Let ‘er Rip: Interview Questions for Jackles


Our good friend Loren Feldman is interviewing the ineffable Miss Jackles in just a few short hours.

Leave your suggestions for questions in the comments!

I suggested Loren ask her about the many lies. Here are some I remembered; please add on:

1. Harvard Business School.
2. Moving to Chicago for the summer.
3. Tending to Dan at her parents’ condo in the summer.
4. The fake beach photo when she was allegedly at her parents.
5. Promising coverage of major events and not following through.
6. Braying about going to the inauguration and then wandering the streets like millions of other people on Inauguration Day and crashing parties while pretending to be invited to them.
7. The vehement denial that she’d ever had anything injected into her face and insistence she only went to Dr. Bobby for acne.
8. The non-disclosure on SeaWorld and what happened with her involvement with Izea.
9. The non-disclosure about Lunch.com.


  1. Is this assuming Julia will answer any questions with a grain of truth? HA HA HA HA HA HA. That’s a good one. How about:

    – WHY are you a pathological liar?
    – WHY do you feel the need to lie about everything, from Harvard Business School to a non blogging vacation to where you bought a dress?
    – Do you even recognize the truth anymore?
    – What’s the biggest lie you’ve been caught in?
    – How have your lies damaged your career and your relationships?

    Her answer: “I am really nice. So so nice. I NEVER lie. I am just so misunderstood. I wish people knew the real me. Blergh.”

  2. I hope that Loren doesn’t puss out, softball the questions a la Larry King. If he indeed grills the dissembler, this could be a lot of fun.

  3. What about the time a homeless man asked her for change and she said, “I don’t have any money! I just spent $80 on this manicure!”
    My question: does she realize how shitty that is?

  4. here’s a question in all earnestness.

    It’s not just nonsociety that’s having trouble turning a dime. Tumblr, twitter, facebook, huffington – just about every single one fo the marquee web-based ventures refer to when the talk turns to “new media” are bumping up against the hard realities of business. Many of these ocmpanies have been able to keep the gears moving only by taking vast infusions of private equity investments – which in theory would be repaid when and if the companies go into the black.

    Julia, you hang out with some of these people, and you are trying to make the internet pay. But most of your visible income has come from taditional media – Star Magazine, NY Now tv. And yet you seem to disdain those media s old and out of touch.

    What do you think is the solution to this problem? How do new media companies make money? Ad rates and click-throughs don’t seem to make it work…

    • No, private equity doesn’t have to be repaid when the companies become profitable. Equity investment = investing in return for a stake in the company (common or preferred stock). And early stage companies that do raise capital via debt typically do so in the form of convertible debentures (i.e. debt that converts to equity at the option of the holder of the note).

  5. Moving in with a roommate, who bailed? Julia or the other girl? I’m guessing the other girl.

  6. What is with the dearth of content on NonSociety? You claim to be a “journalist,” so why the lack of insight on some of the events you have attended (Inauguration, Davos, CES, hell, even Sea World).

    Do you honestly think you can monetize content such as pictures of your feet?

  7. why is loren doing this? if its true that he has “misunderstood” her and she’s really been a sweetie this whole time (like EVERYONE realizes whenever they talk to her in person, right? any commenters who drank 2 beverages purchased by Julia can vouch for how NICE she is), then he really would look like an animal for the things he has sad the last couple years.

  8. Julia’s Bad Press: She’s attended hell? I KNEW IT! (I read it too fast).

    My question: “Specifically speaking, what do you base your journalist credentials on?”


  9. Um…..he needs to ask about the Bolt Bus Bitch. And by “ask” I mean he needs to call her out for being an asshole and a hypocrite.

    • Why does she have to take buses at all, when she ostensibly spends more on food and clothes in a day than the cost of a plane ticket? Is she getting comped at all these place?

  10. I would ask her whether she still thinks she’s “Carrie Bradshaw 2.0,” or whether she feels more like Josh Harris in his We LIve in Public project. Namely, is she a journalist, or is this all performance art/reality TV?

  11. Ask her how in God’s name she can afford to rent a Manhattan studio apartment that is supposedly over $2200 a month and be able to afford clothes/fancy dinners/vacations when she is obviously unemployed.

    (Because I seriously doubt her little TMI Weakly payments and speaking engagement fees alone could supplement her current NYC lifestyle)

    Speaking of unemployment, ask her why exactly she was apparently fired from Time Out NY!

    • @ernest
      And what, seriously, do you need interns for? What do you promise them, if not money? You have no discernible connections to real NYC media anymore, don’t write, don’t report, don’t do any of the technical producing of your web “show”? So they get no professional expertise, unless you show them how to use make up or something. So, what do the interns GET? (plus, aren’t unpaid interns more old-media?)

