Julia: Deep Thoughts That Would Intensely Irritate Mother Teresa


Aren’t we all trying to reinvent ourselves?

I’ll admit it. When she wasn’t polluting Twitter for a few days, I forgot just how annoying her “deep thoughts” can be.

Let’s start answering them, shall we? I’ll start, then you commenters continue on.

Dear Julia:

No, we are not all trying to reinvent ourselves. Some of us are quite happy with the way we are. Some of us don’t read self-help books endlessly, or rely on astrologers and psychics to give us some insight into ourselves like 13-year-old girls, or take solace in trite, banal assumptions like the one you just quoted. Some of us don’t mess with our faces 24/7 and wear false eyelashes and hair pelts every time we leave the house, or secretly diss our best friends for fear that they’re prettier and more popular than us. You think this is normal? That we’re “all” afflicted with your illness? It’s not normal. Please, for the love of Harvard Guy and all things holy, get some help and sort out your shit, would you?

A three-day “vacation” and you’re still spewing out this lunacy? Are you kidding us? It’s a joke, right? I find it strange that you would joke about something like this.

Have a nice day! xoxo