Mary: Accusations of Fattie-ism And Another Show Of Balls


So a commenter here told a story today about meeting Rambo at an event and Rambo seemed to be horrified by the presence of women who were not stick-thin. She posted the comment on Rambo’s blog. And Rambo responded in a fairly reasonable and adult manner. As some have pointed out, imagine how rapidly such a comment would have been deleted on Planet Jackles?

The comment and Rambo’s reply are here, under the post about soup on her blog.

However, I don’t doubt for a moment that Rambo is repulsed by women who don’t work out and are overweight. It’s like those strident anti-smokers when they’re confronted with someone who enjoys the odd smoke. Which must have made for an interesting dynamic between her and Jackles over the winter when Jackles was hoovering cupcakes and storing nuts in both cheeks while considering one session of faux-ga aimed at bagging another married man an intense workout. Remember those TMI episodes when Mary would openly scoff at Jackles’s workout claims? Those were good times.


    • I am willing to bet that she always will. She has an addiction to working out and dieting and it’s lifelong. She’ll be one of those pregnant women who’s back in her Size 2 jeans two weeks later, and back at the gym. My best friend is one of these women. I know them well. They are junkies.

  1. Mary handled this post like a grown-up. And as for her exercise/thin thing, yeah it’s there, but she also has the guts these days to post unflattering pics of herself and to make fun of her appearance. She’s not a narcissistic vacuum like Jankles. She doesn’t snark on old lovers, etc., admits to mistakes, doesn’t need to be the center of attention everywhere and anywhere, and as she separates from the Jankles bullshit it’s clear she does have a heart.

  2. this is why i like mary. she’s able to admit potential wrongs or at least view dissenting opinions as a valid part of the conversation instead of being delete happy to keep up her “OMGPURRFECTPINKPRINCESS” image

  3. sorry but I don’t think Mary’s response made any damn sense, meaning the part about the pictures and being reemed for posting expensive clothes and what not. No sense at all.

    But at least she was mature about it and left the comment up and admitted it wasn’t her shining moment.

    • I didn’t think the response made any sense at all. I still don’t get what posting pictures has to do with ignoring normal size people.

    • IMHOP Mary sounds like an utter ass. He reply can be considered normal or reasonable only in comparison to Poofy. I guess “Reeming” is the price of fame.

  4. donna karan ripped off the great and original (haha) designer mary rambin! and so did forever21! mary is a knock-off artist herself, and a dumb and duped slave to fashion for shilling out $760 for a piece of jewelry. there are no original ideas anymore darling, might as well get it cheap if you can.

  5. I feel pity for Mary. She definitely tries a lot harder than Jackles. That said, i think she is going to be fucked for a long time for that association.

    It sounds like she took on a bit of Jackie’s characteristics during the NS / TMI debacle. It seems that she will be living this association down for awhile.

    • Mary Mary Mary. Being rich and thin and blonde is enough to get you a husband, a kid, a divorce, another husband and another kid. Embrace your destiny.

      More than that takes effort

  6. Anyone who thinks that this makes Mary “redeemable” or that she handled this like a mature adult must not hang out with a lot of mature adults. So she left the comment up, so what? Does this make her the world’s greatest internet diplomat? No, it just makes her slightly less self-absorbed than JAB.
    Mary 1. lied that she had thanked this woman’s friend and that she had a hand in the event 2. made up a bizarre excuse about acting like she would catch fat from some of the women (their clothes were too expensive? oh please) and didn’t even address the body issues which makes one think that she does actually have a problem with the larger set and 3. claimed her make up was heavy because she was going to go see a band (way to drop that you are TOTES HIP Mary!). Was her band playing on TV? What does some shitty band have to do with layering on 5 pounds of foundation.

    Don’t try to put any trust in Mary, she is a vapid, spoiled waste of a human, just like JAB.

  7. One of the founders of the event in question just posted a reply on the more than mary thread.

  8. So the founder of the organization now states that she was uncomfortable with how mary acted at the event and Mary’s lack of fact checking.


