Julia: How Did She Push You To The Dark Side?


I was recently discussing with a friend our mutual Jackles dislike — when it started, how, why, etc. He remembers quite precisely when mere annoyance kicked into sheer loathing; it was when she demanded a Mac Air from [REDACTED] a short time after publicly disclosing in a Gawker comment thread very personal information about him.

“When I saw her make that comment, any sympathy I had for her up until that point evaporated, and I saw who she truly was.  Nasty, indiscreet, childish, untrustworthy, selfish, phony, obsequious, someone who would sell out her own mother to claw her way higher up the fame ladder.”

Since we all seem to be afflicted with varying degrees of Jackles-itis, tell us, when was the moment that your mild annoyance with a trifling Internet presence transformed into a white-hot level of loathing that brings you here every day? As always, feel free to post links and photos. Best explanation will get a special shout-out.


  1. Plus — who the heck wears dark tights, knee high scrunchy socks and black leather heels (or whatever the heck that boot/shoe combo is) to a beach in Southern California?!?!??!?

  2. What a bunch of losers. So jealous of this young lady. Why? Probably because you are all frustrated “never was” people, while Julia is successful, beautiful, and living the exciting big city life that none of you could hack. You should try getting a hobby, a real one and not sitting on your fat lazy butts typing mean things.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m nowhere near “fat” “lazy” or “jealous.” I’m 18 years old and a hard-working, driven college student who happens to be majoring in Julia’s so-called area of expertise- Journalism.
      I started following her blog almost 3 years ago and at first I thought she was everything she tries to be- talented, gorgeous, worldly, and sweet. As I have watched her slowly unravel and become an entitled, back-stabbing, and downright mean person, I stumbled upon this site and my eyes were opened even further.
      If you think that I have any reason to be jealous, that is on you. All I know is that the life I plan to lead when I move to Manhattan will resemble nothing of the shambles that Julia’s does.

      • Oh yeah, and I’m not too jealous of Julia’s “beauty” either. I know what it means to look my age (without Restalyne, 5 pounds of makeup, and plastic surgery)


        Thanks for trying to make me feel bad, though. Unlike Julia, I have thick skin.

      • Booga booga is so darned cute it would make my teeth ache if she wasn’t ALSO so confident, intelligent and ambitious. Since she IS those things, I can say that she’s absolutely beautiful!

        Yeah, yeah yeah…jealous, big ass. worthless. We’ve heard it all before, Go Julia!

        Hey! The above statement pretty near sums up my feelings about Julia Allison!

    • (chuckle)

      The old “you must be fat, lazy, and unsuccessful if you do this, you HATERS!” statement. Who is that behind that name Go Julia, Go Julia? Mom Baugher, Snowflake Parikh, or Dad Baugher?

      I’m a true “hater”. I despise this woman and her dopey friends. But, shocker, I’m not fat, successful in my career (Julia, Meghan, Mary, take note: you have to work to call it a career) and haven’t seen the south side of a six figure income in a long time. I’m a male in NYC and consider these dopes complete bottom feeders who represent the worst of the out of staters who come to NYC to make it big.

      Julia will go back to Chicago by the end of the year. Meghan and her newly arrived dopey sister will continually be funded by the Parikh family fortune. I predicted that Mary would split, and she did. Now she’s sponging off of Mom in grand fashion back in the sticks of Houston.

      I’m sure the majority of people who comment here are happy and successful at what they do and how they live. The very existence of Julia and her ilk are an affront to people who truly live a honest life.

    • Lulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllz. I live in Austin, which is far more exciting than anything Julia’s world could ever offer me.

    • successful? living the “big city” life? where are YOU from? Julia is hardly successful nor does she live anything CLOSE to a big city life. she used to be quite pretty but her manic narcissism and UGLY personality have ruined her looks. perhaps you ought to talk to your sainted Julia about writing “mean things” – she’s quite good at it.

      as for me, I own my own NYC apartment – paid for with $$ from a successful career in the arts and my boyfriend LOVES my butt. My life is a zillion times more “exciting” AND fulfilling than Julia’s. I have real friends who I don’t refer to by their twitter names and/or job descriptions, and I have plenty of swell hobbies.

      Remind me again what hobbies Julia has? chasing married men? obsessing over her wedding? watching gossip girl? breaking rules in the name of her DOG? being too lazy to conduct her own research? seeing how many edits she can cram into an episode of TMI? gunning for a spot on NYC’s worst-dressed list? deleting twitter posts? deleting contrary comments?


    • Ha. Actually I’m young, thin, in shape, pretty, smart, and I was born and raised in NYC – I’m not a poser and I’m very self-assured. I have a lovely family life and don’t broadcast it to the entire internet. I have a ton going for me and will certainly accomplish way more than JA by the time I’m 28. I’m 21 and I am more mature and self-aware than this woman. I can’t stand JA because she’s clearly an egotistical, manipulative liar who thinks the rest of us owe her something. Please. Her life is falling to pieces as it should.

    • fixed your typo

      What a bunch of funny, smart, insightful friends. So shocked by and disappointed in this young lady. Why? Probably because she was given so many opportunities and squandered them all, and she could have been successful, despite being not beautiful, while pretending to live the exciting big city life that none of you actually pay any attention to because it’s actually quite fake. You have helped by suggesting that she gives up this hobby and try getting a job, a real one, instead of sitting on her fat lazy butt typing mean things.

    • Heh. It’s only a game. When it’s Julia’s turn, she brays, “I’m prettier, better connected, more famous, more accomplished, more FASCINATING than you!”, and when it’s RBNS’s turn, we laugh and laugh and laugh.

  3. My ass is decidedly small, and I work my ass off here in the “exciting big city,” but thanks Dorothy. We’re not in Kansas anymore!

    My moment: When she posted a photo of herself back on the Jakob and Julia blog and then proceeded to argue that Jakob was, in fact, technically attractive. It was passive-aggressive shit meant to tell the world: I AM SO MUCH HOTTER THAN HIM!

    In general, just the entire way she bitched and complained about him on that blog as though they were in a miserable 15-year marriage when they had only just started dating. Basically, she was Kate Gosselin.

  4. My moment was the announcement of the Bravo pilot on Gawker written by Denton. The smug joy he had about his “creation” getting a TV show infuriated me because she had absolutely nothing to offer. No real job. No real insight into the world. Nothing real to say.

    My hate (and it is hate) was set in stone when the Bravo deal fell through but she held on to her delusion. I cannot understand why she just can’t give up, realize she’s almost thirty and not attractive as she once was, and try to do something meaningful with her life.

    Instead she holds on to her blog-as-a-job and this insane level of self-importance that almost makes me pity her (until she opens her unhinged jaw).

    I actually think it is fascinating to watch someone so delusional destroy her life. Because she is gonna wake up in a year or two and realize that she has absolutely nothing going for her, that every bridge is burned. And it will be absolutely fantastic to witness.

    Until then she needs to grow the fuck up.

    • I, too, find it interesting to have a front-row seat watching someone literally destroy their life… someone who started out with a lot and will probably end up with nothing (except Granny’s small fortune).

  5. ooh, burn! when i realized that i had more “geek” in my pinky than our lady and her handmaidens combined. when i found baugher and knew that everything written there was so right. when CharFor gave his “celebrichaun with founder fetish” talk. and finally: when fashion week coverage bombed, when davos coverage was nowhere to be seen, when CES coverage was shitty, and when bray for pay became the MO.

