Julia: It’s Hammer Time


I have a theory. I theorize that Harvard Harley said at some point in passing that he liked redheads. And now she is trying to make him think someone at whatever sports event she was covering last night — because, of course, why would a “lifecaster” EXPLAIN why she’s posted numerous photos of herself interviewing athletes in Hammer pants?? — gave her some special attention with her new red hair. I base this entirely on her  smiley-face, “dammnnnnn” middle-of-the-night Tweets.

This is purely wild speculation, of course … as always.

This morning, there’s this (it sure is physically gruelling spending the day getting your hair dyed, by the way):

Was that a dream? My god, I need a massage.


    • I don’t think Sideshow Bob up there is getting any love from an actual human these days. She brays all the time for her love of battery-operated appliances… just sayin’

  1. Lol for real. A jumpsuit is the height of sex appeal. Don’t you love how every photo there is an underlying pose? For example, look how far apart her legs are to make sure they aren’t close together looking like mini sausages. Just don’t understand how she thinks she looks good. Where is Clinton Kelly and Stacy London when we need them!

    • Julia’s signature “wide stance” + baggy harem pants = NOT a good look. My god, the voluminous jumpsuit on a voluminous ass, the Clairol dye job and huge red sideburns, the black 90s head wrap, the cheesy cheap shoes… I think Julia has really outdone herself in combining the most fug looks possible into one picture.

      • I agree with you. Worst look ever. She must not own mirrors in that fine pad in hell’s kitchen

    • I think she looks good by my God, she is such a heinous person. I just look at her and see: Mean girl. Manipulator. Mock the poor. It’s all about me.

      I take comfort in the fact that anyone who gets close to her will find this out within a short period of time.

      She says that her fans aren’t her friends, but I beg to differ. She so desperately needs their kind words & approval when her real-life social crowd turns on her. Do you think Jordan Berkow or anyone w/similar impressive creds would put up with the “ME ME ME” show for more than a few days? Hell no. They can do much better than Carrot Top. Oh, the irony (karma?) of it all: They use her the way that she uses her fans: Occasional amusement, sycophantic entertainment.

      God, I love this show!!! This shit is must-see TV.

  2. Her red hair was kind of pretty. I wore the hair-slicked-back-into-a-big-headband look in thr 5th and 6th grade.

    It does nothing for Julia.

    Why did she ruin her potentially pretty hairdo so?

    • One thing I thought of yesterday was how irritating all those chemicals can be on your skin if you never have your hair colored. I got itchy just looking at her.

      I’m pleased that her hair color does, indeed, scream I CAME OUT OF A BOTTLE! In a few weeks it will fade to a pretty auburn shade. But for now? It’ s like she’s telling that guy, “….and it’s $50 extra if you want me to say your name.”

  3. She puts up pics on NS of herself interviewing people, without bothering to identify who they are. What’s the point?

    • The point is to say, hey look at me and my new hair. Look I pretend I have a job but my blog is really just a little more advanced than my facebook photo albums.

      • Oh wow, that’s probably the best and most succinct description of JA’s fake job. No wonder we’re all so pissed at her.

    • No word of the event these people are gathered for, no identification of what publication/broadcast she’s interviewing for, not a peep on o the angle she took with her questions. Well of course not silly people! Julia hates sports, remember!? And more importantly, bunnies, it’s not about the athletes (or whoever they are)! You’re missing the point entirely!!
      It’s ALL about JULIA, girl reporter. See? There’s a mike in her hand and isn’t it obvious that she is the focal point of the fauxtos. There’s no need to actually work on her blog/business and write explanatory sentences and paragraphs. So exhausting. Just admire the pretty pictures!
      I hope we’re finally clear on this.

  4. Why did she ruin what was a beautifully styled blowout for that idiotic 90’s HEADBAND?!!
    I actually kind of like the new red color on her and thought the styling was younger and fresher than any of her previous hairdon’ts, and I’ll be damned if the igmo goes and stinks the whole previous look up with her typical fashion fail.

