1. I have been noticing lately that her left eye is wonky. Like Paris Hilton wonky. Yet she doesn’t wear colored contacts 24/7. What could it be?

  2. she looks soooo different from the Valentine’s picture she posted from only 1 yr ago! can someone do a side by side??

  3. Oh man, if you blow it up to high-res… her face is just getting BUSTED. So sad, she used to be a genuinely pretty girl. Pancake makeup? Too much botox? Not sure where she went wrong.

  4. Can she think of absolutely nothing else to do with her hair, other than that same stale look? I’m beginning to think it’s a wig and the headband hides the staples.

  5. That skirt is whoreanus and looks like half of a slutty cocktail waitress costume from a costume shop. Where the hell does one even BUY that fucking thing?

  6. julia still dresses like a fun young postgrad. but then again,she’s had nearly the same job since she received her college diploma (excluding the stint at star, which she apparently “didn’t want anyway”). she hasn’t advanced emotionally, professionally, sartorially…
    she’s just found new ways to humiliate herself.

  7. Mrs. Baugher needs to catch the next flight to NYC and give Julia a thump on the noggin. That girl has gone stark raving bonkers.

  8. I look at these Barbie photos and all I can think of is the final scene of Sunset Boulevard. She’s ready for her close-up, Mr. DeMille.

  9. Where is Mary? It’s fashion week, where is the other one? Why are they not living differently together??

    Is there trouble in paradise?