The Other One: Oh, it’s on


These were the more classy ladies at the Belmont.

The attire was Kentucky Derby Wannabe, with cheap hats and NY style dresses.

I really have no room to comment on the dress code, as my style was against the pact wearing a jumper, boots, and a hat that could pass for a Diane Keaton Fashion Emergency. 

So the one who smile like the skeery jack-o-lantern and make the gansta signs with curry and have the possible mildly touched little sister (just like my cousin Bogdan!!!) went to horse race yesterday and BROUGHT OUT DA SNARK against a certain someone who looks an awful lot like a pink princess we know.

And then what is to be make of this twit from Rambo the other night?

As for me, I’m watching the sunset, listening to guitar, drinking wine, not a tutu in sight

Do NONE of her besties like Poofy no more? Thank God she have small dog who poops everywhere (and vibrator*).

*Welcome to 1977 women’s lib.


  1. So many questions-

    I lived in NYC for the first 28 years of my life. What are NY style dresses? Those look like lily-milly-tibi dresses which are very Wilmette-Cape Code.

    Does the “mildly touched” sister have an internship? It appears not. She shops for $440 dresses which are WAY too expensive for her but at the sample sale, 20% off, are PERFECTLY priced at $360!!!

  2. “I really have no room to comment on the dress code”

    Meghanaise really has “no room” to write anything meant to be understood by the public.

    • “I really have no room to comment on the dress code”

      Doesn’t the blog format, by its very nature, give you unlimited “room” to write?

      Maybe she meant she’s in no “place” to comment because her head is up her ass when it comes to fashion, along with everything else on the planet.

  3. Apart from Meghan’s unique style of writing, what’s with the posting of pictures of random people? I don’t see any public interest in posting these in order to snark about their outfits.

    • ITA. It could be a DO’s and DON’Ts a la Glamour mag, but they at least obscure the faces

  4. What is wrong with that tard Meghan? Since when is it cool to take to your blog to bitchsnark on random women’s fashions or random people period?? (okay, so I’m actually snarking on her snarking at a snark blog myself, but STILL, it’s not like I’m a known blogger presence like her. Have some class, Megs, you spoiled brat)
    And speaking of “classy”, I’d like to know who deemed her and these other vapid-looking bimbettes she’s hanging out with as the pure epitome of class:

    Yep, REAL class act there. About as classy as a Spring Break beach party at the Redneck Rivera.

    • In ye olden days, if your parents made gazillion dollars and you didn’t have the same fire or spark, you graciously did charity work and helped the little people.

    • Oh my lord! Cocktails in plastic cups, a party bus, and girls who look trashy in $400 tibi dresses!!! yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  5. Megan is too boring to bother.

    Mary sucks. She is out of nonsociety and lves in a different city. Either tell Julia what’s up (public or private) or StFu about it. The passive agressive shit is really a gross trait and just makes her look weak immature and silly at this point.

  6. “The Belmont”

    These girls are so stupid. It’s Belmont, plain and simple. Hate their lack of knowledge on anything and then taking pictures of people and acting all knowledgeable about nothing. GET OFF THE INTERNET — IT’S NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

  7. Since uppity Megs and crew were in attendance, she is absolutely right in her observation: those two in the photo absolutely WERE the more classy ladies there.

    Nice move making fun of people who wear pink sundresses and giant bows on their heads, though. I’m sure your business partner appreciates your discretion. You’re a real pro, Meghannaise.

  8. So in the TMI video on bathing suits, Mary [cuz you know she is brutally honest] states that she wears the type of bathing suit tops that make her look even flatter, but she does so cause she hates tan lines….