    Also, nice work on the “lifecasting” there, fucktard. You post some mysterious pics of you interviewing random folks at some random, nameless event, and don’t even bother giving any details whatsoever on the actual WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHY.
    Brilliant. Gee, I can’t imagine how such a fascinating business model failed!

    • In my wildest Julia Nutjob Allison dreams I could not have imagined her spoiling that great blow-out (the best I have ever seen her pelts look) by clapping on a giant bad-day-at-the-Miami-mall headwrap. Gah!!! Does she truly have no idea? I mean, for someone who looks into the mirror/lens all day, does she TRULY have no idea?

  5. I think she wore the headband to break up the brightness of the red against her face. She’s tweeted a couple of times that she’s worried it’s too bright. Maybe she’ll wear the headband for a few days until it fades a little?

  6. Maybe this has already been discussed, but does anyone find it odd that Mary has commented on Julia’s new hair color?

      • I hope Mary isn’t even pretending to be friends anymore. Julia betrayed her and Mary owes Julia nothing. I bet she’s laughing privately like the rest of us.

      • Mary has said that she has distanced herself as far from Julia as possible. Other than TMI, all ties are severed and she wishes Julia the best in all future endeavors. She’s as fed up with her as we are. And is probably on her couch laughing at the pictures!

  7. Man. The oufit, the hair color, the headband, the heavy makeup, the bloated body, it’s like she is actively going out of her way to try and make herself look terrible.

    Let’s be real she can’t pull off the new do but it is in fact pretty and she should own it and flaunt it for the night even if the color isn’t for her. Walking on the treadmill in pancake makeup for half an hour earlier this week did not get her into shape so toss out the skintastic clothing.

    I really think someone should nominate her for What Not To Wear. She stuck in I’m a hot 23 year old phase, but she’s an average 28 year old who needs a little help.

  8. She’s still stuck in “I’m a hot little piece” mindset. She either needs to take up the ana/mia that kept her weighing 130 lbs, or settle back, have some chicken fried steak, and embrace her big ole Chicago housewife ass already. At any rate she needs to stop trying to dress in shit that, let’s be honest, should only be worn by women who are a firm sample size 2.

  9. Who is taking these photos? Is this part of the NonSociety intern’s “duties”?

    Ugh. I would love to see what the Go Fug Yourself ladies have to say about this outfit…

  10. Can FashionGirl please put together a post suggesting how Julia should rock her new hair and what wardrobe colors will flatter it? I have a feeling she wore this silly jumper outfit because it’s black and she can’t figure out (and doesn’t own) any clothes that work w that red.

    • You know what would actually look good on Julia’s curvy figure? Form fitting dresses like Herve Leger. She might as well show off that ass she has instead of masking it behind poofy skirts.

      • There was an article on Jezebel recently about Marilyn Monroe’s pronouced hour-glass figure. It seems that Jackles shares a similar body shape. Friggin’ work it girl. Clothes that fit (and yes, you might have to get tailoring; buy a blouse big enough to actually fit your bust (no more pulled buttons) and trim in the waist. Same with skirts. Buy them big enough to cover your caboose and again, trim in the waist if need be.) Rock it. Study Marilyn Monroe. Emulate.

  11. What’s the logo on the mic she’s holding? It’s not the TMI thing… Sweet jesus. Does she have… a… job?

  12. Oh honey NO NO NO NO NO!

    Burn that jumpsuit. And do yourself a favor and stay away from anything that is voluminous around the leg area. I don’t care if it looks great in person, you look like a sasuage-legged former stripper making the rounds in her Forever 21 jumpsuit. Why does she make everything look so horrible and cheap?

  13. a) Lacey from Rock of Love. The end.

    b) You know it’s bad and she knows what to do because J. is wearing black. Dead giveaway that she’s in a tailspin about this look.