  12. Question for Julia: Do you realize that you have blown your chance of marrying a half-way decent man, forget an actual moneyed man? Seriously, how does it feel to know that the odds dictate you’ll probably be alone forever?

    • Also, how does it feel to know that the odds dictate that you’ll likely be unemployable forever?

      • Good one. My question is totally not meant to be insulting or rhetorical (as I’m sure yours is not either, Julia’sButtSweat). I mean, I really want to know how it feels to know that you’ll be single and unemployable forever. Really, really bad, right? Like how bad? Give us an analogy, Julia.

  13. Hey, Loren, here are a few of my burning questions:

    What was that paradigm shift that she experienced and announced she would explain? (I have a theory that it was just the name of her latest mail-order vibrator.)

    Have all the “shortcuts” she has tried to take to get to the top without working helped or hindered her “career”? (Please use air quotes when you say both shortcuts and career.)

    What happened to her Davos-inspired enthusiasm for charitable works? How much did she raise through her bicoastal birthday bust? What about those dates she and NonSociety auctioned off, has she actually gone on any of them yet? Is she embarassed that iJustine can simply sign an ipod and raise more money than Jankles did with offering a date with all three NS “ladies”? (Please use air quotes around ladies, too.)

    Good luck. You are a brave, brave man.

  14. What exactly is your personal contribution to life on this planet? How do you make things better for anyone on a weekly basis (not even daily)? And if the answer is by being SO. VERY. NICE!, please provide examples of alleged niceness that do not involve reader giveaways.

  15. Ask her if she ever expects to marry, settle down or be otherwise involved in a relationship if she continues to blog and tweet as it happens? Does she only keep the relationship offline if the person specifically requests it? (ie, if they don’t, then sharing the relationship with strangers on the internet is “fair game?”) Does she realize how damaging “putting it all out there” actually is, in terms of relationships and career – especially now that she is pretty much unemployable and cannot manage to be in a relationship for any significant period of time?

    • She doesn’t ‘put anything out there’. Think about it: the content has diminished to name-dropping, random quotes and…well…the photo bombardment has remained the same.

      • yes, the worst of all worlds. No narrative to follow, no compelling, soap-opera like confessions AND no thoughtful writing. Throw in the badly-posed photos and America’s new branding sweetheart has hit the trifecta! Teach!

  16. Loren, ask her what happened to Frito-Lay’s sponsorship of TMI. There’s no ad for In A Woman’s World in the new rock-climbing “episode.” Why was TMI dropped?

  17. Why do you INSIST on reading off people’s titles at media companies, their educational backgrounds on your blog? I can’t remember the last time you didn’t name-drop a school, publication or media conglomerate when you posed with someone.

    In January, you promised to bring “A Game content.” Since then, you have traveled to Davos, to CES, to Orlando, to a historic inauguration of a man hailing from your home state, to San Francisco … and the general substantive content you provide is photos of you posing. Do you consider your blog to be a mere scrapbook for which you hope to get big corporate sponsorship? Is that the A Game content you were referring to?

    And speaking of corporate sponsorship, when you were in Denmark, you claimed that Disney sponsored your lipdub of “Part of Your World” at the Little Mermaid statue. I can’t seem to find it anywhere on Disney’s website – can you provide a link or information about the Disney premiere of the former sex columnist’s lipdub of a classic Disney song?

    • Speaking of Denmark – ask Julia why she passed of Krystal like she was a “member” of Nonsociety in her presentation she gave there.

      Ugh. Why I am even thinking of questions to ask Julia. It’s not like she will answer them truthfully. And even if she did, they would not change my opinion that is is a lying, manipulative, deceitful bitch with very limited intelligence.

      Loren – ask her what it would take for her to LEAVE THE INTERNET FOREVER.

      • Oh, I didn’t know that … I thought the April Fools’ joke was Julia lying about luggage being lost that trip. Must have missed that!

  18. Oh yes, one more – why are you so silent about your year/semester/stint at Indiana University?

    • Good one. It would NOT surprise me if she busts out some totally fucked up falsehood like, “It was a traumatic time in my life. I was date-raped! I’m trying to put it behind me. *sob*”

  19. How about the whole krystal@nonsociety thing? That was some bullshit. Basically the conference paid them for three people but Mary quit. So instead of saying they were only two, they took their friend on an all expenses paid business trip effectively scamming the conference organizers and patrons.

    Also, let’s talk about nonsociety.com. I mean, wtf is it? A bunch of random micro blog posts. How is that a business?