  6. Her voice always annoyed me. I started to really hate Julia when she was with Lodwick but continued to read her site regularly until the beginning of this year — right around the time RBNS formed. It was CES and the lack of coverage or response to readers that really sealed it.

  7. My comments don’t seem to be posting as replies. So this is addressed to Go Julia:

    I’m not jealous of Julia’s “beauty” either. I mange to look my age, not two times it. I don’t need Restalyne, 5 pounds of makeup, or plastic surgery.


    But thanks for trying to make me feel bad about myself. Unlike Julia, I have thick skin.

    • Booga Booga,

      Unlike Julia, I would bang you senseless. When you’re in NYC, give me a shout. 😀

  8. Can you imagine how different her life would be if she would have gone to a different Halloween party back in 2006? I wonder if she ever thinks about that.

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  10. Julia’s vast depths of inhumanity were exposed to me when she began exploiting her friend Dan’s battle with cancer. Absolutely disgusting.

  11. My curiosity became revulsion when she alleged that she could have had a real political career if she had “chosen another path”….and then proceeded to party crash and ignore the actual inauguration.

    This was made even worse by her faking of her attendance at the Bloomberg afterparty when she was really only at the cocktail room at the Hilton. It was then my heart just broke for the poser that she is.

  12. When I saw the video on Gawker where she was wearing a cheerleading outfit and braying about a parking ticket. I had only seen pictures of her up till this point. I knew right then that she was a bratty little princess. For the poster above who says that we are jealous, and should get lives, blah blah blah. I will admit I find Julia fascinating because she is the epitome of the saying “pretty is as pretty does.” Never have I witnessed something like her! Her beauty VANISHES as soon as you see her in the flesh. This is the modern-day version of the Narcissus myth. I bet money that she will be a case study in a psychology textbook someday.

    • Yeah, that cheerleader schtick – Julia made the fatal mistake of confusing ‘tech world hot’ with ‘real world hot’. Like Amy Poehler describes herself in the VF profile as (paraphrasing) ‘female comic hot’, not ‘supermodel hot’.

      JA was tech world hot for a quick minute, not even that now yet representing as if she was all-world hot.

    • I will admit I find Julia fascinating because she is the epitome of the saying “pretty is as pretty does.” Never have I witnessed something like her! Her beauty VANISHES as soon as you see her in the flesh. This is the modern-day version of the Narcissus myth.

      So true. I actually adored Julia until I met her in person. Like booga booga, I thought she was everything she said she was: beautiful, intelligent, brave, humble, not taking herself too seriously. I would defend her to people and sing her praises. Then I hung out with her in person (won’t get into the details here) and realised she was calculating, social climbing and fake. The dream was over.

      It wasn’t until she flew to and from Davos on a private jet and did nothing but ski, flirt and take photos of herself that I truly lost all respect for her, though. I’ve no patience for vapid bimbos wasting opportunity – and if that makes me jealous, so be it.

  13. Also, did you know the photo of which you speak was the product of Julia begging a photographer friend to go with her to that exact place for a photo shoot? She is lame and a half.

  14. The media bistro article that was never published by New York mag did it for me. It exposed how limited her intelligence truly is and showed her to be nothing more than a spoiled North Shore princess. They’re a dime a dozen in the Chicago burbs. Why this one got so much attention in NYC is beyond me.

  15. The whole HBS schtick & declaration she just wants to make “fuck you money” did it for me. With those words she basically undermined any ounce of pride in her work as a “journalist” or BS altruistic attempts & confirmed all she want’s is to be wealthy and “famous.”

    Also here’s a lovely treat about Miss Fuck You Money’s tirade at the nerd ball:


    • “They even whispered about the rudeness of queen nominee, Julia Allison. Amason griped, “She emailed me that she wouldn’t come if she didn’t win. How annoying!” Blakeley tutted in agreement. As if on cue, Allison appeared in a pink ’50s prom dress.”


  16. I started out genuinely interested in and fascinated by Julia. I really did believe her to be a real life Carrie Bradshaw, as naive as that might sound. But over the years, that’s slowly faded. Mostly I’m just appalled, irritated, and disappointed in what I read. I’ve kept up my interest in her (coupled with a growing interest in what RBNS has to say), but my snapping point was recently when she Tweeted about Rosie O’Donnell and wife Kelly’s fight that she overheard. That was too much for me, and I became an official non-fan at that moment. And I de-Twitter friended her immediately.

  17. What’s interesting to me is the people who come here and claim we’re jealous. I don’t know about you guys, but either write positive emails to the people whose lives I’m truly jealous of (or greatly admire and respect). Or, I say nothing at all and bury my unnecessary envy. Julia is a whole other hot mess of worms.

  18. Don’t remember when or where, but my outrage emerged the first time I read her claim that she is a journalist. That pretty much did it. “She is a totally delusional phony liar” lit up on the Times Square billboard in my head. Gotta give her credit, she’s been consistent ever since.

  19. I never really liked her a lot, but I used to like learning from her style (at the time, it seemed better) UNTIL the following:

    – She disclosed J’s diagnosis on gawker – and actually did it on her own site first (baugher blogger has it screen captured) and then deleted it and pretended that it was an accidental slip on gawker when clearly it was pre-meditated

    – The Mac Air incident.

    – How she always posts photos of her exes who have moved on in a passive aggressive way to her their new girlfriends or wives. Terrible when she posted old love letters from them to her. Those were never meant to be public and it was mean. That really was terrible.

    – Passive aggressiveness toward Mary and other women on her blog.

    – Rehashing private emails and private conversations on her blog.

    – Name dropping is never attractive. My parents raised me differently than to name drop schools, pedigree, labels, etc. so maybe it is just my background that leads me to find this unappealing.

    The thing is, I don’t hate her. I don’t really hate people. These things, and other narcissistic tendencies, just made me not want to be her friend or associate with her. When her fashion sense went away, I stopped checking her site. Now and then I check on RBNS for entertainment value during a break from work.

  20. I had only read her name as a Gawker punchline every now and then, and until December 08 had literally no idea who that was.
    Then the Inauguration-related ‘I could have been a speech writer for Obama’-BS and Davos happened. In fact, I remember still wondering who that Julia Allison might be Roubini was tweeting about partying with in Davos and what Gawker found so funny about it.
    Still, more curious than anything else, I proceeded to read up on her and my disbelief grew with every new piece of information I took in. Thanks to Tumblrgate I found this jolly lot and Baugher and kept reading and awing and wondering if, maybe all these critics were exaggerating. After all, no one could be THAT whacky, deluded and thinly disguised mean.
    And then she licked the cake.

    • I could have been the Obama speech writer! That was a RICH moment. This is like going down memory lane.

  21. Go Julia? You cannot be serious…

    Anyone with half a brain who has read either Julia’s site or this one can see that she is an extremely sad and lonely person who is aching for attention and love. Before you utter even one, “poor dear!”, take a deeper look and understand that she has created this sham of a life and that she is responsible for how it all goes.

    I am not fat or unsuccessful. I lived in NYC for 11 years and still own an apartment there (1 bdr, less that $2800 month rent and vacant as of July 1….would never consider renting to such a selfish asshat as Julia). I still maintain a business in NYC with an office on the West Coast.

    My exciting big city life included 10x as many fun and novel conferences, parties, dance and music events, and great restaurants as Julia and would wager that they were made more enjoyable because I had real friends with me. That is something Julia lacks and will always lack because she is a soulless, selfish, self centered, narcissistic cunt.