    • I think she’s just trying to emulate her “edgy” new Brooklyn friend Jordache Jeans. Musicians wives don’t really hang out with girls who wear white dresses and cap sleeve yellow jackets with white plastic belts and white plastic heels and freshwater pearls, ya know?

      • shamoolia – I’m kinda in love with you for calling Jordan “Jordache Jeans”. Just thought you should know 🙂

      • I can’t take credit… someone called her Jordache in a thread last night. But thanks. I think I’ll just refer to them as Jordache Jeans + Sideshow Bob from now on.

  14. the look that guy is giving her is classic.

    Color wise red hair is pretty easy. Any nuetrals will look good. Black, grey, browns, probably not navy. Purple, green, a well chosen red, bright blue all work for colors. She should do her hair like hair and not some weird new head piece.

    No matter, girl has not a stylish bone in her body and no actual inner confidence to pull it off. You could put her in Prada and she’d look a cheap trashy mess

    • What the heck is that? A full-length article with a detailed description of the event, it’s purpose and location? With additional interviews of the notable people attending? AND a video? Written, edited, AND published with just a one-night turnaround?
      Oh, bunnies. So old school.
      I mean, wow.com! There isn’t a single reference to the journalist!!! Not even a picture of them (probably an old or a fatty)!!
      No wonder print journalism is so over. In the new vanguard of social media we skip all those boring details and break down the fourth wall but eliminating content/context altogether. Just pretty pictures of me! You’re welcome!
      Me. Me. Me.

    • She regularly ditches pics from her blog that we make fun of around here. But yeah, she totes doesn’t read here or care what we think. Nope. Couldn’t care less!

  15. and is it me or is this pic series not actually on the red carpet? look at the seedy looking floor. why would people go to the trouble of making a red wall and then leave this hodgepodge floor?

    If you look at this steve nash pic (that is steve, right?) on the right, u see the floor turns to green like astroturf and the wall looks like is the edges of a step and repeat. hence, julia isnt actually interviewing on a red carpet shes lurking on the sidelines hoping someone talks to her because she has a big mic.

  16. I am seriously starting to think Julia is a little bit mentally disabled. It would explain a lot of her erratic, irrational behavior and delusions.

    • Oops! Sorry! I know mental illness has been brought up before (and werewolfism) but I wasn’t sure about mild retardation. Carry on!

  17. I think when the red fades a bit, it will be a better look for her – that is, if she learns to (1) deep condition, (2) drop the bobby pins, and (3) lose the headbands.

    She’s also going to have to make makeup adjustments, big time. That’s why I stopped playing around with my hair color, because I got sick of not knowing what were good makeup colors for me.

    She needs to realize that black isn’t her friend now – the starkness in the jumper color + her skin undertones + the red hair = washed out complexion.

    Oh, and speaking of the jumper … Julia, if Jordan and Mary and Meghan can pull it off, it doesn’t mean that you can. You need either fitted on the bottom or on the top. Going loose and baggy everywhere just makes you look dumpy. Also, the cut of the pants accentuates the your calves, which are not your strong point … and you seem to add insult to injury by wearing those black shoes. Throw away the black shoes, now. They have never, ever looked right on a single outfit you’ve worn.

  18. That is one HUGE ass. Steve Nash who’s over six foot is thinner at the waist than Jackles is.

    I agree with the rest of you, she destroyed the whole new ‘do by going “HEADBAND MANIA”.

    Stupid twat.

  19. “…Every time you see me
    The Hammer’s just so hyped
    I’m dope on the floor
    And I’m magic on the mike…”

  20. Gaaaawd!!! Who in their right mind does not think through the consequences before making a big change to their appearance, such as dyeing your friggin hair RED?

