Julia: An Expert on Posture


After Tweeting from the National Magazine Awards last night about OMG!!! Running into Anna Wintour in the ladies room!!! She’s a celebrity, people!!!! … there was this:

Interesting observation: Anna Wintour doesn’t have good posture! And seemed quite nervous & awkward speaking, or overwhelmed … I wasn’t sure which. Although she does have a lovely British accent.

Jackles oughta know about good posture/good posing. I mean just look at her here! Arm on hip? Check. Tits thrust out? Check. Tummy sucked in? Check. Fake cheesy smile plastered on her face? Check. Only the good side of her face showing? Check. Someone in the photo with her looking to hell like she wishes she wasn’t? Check!

Also, here’s yet another celebrity (economist Nouriel Roubini) that she’s pissed off:

sonadelite: @pasher – you know about the “artwork” in his apartment right? That’s why no more media allowed in, thx to Julia Allison