Julia: Oh My Nerves


First, there’s this. Shot at Mary much?

This article – “The Exercise Myth” in the Daily Beast – is bound to be controversial!

Oh Jackles. “Bam?” Is that related to “Gotcha?” What, you’re proud to have found an article that justifies your sloth?

Nothing in the piece is news. Who believes that you can eat endless calories a day but stay thin as long as you work out? Anyone? No. As the article states, getting in shape also requires you to put the fork down. People are eating too many calories. Any nutritionist will tell you that if you change your eating habits and combine it with steady exercise — which will help speed up your metabolism — you will lose weight.

Also, Jackles, are you ever going to stop Twitter-stalking Meghan McCain and Bonnie Fuller? It’s embarrassing.

@McCainBlogette – Loved your piece on abstinence. You’re absolutely right!! See you on Saturday at the dinner

@BonnieFuller – You are SO right. No envy! No matter how seemingly “perfect” someone else’s life appears, remember this key word: SEEMINGLY.