Brother Britt: Single White Female?


I’d like to take a brief moment to remark upon my decidedly un-Julia look tonight – a black, short romper and a gray blazer is pretty much the anti-thesis of what I usually wear.

To be honest, I’ve been inspired by Jordan & Meghan, who both wear tiny little loose outfits with giant blazers, and make it look GOOD.

So this morning I did a little retail therapy at the Soho Bloomingdale’s – and in the process stumbled upon a veritable fashion treasure trove with their private label, Aqua.  All of the pieces are under $100, they look like Theory, and they’re super comfortable.  (Both the blazer and romper above are from that line.)

Lest you worry, I’m not shucking my Charlotte York/ Elle Woods signature – but sometimes a girl just has to mix it up a little!

Oh dear. It will not be the first time my poor sister has glommed onto a woman she thought was fashionable and had useful connections … remember Mary Rambin, to name just one example? That’s ended so well, with my poor indiscreet sister basically confessing on camera last week that they despise one another now that Mary has outlived her usefulness/outshone her.

Remember those heady days from a couple of years back when Mary was in her rightful place performing services for my sister?

The ineffable Mary Rambin just joined me at Star for lunch and discussion.  She’s styling my photoshoot on Friday, and she brought ideas AND the Lillster (she’s had Lilly while I was gone) –  who looked all pooped from popping into showrooms across the city all day long.  It’s hard work being a stylist’s pup.

And now what’s happened? Things are so tense that Mary’s dear friend Bob Tweeted angrily about my poor demented sister last night, but Tweleted his comments soon after she showed up online:

bobbaer: Shame on you
Sun, 21 Jun 2009 03:51:24

bobbaer: @juliaallison. Are you aware of what’s going in with women in iran? Are you a political scientist? Did you go to georgetown? I have …
Sun, 21 Jun 2009 03:50

bobbaer: you to comment but its too late. Take the dinner you owe me and donate it to Neda’s memory who died on the street in tehran. Shame on you


    • If the women’s magazines teach anything it’s that you don’t wear short shorts if you don’t have the right legs for them. Fail.

      • When wearing anything mini, if it’s black or navy, the shorter the hemline, the wider you look. It’s a vicious little optical trick.

    • Jordan is a friggin’ skeletor. She’s a woman that, frankly, looks like a skinny man in drag.

      • I totally agree. I don’t see her as being at all attractive and I’ve said here before, she looks like an anorexic tranny.

  1. That pic looks all the more ridiculous, in light of Bob’s reprimand. We’ve had our TV glued to CNN all day long. She is a frivolous waste of a college education. Maybe she could donate her diploma to someone more deserving.

    • But what did she do to enrage Bob, I wonder?

      This isn’t the only friend of Mary’s who openly despises her. She and annapoet are close friends on Twitter, it seems, and annapoet is constantly Tweeting for JA to shut the fuck up.

      • My guess is that the Bob ill-will goes way back to when Mary unwisely gave up her apartment share on the premise that the Bravo show would be (cough) greenlighted and she and Julia would be moving into that awesome work/live space. Yeah. So Bob surely got an earful about JA while he was hosting poor homeless Mary in New Canaan. Isn’t that where he lives, or am I thinking of another Bob?

    • Honestly, the LAST person I would want to comment on the Iran situation is Julia Allison. So she studied poli sci at the undergrad level at a good university, does this make her an expert? If everyone with a Bachelor’s in Poli Sci thought this made them a “political scientist” we would have a lot more problems in our world.

      • Agreed, she has nothing to add to the Iran conversation. In her case, a closed mouth gathers no cankle. Still, with all the focus on Twitter and her being such a cheerleader for that service, the timing is worse than usual for the posting of more proof of her vapid existence.

      • Just think, if she had made different decisions at a barbeque, Julia could be writing speeches in the White House about women in Iran.

        …instead, her most substantive comment this week: her decision to single white female Jordan and copy her look. Honey, copying someone’s look won’t get you a Harvard education husband.

      • Agreed but it seems like Bob the Bear is just mad at her. I think Julia hurt Mary big time in that interview with feldman and that bob is standing up for her. He should confront her publicly with what is REALLY on his mind, not some Iran thing.