    “Attempting to come to terms with the inescapable fact that I can no longer (easily) wear pink. I feel like I’m at a funeral.about 1 hour ago from txt”

    Oh really? It didn’t occur to you that the new do might not go with your favourite colour pink, before you had someone smear RED DYE allover your hair??!! Seriously, what do you use the few marbles you’ve got up there for? Do you ever THINK anything THROUGH? This is like having to come to terms with the inescapable fact that you can no longer (easily) live in the smouldering remains of your house after you set fire to it.

    • Julia is mildly retarded. Thinking things through, considering consequences and following logical thought patterns are beyond her mental grasp.

  21. She seems to be implying she’s working for MSN in her latest twitter. It’s in legalese, though, so hard to say.

  22. @juliaallison Back @ Ted Gibson salon for a little toning with expert colorist Jason Backe (follow him! @JasonHueman) – watching MSN set up their lighting
    1 hour ago

    BWAHAHAHAHAA… Jason Back (the colorist) must be regretting getting involved with this!

    • I think the dye is on her face, too. Me thinks she didn’t wash off the dye from her skin well enough. She’s a little red.

      The eyebrows need to be fixed STAT. They are way too red.

  23. Also, what I’d like to know…

    Does she bring a chair for her fauxtographer to stand on to ever event? I mean, it’s rather obvious and we all know that’s the slimmed “trick” angle.

  24. So her already weak, broken hair (due to terrible diet and health) is undergoing two chemical treatments in two days, and this is after being subjected to years of teasing, hot curling irons and clip in extensions?


    I hope Julia is ready for “Project Balding” after this latest fuck up.

  25. The pic she has up of Ted Gibson, looks like the same guy she made that hair extension video for that she deleted/made private when it was mentioned here. I looked him up and he does of have a new line of hair extensions so it must be the same person from that video.

  26. Why is she getting her toning down filmed??? Seriously. What person over the age of 16 who has EVER been in a salon in their lives already knows this shit happens.

    Why lights and cameras? Why?

    Also, Ricky van Veen? he’s a funny guy, but his association with her is really scaring me. Back away, RVV.

    • No one is filming her. No reason to. More lies and truth massaging. Probably filming his latest installment on QVC to push his fake hair clip ins.

    • I’m starting to think that homeschooled teens are an important demographic for her. Who else would think that this is good viewing or that she is edgy?

    • “I would like to sell my GeoCities online photo album scrapbook in five years. I even learned code to make the background pink and taught myself how to add Google Ads!”
      Julia Allison, Mental Midget

  27. Alexa website traffic ranking update (from alexa.com!)

    Yesterday, non society was the 73,164th most popular American webiste visited by internetters! Yaaa!

    Hotchickswithdouchebags.com was yesterday’s 39,543rd most popular website. Almost twice as popular as Julia’s (note to self: find out if that Puerto Rican girl Meg is still “blogging” for nonsociety before you post this on RBNS).

    Awww! Can’t someonw get hotchicks tossed off the web, randi zuckerberg? Then JA oculd move up to 73,163!

  28. So Julia emailed Gawker to complain how comes she isn’t being covered and asked if she was blacklisted.

    I thought she didn’t read the mean things people wrote about her, and I thought she said Nick Denton ruined her life.

    God what a bitch.

    • Asking if she was blacklisted, hmm? Wasn’t some commenter just asking that same thing? But I thought ol’ Jules didn’t read RBNS!

      The Gawker post just screams of pity-post. It feels so sad and dejected. We are just two posts away from Julia being deemed “over” or “too sad to talk about anymore.”

      I’ve noticed she has started to become less relevant as she has tried to act more and more like some real celebrity. She left the geek balls and media events (probably because she wasn’t getting invited to them anymore, or because people no longer cared if she didn’t show up) and now she wonders why no one cares about her anymore. Duh: the only people that cared were the people that were part of the insular NY media world, once she left them she was out on her own.

  29. One desperate publicity stunt after another, and all so she could get back on Gawker and be snarked on. I guess to her attention is attention.
    What next – she’s done the tattoo, the radical hair color, the public bust up with a friend, the nondisclosure of blog-for-pay, been the subject of a scathing interview by her former employer. What is left? An affair with a high profile married man? Another plagiarism “incident’?

