Rambo: What happen in her brain?


Remember when I used to wear my hair like this?? It used to drive you guys crazy!

Jesus Christ, woman, how you scare me so. What, you strap on the boozebag, do the Photobooth and put it all up on the lifecasting special place? It like when my slow cousin Bogdan make the potato prints on the construction paper and we put them on the side of barn (only he not drunk and his potato prints are totes adorb).

I do not understand these peoples and their ways of living differently.


  1. Clint Eastwood? FAIL. You should have gone with Sylvester Stallone.

    Honestly, Mary, why do I bother snarking my fingers to the bone? It’s like you’ve learned NOTHING from me. Nothing at all.

  2. Damn, we should all get together and buy Rambo a bottle of booze and a riding lawnmower, put her downtown, and let her lifecast it. Now that would be fun.

    P.S. I <3 you Bicurious Party Hat.

  3. Meanwhile, 3000 miles away in an underground lair, Meghan works to perfect her masterpiece of insanity: the diagonal scrollbar.

  4. On this episode – Mary gets stoned for the first time!

    (anon 1:12 – “diagonal scrollbar” – that’s hilarious.)

  5. These pictures have inspired me to shift a paradigm. I hope I’ve got enough toilet paper on hand.

  6. i snark on this site as much as anyone, but i really liked this series of poses by mary. my best friend and i just did this over the weekend, and we’re in our mid twenties. i feel like this makes mary very relatable but without being condescending. its completely the opposite of julia’s “before date” photos. i feel like she’s being genuine here, and i appreciate it. she really is trying.

  7. Jessica,

    I like Mary too even though I sometimes make fun of her. The main reason I like her is that she pushes herself into new and uncomfortable territory. For instance, she claims that she is not tech savvy, but at least she went to CES and now she uses twitter and blogs from her phone. I know, not exactly ground breaking, but quite the opposite of Meghan and Mary – individuals that seem to regress or seek out the familiar when confronted with a challenge or difficulty. My 5 year predictions are:

    Mary – more famous than Levin.
    Meghan – back in the corporate world.
    Julia – living with her parents in Chicago and teaching night classes in blogging at a community college.

  8. anon 3:03
    you mean meghan and julia right?

    i agree with your predictions. i feel like meghan has so much potential but not on this platform. however, i feel like mary could excel in something like this. her interests are sort of fluffy, and that is totally fine. she does what she says she will do, and that is important. julia promises content and never delivers, which is way more disappointing. people snark all over mary because they feel she doesnt deliver deep enough content, but so what? she never said she would, and honestly, i was sort of glad for her hair dryer comparison, because i am in the market and could never see just hands on brand by brand comparison.

    julia disappoints me though, because i’ve been a fan of hers for years, and her old content really was good. it was never groundbreaking journalism, but it was humorous and well written. i enjoyed her perspective on things. it has been maybe 2 years since i read ANYTHING by her and felt impressed.

  9. Jessica,

    Ya, tired, (or Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease). I have done that before – MA/MR. Maybe I should just refer to them by their last names from now on.

    RE: Rambin. She also cut her hair short, which I think might be pretty traumatic for most “girls”. Additionally, she is not a 100% Obama booster, which is deliciously contrarian; whereas, Asha and Allison are 100% Obama boosters, yet I get the feeling that they would drop their support for him in a second if he became “uncool” or if they needed something.

    RE: Allison. Yes, I think that her old blog was fun and interesting. As the days pass, though, I am beginning to wonder if it wasn’t ghost written or edited by her mother. Lately, she seems unable to string more than 140 characters together and she doesn’t even do that that well.

  10. Dear Julia, Mary, and Meghan:

    For people who are self-declared lifecasters, showing us your world “24/7” (your words, not mine), you sure are SECRETIVE.

    You constantly refer to people by their initials or as [redacted]. Your dates and relationships are only hinted at in cryptic photo captions and mysteriously vanishing tweets.

    There are always exciting business developments in the offing that you can’t yet divulge. When you’re not too busy behind the scenes to post anything substantial, you’re too stressed out for undisclosed reasons to post anything at all.

    When you go to an event, you post umpteen interchangeable photos of suitcases, airport terminals, buses, taxis, and planes, but virtually nothing about the cities you visit or the events you attend (except to show us what you wore and with whom you managed to snag a posed photo.)

    The internet is not your virtual mirror. Your readers are not anthropomorphic wallets. Why don’t you try telling some stories worth reading? Why don’t you stop treating your audience like a poor hick relation from out of town?

    Other than an income, what are you trying to get out of lifecasting? Do you have something to say?

    I bet if you weren’t the founders of Nonsociety, you damn sure wouldn’t visit it more than once. It’s like browsing through a random stranger’s Flickr account. Where is your narrative?

    You’ve invited the world into your homes and you’ve shared almost nothing, except what you look like. You are stingy hosts and we are uncomfortable guests who can’t wait to get the hell out of there and complain about you to our real friends.

  11. Anon 6:56:
    Ya, their choices on what they write about are superficial to say the least. And Mary’s supposed response to the request for “behind the scenes” blogs? That was short-lived.
    This blogger, suemoe, gave more of an insight into the workings of NS in one blog post than the actual proprietors ever have.
    (Seems the AXE hair contest wasn’t a “contest” at all. One of Meghan’s friends was supposed to be “the bad hair boyfriend” but his hair was too short, so they got a friend of a friend to stand-in instead, with a FAKE girlfriend.) No mention of this on the actual NS site though, in fact, Julia refers to him as “the winner of our contest”. http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/83881499-0-0
    (pure bull)
    It doesn’t appear as if there ever was a contest (maybe they don’t have the legal/taxation ability to actually even run one); it was just a fake set-up with a friend standing in. (Or maybe nobody actually responded to their call for bad hair boyfriend.) Whatever. Why not just write the truth instead of this elaborate ruse and lies?

    http://www.suemoe.tumblr.com (scroll down to “An Afternoon with NonSociety”)

    No wonder Meghan took off, the site is such a fraudulent farce.

  12. Pink cupcake of lies: Whoa. She seems to think NonSociety is a big deal. Who on earth has ever thought that? I know of no one who has heard of them outside of the snarky Tumblrsphere. Gah.