      • What did Julia say that would upset Mary in the Feldman interview?

        I know Julia admitted they weren’t getting along and needed space, but she didn’t go into detail and wasn’t nasty.

        Do you think Mary felt betrayed that Julia would even talk about it?

      • Um, Mary said in the comments on her blog that she was disappointed in how julia handled that question and didn’t say anything to ‘cover” for Julia…meaning she left the commenter with the impression that she was upset…i’ll find it.

  2. Imagine how impressed this crew would be with the Easter outfit? I would pay money to watch her walk into a Harlem Shakes concert dressed like Little Miss Junior Oklahoma.

    And indeed, her legs are easily twice the width of her poor stalking victim’s.

    • Yowza, it would appear that EVERYTHING on Jankles is twice the width of Jordan. And Jankles, hon, Jordan’s blazer is not “giant.” Yours, however, looks like it came from Omar the Tentmaker. How do you get it so wrong every damn time?

      P.S. You passed “girl” about a decade ago. I’d say switch to “gal,” but your foul mouth puts you more in “broad” territory.

  3. Maybe he thinks she should be using her platform to raise awareness of the situation in Iran. Remember how she came back from Davos all hyped up about the powerful women there and talking about doing charity work? Yeah.

    I guess when you’re a journalist with thousands of followers on twitter and facebook, not to mention a website with hundreds of thousands of hits every day (heh), you might feel a twinge of responsibility to speak out in support of human/women’s rights. Unless you only care about waxing, botox, tutus, cupcakes, and buying glad rags to hide your big fat ass.

    • I am guessing he must have asked her to get involved in the #neda Twitter discussion group and she ignored him. It was more important, of course, to Tweet about how she’s sucking up to her wannabe boyfriend’s closest friends.

      • As I’ve said before, it’s amazing that Twitter can be so crucial in what may be the next Iranian Revolution, and at the same, it’s a vehicle for THE most banal and insipid attention-whoring bullshit.

  4. Awesome content Julia. Just awesome. Really filled a void.
    FYI: fluid, drapey minis do not flatter the meaty-thighed.
    And PS: time to tone down the new BFF shtick or you’ll scare the poor girl.

    • Never have I made a comment about Julia’s size because I don’t think she’s fat. I’m easily 3x her size in clothes…then again, I’m 5′ 10″. Just an observation that Jordan is a tiny, wisp of a thing. Who is she again?

      • I call her fat just to piss her off, even though she’s probably a 6 and I’m a solid size 10. Since she frequently calls attention to her big ol’ butt and cankles on TMI and elsewhere, I feel free to do the same.

    • Naw, if Jackles hasn’t scared Jordan by now, she’s not gonna. Birds of a feather is my guess.

    • Does anyone find it strange that he is dating a girl like Jordan, a girl who WILLINGLY hangs out with Julia Allison?

      I mean, Jordan isn’t exactly the sexy hipster girl these types of guys go for. She’s cute, but pretty plain. And the fact she hangs out with a fame whore like Julia is suspicious.

      • I believe Jordan is/was a Hollywood actress. You can look her up on IMDB (Jordan Berkow). There are some edgier pics of her on there, too.

      • I think Jordan’s hubby travels a lot, so she’s got time to hang out with girlfriends. Jabbers has glommed onto her so tightly because she’s a college friend of HarHar’s.

      • “Hollywood actress”? EVERYONE in Hollywood is a Jordan. Nailing a couple bit parts on ER and then quitting to go get married does not a Hollywood actress make. I can name about fifteen losers I know who have a Law and Order or Crossing Jordan credit under their belt.

  5. Nice Jordan costume there, Jabbers.

    By the way, this part of your comment is a real gem: “…my Charlotte York/ Elle Woods signature…” How curious that you believe “my” to be the correct possessive pronoun in this instance. I didn’t remember seeing your name in the credits of Sex and the City or Legally Blonde.

  6. So what are the odds that Julia is begging Jordan to write for NS now that Crystal Kahlerwhatserface has disappeared?

    • Oh my gosh, yes! I doubt she’d ask her to join NonSociety as at times she’s been pretty open with her disappointment of the way it’s turned out, but another business opportunity for sure!

