Julia: Tweets of Continuing Madness


She might have lost four pounds but Jackles’s little “vacation” and her “break from the Internet” has apparently done nothing to diminish the madness. In her first post in days, she gets immediately busted by RBNS commenters for posting an old photograph on her blog and implying that it was from her recent waterside vacation. She’s now deleting all the time stamps from her photos, and has also been Tweeting like crazy about “Date 2.5” with the guy whose alma mater she simply cannot stop dropping. Interesting coming from a woman who bemoans how the Internet has ruined her personal life. The Internet, mind you — not her use of the Internet. Broadcasting her personal life to thousands of followers on Twitter is somehow different in Jackles’s mind than broadcasting her personal life to thousands of readers on the Internet. How strange!

Tweet 1:

Tonight’s Washington, DC Agenda: Date 2.5 with Harvard Crush, who happens to be in town. Actually looking forward to this. Jinx alert! 🙂

Tweet 2:

Date picked me up ON HIS MOTORCYCLE!!! omfg

Tweet 3:

Re: last night’s motorcycle date – @MsFitzSTYLIST – a Harley, actually. It was my first time on a bike!! Oh yes, I liked. How could I not?!

Tweet 4:

@erinmstyles ahhhh it was!!! Especially since I was wearing heels, a vintage skirt and a Chanel bag. Carrie would be so proud.

Where to begin with all this? Yes, we get it, he goes to Harvard. And yes, we get it, she’s got a Chanel bag! She’s just like Carrie! How come no mention of the Payless shoes, though?

p.s. Thanks to IronicSlanket for the photo.


  1. OMFG I just had to comment about that shiteous gigantic bow on her head. Doesn’t this bitch have any friends that care enough to rip that thing off her big stupid melon and set it on fire?

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