    You think we’re lazy?

    Julia is the epitome of laziness.

    You’re not her friend. You are either her mother or Julia herself.

    RBNS-ers, don’t kid yourselves. Snowflake would never come on her to defend Julia. Hell, Meghan doesn’t even defend Julia.

    So, Julia, why don’t you stop telling us what we are and take a long, hard look at the mess you’ve made of your life and looks and slink on back to Chicago.

  22. When she boasted on twitter during a flight that despite being asked multiple times by a flight attendant to keep her dog in her carrier, she refused to.

  23. Like many of you, I genuinely liked Julia. I’m a few years younger than her, but I moved to the big bad city to make my way in the entertainment business (granted, I’m firmly on the business side, as I had then, nor have now, any sort of delusions of fame). After interning in the city for a few summers prior to graduation – I heard all the cautionary tales displayed to any young female in the industry: be careful because if you’re halfway attractive, halfway intelligent, or halfway good at your job, every other girl will undermine you at every turn.

    During my second year of assistant-ship at a talent agency, I discovered Julia via Gawker. I was amused, intrigued, and admittedly, still buying into entirely too much of the Sex and the City dreams and illusions. I found her capability and willingness to put it all out, to uncensor herself, and be a paradigm of a guy’s girl wrapped up in some sort of 1950s pinup body … well, I was impressed by her. I liked her, her antics amused me, I rooted for her admist all the negativity that Gawker sprouted about her, heck, I even liked the jakobandjulia.com venture.

    It was Julia’s break-up message to Jakob that did it for me. While they elected to conduct their relationship in public, it was apparent to everyone spectating that Jakob was growing uncomfortable about such attention. Granted, breakups suck, and are often complicated; things are uttered that never should have been. But for Julia, when all attention was on their blog – that is, Gawker’s attention – to post such a nasty “F-U” post directed for Jakob’s eyes only, she was intentionally using their breakup to garner as much attention as possible.

    There was no apology immediately following. No “I f-ed up.” It was a lot of “woe is me”, “sympathy for me” coming from Julia’s side. She may have been hurt, but she wrote an email that should have been sent privately, if at all, and essentially press released the thing.

    Then, a month later – Julia reveals the bit about Jakob on a Gawker Q&A session. If she could conceivably claim that she was brokenhearted and destroyed, which was the catalyst to the mean blog post, well, the Gawker Q&A demonstrated that Julia was just, for lack of a better phrase, a mean, vindicative snake. If it meant her getting ATTENTION for whatever cause, she went above and beyond to intentionally hurt people around her. All for attention from strangers she’s never meant, for a reality TV show.

    The nail on the coffin: Julia never apologized. She blamed Denton. She lept off the internet for a while, to plan her comeback (henceforth known as the clusterf**k that is NonSociety). She never accepted responsibility for her actions.

    Even if Jakob was a total prick to her, it still doesn’t warrant her public betrayals. It was the first, and certainly – not the last, display of Julia’s awful personality and her total failure to acknowledge that she is responsible for the consequences of her actions.

    • I heard all the cautionary tales displayed to any young female in the industry: be careful because if you’re halfway attractive, halfway intelligent, or halfway good at your job, every other girl will undermine you at every turn.

      Argh. I hate people who think like that – mostly because it’s bullshit. I’m halfway attractive, super intelligent, and super good at my job, and I’ve found other women to be almost exclusively kind and supportive to me. You know why? Because I’m not an asshole. And I suspect most people who think that women are all about undermining one another are assholes.

      Which I know wasn’t the point of your post, and probably not even your own view, but I had to comment. 😉

      • I definitely agree with your sentiment – like I mentioned, it was a cautionary tale; as with all cautionary tales, there’s some truth, and some weird exaggeration.

        I bought into it when I was 21 and first starting out … now, it’s definitely NOT my opinion 🙂 Like you mentioned, it all matters how you treat other people.

        Assholes, no matter the gender, eventually fall down and get trampled. Case in point: Julia.

  24. I’m really trying to think back to The Moment that led me to really stop liking her. I would guess it was right around the launch of NonSociety and then my discovery of Baugher who showed me the true Julia.
    Then I discovered RBNS, and the rest is history…

    • Yeah, for reasons I can’t remember I found Baugher’s Reblogging Julia first and I’d never heard of Julia Allison before that. I never had a hope or chance of admiring and losing that admiration for Julia because Reblogging Julia was/is too great for me to think anything else. I’ve never read anything since that has made me doubt my impressions, and Julia’s NonSociety posts have only reinforced my feelings. That anyone could have had the opportunites and advantages that she has and blown them so spectacularily as she has inspires in me actual loathing. She could have had it all and she was too much of a bitch to get it…that’s fucked up and makes me angry not jealous.

  25. I started hating Julia when she got fat and ugly.

    -When she looked like a Hot Bitch, I was willing to overlook the Hot Bitch attitude.
    -Even ugly clothes can look good on attractive people; even great clothes look bad on waxy, misshapen, over-processed plastic surgery victims.
    -It seems like losing her looks has only added to Julia’s thinly-disguised jealousy and contempt for attractive, successful women. If I were iJustine, I would be leaving a comment like this right now.
    -Quirky eating habits (I love cupcakes!) are cute, obvious eating disorders are not.

    The change in Julia’s appearance revealed her for the worthless bottom feeding trollop she has probably always secretly been.

    • “I started hating Julia when she got fat and ugly.”

      Anony Mouse? You. Win.

  26. Here’s the thing – I, at one time, rooted for Julia. I was on her side. It seemed as though she had her shit together, career-wise. I also felt sorry for her and thought she had been through a lot in the relationship department (LOLOL who was I kidding). Oh well, that’s what happens when you try to see the best in people.

    Then, the more I followed her, the more I hated her. She’s.just.so.FAKE. I can’t take it.

    But seriously, up until the “I’m-going-to-business-school-to-make-fuck-you-money” debacle, I had been rooting for her. And then it all hit me. Oh my god. This woman is 28, has had amazing opportunities and somehow has burned every bridge offered to her….and is doing what? Playing with her iPhone on her pink blog? Wtf? I could do that with my eyes tied behind my back in between my full course load and 2 jobs. This woman is a total brat. Yes, a 28-year-old entitled brat. Once I realized that, she turned me.

    • …by which I mean my HANDS tied behind my back, I think I was subconsciously also envisioning my eyes closed. And tied behind my back. Haha, funny visual. Anyway. 🙂

  27. i need to make a nonsociety ragetoon. FFFFUUUUUUU. mary is boozing in houston (“virtual scotch tasting” ??) and meghan’s dopey sister got an internship for some blogger. eff these bitches!

  28. I’ll never forget. I disliked her intensely prior to the moment when distaste gelled into hatred: Julia insisted in our class that everyone at Georgetown was wealthy and had never had a summer job. She made this ludicrous and false claim as a way of defending Paris Hilton–her then one true love–against a classroom critique of reality television and The Simple Life. I had realized prior that Julia was dumb as fuck, but her nasty sense of entitlement reared its head that day in a way that made all of her peers recoil.

  29. about 8 hours after the first time i met her. i was taking the subway back to queens, and i realized that, while she was beautiful and confident and seemed to just KNOW she would be successful (all things i wished, at the time, that i had), she had gone out of her way to make me feel small and ugly and less-than-her. and that’s not okay.

