Julia: Subtle


After two Tweets last night about going to “Harvard Harley’s” apartment — insert eye roll here — she ends the night with this:

Can you procrastinate your destiny? Hmm.

Apparently HH’s sister-in-law follows her. I’m sure she was impressed with her BoltBus shitfit the other night. I suspect we’ll soon begin seeing a litany of Tweletions (www.tweleted.com).


  1. I’m almost, ALMOST, bound to get a twitter account, just to follow this damn fool.

    Does my mental health need that though? Ugh, I don’t think so.

  2. Ethel: You don’t need to get a Twitter account. You can just type in twitter.com/juliaallison and see all the madness.

    • Yeah, sorry love, I should have said, SO I CAN REPLY TO THIS DAMN FOOL. #fuckingstupididiotjuliaallison.

      • I am not on Twitter but I am always dismayed how inconsistent the reactions to her are. Sometimes a whole snarling mob of them come after her, and then other times, like after CellPhoneGate, hardly anyone said anything negative.

  3. So, let’s sum up the last couple of days. While on the bus back from what possibly has been a rather humiliating college reunion, she spontaneously discovers she actually likes social norms and common curtesy. She then proceeds to attend a number of socials, but decides that she’s not enjoying loud and busy media type parties anymore (Raise your hand if you think the dislike is mutual). Finally, she concludes the evening at that guy’s appartment whose family appears to know of her existence (Julianese for: he really likes me and it’s serious). She finishes on a cryptic destiny tweet.
    I think we might be witnessing her rapid shifting into settling down mode in lieu of any other real alternatives. If this guy is more than a product of her imagination, he’d be well advised to not trust in the contraceptive powers of the pill alone because I smell an “accident” happening in the very near future.

    • Oh, and before accusing me of being a women-hating grinch, let me say that I did not mean this in a misogynistic way. It’s just that I would not put such a calculating behaviour past Julia.

      • ironic, you’re a boy??! how’d i miss that!?

        anyway, i don’t think any of us would accuse you of being misogynistic. it looks like she’s def. switched over into “settling down” mode. it was bound to happen eventually.

        did anyone else see maneater? (I haven’t finished it yet, myself.) the first half hour are a total parody of Jaba, right down to the “expiration date” comment. sad.

      • melissa00sue00rbns:
        I am as female as they get, but from what I’ve learned from countless pointless discussions at uni, apparently being female and a women-hating grinch is not seen as mutually exclusive by some…

        In other news, apparently the rules shmules bringing the dog to a no dog event, didn’t go down too well with some other guests.

        Ron_Wechsler: Ok, maybe that was a little harsh towards @juliaallison. I’m sorr…whoa, she brought her lap dog for a photo-op. Stand by last statement.
        about 10 hours ago from web

        (previous tweet for the sake of completeness:
        # At YouTube observer party. If @juliaallison shows up, does that indicate it’s a great shindig, or a really self-absorbed one?about 10 hours ago from web )

        I’m amazed how she can stand to live with the contradiction that is herself.

  4. Good grief, I cannot stand the way she values people according to the schools they attended. Harvard Harley? Barf.

    • Her obsession with undergraduate schools rivals her fixation with corporate titles. Look through her reunion pictures — largely the only “friends” of Julia are involved in large media/entertainment companies.

      You can also liken it to her preoccupation with labels. She is sure to do a head to toe when she’s toting a Chanel purse or a Diane von Furstenberg dress, but doesn’t mention her three-sizes-too-small shirt from H&M on a regular basis.

      Either way, she’s still a disgusting, revolting human being.

  5. I guess she’s decided to get married and pop out a kid. Obviously her trip to SeaWorld showed her that mommyblogging is where the money’s at these days!

    • Julia2010.
      When she’s in an unhappy marriage and hates her kids too. Dooce for the new millennium. (No booze involved).

  6. Julia Allison will never make it down the aisle with any man. No one could make it that far. Look at the planning that goes into imaginary photoshoots… can you imagine the obnoxious insanity that will surround an pink princess fairy wedding? Barf.

  7. NONSOCIETY needs an intern to abuse!

    I think that says about it all. I note she hasn’t mentioned her intern who’s name I can’t quite remember at this late point in the evening … about whom Julia Allison Baugher wasn’t going to sign off on her document. Bitch.

    • I am sure her braying for an intern is just a bunch of puffery and fakery and more smoke and mirrors to attempt to convince her new boyfriend she actually has a job and try to get her parents to let her stay in New York a little longer and work on her “business.”

      • Why does she need an intern if she’s going to be in Chicago all summer looking after her sick friend?

      • Her plan to look after D this summer was quickly forgotten as soon as she found a guy to date. Shallow pig.

  8. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that guys LOVE desperation. Is she retarded? Sometimes I feel like that scene in that movie “Heartbreakers” when the guy from “Goodfellas” yells DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THERAPY YOU NEED

    • Guys also love formerly hot chicks who need a free place to live, a new wardrobe, botox treatments, and walking-around money. Extra points for a lapdog.

      Assuming young Veritas exists, what Julia is worried about is that if she doesn’t bang him soon, she will have no hope of a free place to live, a new wardrobe, botox treatments, and walking-around money.

      But unless young Veritas is as nutz as she is, Julia will bang him and still have no hope of a free place to live etc.

  9. Didn’t she write a “procrastinate destiny” blog entry a century or so ago? It ties in with her whole “waiting for a better offer” approach to life. The hair pelts are getting kinda mangy, lipo is expensive and painful, the face injections/botox aren’t exactly helping … maybe she’s stepping up the schedule for this poor Harvard guy because the waiting room is about to close.

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