TMI Weakly: Women Must Be Bald, Except on Their Heads, Where They Should Wear Scalp Pelts or Wangs



  1. I wish I had seen this video sooner, or I wouldn’t have entered a successful & happy marriage. I could have remained single, malcontent and misguided like these 3. If only I had no hair 🙁

  2. Meghan showing off her armpit hair really through (lulz) me for a loop. At least she had the ovaries to do it.

    It’s a better video than their others, production-wise, but the ending line from them “See you hairless on the beach!” just really pissed me off. Feminists you are not.

  3. Not clicking through….Not clicking through.

    Godammit, I wanna click through!

    I used to think the MA/Jack-O’-lantern reference was a little cold but, man, okay, this screen grab pretty much justifies it.

    • Also not gonna click, but…

      I’ve said it before and will say it again. Meghannaise is NOT a pretty girl.

      • Oh please, she is gorgeous. She is the only one of them that looks halfway camera-ready.

        However, her personality and intellect leave a lot to be desired.

      • You really think so? okay…

        I guess the jazz hands, pointing and exaggerated facial expressions have just made her ridiculous looking in my eyes.

        To each his own.

      • Yea, she’s way weird and not attractive with the maniacal grinning and incessant pointing at every fucking thing.

      • Put me on the “Meghan is GORGEOUS!” side. She’s naturally beautiful and I find her goofiness kind of endearing. Maybe it’s just the obscene contrast with Julia but… I think she’s a knock-out.

      • What is it with the POINTING. her visage is pointy enough! It is ridiculous! Like a baby! All of them need to go the eff away.

  4. Seriously, what is wrong with jaba’s face? I cannot believe how fast her looks have dwindled! I remember reading the AM newspaper with my friend commuting years back and he would always say how hot she was when she wrote that dating column. What was that a few years ago she got fired? How could your looks go to shit that fast. Her face is so plump I can’t look at it. Also since you’re prob reading, Julia, don’t bring more attention to your face by wearing a huge ass bow headband. Get some sleep, it will do wonders to your skin.

  5. oh me gee!!

    in her latest post she refers to her decorating style as “my little pony”


    Never reads here, right?

    Trainwrecks…btw…is brilliant today.

    • Why don’t they just call their weekly barfisodes: “Just for Men”

      I am not a part of your world, girls! I can’t possibly relate to you and –GASP– I am biologically female.

  6. So I’ve never gotten laser hair removal, because I don’t have a trust fund and even if I did, I really couldn’t be arsed because I am comfortable with my body, would never describe it as “green” or “gross” and as a bonus my boyfriend is on the same page.

    HOWEVER… really? It’s their “favorite thing to do”? Were the first 85,000 things taken? I guess if you can’t eat ice cream, have sex on whatever date you want, go to Central Park with a blanket and no makeup on, work hard at a job you like, spend time offline and recharging… etc., then yeah, I guess getting hair zapped off your body might be an option.

  7. Totally weirded out that all of them get laser hair removal in their vajayjay. what r the odds that all three of them? really? am i missing out on something here? not that i ask all my girlfriends how they handle theirs, but i seriously doubt i have friends who all do it.

    once again i have no idea who their demo is. In A Woman’s World adverts were for old chicks nearing or at menopause. Now I guess this episode is for chicks who never date or have sex but who constantly pay hundreds of bucks to get vajayjay laser touchups? really ???

  8. I think laser hair removal is one of TMI’s better topics, but I feel the timing is bad. WE’RE IN A RECCESSION, and even if we weren’t I doubt NonSociety’s and TMI’s target audience could afford it. It’s sooooooo expensive.

  9. I used to think that Meghan was sort of inoffensive, but lately her blandness has just crossed the line.

    Although I do like that she doesn’t trowel on the makeup, I don’t find her gorgeous. She’s just always looked like a weirdo praying mantis to me. Gain about 10-15 pounds (ask Jankles for some tips) and knock off the crazy overacting and then maybe I’d jump on board about how pretty she is.

  10. Screen grab is just gross—-
    Why is this such a hot topic? Why do these supposedly well
    educated gals spend so much time talking about this nonsense?
    Shouldn’t they be out FOUNDING REAL COMPANIES, and forging
    ahead in the world? instead of barfing-up all this info about their
    follicles? Follicile Follies…
    GAWD—– you know That JA is going to be taking all these great comments and funny Names and Themes—she’s going to be spinning
    this into some crap book about JA and her detractors. a la Bridget Jones, Julia and Julia, SATC , etc. She thinks she can produce
    something funny along those lines—well let’s just see, and how much credit will this Re-BLOG get?
    That’s her lit agent connection….someone needs to find out more.

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