Julia: Harvard Harley Twitter Mania


Tweleted in quick succession:

juliaallison: On agenda today: acupuncture, TMIweekly production meeting, dinner w/ @JRLunch, @CourtneyFriel, @KrystalK, @Meghan, @Caro & Harvard Harley


juliaallison On the agenda today: acupuncture, TMIweekly production meetings, dinner w/ @JRLunch, @CourtneyFriel, @KrystalK, @Meghan & Harvard Harley

To be replaced by:

And Harvard Harley’s coming too 😉


On agenda today: acupuncture, TMIweekly production meeting, dinner w/ @JRLunch, @CourtneyFriel, @KrystalK, @Meghan, @RandiZuckerberg

Guess she wanted HH, and her saucy little red-headed wink (ewwwww), to be a stand-alone Tweet.


  1. I wonder who the omg so cool person is ‘that which’ she is getting all this acupuncture for? It seems to be a rather recent obsession of hers.

    And, money down that she had to mention har har because of our rampant speculation about his apparent departure.

    • Money down that she read about or saw some scam infomercial for acupuncture being a quick fix for weight loss. She’d actually believe it – because she is SO SMART bunnies! Just like she believed juice cleanses would lead to weight loss, too!

      • Because becoming a vegan would actually require hard work and a lifestyle change. No more 500 calorie cupcakes! Sad face!

        Julia is a lazy slob who can’t be bothered to work hard for anything in her life – career, looks or weight loss included. Bulimia, juice crash diets and acupuncture require a lot less hard work than serious working out, diet overhauls and saying no to a plate of brownies. And clearly… the results of all her laziness show big time.

      • I don’t know. Being vegan is the most awesome thing for some lazy people! Just toss vegetables and rice in the microwave and you’re done. I guess if you like variation and blah blah blah it would require work and planning. But if you’re a lazy slob who just wants to cram something in to make your tummy stop, viva la vegan.

        (So I’ve heard. As we all know I’m a velveeta inhaling 300 lb alcoholic, so maybe she should ignore my nutrition ideas)

      • I used to sit next to a junk food vegan who pretty much subsisted on cheez doodles and potato chips

  2. Nothing spells romance like tagging along to a business dinner with a gaggle of horse-faced wannabe Carrie Bradshaws.

    Is anyone ever going to tell JA about Tweleted?

  3. Looks like Mary is not welcome at the lunch table anymore. I wonder if there’ll be a “too sad you couldn’t make it, bunny” tweet later or if they’ve simply stopped pretending to care about each other.

    • Regina: Whatever. Those rules aren’t real.
      Karen: They were real that day I wore a vest!
      Regina: Because that vest was disgusting!
      Gretchen: You can’t sit with us!
      Regina: [pause] These sweatpants are all that fits me right now.
      Regina: [after being ignored] Fine! You can walk home, bitches.

    • she is certainly conspicuous in her absence from that list, isn’t she?

      i guess after the tmi production meeting, she figured she’d need some “space” from JABa. good for her if it was her decision. Julia’s a terrible friend.

  4. Where’s Meghan?

    I guess @caro canceled.

    And, um, you guys realize that JRlunch is the lunch.com founder, right? The one who lets her delete all the comments to her reviews and write infommercials for all the freebies that she gets?

  5. Wowzers. That group will definitely never be mistaken for a Mensa meeting.

    Kind of surprising that she’s going to let a certain female around HarHar.

  6. Also… that is seriously her “agenda?” Acupuncture, one meeting and dinner? I’m surprised she didn’t write “brush teeth” or “remember to inhale and exhale” in her agenda. But she’s BUSY! SO SO BUSY! SO SO EXHAUSTED! SHE NEEDS A VACATION!


    • I know. The more of her typical schedule I see the more absolute rageoid hatred I feel festering in me. I just cannot believe people like her exist. Get a fucking job, Julia.

    • Let see:

      Woke up @ 5:30
      Took 2 trains deep into ghetto to teach rememedial 3rd grade for education fellow 9-12
      12:30-2pm University Class (lunch while in class)
      3-6:30pm Teach evening workshop for parents
      6:30-Sleep Write 2 papers

      *But, I really do feel sorry for Julia. Must be SO HARD.

      • Up at 5:30, ran 4 miles, made 6 work calls from home, into office by 9, meetings, meetings, sales calls, swim laps at lunch, afternoon of work which piles up because of it being a holiday week, manicure with girlfriend after work then join our husbands for dinner.