    Hmmmm, so when one of her two commenters lashed out at her sunbathing habits, she reminded her readers, she gets her tan sprayed on at hotel zaza–and then wears a sun block [$35] and only lays out for an hour to relax….[from that stressful job of taking pictures of herself]

    So mary if you are fake tanning, what lines are you worried about?

    or….are you so deep in julia tactics that you thought it was a good idea to STATE that you don’t tan–much like how she doesn’t drink–

    Yeah, that must be it, you correctly knew that someone would call you out on the tanning so your next post was ready with your sunblock and snarky bs lie about how you don’t REALLY tan…

    My gosh, no wonder you have to hang at an in-town hotel in between your weekend vacations, it must be exhausting being you! But thanks just the same cause I have no idea what I would do without your sage advice on how to tie a bow, and how to live off my parents till I’m 30!

    Take it or leave it!

    • you can get tan lines if you’re just out by the pool, not really looking for a tan. maybe thats what she meant by hates getting tan lines. i never go out tanning (i am dark enough already) but I hate getting farmer’s tans, so sometimes i wear things to avoid a really bad tan line. you can’t live your life hiding from the sun, so most likely you’ll get a tan whether you like it or not. because mary seems to wear strapless stuff i can see why maybe a tanline would be annoying to have.

  9. Meghan’s sister writes:
    “It was quite an experience. Our transportation there and back was a “Party Bus” which included a stripper pole and a lot more alcohol than is necessary for a 45 minute drive.

    NOT my scene. But its okay I’m just going to write it off as another anthropological study of the different NYC social scenes… one that I do not plan on being a part of…EVER. ”

    YES, Dim Sister, one of our “social scenes” in NYC is the party bus to belmont stakes with too much alcohol. That’s a MAJOR SCENE.

    • Isn’t that what all the cool Williamsburg kids do if they are not chasing those who refuse to participate in the party bus activities out of the neighbourhood?

      God, is everyone in this family dumb? Sorry, parents.

      • Totally, Ironic! When I lived in Brooklyn, I participated in the party bus to Long Island SCENE. It took me so long to gain entry to this coveted scene.

    • Maybe we could round up the poors and put them in some sort of zoo or museum display so that little cunt could study them better.

  10. “Meghan, Krystal, Megan & I are three hours into an intensive strategy session. Meghan’s brought out her reinforcements of choice: cheese & nuts, per usual. I’m abstaining. ”


    • Only someone with serious food and body issues can regard NOT nibbling on SOME nuts and cheese as an achievement. Sad:(

      • And have you noticed, that she’s posted a picture of food and a comment about abstaining at least 3 x this week???? Girl has a serious eating disorder.

      • Jankles also abstains from nibbling on nuts. At least until the 11th date, amirite???? (heh, some of these comments I make to amuse only myself, sorry.)

      • I had chili cheese hot dogs EVERY SINGLE DAY last week. I put on 4 lbs of sodium bloat and gas, I feel like a sloth, and I got drunk Sunday night so Monday would go by faster in a hangover haze.

        ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!! Suck it julia!

  11. Just read Julia’s blerg about how “I just sent my parents a “Five Years Later, I’m still grateful you paid for my education” letter”.

    If G-town tuition plus room and board is currently around 50K a year, this means they shelled out around $180-$200K on the little princess. Barf.

  12. What major developments will follow this meeting? Is it just Nonsociety “business”? Mary is sticking with TMI until the contract runs out, so I just don’t understand why Krystal is wasting her time with her former roommate’s shitty blogging project. It’s kind of funny because the two people who actually read NS without reading RBNS would likely have no idea who she is or what she is doing there.

    And I find it so bizarre that someone would take pictures of random people to snark. Really, I used to think Meghan was smarter than this. What a bitch.

    • She’s, by far, the dimmest of the bunch. Poor girl. Meghanaisse mentioned something about how her blog was a “shell” and would remain so until the latest “build out” happened. We’ve been hearing about “build outs” for 9 months now, so I suspect this is another wish and dream.

    • And Meghan wore boots?? In June. With a jumper. In June. She is so vapid and is the only one who could be on the social circuit were she not such an idiot. I’m just so annoyed with her dippy, clueless, “oh I was a virgin until college because i was such a geeeek” nonsense.

