Rb: Julia, Jan 19 – 2:13pm


Getting ready to go to the Inaugural ball in 2001. I went to three Inaugural balls – Mississippi, Illinois and one random Republican one I forget. They’re like prom for old dorky people who like to drink a lot and contribute the government mandated maximum to political campaigns.

Or they were that year, at least. They may be somewhat different this time around!


  1. New nose. New hair. Cheap facial fillers. Julia Allison has had some shoddy procedures done for sure. Wake up and smell the juice honey… no one is jealous of you.

  2. She is a truly disgusting human being, inside and out. And if she’s reading this — and I’m sure she is — I’d give LOTS of thought to the fact that so many people have so many heinous things to say about her.

  3. Nah. She’d just continue to insist that everyone is jealous of her and/or just doesn’t understand that she’s really a nice person and just wants the best for everyone.