Julia: Faking It … Again?


A commenter who was in attendance at Jackles’s MIT ZOMG ZOMG speech the other night reports:

“the pictures above are totally staged. she gave her entire talk sitting down at a table. she took a few pictures sitting down after the talk pretending like she was lecturing. after that, she left. my guess is that she actually went through the trouble of coming back to the room to take pictures of her “lecturing” from the podium. so, like everything else she does, the pictures were fake…”

I am beginning to think that Jackles is a comedy act. Imagine actually doing that seriously? Posing at a podium after your presentation and pretending to talk to the crowd in your silly ass-baring figure-skater outfit? It has to be a joke, doesn’t it?

If not, and it’s true these photos were staged, poor Jackles is even more mentally unwell than any of us have ever imagined.