1. I am still not buying that Julia Allison went to the actual inauguration (that she bragged she had tickets to). Seems like there would be pictures of that.

    Also, she looks like she could be that TV guy’s mother. WHY does she dress so matronly?? And she basically admits she had to claw her way through the crowds to interrupt her friend while he was trying to do his job on a VERY important day. Nice.

    “Furthermore,” WHY would she post pictures of herself drunkenly cozying up to Chad Hurley? He’s married! I am sure is wife would love to see the “14 pictures” she took with him. Does Julia realize how horrible that makes her look?!

  2. She 99.9% likelihood didn’t go. If she had we’d have heard about it. If you haven’t noticed she tends to never again mention those things she says she will do that don’t come to fruition while endlessly talking about her perceived “successes.”