      • My story is not too interesting, and I’ve posted about it before, but here goes:

        We were both interns at the same place for about a month back in 2005. When I met her, I didn’t know that she was an “Internet celebrity.” She was pretty and seemed successful. I was fresh out of college and trying to figure my shit out, and she seemed to have everything I wanted, but she was also rude and dismissive.

        I remember once trying to teach her something (I had about a month’s seniority on her) and she basically told that I was wasting my time because she didn’t intend to do much actual work. And she didn’t.

        That threw me for a loop. I did (and still do) believe in the power of hard work, and that has really helped me get ahead in the past four years. But back then, there was this spoiled, lazy bitch, basically rubbing her “success” in my face while I was deperately grasping at straws trying to find a “real” job.

        Watching her unravel as I sit in the home I own admiring my engagement ring seems to me to be the world just righting itself.

  30. I can’t think of one moment but the first time she annoyed me was the gawker parking ticket video. Seeing her on video rather than photo exposes her fakeness and apparent narcissism within seconds.

    Then around the start of nonsociety when I learned she planned to make money through what seemed to undisclosd advertising digusied as content but still wanted to call herself a “journalist” at the same time is when I really began to be sickened by her. That was around when they promoted BP juice but didn’t disclose the freebie aspect of it till quite a bit later when they were questioned.

    • And then she told him to stop playing the victim and get over it when he told her all bets were off since she’d disclosed his private medical info.

      Also that video Loren Feldman has of her at SWSX where he confronts her about Jakob didn’t make her look too flattering either.

  31. Ugh. The moment when my vague amusement turned to dismay happened after Julia Allison’s breakup with Jakob Lodwick, when she blathered on her blog about how distasteful and embarrassing she found it that middle aged women would dare to blog. Her breezy dismissiveness when several people called her on the blatant ageism (what? and you claim to be a feminist? ) just sealed the deal.

    Then when she outed an ex boyfriend’s medical diagnosis on Gawker during that ill-advised live chat a month or so later, my dismay turned to outright revulsion.


  32. I actually came to RBNS right when it started because of Mary. I had just met her and watched her interact with others and she was SO rude.

    I don’t know when exactly I decided I disliked Julia. I always thought she was ridiculous, spoiled, and wasteful, but I don’t think I actively disliked her until NS started. The whole attitude around it (that they didn’t need to provide content or a business model because people would just loooove them, despite their vapid and unrelatable personalities) got progressively more sickening. Discounting all of their unprofessionalism, it’s just not readable.

    • “I actually came to RBNS right when it started because of Mary. I had just met her and watched her interact with others and she was SO rude.”

      Ooooh, details please!

      • We were at this really respectable media company’s party. As in, many of the attendees were bigwig journalists. I was invited, she was someone’s guest. (That doesn’t matter — I brought a guest, too — but it makes the rest of the story even better). The room was really crowded, and people were being generally polite and social. I saw this girl wearing a totally ridiculous get-up — shiny top, 6 inch platform heels, leggings — just standing around and playing on her phone, which she clearly couldn’t understand how to use. She was blocking the way, so I said “excuse me” and asked if I could get by. She looked me and my friend up and down really obviously, and turned her back (yet did NOT move out of the way). I stood there for a few more minutes and repeated myself. I eventually had to just go ahead and push my way through. She moved out of the way then without looking up from typing on her phone. It obviously took all her brain power to move her fingers and feet at the same time, because she didn’t even mutter an “oh, sorry.”

        When she wasn’t standing in everyone’s way she had some lackey guy fetching her drinks and fawning over her. She would get really animated and then shut down again, like a total robot. I also saw her throw quite a few elbows at passers-by. She definitely thought she was in the VIP section of a club and not at a semi-stodgy media party. There were actual A-list celebs at this party, and none of them acted anything like this chick.

        I had never really read Mary’s section of NS before then but I gave it a shot the next week when Julia stopped blogging. Lo and behold, there the bitch was, blogging about her head to toe spectacle.

    • Me too. Now we’re used to this trainwreck called NS but initially I was astounded that this was the business they’d been talking up. The way they ran NS and conducted themselves in relation to it was the most unprofessional I’d seen anywhere, not to mention the level of entitlement inherent in their “business model” that you mentioend.

  33. It was when Nonsociety launched. I think to pretend your business is pictures about yourself and a horribly boring “lifecast” made me lose all respect for her. To this day, I still don’t understand the point of nonsociety. Maybe I’ll create my own URL and try to pass it off as a superstar. Moron.

  34. I think it was the fall of 2007…I had just read an article in NY Mag about Gawker. The article described Julian in quite unflattering terms. So the next time I checked out Gawker, the Julia Allison items caught my eye. I was immediatly fascinated/repulsed by her glaring narcissism. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I have had the displeasure of knowing a few narcissists, and the damage they have inflicted upon me is part of the reason I can’t get enough of snarking on Julia. As I read more and more about her on Gawker, I disliked her more and more. The Jakob and Julia blog was a hilarious disaster…it made them both come off as giant assholes. I loved a few commenters on Gawker, who always seemed to weigh in on Julia (maybe some of you are here?). Then I discovered Baugher, who is just so brilliant. Another thing that just immediately annoyed me about her is the “Scary Sadshaw” thing…I moved to NYC just as SATC began its first season, and with each year that followed, I saw more and more of these Carrie wannabes moving to New York–it just irked the crap out of me. Julia seemed to be the Queen Bee of these girls. Anyway, just a little history of my Julia dislike…no one moment that clinched it, just a series of steps.

    • oh yeah also…from the beginning, her cloying, fake-self-deprecating, derivitive writing style turned me off. then, when i happened to catch her on the chelsea handler show, i realized she did not possess any wit whatsoever. i realized then that she was an empty vessel.

      • She’s terrible unfunny. I’ve even noticed that her amusement with other people’s jokes is sorta “off,” like she laughs while covering her mouth and about 30 seconds too late, after the joke.

    • The “Scary Sadshaw” pheon that has trampled this city (and well, just about every metropolitan area) is why I continue to follow this site.

      In my office, there’s a select group of girls — newly transplanted from the midwest or south – who were inspired to move to NYC by Carrie Bradshaw. They twitter their every move, they pose as they grab their morning coffee, consider Sunday brunch as sacred because “that’s what the SATC girls did”, and generally, think that their lives are so very, very interesting … when the most amazing thing that they do over the weekend is, what, go out to the same bar? Please, you don’t need NYC to have friends, go out to bars, and meet boys. Living in New York City doesn’t make you interesting or noteworthy, particularly if you don’t even bother to explore it beyond the chelsea clubs and village bars.

  35. The earliest, OMG I HATE YOU, moment was the mac book air comment. I was working in a psych hospital as a social worker at the time and it really hit home. Then I realized how much she hated women but had the gall to call herself a feminist. Similar to how she has the gall to call herself a journalist.

    Also, I hate liars. For me, it’s the most unnerving attribute in another person. And she’s a liar, proven time and time again.

  36. ugh…while looking at that sklar-allison IM fight (which i love), i saw that gawker had linked the “parking ticket” video. here it is:


    i never saw this before tonight, but it is julia at her worst. braying, disrespectful, loud, childish, overdramatic, obviously performing for someone (off-camera), overly concerned with herself, and wearing a stupid costume. my husband is a police officer, and i am sickened by how she treats this traffic cop. She doesn’t listen to a word the woman is saying. She continually talks over her, interrupts, invades the woman’s personal space even. god, she is hideous. julia, if you are reading, look back at this video, this is why people hate you.

