Brother Britt: Mother and Father Wondering Where All The Money Is Coming From


After my Waverly dinner-no-dessert, I met up with Jordan (for the second night in a row) over at the Empire Hotel (for the second night in a row, too, although I was with Alexander Marquardt, not Jordan).

The night before I found the lobby area somewhat sexy – but last night Jordan & I decided to check out the rooftop bar.





And that is all.

PS. Please don’t email that I’m wearing the same white dress I wore just five days ago.  I know.  I apologize for my lack of creativity.  It has been dry-cleaned, if you were concerned.  😉

While mother and father are delighted to know my poor sister has remembered to get her clothes dry-cleaned, even though she seems unconcerned by Lilly’s shitting problem, they are wondering where she’s getting all the cash to pay for constant brunches, lunches, dinner and cocktails. She is unemployed. We find it strange.


  1. Usually when two literal strangers glom onto one another that quickly and begin hanging out intensely despite having just met, there are either drugs involved or a fondness for having sex with one another. Just saying.

  2. NonSociety business expenses credit card being abused perhaps?
    If I was this Jordan chick I may be getting a tiny little Single White Female vibe right about now.

  3. Okay, this is totally nosey (not to mention tacky as hell) but I noticed that Julia once blogged that her rent was $2550 a month. I’m pretty sure it’s a financial rule of thumb that your rent should not exceed 30% of your net income, although maybe not in NYC as it’s so expensive? Anyway, if we’re following that rule then Julia’s net income would have to be $102 000 to afford that place. Bear in mind I am really shitty at Math, but I think those figures are correct.

    Is TMI and public speaking really that lucrative?

    • She moved (or is) moving out.
      She first moved into that place when she was working at Star, which paid six figures.

      Her apartment was tacky and overpriced. I can’t believe she spent that much for a studio in middle-of-nowhere midtown. I’ve had friends who have been there and they say it is the size of a pocket, even by NYC standards. She just moved in because she thought she would meet rich men in the building who weren’t renting disgusting tiny studios.

  4. The only thing she consistently does is make ‘friends’ with people in all sorts of circles. That’s all she does. Like, that’s it.

    And of all the ‘friends’ she has made, she really hasn’t done much with it.

    If you were talented, Julia…if you did possess creativity, people would see it and respond…Well, I mean, you wouldn’t be jobless, you know?

    I bet this retard was “writing” something all night long into the morning just because she met all these TV writers and whatnot and was feeling inspired, like she’s one of them…”I can join this club too! I’m wacky and weird too!”

    Good Luck, Jules! Let them judge you on your work, not your words/boobs!

    So barftastic!

  5. It must also be hard for her to talk about what “she does” when out with people who are actually doing things, makin’ money and accomplished.

    I mean, all she has is Nonsociety to point people to…! What else? Some youtube vids of her on TV?! Wow. Creative. I’m impressed. I’m sure they are too, you know, because you’re so not conventional or anything. Fashion Week coverage! Woo!

    I think someone said earlier that she is a vampire, sucking the life out of people. I would like to add that she also sucks their accomplishments, titles and prestige because she is a gaping hole of strategy.

  6. She is complaining about the Empire Hotel roof now? Does she forget that she was there for the Webutante Ball just a few weeks ago? And don’t give me bullshit about how she was at a “private party,” I was there and you had to walk through the public lounge before you went to the roof and anyone with two eyes could see that the place is pure Jersey when it isn’t hosting geek balls.

    Maybe she was just mad because there were too many brown people there. Unless they are famous congressmen or the boyfriends of certain new media moguls, Jackles has been known to be not-too-friendly with people darker than pale.

    • Jackles has been known to be not-too-friendly with people darker than pale.

      Well The Gauche Troll proved that when she cuntfacedly ripped on that black woman on the bus back from DC for having the gall to talk on her phone.

      The Gauche Troll is a hideous, hideous person.

    • CGE

      Two night backs, the Empire Hotel was the best thin in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! And despite having gone to the Webutante ball, it was a NEW discover for her! As somene said, she must have said, “TO THE BALL” to her driver without knowing where she was dropped off. It’s worrisome.

      • Haha! I thought she said she went to the hotel lobby before. It is so strange how she keeps mentioning the Empire Hotel. It is just further evidence of her manic tendencies, she goes somewhere once and has to keep going and mention it 50 times like it is THE. BEST. THING. EVER. She is the same way with friends, psychics, men…this is why she can never hold onto one of those things for longer than 3 weeks.

        Luckily, the Empire Hotel was never chic (which probably explains why they let her in) so they won’t be ruined by her horrible reputation.

    • I get it! She says her parents don’t give her money but they’re probably paying her AmEx card, technically she doesn’t receive any money but they do pay for her lifestyle.

  7. How cute. She reminds her “readers” (us, and only us) that she had her dress dry cleaned, after numerous people here bagged on her for wearing the same five filthy outfits over and over and over again. Give it up and buy a size up Julia. No one cares anymore that you are now the “fat friend.”

  8. I think it’s extremely clear there’s some kind of living trust situation set up for Julia by her grandmother, for tax purposes. Julia will undoubtedly inherit a pretty bit of change when her grandmother passes, just as she now gets chunks of money from Grams as part of a living trust.

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