    • I’ve said it from the get-go: Meghan is a total stealth bitch. She tries to pretend to be miss goody-two shoes only to prove through little swipes like these that she’s really hiding her inner bitch. And those are the worst kinds of women. Kind of like JA!

      So when is our sweet little Megs going to go back to serve at that soup kitchen, hmmm? I thought she was so into volunteer work and all that! JA apparently taught her a lil’ something about mentioning doing somthing special once and then mysteriously never mentioning it again.
      But nice try there, trust funder. Go back to your meaningful life of trying out pricey gadgets and taking jets around the world and fancy party buses then. At least Paris Hilton gets PAID to be a vapid waste of DNA.

      • Oh yes, I forgot about Meghan’s committment to social justice! She left the nastiness of the interwebs to “find herself” and recommit to volunteering.

        How’s that going for you, Megs? Can you find that into your busy schedule of schlepping your little sister around sample sales?

  13. I gave MA too much credit in the beginning … I really thought that she was freaking out behind the scenes. When RNBS started, I refrained from saying anything nasty about her (except the Pointy nickname) and thought that she was probably disgusted by Julia but was trying to save face as well as her startup. She is legitimately wealthy but has shown that she has no brains or class at all.

  14. God, what a clueless asshat. I was at belmont stakes yesterday for the first time and arrived via–SHUDDER!–the regular ol’ LIRR, and my friends and I had a blast; but it’s clear that our agenda was a bit different from sad-pants Meghanaise pouting into her tacky party bus about how it “isn’t her scene.” Que surprise, fucktard, and once again, way to miss the point entirely.

    Never mind placing bets–the excitement of which could create ripples in your tapioca pudding existence and distract you from snarking on womens’ attire, I get it–but did you even WATCH any of the races, dipshit? Did you even SEE a single horse while you were there, or were you just cavorting in the picnic area around the back the whole time with all the other drunken assholes who come to hookup and puke into each other’s wide-brimmed hats? Thought so.

    NOTHING is your scene, Meghan, except for maybe a ribbon cutting at the world’s largest bowl of oatmeal. Please don’t pretend otherwise.

    • My bad, it seems “winning big” actually was on the agenda, although heaven forbid she elaborate on which race she bet on and the specifics–my guess is that she put a wad of cash in a friend’s hand and went back to sulking.

    • that is an insult to oatmeal, which can actually be very interesting and tasty when dressed up a bit!!

  15. First time commenter but longtime reader. What does “against the pact” even mean? Did she mix up “against the grain” and “leader of the pack?” How is someone this illiterate and boring writing a blog?

  16. “How is someone this illiterate and boring writing a blog?”
    She’s pretty, she’s rich, she fiddles with pricey gadgets, and her buddy Julia Allison therefore decided all that alone deemed her worthy of having her own blog as part of their “business”. And look how well such a business plan has worked out for those three idiots!

  17. Ugh. That photo on the party bus. Trust fund girls gone wild.

    I think Meggles is a harmless dimwit (except when bathing dogs and getting water in their ears). She’s too dumb to even understand why she offends people who actually WORK in tech and broke their asses to get there. But since she hangs with very lucky VC-dick-sucking webtards who are also jokes and are truly offensive snake-oil salesmen, she never really got under my skin.

  18. To return for a minute to the Queen of Them All, Julia twitpics this:

    If you look, you’ll notice the blue TMI MICROPHONE that Julia was posing with at the Gracie’s. Julia has no idea who she was interviewing. And no doubt the actress had no idea who Julia was either.

    She’s a journalist, peoples. With an imaginary boyfriend from Harvard.

    • God, this journalism routine never gets old. She should turn this into a comedy act. Too funny.

    • Yeah, that would be Stephanie March from Law & Order. Easy enough to guess she was lobbed with generic Gracies/award show related questions coming from Julia with her utter cluelessness. So sad. Shame she didn’t have an intern around this time to spend an evening the night before printing out bios and photos of notables (Devil Wears Prada nod, anyone?) – it wouldn’t shock in the least if she fumbled all OVER that carpet.

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