    • She’ll marry a pharmacist. Mommy Dearest won’t need to take them to the therapist when she’s sprinkling valium on their cornflakes.

  37. Long time reader, first time poster. I did believe Julia was what she said she was, having heard her stories from Gawker. Had no cause to doubt her. I am just not that suspicious. But when I heard she was going to Davos, that was my wtf! moment. Because I was jealous. ‘um I’d like to hang out with world leaders and find out what the hell they are saying about the financial crisis’. Okay, then picture me saying that in a whine and..image complete.

    I am no longer jealous.

    I was shocked by her assertion, which I believe she believes, that women do not start companies. Her blindness is shocking. She stands next to Laurel I-sold-my-company-for-22 million- Touby, getting spanked and still whines about how lame young women are. I dislike being tarred with the same we-both-possess-ovaries brush,
    But things really turned when I heard about her rampant, wanton and continued misuse of power. She has a real knack, a gift even, for getting close to the power structure of any organization she pleases. These people in power take her on as if she is their pet, but they all suffer for it. David Karp looks immature and damaged the integrity of his entire business by reneging on his internet promise, to let people post whatever they chose, whenever, however whatever they chose. He took that away in an instant on Julia’s say so.

    Julia gets close, so close to them. Sucks them in and distorts their reality. She offers them what she has for herself. A false mirror. They get to see what they longed for all along, that they are worthy of worship from this hot, funny, interesting chick (first impressions for the willingly deluded). She cannot see what she is truly like, so neither can they. But her mirror is double sided. We get to see what these media titans are really like. Its like a Greek myth or a Greek tragedy.
    Go into Julia’s world and find out who you truly are! Meghan *was a banker. Only to have it revealed that she just a spoiled princess. Karp as before, still beholden to hot chicks who will cry, pout and ask nicely for him to destroy the internet for them right now! Randi Facebook harvard graduate, grateful sister of wunderkind. Half a year in Julia’s company she’s busting the balls of random doormen threatening their facebook accounts!? Scary. Because we are like a year away from facebook being the telephone. I can already barely get through a day without being shamed for not having an account.

    But Julia frightens me and I am glad that her evil power is not better sharpened. What if she had married the very cute (no, really!) Larry Page? What would she have done to google if given the chance? How many phantom page views would she now actually (fak-ily) possess? How many links to RBNS would suddenly not work? Give that girl a month and she could bring down google with her shady pinky pink sweet criminality.

    This blog is a necessary antidote and preventative pill for a woman who unchecked, will just spread.

    We should be very grateful to Julia. Because thru her greed and disgustingly vile vanity posings, we get to see how major parts of the internet are run by petty, small minded people whose vanity is easily played upon.

    She is powerful. She gets exactly what she wants. She said she wanted attention. Everyone paying attention to her. So look, she has a blog devoted all to her. People post about her! Watch every outfit she puts on! Calculate every pound, just like Britney! But what Julia forgot to ask for, was love.

    Oh, and also? She’s fat now.

    • I personally don’t like to comment on her looks/weight because I prefer not to be judge on my looks/weight. I prefer to be judged on the strength of my character, integrity, and intelligence.
      Still, that last line had me cracking up. I just watched the parking ticket video for the first time on Gawker, and I was shocked at how thin she was. I don’t know how she put on so much weight so quickly unless she was starving herself before (which seems like a real possibility).

    • I personally don’t like to comment on her looks/weight because I prefer not to be judged on my looks/weight. I prefer to be judged on the strength of my character, integrity, and intelligence.
      Still, that last line had me cracking up. I just watched the parking ticket video for the first time on Gawker, and I was shocked at how thin she was. I don’t know how she put on so much weight so quickly unless she was starving herself before (which seems like a real possibility).

  38. I didn’t know her before I met her. From dealing with her I know her to be a lying deceitful manipulative person. And she is the only person in the world I can say that about. It always kills me a little inside when she claims to believe in karma. I think it may be the only thing I want to agree with her on – because she will have a lot more terrible shit coming to her.

  39. I’m still really pissed that she didn’t write more about the Sea World trip she promised! (j/k)

    Seriously, I liked her kind of in the beginning. I found her blog through a search of Kevin Rose and wanted to figure out why/how she knew him, because a lot of the people Kevin Rose does hang out with or work with are cool people and usually have shows or sites that are awesome and informative and fulfill my tech news love.

    I started liking her less and less when she would blatantly lie about things, pretend to know what she was talking about, and acted fake. The pictures are annoying, and the way she promises things and never does them is ridiculous. It’s ok once or twice to say you will do something and forget, but she’s said she would write more about things and never did too many times to count. Some of the conferences she has gone to I was genuinely interested in what she had to say, and getting an “insiders” look into the conference, especially because she was always on the fence in terms of being actively apart of the subjects yet also doing other things outside of it (like going to tech conferences but still blogging about entertainment and relationships).

    She’s really just useless, and bad at not coming off as such

  40. I’ve hated her since I was subjected to her crap columns at Georgetown and when my friend rightly stood her up.

  41. restylame – It wasn’t that exciting, or on the grand scheme of thing even that terrible. She just didn’t remotely live up to the adorable, clever, fluffy bunny image she’d portrayed herself as.

    The first time I met her, she was quite nice, all kisses and hugs and enthusiasm – I quickly figured out because she thought she could get some professional gain out of me.

    The second time, we met for coffee. She was around half an hour late, which I now realise is pretty good for her, but struck me as so strange at the time because pretty much NO ONE in New York is late. And certainly not as late as she is.

    In any case, she quickly realised that she wasn’t going to get anything more than coffee and conversation out of the get together (although I don’t know where she ever got the impression she was – I certainly never implied it, I was just genuinely interested in her as a person and potential friend), left and never spoke to me again. Until one time a few months later when I was once again professionally useful to her and she once again, momentarily turned on the charm.

    So strange. And sad, etc. But ultimately, the word that comes to mind is “disappointing”.

    • Wow, what a bitch. But completely unsurprising considering what I’ve seen from her via the internets. And yeah, I’m from New York too and WOW I would NEEEVER be that late for a coffee date – and jeez, at least call if you’re being held up!

  42. Oh my God. Just saw the parking ticket video. Why that parking attendant didn’t just say “Here bratty pants, take your ticket and suck it up” and leave is beyond me. I’d have to say around the time I discovered Baugher and all the lipdubs is when I started to get turned off. Seriously, you went to Georgetown, had TV offers thrown at you and you choose to spend your time (back when I first became aware of her) getting finger banged my a men’s lifestyle magazine editor at a nice restaurant, lipsyncing to bad 80s songs and shilling for a supermarket tabloid on TV??? What’s wrong with you?! I was still in college at this point, majoring in journalism and I remember thinking “This is definitely a virtual guidebook as to what NOT to do in order to become a successful broadcast journalist.” Part of me would love to just randomly bump into her in NYC one day just to see how ugly and vapid she is in person, but I feel as though my brain would probably explode.

  43. Not the first push from JA, but a noteworthy disgusting performance in 2007 at a fundraiser organized by some very nice people:


    The guy who put the fundraiser together, Scott Beale, said at the time:

    Check out Valleywag’s awesome write-up on Julia Allison, the clueless woman who was completely obnoxious to our door staff, shocked that they didn’t immediately recognize who she was (we still don’t know) and that we had the nerve to try to charge her admission to an event that she knew nothing about and was trying to crash. Next time, do us a favor, stay in New York.