    • Well, no one remotely high profile would get involved with her, and a plagiarism scandal would have to involve her actually getting published somewhere, which looks like a remote possibility now, so I am guessing the next lame attention-grabbing stunt will involve something she can somewhat control herself:

      – “leaked” nudie pics or a sex tape
      – “accidental” pregnancy
      – confession of “secret” drug problem and rehab
      – admission that she is actually a werewolf

      • I say now that she has Lohan hair, the next step will be a “topless” tweet exactly like the recent one by Lohan:

        Extra-long clip-ins covering bare chest.

  30. I had this dream. I’m watching the nightly news with Brian Williams and the broadcast begins with him talking about what he had for breakfast. And what a good cook his maid Sangria is. “I love Meester Bri,” she tells the camera. Then it’s off to Bergdorf Men’s in a black SUV for Brian to buy boat shoes. The shoppers tell us how much they love Brian and many groups break into spontaneous applause. Brian gives in to the cheerful requests from the crowd and agrees to do a little spontaneous posing. We see him modeling a tux. He shows us the label. We see him in a tan Brioni suit, $12,500. Then a swimsuit, a pith helmet and jodphurs, a dragon-skin silk dressing gown, and then it’s time for a commercial break. The next segment of the nightly news is the entire NBC staff singing Happy Birthday to him while he iceskates solo at the Rock Center rink. Then I woke up with a sore throat and this strange facial tick that won’t go away.

    • As Julia said, what she is doing IS the new journalism (also where I got my name!)

      It is funny that she thinks that keeping a personal blog is 1. noteworthy and 2. journalism. It just goes to show what a terrible education she had to think that writing about solely yourself is considered “journalism.”

  31. Is it just me or is there something weird about her arms? It is a mix of atrophy (due to lack of work) and fat (due to cupcakessssssssssssss!!!1!!1!) with nary a hint of muscle.

    I don’t mind her hips, if she knew how to dress to flatter them instead of stuffing them into paper bags that make them look 10 times their natural size, but now I think her arms are going to be tied with her mouth for “Grossest Physical Attribute Of Julia Allison” in my mind.

    And Julia: I’m being NICE by talking about your looks here. Trust me, your personality/intelligence is not something you want us to attack.

    • Her whole body is like that – weird and lumpy and doughy. She gets absolutely ZERO exercise or even the most minimal of physical activity, so she has NO muscle tone. Combine no muscle tone with a metabolism that was killed by juice fasting, shoddy cut-rate cosmetic procedures and terrible sleep patterns and you have Julia: a woman who is not even 30 but looks like she’s pushing 45.

      • oh please, no one who supposedly eats cupcakes all day and does ZERO excercise looks like that.. if she’s really got all these things you’ve listed above then she’s looking pretty damn good. i’m about her size and i’m in no way fat or crappy looking and it’s insulting to read otherwise.. by their own admission a lot of the readers here are much larger than she is so it’s dissapointing to hear this shit.

        julia is a joke, but is it really necessary to rip on her appearance? the snark makes everyone’s valid points about why they don’t like her void. if she was a brilliant journalist who looked like that she’d be celebrated but she isn’t a brilliant journalist so people should just leave their commentary to that.

      • Da-Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt.

        Before JABa let herself go, she used to snark on fat and unattractive women, so it’s only karmic that she now gets handed to her what she used to dish out to others.

        If she doesn’t want her looks critiqued, she shouldn’t have put her appearance out there as part of her persona.

  32. Hey. I totally just figured out why she always does the kissy face!

    I was in the bathroom at work. Staring at myself in the mirror. Wondering where it all went wrong. Whither went mommy’s little boy? Are you proud of yourself? Are you proud of yourself, NOW? Loser!

    That sort of thing.