    • i don’t think they’re ever bringing on more contributors. i am fairly sure that, as far as julia is concerned, nonsociety is over, and the only reason she keeps it online is the nonsociety expense account (paid for by daddymoney or maybe ashamoney).

  7. Heh. This picture is funny. Jordan looks like an average late 20s NYer. Julia looks like her mom. So awkward and corn fed.

    Stuff lime this makes me feel bad for Julia though. She comes across as so desperate and so wannabe. She’s known Mega for like 3 years so that would be a rather prolonged muse. I don’t know Jordan or if her intentions are pure or if she is a hge tool just like Julia, but I’m sure she can see right through her.

    It’s alwas been amazing to me how just off he bus Julia is after so long here. Why she doesn’t realize she doesn’t belong I’ll never understand.

    • So true. There are midwest ladies who wear flowered shirts and palazzo pants, and it’s not a city look, but it’s their look and they own it. The owning part is the key.

  8. “juliaallison Just got Chinese take out with @JordanBerkow & her hottie hubby @HarlemShakes along w/ top Harvard doctor & his sexy boyfriend. Happy.”

    Thank god it wasn’t a bottom harvard doctor!

    • So i am wondering if in her tweet she got the ZIvy school wrong because then the next day she posts a pic and says this is a Yale power couple/doctor. I think she got her ivies mixed up in the flurry tohurry up and tweet about the yalde doctore i guess nobody in this world has access to :-\

  9. So BobBaer deleted all his twitter comments. Me think rambin entertained because they were chatting via twitter a lot last night:

    bobbaer Shame on you
    Sun, 21 Jun 2009 03:51:24 +0000. check »
    bobbaer @juliaallison. Are you aware of what’s going in with women in iran? Are you a political scientist? Did you go to georgetown? I have …
    Sun, 21 Jun 2009 03:50:10 +0000. check »
    bobbaer you to comment but its too late. Take the dinner you owe me and donate it to Neda’s memory who died on the street in tehran. Shame on you
    Sun, 21 Jun 2009 03:50:10 +0000. check »

    All on now.

    • Helpful but didn’t RBNS post those above?

      And I agree with whoever suggested she’ll try to make Jordan the new NS contributor. Jordan’s an aspiring actress after all and might be desperate to do anything.

      • Uh yeah. After the wedding. What’s all this second guessing of everything that I type? Just look at Mary’s twitter from last night. CHRIST.

  10. So I guess when Mary wore those same types of outfits, she didn’t “make it look GOOD.”

  11. Fun with twitter:

    “myriad212: @juliaallison “You shouldn’t judge or bad-mouth people you’ve never met.” sorry, but isnt that hypocritical for a television gossip to say?”

    Does anybody besides me think that TheGGurl is a friend / co-conspirator / sockpuppet of Jackles? She gets a suspicious amount of innocuous mentions, and everybody else who is harmlessly “gossiped” about travels in Jackles’ incestuous little world.

    • ha! but there’s absolutely no way that jankles would ever recognize this. it’s not bad when SHE does it because she is so NICE!!!

  12. watching Julia on msnbc as a john and kate + 8 expert. she looks totally drunk shaking her head for affect after each thing she says, she’s not drunk but she’s just awful.

    • full on face, giggling at her bad job (“John and Kate SPLIT 8”)….even the anchor couldn’t fudge a laugh.

      • LAME-O-RAMA. I knew she wouldn’t disappoint. Why oh why don’t I have MSNBC?! I hope this gets posted to YouTube pronto.

      • she’s wearing a shorter blazer. same-ish color but different. appears to be a heather gray suit.

      • I originally read TJ’s comment as “a Heathers gray suit” and thought: “Yes! It’s like something out of Heathers 20 years on!”

        Honestly, the whole jumper/blazer look looks OKAY if you’re a size 0 (and most fashion is designed for size 0s, so that’s no big achievement), but as much as people here like to make fun of Julia’s fashion sense, there’s a good reason she never wore them before: because it’s stupid and fashion victimy. And doesn’t look good on her body. (Or my own size 4-6 body, for that matter.)

        That said, I’m actually surprised by how well Julia carried off a very fashion victimy look. I’d be too scared to go there, myself.