  20. does she think the Big THink video where she talks about Harvard Business School ( she says she’d “love” to learn some basic underlying business skills. But the real reason she was considering HBS was the pure Fuck You -credentials of it. ) helped or hurt her there?

  21. You say that the rebloggers need to get a life and shouldn’t be so obsessed with you, but since your “career” is all about getting attention, shouldn’t you actually embrace all the negative attention that you get?

    Did you ever actually figure out who Baugher is?

    And finally (till I think of some more) WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT?!?!?!?

  22. I don’t care what you ask as long as it’s brutally honest. There’s so much to choose from.

    off the topic of this post, but Meghannaise has posted a link to her sister’s first blog entry for her “internship”:
    And let’s just say that either the bad writing skillz in that family are super genetic, or lil sis has been getting some help from her Professional Tach Journalist older sister. VERY NICE!

    • little sis also not using her own last name, i see. despite the number of words used, her post has close to zero content. “so ECO, so HOT RIGHT NOW” does not count.

  23. Ask her why she cusses so much and why she thinks it’s remotely cute/professional/clever/classy to bust out nasty explitives at any given moment.
    I don’t know them personally, but I’m pretty sure successful new media females like Courtney Friel, Shira Lazar, Randi Zuckerburg, ijustine, etc. don’t swear like sailors regularly. At least not stupidly on camera.

  24. *tech. Too grossed out to spell correctly.

    Bonus excerpt:
    “Never having conversed with someone exuding such intense levels of fabulosity I knew I had to put my gameface on and act cool and professional. Which apparently, in my mind, translates to walking up to Cynthia Rowley and exclaiming, “oooohhh girl you are TOO HOT for that necklace!” It was made of matches… I was practically convulsing in laughter at my own joke.”

    • Yeah, I thought about it, but the answer will be so freekin’ depressing…

      What is her definition of a powerful human being who possesses a vagina?

  25. My guess is that JA will be 2+ hours late to the interview, thereby leading Paul Carr to the realization that he is, indeed, an ass-hat.

  26. my only question is why does she feel absolutely no sense of obligation to inform and educate her readers about the events she is so privileged to attend? most of us would have given our left arm to attend davos/ces/the inauguration/fashion week. can’t she spare 5 min. to share an interesting story/fact/tidbit about any one of these events instead of simply posting pictures of her engage in mundane activities? how is looking at pictures of her making kissy-faces in a ballgown enriching her readers’ lives?

    • she doesn’t understand that other people can’t see what she’s seeing or feel what she’s feeling, and she not a skilled enough writer to convey her experiences, so she leaves everything vague to let her readers/parents/investors fill in the fabulosity of it all. in reality, nothing beyond mundanity ever happens to julia, but she has to keep up appearances.

    • You said “attend,” which usually means participate

      That corresponds exactly not at all to standing there and taking pix of yourself

      She doesn’t have 5 min. to share an interesting story/fact/tidbit about any one of these events because while she was geograpically in the same location, the complete sum total of her experience was limited to just taking and posting pictures of herself. That’s all there is.

  27. i’ve been thinking for some time about emailing both julia and mary with a similar question/suggestion.

    if they really care so much about fashion, why not offer some content on how to dress different body types? why not do “head to toe”s with a person who weighs more than 130 pounds? why not highlight a designer of plus-size clothing? why not cover full figure fashion week? (too late!)
    why not do some experimentation with thrifting? why not talk about being fashionable on a budget that doesn’t include $700 necklaces?

    they all have such obvious body image issues. i think it could be a really great thing for them to educate themselves on the size acceptance movement and health at every size. especially if julia could get on that bandwagon, maybe she’d actually go out and get herself some clothes that fit, regardless of the number on the tag. i have been drawing a lot of inspiration from the stylish ladies at the fatshionista livejournal community and i think there is a lot to be gained by normalizing larger women.

    um… so for loren. how about:

    how the fuck do you “live differently” and WHAT does that mean, given what we’ve seen from your blog?

    do you consider nonsociety a resource for all women, or only women of a certain income bracket/age bracket/geography bracket?

    IE, did you intend this to be a vanity project for white, inexplicably wealthy single women around 30? or is the goal for something more?

  28. Why don’t you go into stand-up comedy!? That little stint in the basement of a bar was the best shit you’ve done all year. Think about it. You can move up and perform on the Lower East Side, or perhaps a prison even. You can wear your little slutty Santa suit and everything.

    • Because she supplements them with dinner, y’all! She eats solid food too!!!

      I believe she once attributed her Irish sailor’s legs to the dinner part of her diet routine…her torso is from the juice.

  29. Ask Julia how she defines “the truth”. That should be good for a laugh.
    Ask her how she defines the words “journalist” and “feminist” also.

