Brother Britt: That Meghan Is Not a Rocket Scientist


Sometimes mother and father are comforted by the notion that at least my poor sister seems to have a seemingly intelligent and sensible friend in Meghan.

Needless to say they were crestfallen to take a gander at this recent post:

Did the Internet Contribute to the Banking Crisis?

In my opinion, the Internet is one of the factors that led to the banking crisis because startups no longer need to raise large sums of money through banking or venture capitalists. Even in this highly competitive web startup era, companies don’t need much funding from banks to compete because of free software and host sites. My favorite part about being in the tech startup space is that the financial barrier to entry is so low. The web allows you to scale businesses without large funds. In short, this independence is ultimately a threat to banks.

Think about it, years ago starting a company required more funding with less free software resources than what we have at present. Companies like Scallyroo are great examples of what you can do with limited resources. In my own experience, I’ve learned that bootstrapping is sometimes the best choice in learning how to maximize creativity. I’m grateful to live in this adventuress time where inventiveness (especially when it comes to maximizing resources) rules.

Oh dear. These are adventuress times indeed.


  1. Jesus H. Christ on fire. That makes no sense at all.

    Also “The web allows you to scale businesses without large funds.” is a load of claptrap. Facebook spend $50 million a year on hosting.

  2. I think it’s great that Meghan dares to go against the mainstream opinion with her analysis of the global financial crisis. Governments around the world frantically setting up bad banks to deal with toxic loans will be relieved to hear that the root cause of the crisis was the opposite: Not enough people took up loans and all went to hell curtesy of the intarwebs. Maybe Roubini will be so impressed by this cutting edge outside the box thinking that he’ll offer her a private tour of the vulva-dome, who knows. Or he, like the rest of the population WITH A BRAIN, will recommend that someone hits her over the head in the hope of reversing the effect of when she must have fallen on her head in the past.

  3. Did she not go to a fancy school, get a fancy finance degree, worked at a fancy hedge fund, studied for the GMAT?

    And this is what she can come up with?

    Someone should ask for a refund.

  4. Her stupidity is not even funny. Has she read a newspaper? There are plenty of accessible articles for dummies explaining why we are in this crisis…

    I’ll send her some special ed level readers on economics if she needs them.

  5. Meghan, you were a model, weren’t you? Save that facial expression for your inevitable “Oops, I Crapped My Pants!” print campaign.

  6. Hahaha, that is adorably dumb! Why did she even write that? It reads like a 8th graders homework assignment. “In short… In my opinion…” And, really, their business now consists of two infrequently updated blogs about dogs. Can we drop the start up business routine plz?

  7. It looks like Meghan is trying to horn in on Chublia’s territory with her own special spin on The Bray.

    • it’s a special variation on the classic “Midwestern Bray” perfected by one J.A. Baugher. meghan calls hers the “Quirky Bray”, but here among friends we just refer to it as “the special needs bray”.

      • I still cannot believe that ANY adult, ANY, of ANY education level could write this and thing, “Yeah, I’m on to something.”

        Did she show this “theory” to anyone? Obvs. not. Even Julia, JULIA, would know this is STUPID.

  8. Even if her father is wealthy and influential, how the fuck did this lackwit ever get a job at a hedge fund?

    How did this idiot get into college, let alone graduate, as a (barely) functional illiterate?

    She’s not even good enough as a suit-o intellectual.

  9. It’s absolutely tragic that Meghan wasn’t able to blog today. I totally missed her technology reviews. Who else is going to tell me about this new gadnet, the ipod?!!

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