Julia: A Possible Explanation To Why Karp Tolerates Her Ass


With Mr. David Karp and his adorable new girlfriend, Rachel, who happens to work at Next New Networks, which produces TMIweekly!  All in the family.  🙂

Yeah. The girlfriend looks thrilled.


  1. Man, that David Karp is one spooky-looking dude. I wonder if the courts require him to introduce himself to neighbors when he moves and to stay 500 yards away from schools.

  2. Not seeing any explanation. Maybe because the gf worked with Julia at NNN filming TMI? I don’t know.

    I do know Caroline, Karp’s ex-bf, seems a little embarrassed this morning about her “exhibitionist” behavior at the event last night. Such frenemies, those two. She posed picture of Julia on her blog and said:

    “Last night featured borderline dystopian levels of party-photographer, lifestyle-reporter mayhem and it’s never seemed more appealing to disappear from view with a good book and a pair of sneakers. Off to a bed and breakfast in Southampton for the night.”

    Ha. If only Caro would talk. I would love to know how she really feels about Julia and a. her friendship with Karp, b. relationship with Forman, and c. her own relationship with former besties Sklar, Gould and herself.

    • Sometime I think that Caroline could be among us. In fact, I think many of that “scene” could be among us.

  3. *ex-gf

    BTW I really like Caroline and wonder if she privately wants to push Julia off a roof.

  4. for me the real story here is how jackles is acting more of an idiot douche bitch retard than ever. she seems to have kicked in to some kind of over drive in this respect. that fat camp did not help her ‘tude.

    also. her brays about the wonder of a tiara and forever 21 are hysterically unhinged.

    • Yeah. Seems she was incredibly obnoxious last night. Flew into the ball, saw she didn’t win, took up prime space for picture and ran out.

  5. Yes, that’s all I meant. That because Karp has been chasing some chick Jackles works with, that might explain why he’s always enabling her madness. He was perhaps trying to get to this poor girl through his friendship with Jackles.

    A stretch, I agree!

  6. I love how all these young NY web dudes all have the same douchebag uniform. The thrift store, polyester, ill-fitting, usually with a vest ensemble. Not a fucking muscle or any sense of masculanity within a 100 yards of these guys. Soft and light. This my braying comrades is the reason asshole animals like me always got the cool girls like y’all.

    • This quote, and the others, make me feel sick. I had a great deal of admiration for Diablo Cody before this. If a complimentary quote from Tina Fey turns up I’m going to vomit.

      Also: Julia Allison looks like an arrogant, obnoxious asshole in that ridiculous, over-the-top, cheap-ass sateen, pink retina-searing costume.

      • IWTC. The idea that Erica Jong admires the writing of someone who doesn’t actually do any writing makes me lose respect for her… not completely, but definitely considerably.

    • Well, as true as anything else on that page, anyway. It’s entirely possible that EJ’s next sentence was, ” How do you pack so much doucheosity into each and every phrase?”

  7. Karp likes her because he’s a douche too. Birds of a feather and all that.

    Also, omg insanity, what is she wearing. Booties and opaque black tights (in summer!) paired with a bright pink shiny swirl of cupcake frosting and a cheap ass tiara. She’s looks insane.

    I really do wonder about her mental stability. In a nonjoking way. I seriously think she lost it.

    • Yeah I buy the birds of a feather theory about pretty much anyone who is friends with JA. It’s definitely shown itself to be true a good number of times already.

  8. It’s often asked why certain people tolerate Julia. Couldnt’ it be that they are like her, share her values, admire something in her, etc., in other words aren’t all that different from her in some ways themselves?

    Like with Karp, I don’t know him but just his actions around that whole censorship/deletion stuff told me something about him and it didn’t present the most flattering image.

    By the way I’m probably really late to the game but I had no idea that Izea was actually the dreaded PayPerPost reinvented and with a name change. Her association with that company and vice versa make even more sense now

    • I don’t get it either. And isn’t that Sarah girl in her photo on her site the same @sarahashley who reportedly hates her yet loves Georgina and Mary?

    • Plus, I suspect she’s VERY nice to people she thinks could be useful in some way. Karp being an obvious example.

  9. Note to Julia Allison: The Sugarplum Fairy does not wear opaque black tights. That is all.

    • Lord Jesus, I think I may just hate all of humanity. That entire page of photos makes me want to go postal in the middle of the next Webutard gathering. Ruffle red dress bitch looks like she loves herself almost as much as Julia does. I may have to give up the internet altogether.

      • AGREED. This whole crowd is so pathetically silly. And, like Jules, seems to think they are way more influential then they really are.

        Most annoying:
        Jessica Amason
        And lots of tards I don’t recognize.

  10. ” juliaallison Upside? I have date 4.5 with Harvard Harley tonight! 23 minutes ago from web”

    She really thinks that .5 stuff is cool, ha? Like it reinforces her webtard 2.5 status.

