TMI Weakly: Oh My Ears


There’s another one up right now that is so embarrassing — Jackles and Megs at their most annoying, braying “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!” into the camera repeatedly at Times Square and interviewing people without letting them answer the question. I’ll post that one when it’s up on YouTube.

For now, enjoy this glimpse into just how bad Jackles is on camera. Nice to see she’s all decked out but didn’t forget the cheesy bobby pins to cover up the hair pelt.

“That is the BEST advice I’ve heard all evening long!!!” because it has to do with ME, ME, ME, people!!!


  1. She is so awkward. Just painful to watch. And I bet she really loooooved those side angle shots where we all got to fall in love with her chins all over again.
    Julia: do us all (including you) a favor and please go away.

  2. nice eye work, jules. sheesh. her crazy eyes actually diverted attention away from her De La Renta home collection getup.

  3. She has no idea what she’s doing — the over-talking, the pulling the mic away so she can insert her painful commentary, the over-talking WITHOUT pulling the mic away so it sounds like background chatter. It’s no wonder Suze Orman gave up, stopped talking to her and just started talking to the camera.

    Truly pathetic.

  4. Omg I cannot stand to watch this woman. The worst part about this is how transparently fake she is in smiling and nodding with big bug eyes wide open in shallow “agreement” with whomever she’s speaking, it’s so ridiculous – she is the epitome of every fake woman I hate, and these [actually accomplished] women must’ve wanted to impale JA by the end of their “interview”.

  5. I hate that signature interviewing move of hers especially: Cover mouth while fake giggling. It’s all just, “TEE-HEE, you so funny, interview person!! Just don’t forget that I’M the star here.”

  6. OHHH! I hate the covering her mouth with her hand thing. She does it all the time. It’s so affected and ridiculous. You’re NOT SIX.

  7. All her “interviews” remind me of being 5 or 6 and me and all the neighborhood kids had these weird role playting games. Like we’d play emergnecy room, and pretend to operate on each other, the doctors calling out for nonsensically-named tools and diagnosing the patients with made-up ailments.

    No, no, wait. They remind me of having to watch little kids’ school plays. And it’s cute, yeah. For awhile. And then it gets kinda creepy – making little kids take on the words and actions of grown-ups. It gets a little… OBSCENE. And the kids mimicing whatthey think actors – or STARZ! – do. You start to feel a little embarassed for them. And embarassed for yourself for having to buy into the group-think of the rest of the adult audience that this is ok. The only kids you can root for after awhile are the ones almost too shy to say their lines, or the ones who clealry want to disappear into their little I’m-a-tree costumes and get out of the spotlight; their little eyes screaming, why?! Why are we doing this?

    And there was always THAT kid. The one who wanted it sooo bad. And watching that kid beam and preen and shoot looks their parents had convinced them were soooo adorable, you can actaully get angry. You can actually get a little pissed off at a first grader. Becuase you just know the absolute asshole that kid is going to grow up to be.

    That kid is JA.

  8. Well, I’ve seen over enthusiastic high school student-reporters do a better job than that. Problem is, she’s too old and on the scene for too long to get away with this amateurish shtick. If she wants to play tv, good on her, but she should have done that when it was age appropriate. At 28 you do not get away with that anymore.

    Also, if she wants to pursue any career where speaking is involved, she needs a voice coach stat. This constrained, hoarse voice, just throat, nothing ventral, painful and damaging. If she keeps braying like this, she’ll eventually ruin what little voice she has. Also, the way you speak and work with your voice can have a tremendous effect on your likeability. You can in fact smile with your voice, not only with your eyes and mouth – and we all know, she needs to work everything she’s got to appear at least semi-likeable.

  9. Wow, I really loved the Oscar dress in the photos and thought Julia looked not-half-bad — but in motion, the dress is terrible on her. She should not wear strapless dresses.

    Also, Julia, you’re developing a second chin.

  10. Wow. Now I know why she was asking Twitter who Stephanie March was. She interviewed and had NO idea who she was.

  11. I cannot get past her double chins in this video. Disgusting. How she allows her laughable interview skills to be published on the web is beyond me. I think I could do a much better job and I work in insurance.

    • WTF? It’s people like you that make this site completely disturbing to me, at times. It’s not her double chins, it’s her interviewing technique.

  12. paulcarr Heading out for dinner with @juliaallison. Running a few mins late but reasonably confident that she will be too.

    Isn’t Paul Carr the dude who wrote that pro-julia/anti-hater article?

  13. totaljing – I hear you. I totally understand that picking on Julia’s looks is the lowest form of criticism, especially since there are far worse things about her behavior, work ethic, morals, etc. to criticize. I get it. However, it was Julia in the above video who was talking about entitlement and saying, “Not even a pair of Juicy Couture sweatpants.” Then she interrupts to get a disparaging, “Size 23” in there — what for? This woman is constantly judging other people for the way they look and if they’re too “fat” that I think it’s only karma that she has double chins in this episode. I am not advocating women hating on other women for their looks or size, but as far as I’m concerned, Julia is fair game. She opened the door for snark and I’m fine with walking in.

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