    • So we have an attention whore fameball discussing the divorce of reality televsion participants on a major news channel. I guess everything has settled down in Iran and we’ve come out of a major recession to warrant talking about such meaningless drivel.

      • her 10 seconds on the show was surrounded by about 1 hr 45 mins of repeating the same things over and over about Iran. they don’t know anything about what’s happening over there and their “analysis” is weak, uneducated and in some cases conflicts with the photo and video evidence they keep replaying over and over.

        i hate msnbc.

  13. juliaallison Miss @JordanBerkow is keeping me company at MSNBC this morning 🙂 22 minutes ago from TwitterFon

    • I wouldn’t be dragging along a friend who makes me look a dog’s dinner when I’m trying to impress TV execs. But then, I wouldn’t be dragging along a friend TO WORK.

  14. Just caught Julia on MSNBC. I find it “strange” that she just got paid to judge and bad mouth people she’s never met, mere hours after tweeting that quote.

    And what is with “discovering” Aqua yesterday? That wrapping-paper dress she wore with black tights and “dancer’s bun” the other day was also “Aqua.”

    • i thought it was Aqua too.

      i wonder if they offered her $$ to shill for them after they saw her (or she sent them photos of her) in their line?

      and isn’t that line for teens??

      • My friend is the Aqua buyer among other things at Bloomingdales. She’s not being paid to shill. Aqua is Bloomingdale’s most lucrative line because the mark up is astronomical. They’ve been making more and more Aqua for the store, given the recession. They don’t need a brand ambassador basically.

        Also, similar to ABS/H&M/Forever 21, the Aqua design plan is to knock off designs from prestigious labels.

      • “Also, similar to ABS/H&M/Forever 21, the Aqua design plan is to knock off designs from prestigious labels”

        Which explains that white dress

      • OMG that blazer. The rolled up sleeve apparently comes that way, i.e,. not a true lining, just an inside out cuff. Like the “two layer” shirts that are really one shirt with a little band sewn around the cuffs and collar.

        Aqua Black Boyfriend Blazer with Striped Lining
        As seen in New York Magazine. A black boyfriend blazer with notched collar has rolled-up sleeves that show off its striped lining. Two front besom pockets and one besom pocket on back.

        * Catalog Item Number: 76440
        * Exclusively at Bloomingdale’s
        * polyester/rayon/spandex
        * Dry clean
        * Please refer to our Contemporary size chart
        * Imported

        Price: $88.00
        Size Chart

  15. Oh speaking of shilling, remember Mary’s “full disclosure” series of posts after she broke from NS? Seemed she was trying to set herself apart. Oh, I’ll tellllll MY readers when I get paid by a brand…

    I think it is pretty clear she has an oddly undisclosed deal with that hotspot Hotel Zaza. Constant posts about the pool, spa, crowd, etc.

    • yeah. girl lives there.

      Mary would do herself a favor by trying to carve out a niche in Houston, don’t you think? Bigger fish in a smaller pond, or at the very least, something “new” for Houston.

      Also, I’m still pimping my idea for a mother/daughter dating reality series for the web. Mary and Momma Mary as gals about town.

      • Agreed. Also, I’d love to see Julia straight-on in that outfit. Did you guys notice that even her SHOES match Jordan’s? And how embarrassing that she ran out and bought all that stuff basically on her way to Jordan’s house?

        Look, I fit in! I’m just like you!

      • I know. It’s mortifying! Those are the shoes she got at CES during the Zappos breakout. I wonder if Jordan changed when Julia got there for the photo…or if the outfits were planned ahead of time. I’m thinking that Jordan is as silly/odd/bizarro as Julia at this point.

      • i agree totaljing. there’s something wrong with jordan. there’s no way alarm bells aren’t going off in her head unless she’s a much a clueless famewhore as julia.

      • TJ, I think you should actually write it out and send that to Mary. Such a good idea, it would be hilarious. Plus, it would be great to see Jankles die with envy when Mary’s success takes off.

  16. Meh, we know Jordan liked attention-getting stunts already (the whole fashion-week character thing) , so I’m sure at first Julia’s public costume -wearing and lip-dubbing seem like good fun to her.

