Julia: Epic Inthiprathions


One of the inspirations for our photoshoot tomorrow – Sarah Jessica Parker’s epic June 2008 Vogue shoot (at the Met). In my opinion, this photograph is among the best of Liebowitz’s recent body of work.

Annie Liebowitz’s famous shot of Scar-Jo as Cinderella for Vanity Fair, one of the influences for our shoot tomorrow at the NY Public Library.

These Jackles posts made me laugh harder than most in recent memory. Such a tool when she tries to come off as intelligent while boasting about her OMG OMG photo shoot.

And we find it strange — and funny! — that she expects us to believe she has a clue about Liebowitz’s entire “body of work” to the extent that she could definitively declare an SATC shoot her best. It is truly very funny when Jackles tries to pretend that she’s smart, the “Fuck You Money” video probably being the most hilariously dumb example.


  1. I’m sure the only parts she finds inspirational are the wardrobe and the stairs. What a yutz.

  2. Fauxto shoot of Jabbers as a slutty Disney princess. Sounds about right, and just what everybody expects. If I yawned any wider, I’d resemble a certain famewhore…

  3. Gosh Annie Liebowitz will be just rolling around in the stink of Julia Allison validation right about now. Imagine she’s gone her whole career without getting the approval of the Pink Princess!!111!!!
    And truly – Blake Lively, ScarJo, SJP??? A little disclaimer that you are in no way comparing yourself to these actresses would be in order Julia.

    Am starting to think Julia has some reality disorder where she believes she is living in an episode of Sex In The City. Mr Big to sound stage 3! Mr Big!

    • “Gosh Annie Liebowitz will be just rolling around in the stink of Julia Allison validation right about now. Imagine she’s gone her whole career without getting the approval of the Pink Princess!!111!!!”


      • HAHAHAH! You’re so right. She owes like her neighbors, construction company and the city tons of dough. She’s just as difficult to work with as Julia. She’d probably do a fauxtographer shoot with jules.

  4. The truly bizarre thing is to compare the Lebovitz photos in this JA post to the duelin’ romper pose from last night. Earth calling Julia Allison…..

  5. This is Julia at her best. She’s scouting the location herself. The photographer is perhaps her intern? The location must be the library steps (since the library is closed Sundays and shooting inside would require permission, etc.) So there she’ll be on the library steps tomorrow, screaming at tourists to move their asses, kicking away soggy candy wrappers, climbing on the guano-covered lions, and plastering her back against the granite facade in her best Pink Pillow Queen gowned splendor.

  6. There is a revolution going on in Iran and I am reading the absolute drivel of this vapid nobody. I am ashamed of myself and will be signing off from this shit show she calls a lifecast.

  7. I love the Liebowitz “BODY OF WORK” comment. I happen to know Leibowitz’s body of work pretty damn well, and if Julia thinks that SATC shoot is among her best, then well, she’s blind or has only seen a few Vanity Fair pictorials.

  8. Jackles has been SO BUSY she forgot all about sending her AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING daddy his Father’s Day gift. Poor girl needs a vacation, methinks.

    juliaallison: RT @tmiweekly “Are you doing something fun for Father’s Day?”- Just got my dad his pres: a digital picture frame! He’ll never figure it out.
    9:47 AM Jun 16th from web

    juliaallison: I just wished my dad a Happy Father’s Day live on MSNBC (but he didn’t get the gift I overnighted!) Awww.
    about 7 hours ago from TwitterFon

    • The best part is that this gift she is overnighting to AMAZING DADDY is a digital picture frame that I’m willing to bet came from the Kodak TMI sponsorship.

      • of course it did. She was saying she got the same for her grandma a while back at CES or some crap.

    • she bought it on the 16th but didn’t get around to sending it until the 20th? what is wrong with her?

      • Seriously. Doesn’t she have interns? Maybe she should have spent less time tweeting about the goddamn present and tear-stained letter and more time licking some friggin’ postage stamps.

