Julia’s Pal: Damning Deleted Tweets


How about that Rachel, the one who went to Sea World with Jackles? After Jackles Tweeted yesterday that she “hurt her back” and might not be able to make it to the Webbys, Rachel Tweeted, then quickly deleted, the following:

rbillow: @juliaallison Um, I thought you were banned?

Interesting. I suspected the “I threw out my back” thing was a lie from the start, perhaps providing her with some reason to save face because she wasn’t invited or was too embarrassed to go for some reason. It seems even more suspicious today given she blogged that she danced for hours last night.

In all the years we’ve been watching Jackles pose for the cameras, have we ever seen her do a bridge? And she chooses to do it the night she’s publicly Tweeted about “throwing her back out.” Tool.

Anyway, back to Rachel. If you think the Webby Tweet is fascinating — and can you imagine the vicious “DELETE IT!!! DELETE IT!!!” e-mail she must have received??? — how about this one from yesterday:

rbillow: “I love compliments. Seriously if a guy gives me a compliment, I will be down on my knees immediately to give him a blow job” -@juliaallison

Also Tweleted. It’s worrisome!


  1. What’s really sad is Rachel is one of her old friends from childhood. With “friends” like those… who needs enemies?? She seems to call Julia out a lot – here is another recent tweet from her to Julia:

    “@juliaallison Too bad I’m not there to lie to you about what time your date starts! 😉 7:13 PM Jun 6th from web in reply to juliaallison”

    I remember, a while ago, people were commenting on TMI Weekly about how Mary and Julia would always snipe at each other on camera and it seemed like they hated each other. Julia and Mary laughed it off with something like “but that’s how true girlfriends are! We can joke and be honest!” Something about supposed “best friends” constantly giving each other dirty looks, sniping each other with “funny” tweets and publicly bitching each other out via their blog is really sad, disgusting and disturbing to me. They have no idea what a true friendship is like – it seems like the view other female friends as competition. Sad 🙁 🙁

  2. Can you imagine how horrified she must have been that Harvard Harley or his sister-in-law might see that blowjob one?

  3. More wedding dreams via twitter. “btw, I had a dream my wedding got rained out. Hmm. What does this mean??” It means you’re creepy, Jackles.

  4. For someone who lies all the damn time, you would think she would be good at it. She makes the rookie liar mistake of overcompensating. She can’t just throw her back out. She has to have ACUPUNCTURE for it. In the morning. Skip the doctor and go straight to acupuncture.

  5. Also, screw her. I live with someone who really dose throw out his back and,, um, he ain’t ever doing the bridge in this life.

  6. If that little filly can bend backwards like that with a totally ruined back (poor bunny), just think what a bobcat she’d be in top condition! Rrrrawrrr.

  7. Forget the dress.

    This is the story. Here she is, outed as lying, about a medical condition which she solicited medical advice about on twitter. This is just sick, sick, sick.

    • I really, really need to know why she was banned. I mean…was she really banned? And then just went anyway? Because…what gall.

      Apparently gauche is the new douche.

      • I just tweeted her to ask, like you did. Just to bug her and get her itchy. She won’t respond but it’s fun!

      • Maybe “banned” was a more glamorous, stretching-the-truthiness way of lying about not being invited at all? Julia didn’t go to the actual awards and just went to the after party. There are no red carpet photos of her from any of the agencies or party photogs, but there are red carpet photos of Meghan. If Julia did go to the actual awards, don’t you think she would have posed with Meghan on the red carpet? They are Myspace BFFs after all!

    • Or possibly worse: she made up the being banned story to impress her friend (“I’m so wild! I do whatever I want!”) and got caught out.

  8. You’re right….Meghan was on the red carpet but Julia was not. Julia didn’t go to the awards. Niiiice. LIAR.

  9. did I miss Nonsociety on the list of (endless) nominees? I def didn’t see them on the list of winners.

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