Meghan: I’m Coming Up!


Looks like Megs is ready to come out of her shell and show us what she’s got! Exciting! Except not so exciting!

p.s. Megs, I apologize. But Queen Bee is away and so you’re now it, little lady. Nice of you to take care of her poor neglected dog. We hope you succeed in finding a breed for yourself that “boroughs.”


Tumblr now allows you to tag your blog so that you can search others sites for categories you’re interested in. We all LOVE categorization, heck I may like it more than most. We as humans enjoy compartmentalizing others in order to make sense of the world.

That being said, I’m not really sure anymore what category my blog or myself falls into. Sure, I’m a fan of gadgets, startups, and technology, but I’m not certain that’s the best description of me. When I started lifecasting, I wanted a niche. I wanted to focus on one area of expertise that could brand me in a way that made sense for where my passion lies.

With that, I’ve found myself a little more limited to talk about the other areas I like without judgment of what I put out there. Truth is, I LOVE technology, but I also LOVE fashion, fitness (just signed up for another marathon), relationships, travel, and of course NYC Desserts! I think your 20’s are all about finding where your interest lies.

Taking the plunge with NS this year and doing so many things out of character for me has brought me to a place where I’m now ready to be a little less judgmental about what I write. Blogging/ lifecasting is supposed to be fun and for sometime now I have felt stilted in my exploration of this medium. I’ve decided to tag my blog with the following categories: GEEK, TECH, and LIFE.

But, just know that it will be a mixed bag from now on with loads of twists and turns. Since my blog follows my life, I’ll be writing more about my experience. You’ll get to know a braver bolder Meghan that previously stayed polite and somewhat corporate.

I dare people pleasers like me to do the same in life; it’s a great exercise to live without judgments or regrets. I moved to NYC years ago to live in the moment, it’s finally time to start doing just that.