  9. I don’t understand. Why is someone (presumably a professional photographer) taking pictures of her? Of what use are they? Who pays for them? Is that person retarded?

    Julia, you’re attractive but don’t really stand out in a crowd on looks alone; you went to a decent college, but so did everyone else in NYC; you’re an okay writer but probably better suited for a trade magazine than the Times; your family appears to have money but would be considered middle-class on the UES or in Greenwich.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is you’re really not that special. I recommend you go back to school (even if it’s night classes at CUNY), pursue a non-fluff degree in something like accounting or computer science, get a nine-to-five, and move on with your life.

    You tried living differently, which didn’t pan out. Now it’s time to live like the rest of us.

  10. No one pays for these photo shoots. They are akin to the “photo shoots” that every other hipster living within a 5 mile radius of Williamsburg has been in, i.e. they are taken by low-level photogs or people studying photo at FIT or something who are looking to get stuff for their book. Julia goes out and gets dresses, gets full make up and pays for most of the things on her end.

    The photo shoots are for nothing. If they were for something she would mention it. I’m sure some dumb photog just contacted her and was like “I’m studying photo and I would love to photograph you, you are so beautiful!” Julia eats that shit up.

    • Exactly right. When my BFF was building his makeup artist book, all the models and fotogs were as broke and hungry as he was and they all helped each other out. Models got comps. Makeup artist got someone to practice on. Fotog got portfolio work. That phase typically lasts ages 22-26, and if you haven’t broken thru by then it’s time to wait tables fulltime or get a dental hygienist’s license

      • Did someone say Dr. Gary??!! Woo woo! Dr. Gary is in da house!

        Hey Partypants? How ’bout you bust out a box of Franzia and get this party started!

    • Totes. I’ve been the subject in photoshoots to help photog or artist friends for various projects…but I realize that it’s not about ME it’s about them and their vision/book/style/whatever. I mean, I may as well be a bowl of fruit or a sunset…

  11. Not that this has anything to do with anything except photos, I clicked on NS which I rarely so.
    Is it me? Or is there an actual lovely picture of Julia holding Lilly with her new bff’s kitten snuggled on her neck?

    • She certainly looks less tranny – make up wise, but check out those arms. Seems like she may have put back on the 4 lbs she lost at fat camp.

    • maybe ’cause she’s not flexing? Overly relaxed? I think I was struck by the non-kissy-face and lack of pose contortion. I fear mocking in case my own arms blow up in my sleep as a result of karma! 🙂

    • Yes, that’s the look… vacant! I couldn’t figure out what wasn’t quite in sync and that’s exactly it. The dead eyes.

    • A few possible reasons:

      *Jabbers has some major ham hock arms goin’ on.
      *They’re appearing on MySpace, which might appear disloyal to Randi Facebook Zuckerberg
      *The BFF vid already has has over 4,300 views (700+ subscribers).
      *The colorful and professional BFF set really puts that government office cubicle look of TMI to shame.

      • Wow, I never made the connection between the Myspace video and and the RANDI ZUCKERBERG friendship … again, Julia is really one for keeping those connections and relationships going.

        Burn, bridge, burn.

  12. “Blake Lively in (I think) Vogue. Or Vanity Fair. Can’t remember. ”

    I’m sure the mystery photographer will think this impressive attempt at a photo credit is sufficient.

  13. I love how Julia pretends to be an expert on photography. Please, you like these photos because of the pretty princess dresses, not because of the aesthetic vision the photographer maintained.

    And, I may be totally wrong about this – but because of the landmark status attributed to the 42nd street NY Public Library … can Julia just have a photo shoot outside on the steps without any sort of permit? For things like weddings and special events, there’s restrictions the library places as to the activities going on the steps, particularly when the library is open for visitors. The library steps are still library property, so she may still be required to go through the permit process.

    Again, I could be absolutely, positively wrong about this.

    I’m hoping that this is a truly low-rent photo shoot conducted with the trademark Julia Allison amount of research, and Julia doesn’t believe you have to have a permit … and her ass gets escorted off the property by security.

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