Best. Comment. Ever.


Or one of them, at least.

You all post some hilariously witty comments here, bunnies. Seriously, you are a smart bunch.

But we nearly spit out our drink when we read this:

I doubt there is any “beef” between Julia and Mary about Charlsie. I know sometimes people come on here and want to defend Mary or read into her comments as evidence of her supposed intelligence but let’s face it: Julia and Mary are Captain and First Lieutenant on the Starship Bitch.

We are seriously working Starship Bitch into our posts from now on. But what does that make Meghan?


  1. ScaryMary got JA’s IP address from an email and checked her traffic logs. It seems that IP shows up on 264 visits.

    No wonder Jankles is so tired all the time.

  2. Hehe! I’m glad you funny ladies (?) liked my comment! I feel so special yet I also feel regret that I don’t have an established avatar. Oh well.

    Meghan…hm…she is more like the loyal lapdog.

    New Gawker post where Jules herself speaks in Karp’s defense and…oh God, she uses the word “Hobbesian.” Oh Julia. Please step away from the big words that you don’t fully understand.

  3. Miss Bojankle’s comment today made me laugh the hardest:

    “hey julia! we know you’re reading us tonight since youre stuck at home with a bag over your head!”

    I can actually envision her sitting in her pink Barbie apartment with a bag over her head.

  4. aw, shucks jacy. im so flattered i made someone chuckle.

    and yeah, i imagine shes got two little eye holes so she can type her screed to gawker. and all the mirrors are shattered so she doesnt have to see her “fat” face…..actually the person who mentioned a john waters-esque film was on to something….

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