    • Gaaah!!!! That’s our Julia! “I don’t get my hand stamped.”

      No, just pathetically tattooed.

      Our lady of entitlement can’t be bothered being courteous to the little people.

  44. Firstly I thought that this post was a little superfluous, like Dude!, this entire blog is about how we dislike Julia.

    Then I got to reading the responses and thinking about it.

    The sense of entitlement is the thing that annoys me the most.

    I’ve never liked Julia for that reason. She’s got that entire entitled aspect to her personality. Gawker, thank you for feeding it. Plus her parents who have never said no to her.

    I just want to take all those entitled people and push them off the end of the pier. With no lifejackets. In shark infested waters. And leave them. Get yourselves out of THAT problem without your unpaid interns, MOTHERFUCKERS.

    • When she posed for that sleazy Gawker pinup photoshoot, she lost any credibility she may have had as a “journalist.” (Posing with that dirty old man and the tired old cliche cigar — just gross.) Then she started spewing tripe like “writing is hard, I’d rather be on TV.” The irritation turned to anger when she appeared to be climbing the ladder of success (job at Star, Bravo reality show) despite being such an insufferable twat.

      The turning point was CES, when my hate turned to amusement. What a joke that “business” trip turned out to be (particularly the visit to the porn convention while loyal NS readers clamored for news of the tech world). I littered the comment landscape over at NS with dozens of trollish remarks (hello to my fellow Spartacus bunnies!!) I discovered the wonderful world of RBNS snark from one of the comments on NS, and I never went back there. Now I actually look forward to Jackles’ next dumbass move. With her “career” on the rocks (along with her face), she’s never been more entertaining.

    • She’s been trying out some new handles. Maybe she hit on one that she likes and…look out! She’s sneaking up behind you!!!

    • Partypants is trying to figure out how to humble herself for her Baugheresque behavior yesterday in response to criticsm. Also, I’m trying to give other people a chance to speak and trying to not be a comment hijacker pig anymore.

      In response to the post, I started disliking her when she started trying to pose as some kind of tech girl. Knowing a bunch of web startup founders and handjobbing your way to a wired cover does not make her some kind of representative of women in tech. It just really pissed me off.

      • Welcome back, Partypants. The joint isn’t the same without you. And don’t worry … we all have our moments/bad days. Heeeeehawwwww!

  45. The ugliness that is written here is so much worse than any minor transgression that Julia has been involved in. Just disgusting. Look in the mirror people, YOU are what you claim SHE is.

    • Really? You think outing someone’s mental illness and then demanding this person buy her a computer is a minor transgression? What do you consider a major transgression?

    • The commentary that is written here is generally observational of the ugliness that is manifest in the
      (1) duplicity (kissing up to Tina Brown by dissing Arianna Huffington, for example, soon after crashing, univited, Huffington’s Inaugural Ball;
      (2) misrepresentation (her self-described “legalese” to mislead (attending the Gracie’s for example) supported by her advice to groups she’s talked to to “massage the truth”)
      (3) passive-agressiveness (bitching about new girlfriends who don’t what her exes to associate with her then publishing love letters written from them to her along with old photos)
      (4) backstabbing – just the initials, JL
      (5) showboating (gifting RandiZ with a white bathing suit and veil to wear at her bachelorette party and wearing the same one herself!)
      (6) claims of being a journalist/denials of being a plagurist
      (7) bitchiness – snide swipes at Mary Rambin when they all blogged for NS
      (8) strategic friendships – manipulating/using people for personal expedience (see Meghan Asha/Randi Zuckerberg to name just two)
      (9) laziness – minimum effort expended in any kind of paid assignment, see Sea World/Izea, gross overruns in word count for TONY, etc
      (10) rudeness/diva behaviour (see telephone interview in a private business, crashing events, letting her dog run loose on a plane, licking RandiZ’s birthday cake, etc. etc.)
      (11) lack of accountability – blames the internet and “haters” for her lack of success in personal relationships
      (12) extreme narcissim – pink vanity blog populated overwhelmingly by pictures of Miss Julia Allison Baugher
      (13) superficiality/materialism – in a desperate attempt to maintain her skin-deep beauty she has instead ruined her figure with “fasting” and done terrible damage to her face with Restalyne and botox injections. (Karma?)
      That’s just off the top of my head.
      These are Julia’s behaviours. These are what is wrong. Don’t blame the messengers.

    • I have never started a fight with a stranger on a bus/plane/train and then took picture of the stranger I was fighting with, posted it on my blog, and threatened to bash this stranger’s face in with my phone. I understand that life doesn’t always go my way. People are loud and I must deal with it. I never think of violence as a way to solve my problems. I have never been in a fistfight, much less a fistfight my boyfriend’s sister. I have never stolen a credit card. I have never plagiarized.

      So no. You are wrong. I am NOT what I claim, and KNOW, Julia to be.

    • Also: I am rubber, you are glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Nyah. Nyah. Nyah. Don’t like it? Don’t come here.

  46. Spare me. You make it sound so much worse than it actually was. Stop being such a baby.

    • HA! “Stop being such a baby.” That’s what Julia said to J when he said he didn’t want to buy her a laptop because she outed his mental illness!! Sorry JULIA but my post above and your follow up post is a MAJOR transgression. But I guess when people don’t fall in line with your deranged sense of entitlement they are being a baby.

  47. Hi, Julia/Go Julia! We are So. Ineffably. Blessed. to have you here! I’d like to stay and chat, but I’m double-booked for a photo shoot AND an appearance on taxi cab TV!

  48. Yeah, like his mental condition was such a BIG secret. Spare me, who didn’t know something was off with that guy. And about the laptop, it’s not she put a gun to his head to buy it for her. He PROMISED to buy it for her. Not promise to buy, BUT NOT IF YOU TALK ABOUT MY ILLNESS. He lied. Period.

    • Now that we have your attention JULIA, did your meeting with your agent not go well yesterday? Has your negative press turned Katie Lee off? Is that why you are here, pouting about not receiving a laptop promised to you?

      And JULIA, next time you date someone (Yeah good luck with that) you need to make him not only PROMISE you expensive gifts. You need to get it in writing. Therefore, if you break up, you can go to daddy and say “I have a CONTRACT!!! We must litigate daddy!! Harvard Hotty has to buy me diamonds/doggy/laptop.” This will guarantee that you receive whatever your little pink heart demands.

    • Oh, it’s not only her disgraceful indiscretion regarding an EX boyfriend; it’s also that, hello?, he was an EX boyfriend. Where the hell did she get the idea that he should buy her a coffee, much less a new computer? What is he? Her dad? Is anyone who dates her forever indebted? She frigging stole the car of another EX boyfriend and took off with it to the Hamptons without his permission. She racked up a wack of charges on another EX boyfriend’s credit card. Where the hell does she get off with this behaviour.
      Oh, right, she’s the very special Julia Allison Baugher and all her EXes should count themselves LUCKY to be publicly humiliated, stalked, and stolen from.