    So then, to psyche myself up to go back to work, I jumped up and down a couple times, slapped my cheeks. Threw a couple shadow-boxing punches. And then, fuck it. I blew myself a few kisses in the mirror. Parade-float queen style. Hi Flatface! I see you! Yeeees I doooo! I see you, Flatface! Mwah, mmmmm-wahhh! Here! Here’s another kissy! Mmmmwaaaah!

    And I noticed something. Making pouty lips makes your cheeks suck in a bit. It makes you look a little less chipmunky, you know, if your apple-faced.

    So I tried another experiement. I opened my mouth really, really, wide in front of the mirror. Like I had just told myself the craziestfunniestbathroomjoke. Of. All. Time. And we (me?) were laughiing hsyterically. Or like I was telling myself with my eyes that I was gonna suck my own dick, big time.


    And you know what? Same thing. My face looked longer. Thinner. Younger, actually.

    Julia Allison does those two poses (the pouty/kisser, and the cackling unhinged jaw) to make her face look thinner.

  33. OMG, you are right! Done aggressively, the pouty/kissy face can even make the round-faced look as if it has….cheekbones!!!!!

    Tip o’ the tutu for this. Must go practice in mirror now. Will try to hold the self-recriminations. Does it work without those?

  34. Since poor Julia Allison needs opportunities to monetize her pretty pink digital scrapbook, might I suggest she bray for pay about the fab new Barbie Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas?

    Not sure how well her new red locks will fauxtograph within that pink fantasia, though. http://is.gd/1dtUg

  35. Loving gawker right now:

    UPDATE: Regarding the hair, a tipster adds:

    Julia was broadcasting for some really random network from a soccer event at Hudson Terrace last night. While she was still sporting that HIDEOUS one piece (it looked Aladdin-inspired) she’s wearing in the pic on Gawker, her new ‘do was covered by a huge headband. The reason? Apparently the dye turned BRIGHT RED near her scalp over the course of the day, leaving her with noticeably two-toned hair. It looked entirely heinous. In typical Julia Allison fashion, she was bitching very, very loudly about it. She obviously mentioned that it was Anne Hathaway’s colorist that did the job so she “should have known better.” Yeah, ok, Julia.

    Another choice remark: “I was trying to look like Lindsay Lohan but it ended up like the fifth element!!!”

    • Business must suck for Gibson to go downmarket with Julia. She’s not exactly the economic bracket that shop targets.

  36. it’s sweeps week on Julia’s reality show, currently playing exclusively in julia’s imagination. Bring on the next shark for her to jump!

  37. BTW, Did I not call hours ago that there was a problem with the red “dying” her scalp and face….definitely that’s what’s going on. It’s not able to absorb into her hair because her hair is like a scalp pelt dish rag (even the not pelt hair).

    • TV shows will be scrambling for tabloid journalists to cover the Summer of Celebrity Death 2009™. And we’ve seen what happens (cough, Father’s Day) when coverage is thin–can’t wait to watch Wacko Jacko Jr weigh in with her take, looking exactly as crazy as her subject. Let your freak pelt fly, gurrrl!

  38. I checked out the pelt salesman’s QVC site, and he had some tips for “styling” the pelts. Voila, the “bobby-pinned hair don’t” that we all came to loathe:

    Half-Up All Out Glamour

    Attach 5 clip in pc and 2” pcs according to directions. Style and blend your hair with the hair piece. Lightly back comb top of hair. Taking hair next to your face, sides (can leave bangs if desired) and top pull back as you would a pony tail. Leave back hair down. Secure in the back of your head using decorative barrets, combs or bobby pins.

    I wonder if she will still favor this look now that she has the red?

    I have to say, I did like the blowout and the color…not so much the headbanded look though.

  39. Well, the King of Pop died today, but so did Julia Allison’s career as a fameball. You can’t help but read the latest post on Gawker and not think of it as anything but a eulogy for her and her self-promotion fameball existence.

