Julia: What a Difference a Year Makes, The Sequel


Here’s Jackles last year, almost exactly a year ago. Pretty dress; very glam. Prestigious event, the Gracie Allen Awards. Carb-face at a minimum, no excessive wonk eye in evidence, no bad miniskirt, no tired Kissy-Face, Braying Donkey or Blowing-Kisses poses in place. Very nice!

And here she is today, hanging out with Mommy bloggers at Sea World on a humiliating bray-for-pay junket. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mommy bloggers! Dooce and Pioneer Woman are awesome! But you just know that Jackles is filled with enough bile right now to feed a dozen manatees.

And then there’s this. It’s a far cry from the red carpet, but she’s working it anyway. Bless her heart.