    • One time, in 3rd grade, my friend Ellie promised me she’d share her green jelly beans with me…and then she didn’t! She went over to the corner of the playground and shared them with Katie instead. And I was SO MAD….because she had PROMISED to share with me. And I don’t know what good a promise is if you don’t follow up on it, so I told my mom and my mom told the principal, and then Ellie got called in to the office and told her side of the story, which was that Ellie no longer wanted to share the jelly beans with me after I told everyone how she peed the bed when she slept over on Saturday night, and so the principal said it was ok and I got detention instead.

      It was a really great lesson to learn in 3rd grade. Sometimes a promise is just a promise. Well, not only that but if you pee the bed you need to watch your back because some people can be real bitches.

    • wait … so if i lie to a coworker, and that coworker responds by emailing everyone in the company to tell them that i have a mental illness (true or not), you think that’s an appropriate response? really??

    • Ah, Go Julia Go Julia, you almost had me fooled! You are the best troll evar, and I commend you.

  49. I started hating Julia the moment I realized she wasn’t really in in the joke. She got that it was all supposed to be silly and larger than life, but she believed she desereved it, believed she was more special than anyone else in NYC. She thought hanging out with execs made her an über smart and successful person. She thought her lies were bullet proof and her intelligence unmatchable. Just the delusions under which she conducts her daily life were mind blowing and made me physically ill.

    Watching her crumble has been so fascinating to me. I get no pleasure from it but to watch someone repeat the same mistakes over and over as they sink, well it’s like watching a hippo struggle for it’s life in quick sand. You know if she just stopped fighting it she would have a shot at getting out.

    And to team Julia above, don’t be silly. Julia has made some huge, terrible mistakes in her time. Worse then anything I would even think of in my darkest moment. She’s the opposite of everything I value and everything I hold dear. That is why I hate her. She repulsed and insults me on the most basic of levels.

  50. I was originally a total Julia Allison lover. I liked her first blog, I liked J&J, and I even liked NS for a while there. I thought she was a misunderstood hot goofy chick. I bought into her usual “The haters are all just jealous of my fabulousness” shtick. I even defended her a few times online. Although I’ll simply reveal now that I really AM the Spartacus commenter from the troll invasion of the QotD section at NS. Because posting shit there was funny and you know it just drove Miss Pretty Pink Princess INSANE to see us posting that shit there.

    You hear enough stories though, you see enough evidence, you see how widely reviled she is for very good reason at Gawker/Valleywag, and the truth about how ugly, bitchy and entitled she truly is gets to be enough evidence to quit buying into her whole legacy of lying. And she’s not even hot anymore, although she never really was all that hot to begin with, she just knew how to take a good photo.

    Two things made me immediately start disliking her though: the complete and total lack of in-depth CES coverage when they were supposedly PAID TO DO IT(and got a free flight/hotel stay out of it), the laughably embarrassing coverage of the porn convention instead(which was quickly yanked down by those idiots when they were called on it, HAHHAHAHHH!!!), and the shiteous way Intern Charlsie got treated. Julia treated that girl like shit and actually got her blog for school credit yanked down thanks to her evil outcry. That shit ain’t right.

    Oh yeah, and the Facebook “scheming” thing finally sealed my dislike to outright hatred.

    And to GoJulia! imbecile lurking around here, why don’t you just go piss off and die already? Just because we’re snarking on you or your precious heroine doesn’t mean we’re fat or jealous in the least and it’s beyond laughable that your sad little pea-brain would even presume that.
    Julia desperately wishes she had the life/career/body I do, I can promise you that much, you moron.

  51. I highly doubt that the lovely and talented Julia would ever be jealous of the losers here. What a joke.

    • So… I’d love to know, what do you like Julia? How does she inspire you? What have you learned from NonSociety about living differently? What do you think is Julia’s biggest talent? I really really really do want to know. Honestly.

    • No, of course Julia’s not jealous. Not of the losers here, not of anyone. Why should she be? She’s got it all going on right? An awesome career in one the world’s most exciting cities to live. Brains, beauty, wealth. Scads of BFFs who adore her (Hi Shira! Hi Rachel, Hi Sara! Hi Randi! Hi Mary! Hi Caroline! Hi David! Hi Charles!! xoxox bunnies!!! itsn’t it great that being BFFs with Julia has made YOU micro-famous too!!! she is really a generous and amazing friend!!). Plus, there are hundreds of handsome, rich, eligible men lined-up for the priviledge and honor of dating the super-hot Julia Allison Baugher.
      Not like the losers here. Especially the lowest of the low, the bloggers. Many of whom, I happen to know, haven’t had a date in years (ya, they’re married, some even have kids and of course they’ve all let themselves go. not one of them has the good sense to head to a fat farm when they need it or get necessary cosmetic surgery).
      As for the single ones, it’s not like anyone is lined up to date them. And if they managed to trick some friend into setting them up. most of them are so self-adoring and disengaged with reality they would probably be ignorant enough to be late, choosing instead to while away the hours getting pampered with a mani/pedi while flipping through bridal magazines and crying. Oh wait. That was Julia.
      Damn. I’m so confused now.
      Go Julia! Down with the haters! It’s not her fault you losers don’t “get” it. Don’t be so serious. Have a nice day! xo

    • okay…

      You say she is lovely. Quite debatable thanks to juice fasts and hair pelts and restalyne. However, she was much better looking when she first came on the scene. I’ll give her/you that much.

      Now, it’s this talented thing that really trips me up. Can you help me with that one Dear/Go Julia???

      can you point me in the direction of somewhere her talent can be made evident?

      her writing is a mess, a joke and largely plagarized
      she lazily asks her “readers” for content
      she has been fired from 3 jobs in as many years

      She makes costumes out of candy bar wrappers and condoms. Is that the talent you’re referring to?

      I won’t hold my breath for your reply though holding my breath for a long time is an actual TALENT which i possess.

  52. I am not setting out to start an asian land war here…but GoJulia is doing the same thing some of you folks do – tossing out assumptions about people you only know through what they present online. How many times have you called me sad or lonley or fat or attention whore or get a life partypants or wtfever, because I post too many comments? I just say.

    This concludes another sure to be unpopular opinion.

    • GoJulia is doing more than tossing out assumptions about us. If you read above she basically said that Julia outing J’s mental illness was not a big deal. I really don’t care if anyone online thinks I’m fat. Or a loser. Or a fat loser.

  53. Okay, so I have a story about Mary. I honestly can’t remember when my Julia loathing started up. I think maybe it was episode one of TMI. I was on team Mary for a while. That changed when I met her. I’m going to obscure details here.

    My friend, a blogger, had emailed with Mary a few times. We are involved with a charity and as we planned for an event, my friend sent an e-mail to Mary (and other bloggers). Mary linked to our event. Great. My friend then invited Mary to a pre-event party for donors. The party was at a designer showroom.

    Mary showed up, and I watched as my blogger friend greeted her, got her a drink and introduced her around. This is a pretty small group, mostly of friends. I went over and told Mary that I read her blog. She was nice enough. Here is where it gets weird. There were a wide variety of body types present. I am very thin. Some would say too thin; it is just the way I am built. When approached (in a welcoming way!) by anyone over say 130 pounds, it was like a cloud crossed Mary’s face. She literally took a step back from a couple women who were larger and less into fashion. She looked almost offended that they were talking to her. And those women were working their asses off to organize this event.

    I too saw what someone above mentioned. Mary turns off and on like a robot. Animated/zombie. I should mention that NO ONE at this party had a clue who she was except me and the blogger friend who invited her. (This factors in later).