    Also, as much as Julia seems to put a lot of people off as soon as they meet her, she does seem like the type to point some very purposeful charm and charisma at people she wants something from. Julia is showering this girl with attention and compliments, publicly, and I’m sure, privately. That can be intoxicating for people who love attention.

    I will say this ALMOST in Julia’s defense re: Iran. She is so doomed either way. Calling herself a journalist while ignoring the important human interest and political story shows her shallow self-absorption, but if she did comment on the situation, a dozen twitter-ers plus all of us would immediately ask WTF does she know about it.

    • Agreed. She would have been ridiculed, and that’s probably what she e-mailed Bob to get him to Twelete the Tweets.

      But she might have said something like this, if she had a brain:

      “As you all know I am a big Twitter fan, but my Tweets are totally trivial compared to the Tweets coming out of Iran and the public service Twitter is performing re: the terrible situation there. Hopes and prayers.”

      You know? But she’s too dumb even to manage that.

  17. Argh … when Julia’s most substantive content this week has been about her Saturday night outfit, it makes writing “What Julia REALLY thinks” hard.

    Nevertheless, I forge on. Another edition of “What Julia REALLY thinks”…

    “I haven’t written a lot of content this week because I’ve been SO. BUSY – I’ve had a commercial to shoot at Silvercup Studios, a personal exclusive interview with my favorite director Kevin Smith, lots of hanging out with some of my favorite people from Harvard, and I had to look through my closet of free stuff to find an appropriate Father’s Day gift for the bestest daddy ever!! I’d like to take a brief moment to remark upon my decidedly un-Julia look tonight. Anyway, my outfit for tonight is just like my new BFF, Harvard’s very own Jordan Berkow. The black, short romper and a gray blazer is pretty much the anti-thesis of what my kids department tutus and two sizes too small buttondown shirts.

    To be honest, I’ve been inspired by Jordan & Meghan, who both wear tiny little loose outfits with giant blazers, and make it look GOOD. Granted, they both weigh 40 pounds less than me, but I’m hoping the 4 pounds I lost over my “vacation” plus my only drinking blueprint cleanse and martinis over the past few days will make me look equally fabulous. After all, a famous fashion designer who dresses Eva Mendes for CANNES told me I have a body just like hers.

    So this morning I did a little retail therapy with my AMEX at the Soho Bloomingdale’s – and in the process stumbled upon a veritable fashion treasure trove with their exclusive private label, Aqua. All of the pieces are under $100, except for my pretty princess ballerina dress I wore last week. They look like Theory, which is a more expensive fashion line for those not in the know, and they’re more comfortable than trying to fit into all the Diane von Furstenberg stuff I purchased two sizes ago.

    Lest all my devoted readers worry, I’m not shucking my Charlotte York/ Elle Woods signature – they both got rich, Ivy League educated husbands after all! But sometimes a girl just has to mix it up a little! I need to fit in with all the Harvard people that Jordan hangs out with, so I’m going to carefully copy everything she wears down to the shoes.”

    • ROMPER?!?! Oh my fucking god. ROMPER?!?! She sat down and blithely typed out the words ‘I’m wearing a romper’? She actually wore the damnned thing and posted a picture of it? She didn’t see how stupid a ‘romper’ is and she also failed to notice that wispy little Jordan is half her size and that fact is glaringly evident in the pic… so what exactly was in her empty head when she did this? Just what What Julia REALLY thinks says here, I guess.

  18. This Jordan chick probably has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Julia reminds me painfully of a girl I know… she constantly has new “best friends,” and those people hang out with her because she makes them feel GOOD about themselves. She will shower you with compliments, call you up for dinner, walk your dog, buy you presents… and at first you go along with it because she just seems so nice! Of course you then realize that she is actually immature and crazy because no thinking adult would let new people into their lives so freely and, for lack of a better word, ferociously if they had any real, lasting friendships and relationships to work on.

    Jordan just doesn’t know what’s hit her yet. To me the thing that’s most sad about all of this is that it’s so clear that when Julia gets older she won’t have anyone left… except for a string of younger and younger friends who she just thinks are SO. AMAZING.

  19. Sorry to threadjack, but has Loren become unhinged?

    He has been terrorizing a Mommy blogger on Twitter for days.