    RIP Jaba, your 15 minutes are up.

  40. Julia’s doing some heavy duty commenting on the gawker thread tonight. My favorite:
    “I don’t know, David! I’m pretty happy right now. Well, actually, at this EXACT moment, I’m pissed that Gawker managed to turn something positive into a negative (their unique talent), but other than that? I’m actually really enjoying life. Don’t overanalyze it!

    PS. I don’t shop at Associated. ew. ‘

    ‘Don’t over analyze it’ !!!!! Another julia classic. It’s worrisome!!! Sometimes she makes me seething mad but other times she amuses me greatly…OMG. Next time my boss asks me for something, or my bf asks if I like him anymore, I’m just going to shrug and say “Don’t over analyze it!”

    • Julia wading into the Gawker thread, how apropos. It’s not like there’s anything newsworthy happening for our little journalist to comment on right now – Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcet and Ed McMahon dead. Iran. Yet she post pictures of herself shopping at Bergdorfs.

      • Her replies on Gawker are just so.sad (SAD.COM!) to me. What a terrible, lonely existence that poor girl lives. Of course, it’s all self-inflicted, but please. Where is that little mini-her on her shoulder telling her to step away from the computer? She’s trying to be self-deprecating and funny but she falls flat every.single.time. It’s hard to read but such a train wreck, so impossible to look away.

  41. “It wasn’t a stunt. I just wanted to change my hair color. Don’t read into it! ”

    ANOTHER CLASSIC: “Don’t read into it!!!!”

  42. wow. She is all over the gawker comments.

    What, Bunny? Too embarrassed to go out tonight? Bad hair day? Sad 🙁

    She got in touch with gawker herself.

    No new pics? That’s worrisome.

  43. Christ she is all over Gawker like an insane person and …gross:

    @glengarryleads: Looking good JA, but I gotta wonder if the curtains match the carpet

    1 reply by Julia Allison 9:33 PM @glengarryleads: no carpet, baby.

  44. The loon is posting a chat with Ryan Tate of Gawker and seems to think she is winning him over…she claims she left TONY by “mutual decision”? Uh, sure, that came across clear as a bell in her interview with the EIC, who sounded like he was sipping champagne as he bid her adieu.

    Another JFA classic: “I take issue with the tone of that post.”

    Well, fuck you, princess, and your bargain-basement career.

    • Ya, the link on TONY is tagged “Buh bye Julia”. Kinda like a “see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya”. “don’t let the door hit ya on your way out” etc.
      You get every sense that she is persona non grata. And totally in keeping with her gushing, “I loved my time at TONY” etc blah blah.

  45. Judging by the amount of replies she has left on the Gawker link, this attention is like catnip to Julia. She LOVES it.

    What’s more worrying is that she can’t seem to stop.

    Calm down Julia, your neediness is showing.

  46. I cannot believe this trick. She often acts as if she’s unaware that she’s a totally calculating slag. She has had every opportunity to succeed. College education, paid for my her parents, which is lovely. She lives in NY, small apt. or not, I’d rather have a small NYC pad than a large pad in Jersey City, where I live now. She had gained a certain amount of attention which she has not used to better herself. I totally hate that I’m watching this trainwreck. I shouldn’t wish ill on anyone, but petty or not, I want her to fail, badly. Grr.

    She was/is attractive, and yet, she is disgusting. Even more so because of the whole, “Who me” act. She courts attention, denies that’s what she’s doing. I mean, for god’s sake she’s humoring Gawker. She is a defensive, calculating, and vile woman.

    • She loves to window-shop at Bergdorf’s, while fantasizing about whipping out Dan Loeb’s credit card.

    • God, look at her eyebrows in that picture! They are like fucking glowing neon arches! I bet the martians can see them from outer space. Gross. Who EVER has day-glo eyebrows? I cannot find one picture of a natural redhead with Ronald fucking McDonald eyebrows. What person does that to herself? She has no clue.

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