Julia: Yawn

Chat with Gawker after their little post today about me leaving Time Out New York and dying my hair red.


  1. Julia, just let Gawker do what they do (it’s enjoyable) and you just do what you do (concern yourself with hair color and trying on clothes you can’t afford).

  2. She’s so transparent. This is the most content she’s had in MONTHS. She claims to hate Gawker and not read what the haters have to say, so why would she have engaged with Ryan Tate to “joke” about her lack of coverage. If she didn’t read it, she wouldn’t have noticed that Gawker wasn’t covering her.

  3. oh shit. if she really believes that she is a “conversationalist” and not a “protoceleb” (nice way of saying “fame whore”), then someone should tell her that she is an epic fail.

    has she seen herself on camera? she doesn’t converse with people; it’s more like she waits for other people to stop talking so that she can interject her semi-related comments. and sometimes she doesn’t even do that! sometimes it’s all interrupting, all the time. she should ask her TMI co-hosts about her conversating skills.

    Man, she is an idiot.

    • This is the Oprah fantasy coming out. Concurrently, we have the wanting to be pretty like Lindsey Lohan fantasy. And of course the shopping at Bergdorf’s hedge fund wife fantasy.

      The summer ’09 edition of the Catalog of Julia’s Crazy is now out.

      • I’m not surprised she fantasises about being other people.

        Being Julia Allison Baugher would suck.

      • every time i think she’s run out of people to emulate, she surprises me! i tell you, that’s the only reason i continue to subscribe to her silly catalog!

  4. You have made 26 comments on the Gawker story so far Julia. Don’t you have better things to do, like have a nice lie down with a damp washcloth on your forehead?

    • She’s responded to almost every comment on today’s Gawker post. So desperate. So pathetic. Clinging to her last few seconds of ‘suit-o’ fame.

      Better enjoy RBNS while we still give a fuck, Jankles. Because, sadly? We’re all you’ve got left.

  5. Today, two of the most iconic stars of this generation passed away, and what does Julia have to offer? Hair complaints (what a hard life you lead when you get free expensive color treatments!!) and gchats posts – which are about? Guess who? HER. She is a self-absorbed, entitled asshole. She contributes nothing. She says nothing. She does nothing.

  6. Poor wittle Julia! Posting shot after shot of has beens who sported the look that she was going for and then burning another bridge when gawker gave the has been bore another few minutes of fame. Doesn’t she even have the time to emote for the ages about how Michael Jackson’s untimely death has affected her?!

  7. It’s just amazing how she lives in this pink moronic bubble. After I heard about MJ I checked a ton of blogs — one after the other, tributes, posts, video clips… I hit up ol’ Jules and it’s two dress dummies and some kind of horrendous pink poodle statue. WOW, just wow. The “lifecast” becomes more insipid and irrelevant by the hour.

  8. Julia, we’re not idiots. Your Time Out editor was glad to see you go. It doesn’t matter whether you “lost” your job or if you left by mutual agreement. They no longer want or require your services and I doubt VERY MUCH if we’ll see your byline in those pages in the coming few weeks or months.

    You have a poor work ethic and limited writing skills. You are not a writer and you are not a journalist. TONY are well aware of this, RBNS people are well aware of this, your “readers” are well aware of this. We’re all just waiting for you to become aware of this.

    Stick to being a talking head on TV and you’ll be fine.

    PS. I’m not even going to start on that “conversationalist” BS. You know it means nothing.

    • I don’t think talking heads get paid. I think the “pay” is exposure. So, you know, good luck at Bergdorf’s.

    • Those TONY articles were pathetic. Rehashed email responses from her three “readers” — zzz.com. But hey, Hunter S. Thompson didn’t have rhubarb-colored sideburns, yo!

      • masthead changes at publications aren’t always immediate. blame overworked production departments.

  9. PS. I’m pretty sure her julia@juliaallison email would work. Anyone written to that address and receieved a response recently?

    If so, it would prove that she would have received the Gawker email.

    Why the lies Julia?

    • As if she doesn’t have them all synced.

      She has really lost it. She complains about no coverage, then reams his ass for the coverage. What a crazy loon she is.

      Also, I cannot even express how much it infuriates me that on a day when two huge cultural icons croak, she’s posting photos of what shade of red she would have preferred. She is monstrously narcississtic.

    • you SO missed the point!

      even if that e-mail address does work, she is just SO BUSY, y’all. she was out all day, so she doesn’t have the time for telling Gawker’s people not to post an article about her that she wanted them (nay, practically begged them) to write in the first place.

      and don’t even get me started on how she’s completely cut off from the rest of the world whenever she ventures out of her pretty pink sanctuary and away from her princess lap top. sure, she’s got an iphone, but it’s really hard to remember not to forget to leave that thing in cabs. also, it’s totally prone to falling into toilets.

      and never you mind that she just posted a photo of her in an awful leather jacket and skirt combo that she clearly took with her iphone. i mean, why are you stalking her? you really need to relax! it’s worrisome! i mean, this is only her blog! it’s not like this is her main revenue stream or anything!!

  10. Hey at least she’ll have lots to talk about at the family wedding this weekend.
    “So Julia dear, what have you been up to?”
    “Well, you just won’t believe what the haters on Gawker have been saying about me but I showed them, and I am doing some sports reporting you know because that’s my next career angle and then I dyed my hair ya know and I have seen all these pretty things in Bergdorfs that I wanna buy and I am dating up a storm but he couldn’t make it to the wedding as my date because he said it was “too soon” whatever that means?”
    “Er, ok…I’ll just go and freshen my drink…”

    • Seriously. What can she possibly tell people about her life that halfway decent, without spinning everything madly into lies?

  11. A few choice quotes from Julia’s conversation with Gawker ..

    “I’m going to say this slowly, so you understand: it was a mutual decision. I am still a contributor on their masthead. I adore them. I value my time there. But I was really tired of writing a dating column. Period. It’s not really that interesting or surprising for anyone who knows me.”

    “And it INFURIATES me that you find a way to spin EVERYTHING in a negative manner”
    “That is just not how life works!”
    “And the red hair had nothing to do with it!”

    “Jesus christ, Ryan”

    “I’m just a writer and a web show host – I’m really just a conversationalist. I don’t DO anything to be a celebrity – proto or otherwise.”

    (just so, so nice, ya’ll!)

    Choice quotes from Julia’s plethora of Gawker replies …

    “I don’t know, David! I’m pretty happy right now. Well, actually, at this EXACT moment, I’m pissed that Gawker managed to turn something positive into a negative (their unique talent), but other than that? I’m actually really enjoying life. Don’t overanalyze it!

    PS. I don’t shop at Associated. ew.”

    “It wasn’t a stunt. I just wanted to change my hair color. Don’t read into it! ”

    in reply to the question – do the curtains match the carpet, she replies …
    “no carpet, baby.”


  12. Conversationalist, indeed. This from the woman who sits on the edge of her chair just waiting to butt in to any line of genuine conversation. Rich.

  13. “@adiam7: It’s a mic. We were filming it for TMIweekly. You know. That show which airs on the “obscure cable channel New York NonStop.”

    there she goes again misusing which

  14. Julia Allison: I am going to say this slowly. to make sure you understand: “that” and “which” are not interchangeable.

    Google it.

    • THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY. She’s probably had teachers trying to explain the restrictive clause rule to her since junior high but just refuses to think about it when she is writing. Does she make that mistake in conversation? Eh, probably.

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