    Also, good holy lord jesus did that girl have on some makeup. I’ve worked in tv. This was beyond on-camera makeup, and there were no cameras.

    I cannot stress enough how repulsed Mary is by normal-sized people.

    Anyway, the next day, I read her blog to see if she wrote anything about the event, and I got spooked. She wrote about the event almost as if she had had some hand in it. And she wrote something like, “thanks to all my readers for coming out and making the event a success.”

    None of her readers came. None. She knows that because it was a TINY event. I happen to read her blog and am involved with the organization. My blogger friend invited Mary. Mary did not thank my friend (I checked). Please note Mary’s recent tirade on thank-yous. Instead Mary basically congratulated herself for making the event a success.

    It made me really wonder about their “coverage” of lots of other events.

    Someone there asked me who she was at some point. I explained and they said “ohhhhh, I thought she was like a Russian girl from somewhere way out in Brooklyn.”

    Sorry Russian Girl! Just quoting! But I understood the reference. Mary had on a weird, cheap, sparkly top, and just SOOOOOO much foundation. She looked like she followed a very different aesthetic… not so much fashion or media New Yorker.

    There is one thing about Mary that does resemble a star though: the vacant, weird stare. Her default expression is something I have only seen before from very famous people. It is a look of holding one’s self separate from others, of being detached from reality; of utter entitlement. And that look has always made sense to me in a moviestar’s eyes, because what a weird, disorienting life they lead. But in Mary? WTF?

    I know this is long and probably riddled with errors. I know.

    • That description jives perfectly with the way Mary always brags about her readers and her “fans” catch her out in “real life” running errands or coming back from a workout. She’s always like “tee hee hee yet another fan caught me without makeup and in sweats! Ugh!” It’s freaky and delusional….like she really thinks she’s a celebrity. Um Mary, just because your sister is on TV and mirco famous doesn’t mean that you are, too. You run a barely read blog and live with your mom. You are almost literally a manifestation of the Blogger in the Basement stereotype. Just because you are skinny and buy $700 necklaces and hang out at Houston hotel pools and take vacations to Miami (a vacation from what exactly?) does not mean your shit don’t stink. Get off the high horse.

      • Occurs to me that it could have been an honest but incredibly deluded mistake: like Mary took zero interest in the organization or the event, didn’t care to remember who invited her… all she heard was “…read your blog.”

        She just didn’t realize she was being welcomed by people who made an effort to introduce her to a friendly crowd of people who had no reason to know her. Instead she just sort of chose to see it as a group of fans she had graced with her presence. Just crazy to read her thanking everyone who came because of her when I experienced the reality of no one knowing her, and her snubbing the nice organizers…

    • Omg. What a glorious share. So, she hates people above a size 4 (julia, WATCH OUT!) and she pretends that event is her event. She is one of the same with Julia, then. How much of what they pretend to be their party/event really isn’t?? It might be even worse than I previously believed.

    • Aha. That explains it. I’m a size 4 so I guess not worthy of acknowledgment. Here I was thinking it was my non-designer dress that ruined her night.

  54. People coming in here to defend Princess Julia while assuming the rest of us all surely must be fat/jealous/losers are just amusing to me. Almost as amusing as other commenters rudely assuming things about other commenters here.
    None of us knows another one of us from a hill of beans in real life.
    At the end of the day, we’re all idiots for even posting here, whether in defense of Julia or joining the Julia Haterade chorus.
    This whole site is a rather stupid, if very enjoyable waste of the day and I appreciate shooting the shit around here now and then.

    Hey, at least I willing own my idiocy on this end.
    So what’s YOUR excuse then, GoJulia?
    And again, WHAT do you like about Julia and WHY are you here??

  55. Julia is my idol. If you believe it you can achieve it. She’s famous and you aren’t.

  56. Can’t stand her just for the fact that her entire persona (her “brand,” as she would have it) hinges upon her being a stylish, popular journalist, when in reality she is badly dressed, roundly despised and a horrible writer (and is somehow becoming moreso in each of these categories as time goes by).

    I used to think that she was merely ridiculous, but when she tried to take Baugher down with the stalker accusations and spouting about it on ABC, the depth of her vindictiveness, manipulativeness and just plain evil became clear to me.

    But even without these mitigating factors, I would have instantly hated her on the strength of that one jumping-in-red-platforms-and-pencil-skirt-with-giant-yap-wide-open photo (see RBNS 5/26 Poll Winner: The Braying Donkey). It really captures her true essence.

  57. You should look into finding a better idol. There are a lot of people who have “believed it and achieved it” and are not awful inside and out. Hell, I believed, and therefore achieved my dreams. But no, you are correct, I am not famous. Though most research scientists don’t aspire to the kind of fame Julia has. It is frowned upon in my world.

  58. Am I the only one who thinks that someone simply might be having a little fun here, pushing all the right buttons?

    • NO. Go Julia! is obviously just having fun with some over the top hyperbole. Remember when the “gal about town” commenter popped up? Same thing. Ignore this unfunny troll and surely they will go away soon. Go Julia! has yet to say WHY they like her – just that we are all fat slobs.

  59. Oh, come on. Your pal Julia Allison Baugher LOVES this site!
    Not only does she appear to be the most loyal reader (just check out how quickly she responds to comments here either by twittering something or editing her blog), but she uses it for bragging rights with agents/conference organizers/speakers bureaus/publishers/interviewers. As in, not only does she have her own highly sucessful professional business, NonSociety, there are at least 4 other blogs dedicated entirely to her! All about her!! And she doesn’t have to lift a finger!
    People either love her (the vast majority, obvs) or love to hate her (the jealous losers who instead of getting their own lives, are helping to make her even richer bunnies!!).
    Like all things in life for Julia, this site is win/win.
    So please, GoJulia. Don’t be too harsh! Julia doesn’t want this site to go away, she loves the attention, in fact, she needs it; this site likely gets more page hits than NS! Which means indirect page views Julia can claim for HERSELF! Don’t you get it? Shhhhhhh!

    • I don’t understand her response. What do pictures and her readers thinking the clothes are too expensive have to do with her not liking fatties? How would fatties even fit in designer samples? And why would you wear extra makeup because you are going to see a friend’s band play? A simple “Look I have nothing against chubs, this is ridiculous and yeah looking back I looked like a tranny but I’m from Texas so cut me some slack” would have sufficed. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

      • Yeah. I’m not sure what her taking photos of people has to do with her not talking to anyone above 130lbs. If she meant that she was focused on people wearing clothing for her to photographer then I sorta get it but she then goes into this whole run down of why she didn’t post the photos. Nonesense.

  60. I remember the exact moment I knew I hated Jackles. I had heard about her from the radar piece on how she was one of the most hated things on the internet, and through gawker I found out more about her. Eventually I landed on Baugher, which directed me to NS.

    I decided to watch one of those ‘learn more about me’ videos. With Jankles screeching her head off, whipping her dog around, and swearing at her ‘best friends’, I knew instantly that she was the devil.

    That voice!! It still gives me nightmares.

  61. Oh, poor Mary Rambin can’t be expected to make sense today. She’s still recovering from all that Macallen scotch twitter-tasting last night. Sillies.

  62. I am not bothered enough to hate her. She is a total fool and a hilarious trainwreck. RBNS is like playing the Sims or Second Life with Julia as your character. She is as easy to manipulate as a key stroke.

    But the best part is that she thinks it’s real!

    The joke is really on her.


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