    1938media: Please let that dirty whore @jessicagottlieb know that it was a mistake to fuck with my wife. Oh Jessie big mistake.about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

    1938mediaRT @JessicaGottlieb: @1938media ask your wife, rumor has it she eats ass as part of her show. Happy fathers day you miserable douche.

    • Yeah, I just saw that. Formergawkeremployee…..what are those two fighting about? And, yeah, loren has lost his mind, threatening her publicly on the web.

      I saw that she was a key note speaker at the 140 conference which Feldman is really pissed at (because he can’t pay the 1,000 to go–I bet) but not sure what happened.

    • @jessicagottlieb – Your web life has just changed forever. You never should have sent that first tweet. You started & now you’re finished.-Feldman


      @jessicagottlieb – Apparently you fucked with the wrong wife. Nothing will prepare you for the shitstorm coming your way. Nothing.34 minutes ago from TweetDeck

      @streko Her, her husband, her kids, her parents, her job, her friends all of it. Lets burn it all to the ground.

      • Loren Feldman always struck me as an unhinged blowhard who fancies himself a Hunter Thompson macho/gonzo type, full of violent bluster. This pretty much confirms it.

      • Jesus Christ. I have always liked Loren but if I were her, I’d save those Tweets and call the cops.

        I think it all started because she mentioned seeing him at the conference and not saying hello because she felt he was an online bully/asshole, whatevs. From there it escalated to the extent that he is now publicly threatening to “burn” her, her kids, and her husband to the ground. On Father’s Day. Classy.

      • Whoa. If I understand this correctly, he’s been dissing (or twissing?) her for a while because he thinks she’s shilling for everything she’s paid for and has no ethics whatsoever (ring a bell?).

        Then there was this tweet:
        @jessicagottlieb – Id like to hire you for a friends bachelor party, what are your rates please?about 8 hours ago from TweetDeck

        To which she replied:
        @1938media ask your wife, rumor has it she eats ass as part of her show. Happy fathers day you miserable doucheabout 3 hours ago from Tweetie in reply to 1938media

        And then all hell broke loose. I think this is a good idea on her part:

        I would say, she may have

      • So he called a woman a WHORE first. That pretty much leaves him open (and his wife who is part of his public persona) for a little teasing. He crossed the line and now he will be hearing from a lawyer.

    • loren does this all the time to random people who he claims to hate. he goes hard on his keyboard then the first time he meets them in public he goes back to being a ball-less softie. next.

    • First of all, I think this is nuts and what the hell does Loren think he’s doing? He’s making himself look like a moron.

      But. Jessica Gottlieb is an unhinged screwball and I can’t muster up any indignation on her behalf because I think she’s an obnoxious waste of space. Google Jessica Gottlieb + Motrin ad and you’ll roll your eyes right out of your head. At least, I did at the time. Maybe lots of you will think she’s awesome.

      • Agreed. I hate Loren but I also hate Jessica Gottlieb. It is just two attention-whoring twats going at it I guess.

        This is why I hate media people. Although I don’t know if I would consider either of them “media” people. People who go to pointless “social media/web/networking” conferences tend to be low-level players with high-level asshole attitudes.

    • Yep, none of them comes across as someone I would like to have a drink with, but as I don’t know them, I can’t really judge.

  20. Wow. This was long before she made the crack about his wife. He’s not well. Everything JA touches turns to shit. Milo and Paul Carr are next.

    3 h 1938media: @jessicagottlieb – Seriously I hear those kids of your are real performers. · Reply · View

    3 h 1938media: @jessicagottlieb – How often does your husband cheat on you do you think. I’ll have my team find out for you, Ill twitpic the results

      • I read up on that Paul Carr guy after loating him during his stint as “mediator” for Loren’s big interview. He is about as shady as they come. Like borderline criminally shady. And I say borderline only because some folks investigating him made some mistakes and lost evidence.

        It’s no wonder that all thse morons gravitated towards one another. I don’t know anything about this Gottlieb person but I lost any respect for Loren when he continued to bash RBNS even after we gave him some very valid criticisms. He came on here and badmouthed Julia as hard, if not harder, than anyone else and then called us bitches.

