Rambo: Ooooh It’s On!


featherbrained: @maryRambin So you weren’t invited to Julia power-dinner tonight, ha? She’s so awful to you! Stand tall girl.

MaryRambin: @featherbrained I plan my time in NYC wisely.


  1. She may not be the best speller, but Mary’s lack of falsity and her “what you see is what you get” attitude makes her a million times more appealing than JAB. She doesn’t care to pretend to be something she’s not, and I think that must drive JAB CRAZY.

  2. Also note that Mary has sort of thrown down the gauntlet by being very clear about when she received PR freebies or discounts. Wonder why JAB hasn’t followed suit. Oh, I know why: Because that would be totally contrary to her nature.

    • The only reason mary discloses anything; she got ‘reemed’ in her comments [her word].

      Considering she gets an average of 5 comments every 20 posts she cannot afford to piss off more people. Which is probably why she actually answered the somewhat rude question above.

      How is anything….On?

      • it’s on because she pretty much publicly admitted that her and JABa are not friends. we all knew that. we’ve all known for some time. but she’s never admitted it. i think the thing that JA said on the Loren video pushed Mary over the edge. and good for her. Julia is not anyone’s friend, and the sooner the people around her realize that, the better they’ll be. that’s why she has so many “frenemies.”

  3. Oh, my. Mary wasn’t the only one missing. Looks like Jackles spoke too soon about dinner tonight with OMG Randizzz, who already had other plans:

    juliaallison: @randizuckerberg – um, duh. I LOL’d when you told me you were going there. Total tourist trap. Should’ve stuck with me, baby!

    Jackles LOL’d, peoples! At Randi’s dim restaurant choice! But…um…the world is shrinking for Jackles, one BFF at a time…

    • Considering the rest of the line-up at the JABaFest, Randi would have been better off at the Red Lobster in Times Square.

      Anyway, anyplace that JABa considers “hot” has been over and done for at least 3 or 4 years. Try as she might, she’s still the starstruck hick who still believes that SATC is hot.

  4. So HH was a no-show, apparently. And she admits to never having worn a necklace Meghan MADE FOR HER four years ago.

      • Ahem, that would be Dan’s TIFFANY’S necklace. It probably doesn’t go with the new badass look she’s chosen.

        Btw, could it be that the idea to do a “let’s just be friends” TMI is remotely related to current developments on the HarHar front? It’s not like they have been planning their shit show months in advance.

      • You know what also doesn’t go with her new bad ass look? Red sausage curls, a heart necklace and a ruffle dress. God, what a hilariously dopey train wreck!!

        “she’s still the starstruck hick who still believes that SATC is hot.” SO SO TRUE.

  5. I kinda love Mary. She’s a notorious bitch, but she’s on the right side of the fence. She knows JA is Kray-to-tha-Zee.

  6. Off topic, but because we were talking about Mary, I just had to go and look at Megan’s blog.

    In almost every single post there is a mistake in either spelling or grammar. If they don’t have an editor you’d think at the very least they’d have spell check.

    They are less than amateurs and their proving it time and time again does actually amuse me.

    You GO Julia! You compete with the big girls! We’re waiting for you to bring your “A” game. HAHAHA.

  7. Randi spent $550 on dinner? What. Maybe she’ll spend herself into obscurity and Julia will run out of well-connected strings to pull. Maybe.

  8. I don’t know about you folks, but if someone kept announcing every single time I was going to be someplace with them, followed by oh so mature 🙂 🙂 🙂 I would just not go. It would just get annoying after a while. Like, if I wanted everyone to know what I was doing I’d put it in my own twitter.

  9. Mary is squeezing in a gym visit before the All Day TMI Shoot bunnies! Can’t wait for teh fireworks when Princess Julia rolls in hours late!!111!!!1!

  10. “Almost got into a fistfight with a redhead at the health food store. Whoa – maybe red hair DOES make you more aggressive!
    about 13 hours ago from web”


    • I’m still curious what might have happened there. Maybe the other redhead didn’t let her cut in the checkout line. Maybe then Julia asked ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’ Anonymous redhead probably replied no and why should she and that’s when the formerly pink princess snapped.

  11. I love how she tells Randi that she made a mistake by going to a “total tourist trap,” but Julia herself had dinner at Buddakan. Oh, the irony.

    • Seriously. But then again Julia’s restaurant choices are pretty tacky. It seems like she only goes to restaurants mentioned in some unofficial “The Pink Girl’s Paradise: ASex and the City Guide To NYC!!!” type of thing that they sell on Canal Street.

      But then again, where else would she be able to go in Manhattan where they would seat no less than 10 Z-listers at a moment’s notice? And oooh square plates! It is so…asian-ish…

  12. Buddakan? I thought they closed a year ago

    Is that a white cased iphone cover on the table? not pink?

  13. Has Mary even acknowledged The Hair? That is the most amazing thing of all to me. Her silence = she thinks its crazy and ugly.

  14. it’s hitting the fan today, i can feel it.

    is mary still styling TMI? if so, she’s going to pick stuff that totally clashes with The Hair (ugh) OR pick stuff that works great to show how lacking J’s personal style is day-to-day…


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