    • Me too. Maybe she acted like she owned the place? I can’t figure it out. Also, she says Mary didn’t fact check but I read Mary’s original post and there’s little content (as usual) so I am a bit confused.

      • if i am looking at the correct post on mary’s blog, it seems like she was more concerned with the designer than the actual reason for the event. it wasn’t the designer’s event, it was the charity’s. mary gives the semblance of caring and being charitable, but all she is really after are the superficialities. she wouldn’t even have been at this event had it not involved wholesale prices of designer clothing.

    • Felicia seems pretty credible, hopefully Mary will respond soon.

      I can’t help but feel excited at Mary, who can come across as very self righteous and pious, getting dragged over the coals for behaviour she admonishes in others. He he he.

    • Ditto.

      I guess I was just somewhat impressed that at least Rambo didn’t respond with a “Fuck you, if you don’t like it, don’t read it!” or with a passive-aggressive: “I find it strange that you would say something like that about someone you don’t even know. Have a nice day! xoxo”

      But it’s true, I don’t know what she’s getting at with the photography explanation.

      • Jacy, I do give her props for leaving it up and taking it like a big gal. Don’t get me wrong. I’m just perplexed at her explanation. I don’t even know if she’s avoiding the weight topic or her explanation makes sense to her. I almost believe that her explanation is perfectly logical and thoughtful to her. Sometimes I think that she and Meghan have real communication issues.

  9. Small reality check on Felicia Sullivan’s comment: she talking about a charity that does not yet have 501c3 status as of June 2, 2009. Read her blog:
    “I’m in the nascent stages of launching a non profit organization”; “my organization is pending 501c3 status”

    She doesn’t say what Mary did that bothered her.

    Her blog has lots of product placement endorsements. Sample:

  10. Sacred Scrapbooks,

    Big reality check on Felicia Sullivan’s comment:

    Felicia organized a successful event that gave tons of clothing away to needy women. She spent months working her ass off to help others and is an amazing writer on top of that. Unlike Mary and Jackles, she imade a success of herself with absolutely no help from family. If you’re interested in learning more about her, I suggest reading her memoir, which just came out in paperback.

  11. Sacred Scrapbooks,

    I’d like to clarify a few things based on the few links you’ve posted about my blog, which I’ve been keep since 2005.

    Applying & securing tax exempt status takes 3-9 months, at least. I’m presently working with the Lawyer’s Alliance ( on my very extensive 501c3 application. Just because I don’t have tax-exempt status doesn’t imply that the work I’m trying to do is in any way suspect. Dress For Success, Healthy Families Successful Start, and Fort Greene Snap – my participating partners for our inaugural event – were well aware of the fact that I wasn’t a non profit, but I had an idea for which I was passionate, that I wanted to turn into a non profit, and they believed in it as well. Everyone who was involved – from the 200 women who attended our first event (who selected from over 5,000 pieces of clothes that were donated), to the volunteers, to our hosts at the Irondale Center – were clear that this was an idea that I was excited about – giving back to the community from which I grew up.

    If being unemployed and deciding to take a risk by leaving 13 years of working in corporate America in a terrible economy in order to invest what’s left of my savings to form a non-profit organization, to do something good for others, than you’re right – I’m suspect.

    As for the link that you posted referencing my Liz Earle post. You’re right. I do review beauty products (product placements are markedly different than product reviews), but I also document recipes I’ve made (as I’m a baker & cook. If you clicked on the second page of posts, you would’ve seen an awesome blueberry crumble recipe), review books I’ve read, I talk about the writing process, among many other things I’ve written about in the past four years. My blog isn’t my business, it’s my hobby. I hope, that this burgeoning non profit will be my work.

    Re: the post on Mary’s site. I recognized that someone was impersonating me (and perhaps using my burgeoning charity as a means to snark on Mary), and I wanted to set the record straight. I have no beef with Mary; I simply didn’t like her behavior at my donor event, but I have no interest in rehashing the details on the web. I’m in L.A. as I type this, wondering how the hell I’ll come up with a three year P&L when I don’t even know how I’ll get financing.

