1. I really don’t understand why anyone would think it was ok to go to a formal event with her boobs hanging out like that. When you’re the trashy-looking one in a picture with the Obama girl…

    I have no idea why Rachel Sklar continues to even act decent toward Julia Allison.

  2. Oh no, it’s the “”The” + —– [insert adjective of choice, choose between “ineffable” or “indefatigable” or both in special cases ] + —– [insert name of person to be introduced] construction again. That one annoys me almost as much as “Err, um. Ooops?” and “Blerg.” Does she know anyone who’s NOT ineffable or indefatigable?


  3. I seriously don’t understand the appeal. She looks like a trashy, used-up hooker.

    Also, her boobs aren’t that big.

    I could flash my penis, but would people at some party really want to see that?

    (And my penis is attractive.)

  4. Guys, she’s got nice boobs. Really she has, and she’s not fat so let’s put an end to that. There are so many fucked up men and women out there with image and eating disorders as it is.

    I find that this blog is great, but when they talk about her weight it turns my stomach. We are better than that.

    Now, if only her boobs could post, rather than her.

  5. Dear “Oh no she didn’t said” —

    OMG, HI JULIA!!!!

    Your boobs are nothing to write home about. THEY’RE FINE. But I’d start thinking about something to see you through the coming years when they’re going to sag. Seriously. Take it as someone who has a few years on you, girlfriend. You have LOTS to worry about if your business plan is your boobs.

    I don’t happen to think you’re bloated, unlike lots of people here.

    I do happen to think you’re thoroughly odious though.


  6. I am growing bored of the Pink One, my comrades.

    She has nothing interesting to add to the discourse. I do not like her little cleavage. And I could say something about how she is fat, but why bother?

    She is tedious, this one.

    And if she ends up with the gay one (who will not give her the babies), then all will be right with the world.

  7. Guys, I am so not julia – trust me.

    Anon of: I do happen to think you’re thoroughly odious though.

    TOTALLY FUCKING AGREE. SHe is worse than that. She is a cunt. I have NEVER written that word in print before.

    The woman is a cunt.


  8. ok im going to do this one in order:

    1)this is the biggest giveaway that she reads this blog ever! after everyone on here comenting on how there are only pictures of her and nothing without her and how she is not looking at whats around her. (too little too late)

    2)im sorry, is this supposed to be funny?

    3)please stop writing yourself e-mails about your date (who has probably dated more guys than you have)

    4)wow she looks so many levels of f*d up in this photo i dont even have time to say it. i guess i’ll just sum in up with: TRYING WAYYYYYY TO HARD

    5)its really bad when even though your friend is partially covering your belly we can still see how bad you looks, keep trying to suck it in girl but even in that tent it is obvious.

    6) look at his hand behind her. OMG, he doesnt even want to touch her. by the way, how horrible and rude of her to put this photo up, you are lying if you say the first thing you notice isnt his weid faciel expression. (btw julia, you might wanna ask dr.bobby to fix your boob prob, i mean you already started doing stuff to your face)

    7)wow, look how nice the other girl looks, really blows julia away and she is all buttoned up and classy. no cleavage on display. (the guy looks creepy, mabe he’s drunk (actually he would have to be in order to take a pic/w her)

  9. The comments about her looks are boring and somewhat childish. Can we talk instead about why she thinks using the “word” blerg is original? I mean, we’ve all seen 30 Rock, right? I can barely stand it when Liz Lemon says it, let alone a washed up fameball like Julia Baugher Allison. I agree with Russian Girl, she is tedious.

  10. Is it just me or did Julia crash and burn rather quickly over the last few weeks. I mean she has nothing to offer on her blog anymore! With all the content in the world, you think she would offer something. You can tell she hit her limit a long time ago.

    Now to sit back and watch yet another web business go into the archives never to be heard from again.

  11. It IS tedious to hate on her. There’s so much to despise about her shriveled up insides, that’s there’s almost no point in hating on what’s outside (although her pasty skin does look almost green. Um… BLERG?)

    At this point, I almost feel sorry for her. What kind of fucked up childhood did she have to make her so completely out-of-touch with reality? She’s a bulimic, acts out in extremely negative and embarrassing ways for attention, betrays the trust of those around her, has delusions of grandeur, displays multiple personalities/puts on “costumes” to suit her mood, is a pathological liar… I could go on. There’s so many MAJOR psychological problems on parade here. WHERE are her parents? WHY don’t they help her?

  12. Wow, brilliant idea to blog as Julia Allison’s boobs. A tribute to Balk’s cock! If only I didn’t have a full time job and a half.

  13. Awww. Isn’t it sweet how her and Jon the real speech writer are on a casual first-name only basis already! Why they’re already BFFs!! See? Julia has proof! (Poor guy has no idea.)

  14. Obama’s speechwriter is hideous in that picture. And to think I masturbated to his image! haha jkkkk, ya’ll.

  15. She’s posing like a superhero in the one with Obama girl. Maybe her alter persona is “CleavageGirl”?

    (Sorry I try to stick to issues about the NS business/site etc but that ridiculous posing, pursing lips, chest trusting thing is just too much.)


  16. Julia has a decent rack and small waist, but her legs are like tree trunks. I have seen them IRL people. I was actually shocked when I first saw her because her legs were so thick.

    She certainly knows the correct pose (which is hand on hip, boobs thrusted at the nearest male and make sure there are no photos of her lefs) to make her body look decent. If only she could learn how to properly hold her face without looking like a third tier drag queen