UPDATED AGAIN: Julia — A Blowing-Kisses Catalogue, And a New Contest


(UPDATE 2: Now with Slanket Blow-Kiss photo!)

We do apologize. We erred earlier today in our headline, referring to Jackles’s trademark “Blowing Kisses” face as her “Kissy-Face.” In fact, they are two separate beasts. Indeed our RBNS historians have isolated and identified three distinct Jackles poses. One is “Blowing Kisses.” The other is “Kissy-Face” (you all know that one, lips pursed like a cross between Derek Zoolander and some poor, confused howler monkey at the local zoo). The third is the “Braying Donkey,” involving her disturbingly large piehole wide open mid-laughter and/or mid-fake laughter.

But today, we shall focus on the “Blowing Kisses” pose, perfected once again at the White House Corros’ Dinner last night, before we get right down to our latest contest.

We realize there are several thousand shots out there of this pose. These were all we could handle. Coming up in the days to come: our “Kissy-Face” and “Braying Donkey” collections!

And now onto our contest.

This week, let’s vote on the most unintentionally hilarious thing Jackles has ever done. Here are some in the top of our minds, but send along your suggestions and we’ll conduct another poll to determine the winner (this one won’t be so long — just a couple of days to vote).

1. When Jackles returned from Davos in love with a married gazillionaire yoga freak and posted photos of herself doing really lame yoga poses, and then quickly deleted her creepy Tweets of love and the photos of her in his private jet. Wonder if she ever heard from that guy again?

2. When Jackles gloated to whomever would listen to her about meanness/cruelty on the Internet after her weird fanboy David Karp deleted all Tumblrs critical of her, then was spotted weeping at Fashion Week upon learning he’d bowed to an outcry and reinstated them hours later. Throughout it all, she Tweeted maniacally: I. AM. SO. FREAKING. HAPPY!!!!!

3. Hanging out with vomity teenagers while visiting Harvard, and posting a picture of herself insanely contorted while hoovering a piece of pizza so that her “bad side” wasn’t in the shot.

4. Replacing one blonde with another in Denmark with absolutely no explanation.

Send us your suggestions or leave them in the comments!

And remember: