RB: Mary Rambin responds to some allegations


UPDATE: This post has now been deleted by MR.

The Handmaiden of Passive Aggression posted a response tonight. Frankly, we haven’t made much of this Google spamming thing because we really didn’t think it was an issue. They probably did get spammed or some such; who knows (though how does your code get spammed?). We don’t really care. But there’s a veritable treasure trove of other reasons why NS sucks and is unethical. You’ve commented on many of them. Anyway, here’s what Ms. Rambin has to say:

Non Society Violating Google TOS


One thing you definitely don’t want to do if you’re a budding web entrepreneur is get your site banned from Google. You might as well close up shop if you’re unlucky enough to get caught violating their Terms of Service.

Non Society is so desperate for traffic that they’ve put hidden keywords in their source code for such ridiculous keywords as “What Is Your Credit Status” in order to get high Google listing for totally unrelated search terms. This is a major violation of Google Terms of Service.

Shill those boob jobs, botox injections, colonics, and crash juice diets while you still can ladies. Your party is about to end.

In a nutshell, our public forums (Advice Box and QOD) were spammed three weeks after we launched them. Stay tuned for an official response from our programmer.

A little note from me. We don’t need to add keywords for page views. With hundreds of thousands of loyal readers, a handful of gossip sites, and a few nasty rebloggers, we’re doing just fine thanks. Thinking about it now, I really should write a thank you note to Denton for today’s Gawker and Jezebel posts. So many of their readers click once and become daily visitors.

Still, hundreds of thousands of loyal readers? That’s a stretch, love. There’s no evidence your readership is that anywhere near that high. And we don’t really feel like getting into explaining how unique vs. non-unique visits or repeat visits work. Le sigh.


  1. It really does do deserve to be pointed out that Mary Rambin believes that Non-Society has hundreds of thousands of loyal readers.

    I cannot read that enough. Kills me every time.

  2. She obviously believes Julia Baugher’s trumped up click views and unique visitors lies.

    Look up NonSociety on the various measurement sites. The numbers are nowhere nearly as high, I would guess about 1/10 the Julia false reported numbers.

  3. Oh and another thing,

    Soup is right, nobody can “spam” your code. Are you saying that your site was “hacked” and nefarious cyber criminals placed keyword code that was in direct conflict with Google’s TOS policy?

    Unfortunately Mary Rambin has the intellect of a stale wasabe pea. She couldn’t answer the above question if a gun loaded with green juice was pointed at her head.

    *edited for a Mary Rambin like typo.

  4. Soupsoup fucking sucks though. He obviously didn’t figure this out on his own, and he barely gave SM credit when that was pointed out. He acted like he’d independently discovered it. Gee, that’s a pretty big coincidence!

  5. Ya that wasn’t cool. I had to ask him to make a note to me and it was minimal after his posting had already been reblogged a million times without a credit. That is why I posted this:


    I appreciated the link he put, but he did paint the picture that he discovered this on his own, and I doubt that. I have been posting about this all over the place. On the two sites who covered Mary’s renowned Botox is the same as Roe vs Wade posting, I left this information in their comments. I also left this information in the comments section of the conference Julia is at. I have left it pretty much EVERYWHERE.

    Credit should be given where it’s due. I mean this was a SCOOP. Why would a sports writer go looking at their code? I’m not saying its impossible just improbable.


    ps: please don’t forget to bookmark http://maryrambin.tumblr.com
    I have a feeling now that this is growing, Julia is going to have a little chat with Karp about my lil ol Tumblr sooner than later.

    Better safe than sorry.


  6. “Thinking about it now, I really should write a thank you note to Denton for today’s Gawker and Jezebel posts. So many of their readers click once and become daily visitors.”

    Oh Mary, the lack of food has obviously killed all of your brain cells if you think that Gawker and Jezebel readers actually become “fans” of your work. You are truly delusional. And once again… your obsession with Denton is just a little unhealthy. Sort of like your eating habits or lack thereof.

  7. Seriously, I can’t believe she is so unaware of how web sites work that she really believes they have hundreds of thousands of loyal readers.

  8. Aside from the precipitous drop in unique visitors (which I expect will continue), sure, 30,000 unique visitors a month is an accomplishment, but it’s still a far cry from “hundreds of thousands”.

  9. i just had to write and say that these girls are idiots. I love and hate that in the middle of the day mary posts about going to the gym and drying her hair incessantly. What in the hell does she do to make money? These women have no idea what any one is going through in today’s world, market – let alone if you don’t live in Manhattan. Posting about your $500 bag for your dog and then $100 haircut for your fu–king dog? And why why why does mary insist on pretending like she should be writing about anything. her outfits are horrendous. i would not check their site except for the fact that i can not believe that the “lives” of these girls continue to be so petty, trite and trivial… But I have decided I can’t look at it anymore it actually makes me feel sick to waste my time checking on these “updates”. Manicure – petting my fu–ing dog – etc.