    In retrospect, I should definitely have emailed her to relay that the comment left wasn’t me instead of leaving a comment. Bad move on my part, admittedly.

    Cheers, Felicia

    • Yes, bravo! Good luck with your organization. I’ve worked in non-profit for ages and now how long it takes to get 5031c3 status. Many nonprofits hold initial events while still applying for NP status.

  12. I don’t give her credit for leaving the response up.

    If this NS/TMI twit learned one thing from that whole fiasco with their comments it’s that there is no faster way to alienate potential page viewers then to delete their comments. She simply cannot afford to bring that kind of a shit-storm to MTM. Her posts [all of them!] on her scotch tasting are completely commentless.

    Reading the accusation that she blogged as if she had more to do with the event then she did– validated all that I have sensed about Mary and her inflated ego. I cringe when she gushes about her ‘readers’

    What I find interesting –is that she tweeted that she was getting ‘reemed on her blog’-she played the damsel in distress card so the four people that support her would post pro-mary comments.

    But again, her julia skills are showing–even vapid mary knows that her spray tan will cover the bruises she might incur for those valuable page views.

  13. Look at both MTM and NS Alexa numbers. Neither site has anything approaching respectable numbers. And both show dowanward trends. (NS is down 20 to 30 % on pageviews).

    That gives me a warm feeling in my cold, dead heart. Because the idea that they espouse – that this new media allows YOU the viewer to start your OWN magazine and have as much credibilty as an established publication 0 drives me crazy. Not that I’m a defender of dumbmainstream media, it’s just that the un-engaged un-read, un-trained, are getting their ass kicked pleases me.

    On the internet, they’re right. People vote with their feet. And no one is walking up to these stalls.

      • there’s no way that’s true. And the fact that there is no way to track pageviews objectively – when you can watch live video of your own street corner and twitter your bowel movements – should say something. This new media is more facist and more exclusive that newspapers and tv. RE: JA’s special tumblr and facebook treatment.

    • Mary continues to state that her blog is not her job/career but it is her passion….and she also continually assures her readers that she does not need their page views.

      This must be the truth because she is ‘brutally honest’

      Just like transparency, Mary would not be able to pick honesty out of a line-up if it was wearing a $1000 dress and a $700 necklace.

      • Mary appears not to read any other blogs, or books or magazines. She references no one. She’s that chick in eight grade who says she wants To Be a Writer, but has read nothings.
        She doesn’t want to write. She just wants to be a STAR..

      • Her site is just a vanity project that is an excuse for her to feel like some sort of Z-list celebrity and to score some swag from idiotic twentysomething marketing girls who should be fired for even aligning their clients with an amateurish hack woman who is known to not genuinely like the products she shills and is labeled as vapid all over the internet.

        I’m not saying there isn’t hope for Mary, she just shouldn’t be doing this on her own. She should try to fenagle a magazine job or work for some regional news program and then she can score all the free shit she wants while being able to have a reputable business behind her (and PAYING her). Seriously, on TMI it is obvious she is the only one with TV presence and she has a niche she could market to some dumb TV person. I think she should try it out! It would make Julia GREEN with envy.

    • Those #s are why Julia is suddenly “working” her ass off with her agents. She knows she cannot rely on NS making “fuck you money” and needs to start making rent. This all started happening after she went on her 3 day sojourn that many anonymous commenters say was with her parents. I think someone kicked her ass in gear.

      • What do you want to bet that her family gave her a time limit/ultimatum? As in, you’ve got six months to start paying your own shit because we are cutting it off? I mean, seriously. Financing your 30 year old daughter so she can flounce around NYC in Gap Kids clothes being a worthless entitled bitch with no accountability is just inexcusable, hopefully they finally put their foot down.

        No wonder she’s suddenly desperate for a husband. There’s no way she can face the prospect of actually supporting herself. And let’s face it, not like NS is going to get another round of VC funding, amirite?