        You know, real life.

        Sorry, pink princess. I will take my real life over your pasted together strategic parnterships and “business” any day

      • Wow looks like we all get up at 5:30! Drive hour to work by 8, work (lunch at desk) straight until 3, in training until 4, back to the desk to code more, leave at 5. Drive hour home. Walk dog for hour. Eat/hang out/watch 80’s tv shows on dvd, finish some work at home, go to sleep. Wahoo, exciting life.

    • But she’s up before noon! It’s a banner day in productivity! How long until we see a repost of the 2009 travel schedule for the 47th time and more claims of how busy and in demand and exhausted she is?

      Dadsers: Julia, your mother and I are going to stop sending you money every month if you don’t find a steady paying job by the end of summer. That $10,000 graduation gift was supposed to be a one time thing, bunny.

      Julia: But DAAAAD! I am busy! I go to meetings! And dinner with my agent! And I had a photo shoot yesterday! See! Really, really busy!

      Dadsers: Ummmm, Julia? Those things don’t actually pay you an income. In fact, they cost money. You understand how that works, don’t you?

      Julia: It’s all for my business! I have a web start up! I am shifting paradigms! Bringing A Game content! Machining happiness! Being a conversationalist!

      Dadsers: Uhh… whatever. How much do you need this month?

      Julia: Only a couple thou! I am working on a sponsorship deal with Bloomie’s downmarket teen line! If I mention them enough times on my blog, I am hoping they give me a deal! You know, before I get too big to fit into junior sizes.

      Dadsers: Uhhh… [hangs up phone]

  7. Breathlessly introducing her new squeeze to 5 of her closest girlfriends at dinner (plus one random dude). Wowzers. Maybe Julia has started going steady with her new beau!
    Really – no mention of Mary? That’s pretty cold.

    • why would any man agree to this?? honestly? out to dinner with your latest conquest and 5 of her giggling handmaidens? why can’t they meet in a bar like normal people? much more relaxed and less, “my friends are judging you now.”

      • Because she’s not dating him.

        I wonder if her OMG I love my rivals! tweet last night came after meeting some new interest of HarHar’s.

  8. Looks like the new BFF Jordache has returned to Julia’s social whirl!!! Well, sorta. Julia replies to a general concert announcement from Otto the Organist’s band:

    juliaallison: @harlemshakes – I’ll be there! So excited.

    Translation: I expect to be comped at the door.

    The reply: harlemshakes: @juliaallison oh HELL yeah. Translation: you’re not getting comped at the door.

    Now I’m wondering why a group of privileged white boys would call their band “Harlem Shakes”, instead of, I dunno, The Trust Fund Five or Kos Kob Kidz.

    But anyway, I hope Otto and the lads will do a Disney tune to show their esteem and affection for Julia.

  9. From Pitchforkmedia, re: Harlem Shakes last album:

    “…anyone put off by the group’s privileged nostalgia and self-consciously upbeat lyrics might imagine the cover’s rainbow canopy as a multi-hued harbinger of doom, announcing yet another smug Brooklyn band with a savvy appreciation of someone’s big brother’s hip record collection and a smart way of appropriating and assimilating it into a catchy enough but far from guileless confection…”

      • I wanted to give them a chance (it’s not their fault they came to my attention through JA) but just saw this tweet: “I just remembered I left my guitar at empty bottle three weeks ago. we’re playing there again tonight. Lucky fool.-tg”

        Ugh. I’ve known so many struggling musicians in New York–this would never happen, even if they “made” it. You don’t just lose your tools for three weeks when you care about your trade, it would seem.

  10. This weekend was a treasure trove of madness. I look forward to another chapter of lunacy.

    • True. I am still chortling over the visit to the library and the Jumpin’ Jules shot in the quadrangle.

      Tonight’s dinner could be rich material, too. Here’s hoping Our Lady will not succumb to an attack of discretion.

      • Yeah – I can’t wait for the super contrived poses of her and her fake besties squeezed into a booth, the Leventhal-directed restaurant reviews, and more drivel about how much she LOVES her [insert adjective] best friends EVAR!!!!! complete with a 4 a.m. tweet about how magical the city is and some smiley face tweets thrown in for good measure. Hmm… which outfit will she wear? Will it be the white dress she had dry cleaned again, a new cheap dress from Aqua by Bloomingdales or the hooker jacket and plastic heels? OH BUNNIES, I CAN HARDLY STAND THE EXCITEMENT!!!!

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