Julia: Hanging Out With Celebrities Via New BFF; New Friendship Suddenly Becomes Clear


Jordan: “We’re in a bromance.”about 8 hours ago from TwitterFon

Jordan and I are en route to Bar 675 on 13th & 9th Ave to meet Michael Cera and the Office writers. Yay!about 8 hours ago from TwitterFon

Justin Timberlake: See you on the battlefield.about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon

That just happened.about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon

At Avenue on 17th & 10th with Jordan, Michael Kives, Lee Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake.about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon

🙂 about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

My god, I need a night in already. Sheesh.about 4 hours ago from TwitterFon

I’m still awake and … working (?!?!) I know, I know. I don’t really believe it either.about 2 hours ago from web


  1. You left off the best one!! The Gauche Troll is STILL UP PEOPLES!! “working” at 7am.

    Celebrities inspire! See!? SEE!???

    • Heheh. What I love about that ‘twit’ is that is shows just how fucking demented this Gauche Troll truly is. Fucking insane. Yes, the ‘friendship’ is revealed, but so is a new layer of crazy. It’s a win / win.

  2. Is this Jordan girl actually friends with these celebrities or is she just friend of a friend of a friend of a friend?
    Either way, once someone mentioned the “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” connection, I just knew that Jackles was angling for some way into Hollywood. I bet in a week she will start mentioning that she is writing a spec script for something, “like SATC, but funny! like me! I’m SO funny! and fashionable!”

    Also, I can only IMAGINE how her interactions with actual celebrities went.

    • She’s really friends with them. Her husband is in a respected “hipster” band with quite a following. She socializes in these circls.

      • Just out of curiosity, what band is Jordan’s husband in?

        Either way, I just can’t picture Jules hanging out with comedy writers and hipsters. I just imagine her braying and hee-hawing at every comment and her tales of Davos and headbands being met with blank stares. Maybe Jordan is just toting Julia around for her friends to mock?

    • Go on youtube and look for JA’s appearance on Chelsea Lately. She’s completely out of her league in the humour department.

  3. I don’t think mainstream Hollywood — I think writing screenplays/ TV shows on the more “alternative/cool” side.

    It won’t work, of course. She has not an edge to her.

  4. Oh boy. Where do we begin?

    If Jordan has any celebrity connections, she’d better watch out. Julia will insert herself into her crew before Jordan even knows what’s happening.

    I used to be this way. It reminds me of when I was seven, went down to this girl Samantha’s house, not because I liked her, but because she had a Sega Genesis and I didn’t and I desperately wanted to play Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, I used her for her video games. Her mom saw through my game after a few weeks and had a little “phone call” with my mom.

    Jordan, this may sound like a stretch, but let me spell this out for you, SAT Exam style –

    Jordan : Celebs/The Office writers /Justin Timberlake connection
    Samantha : Sega Genesis

    Being around famous, notable names is the oxygen that keeps people like The Gauche Troll alive. Obsessing about how to get access to “name” people, glomming on to them (and people who cann give her access) in social situations, twittering who she’s met. It’s sad, but true.

    This will last a few weeks, until finally Jordan sees her for the user that she is.

    HarHar and Jordan – RUN. FOR. THE. HILLS, if you’re not doing so already. This woman is a 100% user. You both seem way too smart to not see through her pathetic game.

    • I played with a “slow” girl down the street b/c she had Super Mario 3. Must be a common rite of passage. In retrospect, it was really mean.

      Julia is the archetype mean girl. Though, most of her former friends have made a point to let people know about her “using” ways. This is why Julia had to find new crew to mooch off of.

      • I agree. I also think this may backfire spectacularly! Jordan will burn her…

        The lesson she finally needs to learn! Yay!

  5. I. die. WHO in their right mind – unless they are bloody Perez Hilton – announces this stuff to the world? Julia – let me explain something to you. New Yorkers (or anyone for that matter) who hang out with famous people DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. Jesus H Christ. How much more can you humiliate yourself?