  30. A recent tweet:

    “I want a Kindle. I just don’t want to pay for a Kindle. [Am musing on how to resolve this conflict.]
    about 14 hours ago from web”

    Ask her why she thinks she deserves things (Kindles, Macbook Airs, gowns, clothing, housing) for free and why she feels like she is above having a job. Ask her where her ugly sense of entitlement came from.

    • I have some ideas for her re: this Kindle problem:

      A) Maybe she should RETURN (she’s good at that!) the following – West Elm chaise and cover, white patent leather hooker shoes, all those Nars nail polishes, cheap H&M clothing (it adds up, y’all!)

      B) Go to Chicago for the summer and take care of Cancer Dan in her parents condo as she planned to/said she was going to. Cancer patients tend to be sleepy. This could result in hours of uninterrupted Kindle time.

      Bonus: When Dan is awake, she can put down the Kindle and he can tell her how wonderful she is andshe can post the conversations on her vanity blog and pass it off as content.

      Win-Win, bunny!

    • 6 figure salary
      new laptop
      eric stoltz

      Hey listing what you want and waiting for someone else to send it to you works for princess cuppycakes.

      • 6 figure salary
        new laptop
        eric stoltz
        peace and love and understanding
        rainbows and unicorns
        bagel, lox and cream cheese

    • I second this question, so the RBNS powers that be can create a Julia Allison Expiration Date countdown clock.

      My guess though? Her looks have soured – so I think it’s passed.

    • I know, right? You’d think it’d be coming up since she’s pushing 30.

      Jules, your best eggs are already dead! You’re expiring as we speak! How does it feel!

      • “Jules, your best eggs are already dead! You’re expiring as we speak!”

        Julia, meet karma. She’s a bitch.

  31. How does she feel about the fact that her “personal brand” is being the most hated woman on the internet?

    Also: why can’t she keep friendships/relationships for longer than a year?

  32. Also: are these actually going to Loren? What happened over at 1938 Media? It is…different now. And confusing. AND I have to pay to view some things?

    • I would gladly pay to watch Loren’s interviews. He’s more entertaining than anything I’ve gotten through my Netflix membership and cable TV subscription in the last six months.

      Support your local comedians, too, folks. Go to a comedy club this weekend and drink like there’s no such thing as Monday!!!

  33. I know she’s mentioned being in the same sorority at Meghan and Mary yet G-Town doesn’t have a greek system. How is that possible?

  34. I think all the questions I would ask have been posted here.
    What I’d REALLY like to know is how Loren scored this!!!!
    This should be soooooooo good.

  35. How did this come about, anyway? Did Jankles read Loren’s comments here and decide to invite him for drinks and a dose of lethal charm to convert him to the pink side??

  36. The point of this meeting is so Jankles can convert loren to a fan. Like Mary Queen of Scots she is convinced that if she can just get a face to face interaction with a detractor she can convince you of her truth and charm.

    She’s a sociopathic viper. I wouldn’t go anywhere near her.

      • Oh goody. i look forward to Milo’s next article where he eats crow after julia hypnotizes him with her cockteasing and pelt flipping. Hopefully the married loren will have more sense.

  37. Loren, why not pick a more neutral moderator? Paul Carr is explicitly pro-Julia. Also, please consider videotaping the meeting for all of our enjoyment.

  38. Loren can ask her what she thinks of 675 Bar, which seems to have comp’d her the other night:

    6/14, on her make-me-a-wife-cast:
    I don’t know where I’ve been (um, not going out?) but I’d never even heard of Bar 675 – wedged right under Vento in the Meatpacking, at 13th & 9th – until about 12 hours ago.

    One sentence sort of unhelpful review? It’s not terrible.

    Today, to her:
    675Bar: @juliaallison did you end up coming by?

    @675Bar I absolutely did – and I loved it!! Cozy, quirky, sexy secluded spots for discreet semi-public makeout sessions. 😉 I’ll be back!


  39. Yeah, whatta journalist that one is: from “It’s not terrible!” to a bray-for-payish “yay.com!” I really don’t care what all else she does (although of course I reserve the right to be amused and/or horrified by it) as long as she quits calling herself a journalist.

  40. Did any others notice that Mary changed the post about health care costs being too high? She changed the quote from what J posted to something the Nutritionista posted, and deleted her tiny 8 pt font addendum. She also removed her logic-less comment, and I think she removed a few others.

  41. I missed this but you ll covered my questions.
    Just point out the lies and watch her flappable ways.

  42. Look what’s coming:

    yiannopoulos RT @amanda: Watching a strange form of video counselling between @paulcarr @juliaallison and @1938media. << I'm watching too. It's intense. 33 minutes ago from SocialScope

  43. michellefeldman Interesting eve with @1938media @paulcarr @juliaallison @yiannopoulos & @amanda!