    “Harvard Harley” = FUCKING AMAZING. Perhaps Jackles’ best invention.

    • Equally lame? Her penchant for referring to things as .com – her recent “ThisSucks.com” when tweeting about her work on creating a new TV reel (…job hunting much?), and, of course, the omnipresent, and, if it were possible, increasingly annoying “yay.com.”

      HarHar is TOTALLY made up. As such, I am officially predicting that Jackles is going to tweet this at around 3-4AM EST:

      “:) 🙂 🙂 :)”

      For those unfamiliar with Julia-Allisonese, that means: “I want everyone – including all my ex-boyfriends and Kevin Rose – to think I just had AMAZING sex. No, not with a vibrator, but with an actual man. Because of my views on ‘discretion’, I won’t disclose any names … aside from the fact that I have been incessantly twittering about my date all day long. Yay.com!!!”

      • Thank you for the translation for the unfamiliar. Absolutely! Also, remember Harvard Harley’s sister follows JA on twitter.

        Also this reel business?? Someone is hoping Fox or MSNBC will take her back as an on air media tard personality.

  11. Christ, there are a lot of 30 year old teenagers in NY. And Julia is the most special of them all.


    I really don’t get it. It’s like she’s trying to pee without getting poison ivy on her cooch or something.

  13. Julia, making new friends wherever she goes:


    “I’ve always stuck up for the way Julia Allison looked. Her looks shouldnt be a factor as to why everyone hates her. She’s a pretty girl. Well, tonight…I met her in person for the first time.

    This is one of the most delusional people I have ever met. Let’s start off with the fact that she wore a crown to the party. Apparently she crowned herself the queen prior to the rulings. GAY PANTS

    I tried to introduce myself to her because honestly, I wanted to get a pic with her making an icky face like I did with Rambin…well, Julia wouldnt be bothered. I am not someone she’d waste her time with apparently.

    I’m not going to call her fat or anything mean like that, but lets just say…girl dont look the same in person. Ok, that’s all.”

    • Julia Allison Baugher, alienating all inhabitants of New York City, one party at a time.

      • Didn’t Frangry [anti-kris friend] have a bitch down with mary over streets….mary incorrectly blogged that the place she was talking about was on two streets [one of them was elizabeth street] frangry blogged that she was retarded or something like that and mary blogged back the two streets did in fact intersect, and called frangy a stupid bitch.

        Then mary changed the name of the street she typed wrong.

        Crap, I remember that all too well.

    • “Although Honorable Kirk has a Masters Degree from the London School of Economics, he hasn’t been particularly helpful in discussions about the economic crisis. His one contribution is to come up with a particularly idiotic talking point for John Boehner…”

      Cupid paging Miss Allison!!

  14. Loren, are you around here somewhere today, you fine fine thing? You’re part of — or at least in the mix with — this internet “community” of bloggers. Help me out with this. Enlighten me, PLEASE. (Or anyone, feel free to jump in on this!)

    Why is it that this crew of NYC webutards needs to document every. Single. Event. Always. Ever. Actually, photograph themselves at events they throw… for each other. We know who the guilty parties are.

    It seems so disgustingly high school — the same people, over and over. Literally thousands of pictures. WHY?

    • What’s legitimately depressing is that the NYC webutards are totally not the only group of people guilty of this kind of behavior. Everyone is getting in on it. I play on a rather small site with a group of people from all over the country and we’ve all known each other for years. The San Francisco faction of this group does this kinda shit all the time. And they’re not even media 2.0 type people, either. To them, if there aren’t at least 50 pictures of an event or gathering, it’s like it didn’t even happen.

      It’s the weirdest thing in the world, honestly. I understand wanting some pictures of parties and get togethers n shit, but I’d rather ENJOY the event than pose for 234923 photos and then spend the next day sorting through (and/or photochopping cough cough) and maniacally posting them to every site.

  15. Any word from Mary regarding her crushing defeat at the Webtoed Ball? Has she posted any pics of herself in a tiara?? And how did poor Meghannaise get overlooked by the nominating committee?

  16. Who is Blakeley? He/She started following my Tumblr today, and I have no idea who he/she is. Can someone post a picture?

  17. I was at the Webutante Ball on Friday. Julia didn’t show up until around 7 PM and she was still there when I left, which was around 9ish. Not sure if she is just making up events to go to, but she didn’t seem in a rush to leave. She just kind of sat off by herself .

    And as AntiKris said, girl looks A LOT different in real life. When I first spotted her I thought it was some nobody dumpy intern wearing a tiara but then I realized it was Julia. VERY average looking in real life and well…her body looks nothing like in her pics.

    • Question for you re: “nobody dumpy intern” — don’t you have to be somebody to even be an intern?

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