    Baugher Bingo: Countdown to the Page Six “Sighting”. You know she is speed-dailing Paula (or more likely emailing Paula, since Paula would never take her call) as I write.

    • I know. Plus, NYC is all about random encouters with celebrities. I remember ending up, almost accidentally, behind the velvet rope a few times; hanging out with “big names.” Julia’s mistake is that she now thinks that she and JT are BFF when he’s already forgotten her and her request that he make a cameo on TMI Weekly (HA!). He forgot her before he put his head down to snooze. Jordan will soon do the same. She’s actually very naive in an embarrassing way.

      • I’m sure that Jordan et. al. would be delighted to hear about her “Star” magazine connection, as well as her discretion with exposing her neighbor Rosie O’Donnell for fighting with her partner to the Twitter world at large. Because celebrities love sh*t like that, especially when they’re just relaxing with their supposed friends.

      • How could he forget her when they’ve never spoken? She happened to be at the same club as him. Ooooooooooooh.

    • Fashion Girl: So true. I remember years ago standing on the corner near Union Square waiting for a friend, and noticing a group of smartly dressed 20something men and women. They were waiting, too. It was only after Chelsea Clinton joined them that I noticed the men in suits with earpieces off to the side. Other people noticed, too. And in that cool NYC way, everyone just nodded and let her be.

  6. Oh god. Leave it to Julia to spend all night hanging out with JT only to come home to post a random WSJ quote about healthcare costs, with absolutely NO context.

    • Here’s some context: preventive care is exactly the thing that could save the most money, increase wellness the most, and is explicitly not covered by the current system of for profit medicine in which money that could be used for lifestyle education, which is time consuming, is not only specifically excluded from physician reimbursements, but is hoovered out of the system into profits for the insurers, whose main interest is not in providing care, but in denying care.

    • Not to mention, this is a 27 (?) year old woman who does NOT even have health insurance. I guarantee that she doesn’t know the first thing about healthcare costs. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have the luxury of NOT carrying insurance. What an idiot.

      • 28 and, yeah, no health insurance. She really should refrain from posting anything remotely political especially about an issue like Healthcare.

        BTW, Mary wrote in tiny 8point font underneath julia’s quote (she reblogged) that she and other who take care of themselves should get cheaper health insurance. That really helps all the overweight people without health insurance in the ghetto, mary!

  7. Worse, I believe.

    In any case, Julia Allison is waaaaaaaaaay more important. Look, she spent her night with celebrities, OK!? Nothing else in the world happens.

  8. Obviously, I’ve been replaced. SO. THRILLED.

    I am about to head out for a 7.5 mile run with my Facebook co-workers, but when I get back, I expect a full write-up from Julia’s Brain on this wild and wacky weekend.

  9. Hm, staying up until 6 AM, not drinking, and froming a super close bond with a stranger. What a little snow bunny.

    You know she thinks she’ll meet these celebs and they’ll all be so blown away. Julia date me, write for me, take me to Aldo with you!

  10. Please HarvardHarley, please please marry Julia! She will be in parasitic name-dropper heaven 4evah! Jordan, if you’re doing the “pre-mother” assessment, please please let Julia pass! She’ll have an entirely new family to be indescrete about; god knows girl needs some fresh material.
    Oooohhh, so happy. : ) Her life is so blessed.
    Just think, the twitterverse all now know who JT was hangin’ with last night and where, and can only thank Julia Allison Baugher!
    It is so exciting!!! The infiltration is almost complete! Next she’ll be posting “secret” photos of HarHar’s mother’s silver and china; maybe even someday the private bathroom of Steve Carell … omfg y’all … fingers crossed!!

  11. So excited for Julia. She is really on her way now. She is destined for great fame. And she deserves it.

  12. If anyone is using anyone, that Jordan girl is totally using Julia. Yuck. I feel stalker vibe towards sweet Julia from that nutbar.

