Julia: Tweets of Insanity


Tweet No. 1:

One of tomorrow’s blind dates just Facebook messaged me this: “Oh and I promise not to be some creepy douche.” uh … yay?

Tweet No. 2:

PS. That one graduated from Harvard.

Tweet No. 3

When exactly should I break the news to my blind dates that the psychic told me I shouldn’t date until July? I’m thinking after 3-7 drinks.

I know it’s lazy to resort to profanity to express dismay and/or outrage, but for fucking fuck’s sake, motherfucking fuck. Motherfucking cupcake-quaffing fuckhead. Jesus fuck.

Bunny, you won’t have to “break” anything to them. They’ll be relieved as all hell, for fuck’s sake.

Also, we have a theory on her noticeable lapse in “lifecasting” over the past few months. Notice that it’s coincided with her insane Twitter addiction? She doesn’t need to blog anymore. She’s spewing out all her face-saving, self-aggrandizing PR bullshit endlessly all night and day on Twitter instead, a place where she thinks OMG OMG OMG celebrities might actually read it.