    • yYep. I don’t think it will be half as good as we hope. Look at Milo’s tweet; he says it will be a public vid…

      I think they drank and had mild, diplomatic ‘confrontations’…(JA not drinking, of course).

      • My hunch is that jackles tried to steer the conversation to private vs. public life (identity) and that Feldman tried to show her that she never separated the two, so why should her critics?

      • yeah agree, something tells me milo is probably a handjob away from being a convert, and the ‘video’ will be boring status quo braying that we have heard before.

    • I doubt he will bring as much heat as u guys hope he will. he looks like a softie in person but a hard ass behind the camera.

    • Sort of touching that Paul Carr wants to be her knight in shining beer vomit. Too bad he isn’t rich and didn’t go to Harvard, and thinks writing about how much he drinks makes him seem intelligent and interesting.

  44. juliaallison Who knew I’d love @yiannopoulos so much?!? Short answer: not me. @RandiZuckerberg, convert this cutie’s Facebook friends into fans STAT! 2 minutes ago from TwitterFon

    Vom. I’m going to hate this.

  45. I’ve never really been on the “omg new media is SO IMPORTANT!” bandwagon, but I think the way twitter is being used in Tehran right now is absolutely fascinating. This is the type of “new media” story that has broad appeal, and potentially important consequences. Do you think Ms. Baugher will ever so much as mention it? She is, after all, a bona fide expert on all things new media, especially twitter. Do you think she even has any idea that Iran exists?

    • Nah, she leaves that to her BFF the effulgent Rachel Sklar. Who actually does know something about that shit. Julia justs coasts along on the association. See? Relatively smart people are her frenemies!!!

  46. Loren…did you ask the above….???

    Best Question [in my opinion and I read all of them]

    Sherlock’s: Where does she keep her penis?

    That just made me laugh outloud…

    Meanwhile, Mary is getting ‘reemed’ as she calls it again and again. The health insurance post I could not find but it is mentioned in a few comments

    TJ which post did you comment on? Did she delete the whole post?
    How TMI and Julia is that?

    Strangely, Mary posted stuff from her childhood, some kind of a certificate for being a good speller–awsome is spelled wrong– and there are NO COMMENTS I guess it was just too easy.

    • Mary’s post on health insurance is still up with all the comments intact, it’s simply scrolled off to the next page. She’s one to talk about health when she’s laying out in the sun, damaging her skin big time.

  47. You’re kitkatsplash? I loved that letter!!!

    Good on ya, again, job well done. That’s why there’s an internet!

  48. Of course. milo is cute, writes articles on teh intarwebz, and doesn’t seem to have ever rabidly disliked her. Of course she is focusing her campaign of conversion on the likely easiest target. Countdown to ‘Julia Allison Actually Is Nice by milo yankapopadus’ article.

  49. ugh I have to resign from chubby pink pleather princess land for awhile. It’s enraging and terribly boring all at once. Here’s the thing for me, Julia can pretend like it’s all some play she is putting on, but there is so much real life evidence to the contrary. Her friends don’t stick around for more than a month, she can’t get a second date, her parents don’t speak to her for months at a time, even her fucking dog shits on her. She is really actually a disgusting person and I hope she gets all her terrible karma in some amazing form.

  50. Ok. It happened. I’m uploading it now. I’m here first to state a few things and to be honest with you all. The video. The total length was like 20 minutes. I removed the first ten minutes because it was just too long and the first few minutes just weren’t all that interesting. There was nothing exceptional or anything like that. It was just boring intro shit with Carr.

    Julia insisted that Carr participate and lead the thing. That being the case I was not conducting the interview and could not do it in the way that I would have liked. I still tried to address some issues.

    Now I know a lot of you were hoping that I was going to tear our Jackles a new ass. I did not. Truthfully seeing her today I just felt kinda sad for her. I’m sorry if that’s a letdown, and doesn’t quench our thirst for blood, but it’s one thing to goof on some idiot on the internet, another to pick on some sad girl in real life.

    She didnt look that fat to me, bad makeup, horrible fashion sense, and a very weird “vibe”. She was an hour and a half late. Milo fell instantly.

    So there you have it. It is what it is. Tonight was real life, and it was just a little bit sad. Vid up soon.

    • Loren, you fell for her act. She always plays the sad victim for people she believes to be potential enemies. She is quite willing to humiliate herself to get pity and publicity. She is a cold, calculating, manipulative, selfish bitch.

      What really makes me sick is thinking maybe you are playing a voluntary part in some scripted stunt. Did it just start, or are you and Paul Carr playing the long con with us sad internet haterz?

