then
      2. i despise when young privileged white people do “gangsta” signs and talk about being “pimps.” Is there anything more disgusting and assholish than this?
      3.oh my god, the braying

    • Wow! That is beautiful. I loved it. Can you pass it on directly to Jacy? It’s almost a year old, but deserves its own post…

  17. Has this disease-riddled, unsanitary nastiness been discussed yet?

    “In the cab en route to @HarlemShakes concert, rocking the same outfit, tonight with a distinctly less comfortable thong. Grr.
    about 13 hours ago from TwitterFon”

    Short shorts + thong + filthy backseat of a cab = hope you’re showering in bleach, honey bunny!

  18. Am I alone in thinking there might be something a little “cokey” about Julia recently? This change in appearance, new best friend, the scene she is trying to integrate herself into – I’ve had my NYC party periods and have seen this kind of thing/behaviour happen to me and others. There’s something really “off: about Jordache… Plus cocaine would seem like the ideal drug for someone like Julia – it makes you feel fab and invincible , works well with the late nights, and its a wonderful way to make insta-friends and fit-in. Also, coke is staus-y drug unlike meth, K, or crack – and can’t imagine Julia smoking pot.

  19. I don’t quite think she’s an addict yet – although with her personality, she’s a prime candidate. You know, I was thinking about when I started dabbling in the party stuff and I was exactly Julia’s age. It was fun for a few weeks. Julia’s exploring a strange, fun new world.
    My radar really goes of with Jordache – there’s something snakey about her.
    Just a cursory look at her itinerary over the last fews days and can’t imagine she did not encounter any powder.

  20. Someone mentioned this in an earlier post about Julia not liking minorities and I thought I would share a little something I heard awhile ago from a little birdie:

    Apparently Nick Denton stopped his “I love you, I hate you” act with Julia when she made an offensive remark to his live-in boyfriend, who is black (and an artist who doesn’t care much for Julia). Definitely something about race and/or homosexuality. Apparently that was the straw the broke the camel’s back and so he let Owen Wilson slaughter her on Valleywag and then suggested that they lighten up on Julia coverage because he knew that was what would really hurt her. Also, Ryan Tate loathes Julia even more than Owen and she sends him ass-kissy emails constantly.

  21. I have to feel that the other night was her first night at a club w table service, and last night was her first night at a rock show. The fact that she is amazed that a show at Bowery Ballroom could sell out on a Wednesday is hilarious…Julia, it’s NYC, most people go out Tuesday-Thursday and leave the rest of the week to B&T and the SATC clones.

    The picture of her with the guitar case is cringe-worthy. She has no idea how out of touch/lame she makes herself look.

    And I agree with whoever mentioned coke-use. Not saying she’s railing lines off the toilet seat all night, but a few bumps here and there isn’t hard to imagine. It’s the age to do it, you have a little money, your friends have a little money, no one really has responsibilities, and it’s a slippery fucking slope….it really does make sense to me. Why the sudden interest in nightlife? MMMM HMMMM.

    Lastly, only a low class idiot would tweet/blog from the VIP at a club about what celebrities are there and what they are doing. But then again, this is someone who blew up Rosie O’Donnell’s spot when she was in her own home so why am I surprised.

    • Yes the amazement over the Wed. night sell out also struck me. Has she been living under a rock??? Would you ever guess she actually lived in NY?

      • I love where she helpfully points out to US that the audience knows all the bands lyrics. While she takes great pride in knowing every single lyric from the musical RENT. What a unique Wednesday night she had….attending a concert with all the bands actual fans. She really does think it’s worth noting. Snore.

    • I thought she was strategically concealing her legs behind the case while Jordan was showing her legs off!

  22. She’s such a try-hard, dudes. It’s like she is perpetually the 7th grader that no one wanted to eat lunch with cos she only had that one sad dress that she wore every single day and it kinda smelled and had pit-stains and her gym shorts had period blood on them for like two months before she ever washed them.

    Get a grip, gurl. I’m sure people would like you if you stopped sucking so bad.

    • Exactly.

      People also might like her more if she wasn’t a bigoted, bloated prostitution whoooore who puts her bare ass on dirty cab seats and has to beg for dates, but who’s splitting fried Crayloa orange hairs?

  23. Are we sure she’s a big ole mo hater? I mean…maybe she didn’t intend offense, we all know how socially retarded she is. Maybe she thought she was making a lil joke or something.

    • I’m not saying she is a racist or homophobe. I am just saying that she is insular. Very rarely do you see pictures of her with a black or hispanic, and she doesn’t seem to have any gay friends whatsoever.

      Her life is very whitewashed. She doesn’t branch out very often.

      • Agreed, and the Bolt Bus Bitch sealed the deal on that. She would not have done that to a white girl, trust. Maybe she would have been annoyed, maybe even said something…but posting the picture and rallying her twitter drones? Talking of physical violence? The superiorty complex on that reeked of racism, or at the very least classism. She thought she was better and entitled to more than the ghetto black “wench”.

        This can be cited again when she went in to the cab company during that interview, where the owners were likely not nice comfy WASPs, and demanded they let her stay.

        Maybe she’s not racist…but she sure doesn’t know how to come across as not racist.

      • What you guys are forgetting is that julia is a self-exiled hermit with no real friends. I don’t think race comes into it – she’s obnoxious to plenty of white people she can’t use, too.

      • How about that horrific video of her getting a parking ticket in some ridiculous cheerleader costume? She is beyond rude to the hispanic female cop, who is actually being more than accommodating to her. She treats her like a non-human…barking orders at her, grabbing her ticketing equipment, invading her personal space and totally disrespecting her authority. i so wish the policewoman would have called for back-up and locked that imbecile up for the night.

  24. Red is the hardest color to preserve. You have to stay on top of it with at least monthly salon visits to keep it vibrant. The strong color washes out quickly and leaves a very drab undercoat if you aren’t vigilant and prepared to invest. It’s pathetic that hers washed out so damned fast, that’s a really bad advertisement for the stylist.

    I wonder how many free touch ups she will get?

    If I were her I’d cut it short and start again. It looks awful

    Seriously she would have been better off with henna.

  25. “wearing black is funny: you fit in everywhere”

    Sigh. No, Julia, you no-job, nose-jobbed nutjob; you will never fit in anywhere.

  26. Next up, Julia comes to Williamsburg!

    Hipster-doofus FAIL. And guaranteed that was her first trip to Bowery Ballroom. She listens to Mariah Carey and “The Little Mermaid” soundtrack. She admittedly knows dick about music.

    • and she got to go BACKSTAGE!!! with the BAND!!!!! something that only VIPs, and convincing people with 5 minutes of tenacity can usually do. What a cool cool scene she’s in!!

  27. i think she looks really nice here.. age appropriate for one and just pretty and normal.

    though if i wore the same item of clothing and admitted i went out and specifically bought it to copy, even my best friend would glare at me and let me know it was uncool.. jen anniston style.

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