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Harvard Harley’s still around, @wachner, but I’m not so into getting too serious too fast. I actually like dating and being single!!about 5 hours ago from TwitterFon in reply to wachner


Walking past Carnegie Hall, wondering why I’ve been there only 3x before. I will go out w the next guy who invites me on a date there!!

Now, the question is … am I going to get a date out of this!??! Dammit, I better. Either that or “Putting Yourself Out There” Karma.

Just texted a guy I’ve had a crush on for the last few years that … well, this: “You know I’ve always had a crush on you.” EEK!

Grogggggy as hell. Lunch with The Ex (one of my many!) at Houston’s in a half hour. Can’t stomach eating when I’m still bleary-eyed.


  1. I’m not so into getting too serious too fast. I actually like dating and being single!!


    • An epicure who makes fun of Randi Z for going to Ninja NYC — OK, fair enough, the place is a joke — and then goes to the northernmost restaurant in New Jersey, Buddakan NYC.

  2. These fucking tweets read as though they were composed by an eighth-grade girl who can’t stop reading Young Miss and cutting out pictures of celebrities to put in her scrapbook. Seriously. What’s Jackles going to tweet next? “I just had my period for the first time and was my face red!”

  3. What a fucking motherfucking goddamn liar. She is SO DESPERATE to get married that she can’t fucking see straight. If he asked her tomorrow she would say yes.

    I love that she fools absolutely no one.

  4. She and the girls went on one of their auctioned dates on Tuesday–it wasn’t just the 3 of them at dinner, but a man who paid for their company. Wonder how that went & why we heard nothing about it.

      • No I don’t. It was mentioned in front of me is all’s I can say. Didn’t think it was a big secret–it was a public auction–but wondered why they hadn’t blogged or tweeted it–maybe to protect his privacy?

    • VERY interesting. (and also explains why Mary and Julia were at a social, non-TMI event together. i was beginning to think we might be wrong about them.)

      maybe now that it’s been revealed here, they’ll acknowledge it.

  5. Should be “Walking passed* Carnegie Hall” and not “Walking past Carnegie Hall.”

    It’s like when she kept using “dying” instead of “dyeing.”

    Why is she unable to use correct grammar/spelling? She writes for a freaking living. Why? Why?

    • Though I agree that Julia needs some proofreading help, she’s correct here. Her implied subject is “I’m”: “I’m walking past Carnegie Hall, wondering why I’ve been there only 3x before.” If the implied subject were “I” and the commas were shifted around, you’d be correct: “Walking, I passed Carnegie Hall, and wondered why I’d been there only 3x before.”

      Sorry to be pedantic. Pity for a poor doctoral student?

    • Heh, nice observation.

      Oh boy, this glam hipster thing is never going to work, it’s too funny. She looks so incredibly misplaced and uncomfortable and obviously doesn’t really know what to do with the guitar case, let alone integrate it in one of her trademark poses, ending up looking like a chubby wannabe groupie doing roadie stuff in order to stay close to the band.
      Delciously fake and ridiculous.

  6. “Note the matching blazers, both from Banana Republic. After I borrowed hers, I had to get my own, all SWF style. And yes, I wore the Exact Same Outfit (different underwear, obviously. C’mon!) as I did last night.”


  7. God can she please stop that stupid “tribal woman dropping baby” pose? It’s so awful. Jules if you need to blow off the dust bunnies then get a dirt devil like the rest of us sexless fatties do, but stop standing with your legs wide. open.

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