  51. Thanks Loren. Appreciate your summary. I know that when I encountered Jackles in the real world, I didn’t feel like confronting or messing with her. I just got away as fast I could. It is ridiculous that she was an hour and a half late. And Milo’s reaction, beyond ridiculous.

  52. Mary is now receiving tweets from Julia for support of the piss-cold insurrection of her commenters. [Five people are pissy–and mary says the comments are getting out-of hand]

    Now that julia is supporting mary, mary likes pom poms.

    • mary will NEVER get it. 95% of her posts have 0 comments, and the 5% that do are because she said something stupid/decided it’s time for controversy, and got a few comments…usually less than 10. comment revolution people! mary, be grateful that anyone out there is spending time on your blog at all. there are millions of anony-bloggers who never get a single hit. mary should just stick to her diet and exercise fare, and not try to legitimize it as a “job”; this tends to anger people. anyway. off to watch the julia/loren vid.

      • Agreed. All respect lost. And that Milo dude? What a simpering pussy. Does Julia Allison have vodka flowing out of her nipples or something?

    • Gawd, if this is what the letterman/palin get together ends up being like, then why bother?

    • Could Carr be any more googly eyed? Dude, she is not going to sleep with you. And could Julia be any more of a victim? And Jesus her voice is unattractive. Julia could have told these boob-entranced fellows that she invented Post It notes and they would have bought it.

      This is way too touchy-feely for my taste. Fairly vomitous.

    • I’m so glad I unfollowed that Milo nancyboy a month ago, so I can miss the obvious calvacade of @jaba you are so sweet horf barf puke jizz that is sure to come.

      Told you guys. Milo is a limp wristed virgin who would fall for jankles immediately because he wants to nest in her vagina. So sad, and Loren should not have let him participate. Let milo get his own date with Tad Hamilton.

    • This is high school guidance counselor “you hurt my feelings” type stuff. I’m disappointed. REALLY disappointed.

  53. Seriously, Julia, the covering-the-mouth when laughing is so painful to watch. You are a pitiful person.

  54. You know what? I think I might just let this go for a while. This girl is obviously shallow and dim and nothing we can do or say will change this fact. She is who she is, and it’s nothing that I like in a human being. I’m just going to read anything about JA anymore and just let her fade into obscurity so that I never have to hear a JA reference again.

  55. Wow, “Tell all the assholes at Reblogging?”

    Isn’t he a commenter here? Way to play both ends. Strange.

    And who’s the fawning sycophant cackling behind the camera?

    • Yeah, I balked at that too. As if Julia only had to tell loren to fuck off to get us/him to stop,

      I am pretty sure it is Loren’s wife, Michelle, behind the camera, she is in on the tweets as to the meeting, then there is also Milo before he becomes Julia’s appendage.

    • To be fair, he was being diplomatic — in that, he is one of the ‘idiots’ too. On the whole, though, it was disappointing…

      And someone said above that nothing will stop the machine of strategy that is Julia Allison Baugher. It’s obvious. She needs a ‘wake-up call’ from someone more important.

  56. No offense to anyone (and Loren doesn’t care what people think anyway), but, in my opinion, I think they’re all just a bunch of (p)sychophants. They’re not movers or shakers. They aren’t journalists and they do not matter…essentially, they need each other. They think THIS IS NEWS! Sadly, this is Julia’s life and they can all thank her for giving them something to do (to blog, tweet and fuck their iphones about) for those hours yesterday.

    • this is what i keep thinking … why do any of us care about this?? none of these people are important and their ideas are horseshit. if they represent the “future” in some way, we’re all screwed.

  57. To be a little frank (Loren doesn’t care what people think anyway), I think they’re all just a bunch of (p)sychophants. They’re not movers or shakers. They aren’t journalists and they do not matter…essentially, they need each other. Sadly, this is Julia’s life and they can all thank her for giving them something to do (to blog, tweet and fuck their iphones about) for those hours yesterday.

    However, thanks for the entertainment, whose value lies in the fact that I am not like you! In other words, these constant reminders of how good it is to be on the ‘outside’ of whatever you’re ‘in’ are intriguing.

    • Spot on! Heaven help me, I need a new reality show to gawk. This JA character is painfully dull and predictable. Like Baugher, I’m losing my will to parse any more of Jankle’s drivel.

  58. My issue is not: “Why doesn’t she tell us FUCK YOU!”


    Why not ask those questions?

    Lie right off the bat: I want to sleep at night instead of writing shit on my blog.


    She never sleeps at night.