        In my mind, he shat where he ate, and even my dogs don’t do that. True enough, sometimes they eat their shit, but they don’t ever shit where they eat. Loren would do well to learn that lesson.

  21. She’s filing a criminal complaint. I know nothing of either of these two really but this shit is out of control.

  22. who gives a shit about that middle aged loser? loren acts like a badass for attention, period. he wants pv’s. hes just a bald julia allison. lets move on folks.

    • Oh, I don’t give a shit. I never heard of her or #motrinmoms until 5 minutes ago but it’s rather fascinating to me. Anyway, sorry to hyjack the thread and all…

      I mean we do have a Single White Female case to tend to.

    • “He’s just a bald Julia Allison.” That should be the 1938Media slogan in case anyone’s trying to figure out who this guy is and why he’s so fucking loud and crazy.

  23. Back to Julia and Jordan. Must be the lighting and perhaps a few cocktails making Jordan’s face so flushed as she reaches down Julia’s leg:

    Anyway, Pink Pillow Queen Julia made me burst out laughing with her inspirations for her “photo shoot” at the stinky 42nd St library tomorrow:

    “One of the inspirations for our photoshoot tomorrow – Sarah Jessica Parker’s epic June 2008 Vogue shoot (at the Met). In my opinion, this photograph is among the best of Liebowitz’s recent body of work.”

    ” More inspiration – Blake Lively in (I think) Vogue. Or Vanity Fair. Can’t remember.”

    “Annie Liebowitz’s famous shot of Scar-Jo as Cinderella for Vanity Fair, one of the influences for our shoot tomorrow at the NY Public Library.”

    God, her delusions are such a trip.

    • As hobbies go, playing dress-up in borrowed clothes and getting a picture taken for your blog … whoa. I believe there are six-year-old bloggers out there who have moved past that stage.
      Sad. : (

    • Shoot for what? She never provides context. Like shoot with her fauxtographer who took those “jump for joy” balloon and tutu shots? shoot for a tmi weekly taxi cab ad? shoot for her last TONY piece?

      She’s incredibly vague.

      And what commercial was she shooting the other day?

      Is this some ploy to create mystery?

      • Most likely just another pointless vanity shoot she set up so she can make it look like she’s busy and important. Like her commercial shoot, which was for tmi probably.

  24. I’m thinking the commecial was fake, as in a demo to add to her reel. Same with this fauxto-shoot. Her agents probably told her to freshen up the portfolio; a stalling techinique to keep her busy ’cause they got nuthin. She appears to be at the bottom on MSBN’s rolodex; when everyone else they call says ‘hells no” to the stupidest filler segments, they know JABa will jump in the next cab (while complaining about how busy she is, how tired, etc etc etc).

    • How much does she get paid to do like 4 of those 3 minute filler segments at MSNBC? It can’t be much, but I’m curious.

    • This MSNBC thing was last minute and she only got it because everybody else wanted to spend Father’s Day at home with their families.

    • the portfolio thing actually makes a lot of sense. that must be the “homework” her agent gave her.

    • They just said her name without a title but I didn’t check title beneath her name. I don’t think she was identified. In the past, she’s used both nonsociety and TONY.

      • NBC??? Are you sure it wasn’t NBC Taxi Cab Division?

        Funny about her post about her clothes:

        Is she so delusional that she reads things about herself – HERE – and absorbs it as if it from an adoring public. “Since you all note that I dress like C. York/E. Woods, I thought I’d address this departure for YOU.” Does she not get that she is loathed and laughed at?

        They way her mind works is astounding.

  25. Are you kiddin’ about MSNBC paying talking heads to come on and yammer for a couple minutes about celebrities? That is not a paying gig. The payment is the airtime & the chance to see your name/affiliation slung beneath your mug while your mouth is moving.

  26. maybe the fact that jordan is an “aspiring actress” is the reason she’s hanging out with julia.. just loves attention and will look for it anywhere.

    julia doesn’t look half bad here. she’s dressing her age for once which i’d take any day over those stupid outfits she wears. what is she thinking?!

  27. Anti-thesis … I know that someone’s probably already said this, and I was too drunk to type last night and I can’t be bothered reading through all the comments, but it made me laugh like a fiend … is that the anti-doctorate? hahah.

    Julia. Too stupid to know.

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