    • What’s great about new media is that anyone can have the *opportunity* with a zero cost (pretty close to it) barrier to entry; no longer does the freedom of the press belong just to those who can buy one; anyone can own one

      What happens next, well, as we’ve seen, YMMV

  14. julia just posted a picture of herself tonight in which she is wearing the black tights. that’s the THIRD time in what, four days? it is fucking june, julia. why are you wearing black tights. what the hell. this is almost as perplexing as the skirt pull.


  15. Ok, stupid pet peeve, but really, you’re a writer, lady: “circa” means “around,” as in “approximately.” “Circa last night,” means “some time around last night.” It does not mean, “during last night.” Doesn’t she always brag about her Latin cred too?

  16. Oh how cute. Julia has found a new friend to name drop schools and use inflated adjectives on:

    “This is my unbelievable new girl friend Jordan Berkow, and her Lilly-clone shih-tzu pup, Lucy.
    I met Jordan at the first party Harvard Harley invited me to, a few weeks ago (they were friends in college). After graduating in 2003, she fled to LA to become an actress. Turns out the whole Hollywood thing didn’t much suit her, so she came back home (raised in the city, Dalton grad) to pursue journalism – and yes, she’s an incredible writer.
    In the interim, she managed to marry a gorgeous Yale-educated musician she met on MYSPACE. Yes. MySpace. Seriously. MYSPACE. I asked her three times if she was joking. I would have loved to see their NYT wedding announcement: Harvard meets Yale … on MySpace.
    He proposed within six weeks. They were engaged for a little over a year, and they’ve been married for almost eight months. They both have tattoos.
    It’s better than a movie.
    Anyway! In addition to being (as you can clearly see) ridiculously, obscenely, drop-dead gorgeous, she also happens to be one of the sweetest and most genuine girls I’ve met in a long time. No pretention whatsoever. And yeah, of course she’s bright as hell. The topper – a matching shih-tzu puppy – was almost too much for me. My girl crush is undeniable.
    I still sort of can’t believe she actually exists.”

    She’s also claiming yet another celebrity “stole” her designer dress. Also calls Ganseevort “gauche” — as if she has any room to talk about what is gauche.

    STFU Julia.

    • You ever notice she gushes all over these women in a way in which her “that should be me” feelings come through? It’s almost like she picks “friends” with qualities she can brag about in order to remind us she’s absolutely their equal, yeah it coulda been her but she’s living differently, but inside she’s just as high quality as they are…it’s all so boring and sad.

      • Exactly. I do get the feeling, however, that deep down she is green with envy and full of hatred for women who have what she thinks she’s supposed to have. In a crap movie she would befriend them and then they’d all mysteriously die or disappear. The script is developing in my mind as I type.
        In real life, however, this is indeed so very boring and a little bit sad, although I don’t have it in me to pity this delusional, entitled hag in the making without a moral compass.

      • Totally. It’s all so creepy in a Single White Female way.
        – met just a few weeks ago – presumably ONE time at a party – and you’re suddenly BFFs?
        – All the right name dropping requirements – Dalton, Ivy League, imdb page (swoon!)
        – Ivy Leaguer engaged to another Ivy Leager – something that Julia would die for (She’s looking at you HH!)
        – Quick engagement (Did ya hear that HH??)
        – Gorgeous
        – Tattoo mention (did ya hear that Kevin Rose?)
        – Creepy, almost stalkerish devotion to this brand new friend. This glowing post is longer than anything she’s written in weeks. Posted at 2:30 a.m. SO CREEPY.

      • PP:
        I read her post in exactly the same manner. I thought she was saying; This would be me if everything turned out as I planned. Notice how she mentions DALTON, HARVARD, YALE, LA ACTRESS, all in one breath? Sad, Julia 🙁 Lots of us know girls like your new friend and those girls usually don’t like to mention all those labels because it’s gauche. In fact, there’s a reason why most people who went to Harvard say, “I went to school in Boston.”

    • Julia hangs in such surreal circles with the most banal and uninteresting people so that normal people seem sooooo exotic.

      And yeah, Julia is totes a lesbian. I wish she’d own that already.

  17. MoreThanMary: My favorite getaways are to small, serene locals surrounded by nature where it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop.

    Locales. This is not an issue of spellcheck, it’s a proofreading issue.

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