  59. And Paul Carr should be fucking ashamed of himself. Does he not realize she is not going to sleep with him?

    And did it bother NO ONE that she was yelling at high decibels throughout this? NO ONE found her obnoxious and dishonest and loud?

    • I got through about 1:30 of this shit, and was too annoyed to continue. I lost all respect for Loren “couldn’t do it my way” Feldman right off the bat – she insisted Paul be there? Couldn’t ask what he wanted? Bullshit dude. He “felt sorry” for her? This is how she gets around being held accountable to anyone. She’s a walking pity party, and everyone feels too bad for her to call her on her responsibilities and failures.

      Makes me fucking sick that everyone who encounters her suddenly shits out their spine and turns into quivering, sympathetic jellyfish. As long as this keeps happening she is not going to change.

      • She probably hired Loren to turn around her image. Isn’t that what he does for a living? I’m spewing chunks over here right now.

      • Agreed. I’d rather watch TMI, basically. At least I know which parts to fast forward through on that.

    • It really truly is braying. I had never really understood the reference. But having heard a minute of this, there is only one word. Braying. Braying. Braying.

      Good god in heaven.

  60. That was really lame and disappointing and disingenous.

    He didn’t ask tough questions because in real life she’s just a “sad and pathetic girl?” Was she acting sad and pathetic during this interview? No, she was braying and kissing ass and lying and self-aggrandizing as always. And all he pressed her on is why don’t you tell your critics to fuck off?

    Carry on, RBNS. You and the other reblogging sites are the only ones with any nuts. Get Alana Joy to sit down and interview her — then you’ll see someone with some balls ask the questions you wanted asked.

    And why did Loren et al come here soliciting questions and then not ask any of them? If I’m RBNS right now, I’m feeling used and pissed.

    • Have you noticed how often Julia does camera interviews with women? Sure, she does like, phone interviews. But usually with girls who already fawn on her.

    • She wouldn’t allow that because Alana Joy is “psychotic,” remember? That’s her response to female critics.

      But male critics? Just get them out, butter them up, bat your eyelashes, bray over all their jokes, clutch them to your push-up bra and get them onside.

      I am sickened.

      • Yeah, I love how if you disagree or dislike her YOU have problems, you’re a psycho, you’re jealous, you need to get a life. It’s not because of anything Julia is/does/said. It’s YOU.

  61. And obviously she can easily wrap wannabe geeks are her finger. But Loren and his wife (camera person) obviously lost control of that shit which was JAs m.o. the whole time.

    God she is an ugly terrible person. Hi Julia! I know you are reading this!

  62. Oh for fuck’s sake, I cannot go on. Loren acts like Julia’s life coach or an obsessive uncle.

    You used to be amusing, dude. I honestly think this is like a bad, bad move on your part. Really, it makes you look terrible.

      • Maybe he should think more long-term strategy here. I definitely won’t be going back, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Now that I know he’s just another fawning fan-boy, his skits won’t seem quite as funny.

  63. “I think you’re interesting, I think you’re pretty, I think you’re all these things…”

    Loren, WTF is wrong with you.

    • He’s just being diplomatic/ ass-kissing-licious…they are all diplomats with each other in their little world that doesn’t matter…

      They just use ‘new’ media; they don’t create it or change it or anything…they are the followers.

      Puppets never fascinated me and, besides, Henson did it like no other.

  64. Julia asks a relevant question: WHY target her bulemia, Loren? Why not ask her, uhh, why are you a fucking lying bitch?

  65. I made it about 2 minutes in … and you know what? Julia can say FUCK YOU to me until she’s blue in the face. She can write about how much we suck, twitter it every day, put posters outside her window about how much we hate her and how we need to fuck off.

    It STILL wouldn’t make her a good person worthy of respect. She’s a liar to a scary extent, and uses her star quality to cover up her lies and the fact that, in spite of some really big talk and great advantages, she hasn’t accomplished shit.

    I respect a lot of people, and I’m positive that a lot of other commentators do as well. But you know, a nearly thirty girl who hasn’t worked an actual job in half a decade, one who has used her sexuality to get to the top while talking out her ass about feminism and women’s inability to get ahead in media/new media/entertainment, one who has lied whenever it suits her, one who is chronically rude in her treatment of other individuals? That girl will not be worthy of my respect, even if she were to tell me to “fuck off” to my face.

    The only way Julia can get respect? If she apologizes, at length, for her lies, her betrayals, and her shitty, shitty treatment of people. Nearing thirty, she cannot, and, in fact, patently refuses to accept responsibility for the consequences of her actions. If anything is so sad about Julia Allison, it’s the fact that she has a three year old mentality about action’s consequences. Sad 🙁

    (and star quality? please. she may have it on amongst the internet world – or have had it, as the case may more likely be – but her on-camera presence is painfully annoying. there was a reason why her reality TV show pilot was never picked up. and, it must be saying something when the channel that has “the real housewives” finds julia allison a more revolting presence and unable to find an audience.)