  13. Jackles has Paul Carr in her pocket. I wonder, exactly, what happened after their meat packing industry frolick the other night?

    paulcarr Off to meet @amanda and @yiannopoulos. If the latter thinks I’m not going to tell him off about his story on @juliaallison, he is mistaken. about 1 hour ago from Seesmic Desktop

    BTW, yiannopoulos-Milo Yannopoulos who wrote the Daily Telegraph article on Julia’s spike of “fans” on facebook via her relationship with Randi zzzzzzzzzz.

    • Paul Carr strikes me as being a completely full of himself, pseudo- intellectual asshole. Just one glance at his Wikipedia photo was enough – artfully positioned glass of whiskey, “I won’t smile for your camera” look of defiance in the face of camera, rumpled open necked shirt. Describing himself as a new gonzo journalist.
      Not to mention affiliating himself with the Booby Princess and posing as her White Knight savior from all criticism. You’re a journalist Paul, Julia is a little bit out of your league. She might lead you down the garden path to get what she needs from you, then you will be discarded like last nights fish and chip wrapper.

  14. Julia once tweeted a single word, PAULCARRALICIOUS. But then she deleted it in a matter of hours.

    • TJ,

      I think your industry/district slip is so cute! Ha!

      re: Carr. He’s such a loser…like, “I’m hanging with girls tonight who think I am important and will compliment me relentlessly!” loser.

      I loved Yiannopoulos’ ‘expose’…but everything fizzles, doesn’t it? She has a way with making sure (not acknowledging) that things get brushed under the carpet.

  15. looks as if her new pal talked her into joining a gym. What’s Jordan got that allowed her to achieve what Rambin never could?

    • Hm…well Jordan has celebrity connections, natural camera-ready beauty, a friendship with the new man that Julia so desperately wants to marry, a successful life, a Gawker write-up, media connections…the list could go on. However, the main thing is that Jordan has yet to grow tired of ol’ ass-kissing, fame-seeking Jules.

  16. i assume this all means that Harvard Harley is over, yes? No more posts about their .25 dates. Just desperate sucking up to his friend.

    He must have run off screaming into the night like all the other men.
    Nicely played, Foolia.

    • Hahahaha!

      I’ve copied the text unless Jules deletes it:

      “Julia Allison at 7:17pm June 13
      omg that’s the worst photo of me ever pleaseeeee take it downnnn boooo”

      On a picture of her with Rachel Billow where she actually looks pretty decent to me. If this is her idea of a “worstie” I would hate to know what her idea of a “best” photo is.

      I hope this Billow doesn’t cave into Julia’s demands. She thinks the world just revolves around her. And Julia, I know you are reading this: YOU LOOK FINE. SHUT UP, YOU SOUND AND LOOK NEUROTIC FOR WRITING THAT. YOU ARE PUSHING 30, ACT LIKE A FUCKING ADULT.

  17. I looked at the pictures of her zOMG big night out and her self-satisfied expressions really made me wish she’d accidentally been hit been by a bus @ some point in the evening.

    I think I’ve had enough of Julia cuntwaffle Allison for a while. I usually don’t wish violence upon her, so I know it’s reached the saturation point. Please email me, Jacy, when something really super horrible happens to her and I will be a “jealous hater” and rejoice.

  18. I once stood next to Lennox Lewis at a crosswalk in Toronto and I didn’t say anything to him. Nor did I tell anybody about it until now. That’s how hipster cool I am.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if all this time Julia really was a coke dealer.

  19. Just sayin’ that she drops the “office writers” like they hang out together all the time. ONE: they write in LA. TWO: they are on hiatus and likely on a beach somewhere and THREE: that one dude doesn’t make a plural. She is a total star f*cker of the highest order. I seem to remember her saying she doesn’t care about celebs, or something like that when she was sacked from STAR mag. But yet she has to drop each person’s resume every time she mentions them. –Going to drink water with the second second AD from Samantha Who?–She is a transparently horrible person.

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