  66. That video is a fiasco. Just another dissenter fed the Jaba roofie and raped into submission. I have never been so ashamed of the male sex in my entire life. Gawd. If I were Loren’s wife I would kick him roundly in the balls.

    • Hear, hear! And Loren’s wife, Michelle, appears ten times brighter and far more attractive our tardy twat. I see a kick a comin’!

  67. There is no star quality. The Bravo execs who saw her on camera, and test audiences, found her so outrageously unlikeable that any notion of giving her a reality show was immediately nuked.

    That is not star quality. That is a chick who is delusional, believes herself to have star quality, and cannot be honest with herself, her readers, her friends, her family, etc.

    • Exactly! Cuntfacedly mugging for the camera and sassing on your ‘friends’ does not a star make.

      Her face/mouth are fucking horrid. She reached her top with the Star gig and she pissed it away. 3am cable blather was her peak, but i guess those bridges have been burned. I wonder why?

      She was an 1.5 late for this thing w/ the Drooly Boys. So sad and pathetic. But a rock hard boner will make having your time wasted acceptable i suppose.

      I guess this new paradigm shifter journalism means objectivity is ovah??

  68. Well, not everybody can do what Jon Stewart did on Crossfire, I guess, but I still think ‘owning’ should go both ways.
    Called someone a monster in a video posted on your ‘media’ site? Own it. Produced the “FUCK CAMPING!” puppet show? Own it.
    Solicit questions for a filmed chat in the park? Pick the factual ones and ask them and if Paul Carr gets in your way, give him a bottle of liquor to pose for a picture with. Also, who’s Paul Carr anyway?
    What was the point of this little excercise? Why should people watch this (I didn’t and don’t intend to)? What informational, entertainment or whatever value does it have that justifies posting it? Why not simply do what many good journalists do with irrelevant material and chuck it?
    It is one thing to be civil and not destroy someone in front of a camera, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be factual and critical in any way.
    Well, at the end of the day, none of this really matters, least of all Julia Allison Baugher.

  69. That was beyond pathetic, and boring too. You can’t get blood from a stone. Also, she’s clearly lying about reading this site as who else would judge/tell her about her wearing of black tights. At the end of the day, who really cares?

  70. The fact of the matter is that those on the outside who satirize those within new media are just dying to be inside the group themselves — Loren is a prime example.

    He’s an outsider looking in by circumstance, not choice.

  71. Here’s an interesting question – why the FUCK would any self-respecting journalist wait around for an hour and a half for a late interviewee, who wasn’t, say, a famous movie star or the President of the United States?

    I would have left after thirty minutes and told Julia to screw herself and her slanket for her rude behavior. Then I would have wrote a sentence or two about how she was super late to the meeting, and I had better things to do with my time.

  72. Called it before it even happened. Loren does this with everyone. Talks big shit about someone online from the comfort of his home and then when he gets to them in person he’s loud but hardly ever as obnoxious. Julia isn’t the first and won’t be the last of Loren’s letdowns.

    Not that this is a bad thing. It just is what it is.

  73. Wow. This IS disappointing. I only got through about 2 minutes before it became clear this was NOT to call her out on her lies, manipulations, and strategic relationships.
    Oh, wait… is this just another strategic relationship?
    VERY dissapointing.
    I so thought this would be something different.

  74. Grave disappointment over the self-congratulatory BILE that was this “interview.” Oh, but a bunch of guys were sitting around fawning all over Julia! It’s her chance to play the flirty victim role on camera!!
    Holy fuck, she is annoying. The squealing, the braying, the flirting…ugh. She truly is like a 14-year-old girl trapped in a 30-year-old body.

    Also, way to get your dicks completely sliced off right on camera there, big boys. Paul Carr is also every bit as slimy and disgusting as I expected. That’s the yutz who actually comes in here defending her?
    You can have her, Paul! Eat her pussy, Milo!!

    She’s a liar, a bitch, a lazy elitist snot, and a phoney. THAT is why we don’t like her. She can tell us to fuck off with puppets all she likes, but it doesn’t change the fact that she possesses probably one of the most grating personalities regularly featured online. Period.

  75. Once again…Julia proves herself to be completely lacking in wit. God she is so not funny, charming, nor entertaining in the slightest.
    Paul and Milo made me sick, and made me glad that I am married to an actual man.
    I didn’t think Loren was too bad…he called her out on some stuff. His wife annoyed me though, with the “friend, fan, who cares?” crap.

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